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Design Brief - Sample Boardroom

Overview The AV design is for the system to function within a specific venue. Considerations of factors that will affect the selection of AV components and the installation requirements include but are not limited to M&E fit-out and interior fit-out works. The purpose of the Board room affects our approach to the AV system design. For example, boardrooms have different requirements from standard meeting rooms and conference rooms. This brief is intended to provide the client with a basic understanding of the AV system to be installed within the corporate board room, to provide a foundation with which to pursue further information. The AV system proposed for the corporate board room consists of: • • • • • • Video Presentation display system Audio system for program, voice and sound reinforcement Integrated control system Video conferencing system Audio conferencing system Electronic interactive white board

Video Presentation System There shall be a dual front projection system solution for both presentation and video conferencing to be installed for the board room. The projector resolution shall be minimum 1280 x 720 pixels in 16:9 aspect ratio. This shall be controlled through the integrated control system. The projection screen shall be motorized installed within a pelmet and shall be 110 inch diagonal complete with tab tension and black masking borders on all sides. The top black masking border shall have sufficient length to enable the bottom of the screen to sit at 1100mm above the finished floor level (FFL). There shall be 4 table top interface for laptop connection to enable VGA, Displayport and Thunderbolt connection to the presentation system complete with a PC audio connection to the audio system. Audio System The boardroom is designed for sound reinforcement for use for programmed audio, audio and video conferencing. The distributed audio system design includes provision for ceiling loudspeakers evenly distributed at calculated distances and frontal loudspeakers flanking both sides of the display to provide stereo audio support for the material being played back.

to provide simplified operation of the systems often by pressing one button. The intent of this system is to replace all of the hand held remote controls that are provided for each of the AV components. Integrated Control System The control system consists of a control processor which communicates with all the necessary AV components. drapes.The audio level is to be controlled via the integrated control system for each room usage mode. . the system is able to control the boardroom’s lighting. blinds and HVAC. In addition. The user interface is wireless 9 inch touch panel complete with a wired table docking station to be located at the front of the table nearest to the projection screen.