Horse sense for actors

“a Horse is tHe projection of peoples’ dreams about tHemselves - strong, powerful, beautiful - and it Has tHe capability of giving us escape from our mundane existence”
pam brown

Our aim is to establish a unique space to train actors in the art of natural horsemanship, we would like to present...

Horse sense for actors

Hor se sense for actor s

tHe scHool
This school for talented youngsters will offer seminars using the horse as a teacher along with action and stunt training.We offer specialist training methods to help young actors recognise the psychological need of inner reflection to enable clear and doubtless expression that is key to success as both an actor and in working with horses. This training also enhances balance on a physical, mental and spiritual level. REFLECTION As the horse acts as a mirror reflecting our inner selves it is therefor a powerful teaching assistant in the pursuit of self-awareness. As a species, horses naturally express instinctive behaviour similar to the physical, psychological and spiritual instincts of humans. Observing and interacting with horses is a transforming and powerful tool for igniting personal growth and authenticity which gives people a concrete external way to understand and master aspects of themselves and connect with their inner selves. Connect with your instincts, find yourself and tame the beast!

“Horses represent tHe uncontrollable, instinctual urges, tHat erupt from our unconscious, even tHougH we try to repress tHem.” carl jung

HorsE sEnsE For AcTors

Take the challenge to let master horse prove the authenticity of your energy-expression and body language. In relating to horses, most of the communication patterns we maintain inrelation with other people are inappropriate and futile, because they are blissfuly free of ego and all psychological machinations it gives rise to. Horses respond to what’s beneath the surface.We can’t disguise our feelings from them, because we give of telling cues, that convey our true state. He’ll flee, when confronted with aggression, a real leader he will follow, to love he’ll bond, joy he’ll reflect and bump into you or chaise you away, if you lack self-confidence. ACTION Expand your capacities and be your own double, when it comes to act with horses. All activities, if equestrian art cowboy-style, stunt or trick riding are as well fun as a great challenge to ones equilibrium. Famous trainers from Europe and America are invited for seminars and knowledge exchange. The atlantic ocean and 4000 acres of natural park, provide the perfect ground for all kind of action training and activities

“The essenTial joy of being wiTh horses is ThaT iT brings us in conTacT wiTh The rare elemenTs of grace, beauTy, spiriT and fire.” shannon ralls lemon

“tHe Horse knows. He knows if you know. He also knows if you don’t know.” — ray Hunt