For creating brand equity there are lots of factors which play a vital role and have a great impact on it. These factors are product, price, place and promotion, but first of all we should know what the brand equity stands for brand equity is basically the overall monetary value of the brand. Those brands which have a great position and strong market share have a great value in the market. This value is not appears on the balance sheet of the company in terms of tangible assets. This value is only drive in action. Brand equity is the combination of brand image, brand identity, brand recognition, brand essence, brand promise, brand engagement, brand culture, brand personality, brand loyalty, perceived value of customer about your brand and brand attitude. For measuring brand equity there are three ways which are measuring brand equity as firm level , product level and consumer level. At firm level the firm measures the equity of brand in terms of financial assets in the form of intangible the overall worth of the brand should be calculated only specialist firms can measure this type of calculation and the best example is Wall Street. At product level for measuring brand equity two different products are compare in which one is unbranded product and another one is branded. Both the products are of equal value the only difference is price all the other thing remain same. And at last but not the least consumer level this approach the brand is measure that what is the mind set of the consumer regarding the brand like the association which the consumer have with the brand in this we measure the overall association of the brand which consumer have brand recall by the consumer, brand awareness of consumer and the brand image are the major factors for measuring the brand equity free association tests and projection techniques are used which helps to define the attributes,

and overall intentions about the brand which are all intangible and hard to measure. Pricing strategy should create the perception of the customer to the brand it may be positive or may be negative but if the pricing strategy should be properly done according to all the requirements of the product and customer so it helps to create an effective brand equity. so the product price should be in the middle of price floor and price ceiling . For setting price strategy there are two methods which should be consider price floor and price ceiling. taste. price floor is basically the per unit cost of the product and price ceiling is the regulatory pricing which is set by the government or competitors pricing strategy. the product is always distributed at the right time and at the right place when ever the product is wanted to the end user there will be no shortage of the product. proper and timely effective distribution channel helps in the creation of brand equity. Now we discuss the major factors which have a great impact on the creation of brand equity. Place includes the overall distribution network through which the product is sold to the end user.IMPACT OF MARKETING MIX HELP IN CREATING BRAND EQUITY attitude. all the merchandising activity and order processing activity are include in this. sizes. when we talk about product attributes which includes its packaging. overall quality these all attributes should be positively perceived by the customer which satisfy their need and wants these attributes helps in the creation of the brand equity. Price correlates with the product it does not need to be monetary the setting of price strategy is very necessary which directly affect the end user. Product is basically related to the end users which is tangible and satisfy the needs and wants of the customers it have a great impact on the creation of brand equity. Promotion is the basic tool for making an awareness of the brand in the mind of the customers it includes lots of promotion methods which includes sales .

sales discount. association and perception which the consumer have with the brand). although the research on brand equity suggested that brand equity helps in creating the brand loyalty and have a positive relationship with brand loyalty. brand equity helps in defining the three different approaches which are brand strength (consumer strength and overall commitment with the brand) . The research also suggest that consumer behavior have a great impact on the formation of brand equity the overall family of a person have a great influence on the consumer based brand equity. brand association. place . product display etc. brand equity helps in increasing the purchase behavior of the customers by creating a demand of new product lots of researchers give their view points that if there is a uniqueness . profitability. free sampling. brand loyalty and quality in the brand then it creates a favorable brand equity which strengthen your brand. promotion for the creation of brand equity which is based on the consumer perception.IMPACT OF MARKETING MIX HELP IN CREATING BRAND EQUITY promotion. so for this organization members should focused and involved in this process. its very difficult to implement marketing mix strategy product. A good promotion technique also helps in the creation of the brand equity. price. product extension capability and price premium etc of any company. BACKGROUND: The overall background of the research suggested that in the competitive market environment brand equity is the major source of the competitive advantage of any company because it increases the market share. brand value(which is measure in terms of financial intangible assets)and brand description (beliefs. the brand which the individual used and which satisfy his all needs and wants should be preferable through which consumer becomes loyal with that brand at this stage price is not the major factor because the consumer is totally loyal with that brand which makes the equity of the .

(2011) 2 Agrawal (1996). Ranjbarian et. conversely some researchers found negative2 impact of promotion and place on brand equity. PROBLEM STATEMENT: Many research has been conduct to identify the impact of marketing mix which helps in creating brand equity.IMPACT OF MARKETING MIX HELP IN CREATING BRAND EQUITY brand it also shows that price .al. Wulf et. although there is a need to identify the simultaneous relationship3 between marketing mix element and brand equity. distribution network . 1 Kabadaye et. The research also tells that after sales services also helps in creating the equity of the brand which includes two approaches firm based brand equity(which includes monetary gains which helps in creating brand equity) and consumer based brand equity (which include attached new and unique values added services related to the product that how consumer associate your brand) brand equity at firm level and at consumer level both correlated with each other and both play a significant role in the creation of brand But there is no research of this type has been conducted in Pakistan. Krishnan and Hartline (2001). promotion .(2005) 3 Gil et. Mohammad (2012). Some of them found positive1 impact of product and price on brand equity. These four dimensions plays a vital role for establishing a brand equity and they have a great impact on it these marketing mix components should be continuously focused and properly set for obtaining an competitive brand equity. and product is viewed as a source of consumer based brand equity. Ahmed and Butt (2011) Rajh (2005).

in this study we focus only in the telecommunication industry due to the limitation of time.IMPACT OF MARKETING MIX HELP IN CREATING BRAND EQUITY RESEARCH OBJECTIVE: To determine the impact of marketing mix which helps in creating brand equity in telecommunication industry. RESEARCH QUESTION: What is the impact of marketing mix which helps in creating brand equity in telecommunication industry? RESEARCH SCOPE: For creating brand equity the main marketing mix component which should be focus are product and price and the combination of these two helps in creating the equity of the brand. wholesalers and distributors. . This research is also beneficial for the FMCG companies and also helpful for the advertising agencies for creating their brief and the overall campaign. RESEARCH LIMITATION: The basic reason of the limitation in this research is time constraint because its not possible to cover all the sectors. retailers. government. If brand equity will increase it will be beneficial for the customers. manufacturers. Because of the financial constraint i do my research only in Karachi (Pakistan).