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Cadetships at BlueScope Steel

Seize the opportunity to complete your degree while gaining exceptional on-the-job training together with other motivated young people. Live close to beaches in the beautiful Illawarra region and get paid while you study! At BlueScope Steel we pride ourselves on our strong tradition of attracting, retaining, supporting and developing young talent through our cadetship program. A BlueScope Steel Cadetship is more than just a job, it’s a career with great opportunities.

What you need to know
Study Options: Our Degree Cadetships combine part time study and full time work (some full time study options are available). You will be given up to 8 hours a week off work to attend classes. Salary: We offer a competitive starting salary of $29,850 per annum (approx). This salary is reviewed annually in January of each year and cadets who perform competently in both academic and work performance will progress to the next salary stage. On completion of their course, a cadet should expect to be paid in the vicinity of $1,200 - $1,350 per week (based on current salary scales), depending on the study pattern of the course completed & grade of pass. Education Allowance: An education allowance of $3,000 is provided each year. This allowance provides financial assistance to cadets in helping to offset the costs associated with their studies. If completing a period of full time study, cadets will receive a full time study allowance as well as the education allowance. Accommodation Allowance: Cadets who are required to relocate to Wollongong are given an accommodation allowance of $6,000 for the first 12 months of employment. This allowance is paid in fortnightly instalments and is to assist with the costs of living away from home. Chemical degree cadets who are required to relocate to Sydney in years 3 – 5 of their degree will be paid an equivalent to the above allowance for the period they are required to live in Sydney. When can I apply? Online applications open on 1 July. Visit and click on the ‘apply now’ link. When will interviews be? Interviews will be held in the first week of October. When will I know if I got the job? Successful candidates will be notified by Friday, 12th October, 2012 – before HSC exams begin. When would I start? Proposed starting date is Tuesday 29th January, 2013 – so you still get to have your big summer holiday break. So why should I become a BlueScope Steel Cadet? Get paid to study Great salary and career opportunities Start uni with a network of young people just like you Gain invaluable industry experience whilst completing your university degree

What we look for
BlueScope Steel offers Cadetships to students with strong academic results in their Higher School Certificate, who are about to begin, or have just started an undergraduate degree. Applicants must obtain an ATAR (UAI) of 80 or above. Recommended HSC subjects include: Maths Extension 1 (for engineering) Physics (for engineering) English Chemistry (for Materials and Chemical engineering cadetships) Engineering Studies (desirable but not essential for engineering) So if you’re in year 12 or first year at uni and have a keen interest in engineering, science or commerce apply now and take the first step towards building yourself a brighter future!

Cadetships in 2013
BlueScope Steel are offering Cadetship opportunities in the following disciplines: Materials Engineering Chemical Engineering Electrical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Mechatronics Engineering Chemistry Procurement and Shared Services Information Technology Human Resources Am I eligible for a BlueScope Steel Cadetship? Here’s a simple checklist. 1. 2. 3. Are you a permanent resident or citizen of Australia? Are you about to complete or have already completed year 12? Are you eligible for entry into a Bachelor of Engineering Degree, Bachelor of Commerce or Bachelor of Information Technology degree at the University of Wollongong?

If you answered yes to each of these questions, apply now!

Materials Engineering
Everyday we are surrounded by fun, exciting and useful materials! Materials Engineering provides a link between science and the other branches of engineering. It is the study of the relationship between the structure and properties of materials and their economic application. Materials Engineers seek to solve a range of technological problems. It is the science of high performance materials including metals, ceramics, plastics, composites, nanomaterials, electronic materials and biomaterials. Materials Engineers also design and control the processes for producing, shaping, treating and testing materials. As a Materials Engineering Cadet you will be involved in a development program that provides a combination of practical experience with theoretical training. As a Materials Engineering Cadet, you will be given first class training which combines practical experience and formal instruction. You will spend time in both the Production, Research and Technology departments, performing a variety of tasks related to the design, production and marketing of BlueScope Steel’s products. Starting your career as a Materials Engineering Cadet can lead you down a number of exciting career paths, including: Management / Supervisor / Customer Liaison roles

Operations / Process Improvement / Project Management Materials engineering (Metallurgy) Materials Investigation / Research / Product Design Some of the things you will be involved with at work will include: Sampling, testing and analysis of products and chemicals ranging from raw materials to finished products. Investigating many problems both on and off the plant. Supervisory roles of plant production crews and project teams. Problem investigation Sampling of feed materials, semi-finished product and interpretation of chemical analysis Inspection and assessment of product to determine its suitability for customer needs Destructive and non-destructive testing of materials Using data to monitor plant capability and product quality Involvement in technology projects, aimed at improving processes and/or quality Involvement in customer and supplier liaisons As you progress through your cadetship, you’re involvement in these activities will increase with experience, knowledge and training – all whilst under the wings of a mentor! As a BlueScope Steel Materials Engineering Cadet you will complete a Bachelor of Engineering specialising in Materials Engineering. Your cadetship will be completed in 5 years, 3 years are undertaken as part time study and full time work and 2 years are full time study with a paid allowance, plus full time work over the summer break In the first two years you will study common engineering subjects related to science, maths and computers. As you progress in your degree you will learn more about specific materials, their structures, properties and applications. You will also have the opportunity to discover the world of designing and selecting materials for many inspired solutions. Materials Engineering & Science is the study, design and application of the materials that make up the foundations of life, and the things we take for granted everyday, including steel.

Chemical Engineering
As a Chemical Engineering Cadet at the Port Kembla Steelworks you will be involved in: Design of the plant and its control systems Construction and operation of the plant Monitoring and optimising manufacturing processes Improving safety and environmental performance During the first two years of your Cadetship you will be placed on a formal rotation. In this rotation you will move every six months between various sections of the Steelworks to gain an appreciation of the different iron and steel making processes. For the final three years of your Cadetship you will have the opportunity to study full time at the University of New South Wales. Whilst studying full time, you will be involved in engineering projects that run over the 12-week summer break. A mentoring program is offered to Cadets to provide support for both technical and personal development.

Electrical Engineering
During your first year as an Electrical Engineering Cadet you will take part in broad based training in Industrial Electrical Systems and Commercial Wiring. In subsequent years you will rotate around various departments of the plant every six to twelve months to gain experience in different production and electrical technologies. In your second and third year of training, emphasis will be placed on practical hands-on experience in the electrical trade to ensure you are able to meet the requirements to gain an Electrical Licence. As you progress through your

Cadetship there will be the opportunity to gain experience in the more technical aspects of Electrical Engineering. These aspects include designing of equipment, developing and supporting automation systems.

Mechanical Engineering

During your first year as a Mechanical Engineering Cadet, you will learn a number of skills including: fitting (use of hand tools), machining (use of machine tools), oxy cutting and arc welding. You will be given the opportunity to set up engineering components on machine tools. As part of your development you will also spend some time with “hands on” maintenance personnel on site. Every 12 months you will have the opportunity to be rotated to a different section, which will enable you to see the various elements of the steelmaking process. You will experience the diverse range of duties that engineers undertake, and gain the knowledge you need to decide on your own career path. A Mechanical Engineering degree with BlueScope Steel can open the door to a number of exciting career opportunities, from pure engineering to people management. Mechanical Engineering Cadets with BlueScope Steel have the opportunity to work with mechanical equipment whilst studying engineering theory at university. This real world experience is invaluable to your development.

Mechatronics Engineering
Mechatronics is the engineering discipline for the future. It is a highly interesting and rewarding degree that combines features of mechanical and electrical engineering. The first 2 months of your training takes place at the TAFE where you will develop both mechanical and electrical trade skills while working with other engineering Cadets. After you have completed this initial training, you will be placed in a Plant Maintenance or Engineering department on a 12-month rotation. A Mechatronics degree Cadetship will expose you to a diverse range of work including, design, drafting, construction, installation, commissioning, automation, testing, maintenance, improvements, problem solving and repairs. As a Mechatronics Engineer, you will have a wide range of opportunities and engineering career prospects. You will develop unique skills and acquire fundamental knowledge for the ever increasing complexity and integration of electrical and mechanical equipment.

Chemistry involves the study of relationships between the composition, structure, physical properties and performance of substances. It is a basic tool of investigation in a large number of areas across most industries. Chemistry is the cornerstone of many processes throughout the steel industry. Examples include the study of steel product corrosion, surfaces, paints, lubrication, control of effluent water, and process solutions. As a Chemistry Cadet with BlueScope Steel you will be trained to become an active member of an operations or research team with significant responsibilities. You will draw upon and apply scientific principles to solve a wide range of challenging problems. Chemistry Cadets start their professional career within our Research department. Here Cadets are exposed to a number of exciting projects that seek to understand product performance and develop leading edge processes. As a Cadet you will be involved in a development program that provides a combination of practical experience with theoretical training. During your Cadetship you will complete a fulltime year of study at university. You will also spend varying periods of time working in both Production and Technology departments which will progress your technical knowledge and increase your understanding of the business.

Procurement and Shared Services
Being a cadet in Procurement and Shared Services function provides a wonderful opportunity to experience the diversity of our business, its people and processes. Procurement and Shared Services have an impact over the global BlueScope Steel footprint, of which you will be able to create a network of contacts both in Australia and overseas. Your cadetship will involve rotating amongst the various Procurement and Shared Services teams, learning lifelong and transferable skills throughout your cadetship. For example;

Strategic Sourcing process and techniques Contract Management practices Risk Management methods Project Management Procurement also interacts with a broad range of fields such as Legal, Quality, Safety, Environment, HR and Finance so you will gain great exposure to these areas too. You will be undertaking a Bachelor of Commerce at UoW, your major may be economics, finance, supply chain or marketing (among others). Many of our cadets from Procurement and Shared Services are still with us today in some very senior management roles!

Information Technology
Information Technology underpins most of the production processes and business management functions in BlueScope Steel. As an Information Technology Cadet at BlueScope Steel you will have the opportunity to learn how to develop and support IT applications for a vast variety of business functions using a variety of technologies. From the Intranet to Internet, from Manufacturing Executing Systems through to Management Reporting Solutions, BlueScope offers a variety of IT career options unavailable in most other organisations. You will be undertaking a Bachelor of Information Technology Degree at UoW. During your time as an IT Cadet you will start in our Intranet development team where you will be trained in the latest software development and collaboration technologies. From there you will be rotated through a number of teams including our Business Integration and Business Intelligence & Reporting teams. Few companies can offer the breadth of business coverage or technology career options available in BlueScope Steel.

Human Resources
As a Human Resources cadet you will have the fantastic opportunity to rotate through several different HR teams within BlueScope Steel. Over the course of your Bachelor of Commerce degree you will supported and trained to develop your skills in the following areas of Human Resources: Organisational development EBA / Awards Workplace relations HR systems and processes Recruitment Training and Development HR also interact with a wide range of other departments such as Legal, Safety, Finance, outsourced providers, as well as operational and functional areas of the business, so you will gain great exposure to these areas too. Apply online by visiting Applications open on 1 July and close on 31 August