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Company Profile

Incorporated under the Companies Act – Amrfeo was established in the year 1995 as a trading company which actively traded in various small scale plant & machineries, related engineering products, spares and Minerals. With 100% of the sales being generated from international markets, we were guided by constant need to deliver high quality products & services. Soon during year 2001, our company expanded into manufacturing activities, producing primarily various Heat Transfer Equipments and Bentonite. The engineering business has since been transferred to another sister company and Amrfeo is fully engaged in production of bentonite products. We, today, have an advanced processing plant spread over 55000 sq. mt. area and capacity to produce more than 300,000 tons of powder and lump per annum; located just 18 kms from Bhuj airport. Producing 20 different bentonite products for application in the fields of HDD, Micro Tunneling, Piling, Oil Drilling, Dam Lining, Grouting, Foundry, Iron Ore Palletization, Paper, Animal Feed Binder, Disinfectants and many more, we are also among the few companies in the world to produce Salt Water Bentonite, a product which forms sturdy slurry in sea water itself. We also have own captive mines as raw material supply and an extensive research facility which is truly our expertise and core strength. In Calcutta, we have our own, a complete and sophisticated Reactor unit of capacity 2.5 KL, where we synthesize various polyacrylamide and other polymers for different application and usage. Our advancement in the art of combining clay mineral and polymer, compliments us to enter into PCN (Polymer Clay Nanocomposite) field which can be termed as the technology of the future. Our advancements in development of products like Clay-SAP, Rust-Detergent are both exciting and challenging.

Today we employ more than 100 people and have earned trust and honor, exporting bentonite products to over 25 countries. Above all, dedication and utmost honesty rules our business.

Infrastructure and Facilities
Located on the main highway (just 18 kms from Bhuj airport), our plant area is 55000 sqm., which houses the main processing shed, office building and residential quarter for the workers. Having installed capacity exceeding 300,000 tons of processing of powder and lumps, we are a non-polluting plant – a perfect adaption of modern technology. We have solid infrastructure in terms of Processing and milling machines Rotary dryer drying Field activation In house storage yard of raw material upto 20,000 tons capacity Finished goods storage yard Complete handling equipments Following GMP standards Captive mines for raw material supplies Our factory is just 60 kms away from two major seaports – port Mundra and port Kandla to facilitate easy and fast movement of export cargo.

Quality Control
At our lab facility located both in Calcutta and Bhuj, we are determined to deliver the best in the quality we commit. Our lab is manned by experienced chemists and scientists who ensure the product conformity as per specification. The instruments we put to use are industry best and most reliable. Research is another continuous process which reinforces us as technically most advanced in the region in the field of clay chemistry and the art of putting organic and inorganic compounds together. Our products like Polymer Clay Nano-composites, Clay-SAP, Rust-Detergent, BFC, Salt water bentonite and B-Cube™ among others, only speak of the knowledge and technical superiority.

Different markets call for different options in packing owing to handling facility and even site conditions. We understand the customer needs and have a variety of packing options to choose from: Jumbo Bags PP/HDPE Bags Paper Bags

1000 kg 50 kg 25 kg

1200 kg 25 kg -

1250 kg -

We use pallet stretch filling using best of equipment available in the market to ensure a sturdy packing and “zero” load shift. We use wooden pallet which are necessarily fumigated to ISPM-15 norms. The standard Euro pallet size is 1220 x 760 mm and normal pallet size is 1065 x 1065 mm Pallet pay load upto 1250 kgs can be made

Bulk Shipment
For larger quantity requirements we also mobilize shipment in Bulk Loose/ Bulk Packed (in 1 Ton Jumbo Bags). Single shipment upto 20,000 Tons can be made. Small package size of 5000 Tons is also accepted.

Bentonite Range of Products:


Application / Usage Horizontal Directional Drilling | Specialized Trenchless Drilling Salt Water Bentonite Micro Tunneling | Diaphragm Walling | Pipe Jacking Bored Piling | Mineral Exploration Oil Well Drilling Water Well Drilling Grouting Dam Lining

Civil Engineering Grade: B-CUBE™ PILEMAN™ – ßH PILEMAN™ - Trenchless PILEMAN™ API 13A Sec 4 OCMA DFCP-4 VODA-SEAL™ - CB VODA-SEAL™ - SB Civil Engineering / Environmental Grade: SMEC-TIGHT™ (Pellets) SOIL-MASK™ Foundry Grade: VARAN™ VARAN VETAA™ (High WTS Value ) Iron Ore palletization: ANIMAL FEED BINDER (GMP Grade) Paper Grade: Disinfectant Grade: Green Sand Moulding Specialized Casting PALLET-MAKER™ Animal feed binder PAPER BENTONITE ZUKRA Bore Hole Sealing Pollution Control | Sewer Line Sealing

Amrfeo Pte. Ltd
Head Office: 32A,ChittaranjanAvenue, TrustHouse,3rdFloor,

Calcutta700012,India Ph:+913322120923 Fax:+913322120679/+913322122040 Website: Factory: SurveyNo.583/1(PlotNo.2,3,4,5,6), VillagePaddhar(OnBhujBhachaoHighway), TalukaBhuj,Kutch, Gujarat 370104, India