Business Communication – MB0039

Assignment Set- 1
1. Describe any situation that you experienced where the communication went wrong because the listening was faulty. Analyze the situation by explaining the type of listening barrier. . How could this barrier be overcome? Ans: The following example illustrates an organizational barrier to communication. By the time the message is passed down from the Chief to the lower level Executives, it is distorted completely, so much so that the original message is interpreted differently by each level in the organization. Memo from CEO to Manager: Today at 11 o’clock there will be a total eclipse of the sun. This is when the sun disappears behind the moon for 2 minutes. As this is something that cannot be seen every day, time will be allowed for employees to view the eclipse in the parking lot. Staff should meet in the lot at ten to eleven, when I will deliver a short speech introducing the eclipse, and giving some background information. Safety goggles will be made available at a small cost. Memo from Manager to Department Head: Today at ten to eleven, all staff should meet in the car park. This will be followed by a total eclipse of the sun, which will appear for 2 minutes. For a moderate cost, they will be made safe with goggles. The CEO will deliver a short speech beforehand to give us all some information. This is not something that can be seen everyday. Memo from the Department Head to Floor Manager: The CEO will today deliver a speech to make the sun disappear for 2 minutes in the form of an eclipse. This is something that cannot be seen everyday so staff will meet in the car park at ten or eleven. This will be safe, if you pay a moderate cost. Memo from Floor Manager to Supervisor: Ten or eleven staff are to go to the car park, where the CEO will eclipse the sun for 2 minutes. This does not happen everyday. It will be safe, and as usual it will cost you. Memo from Supervisor to Staff: Some staff will go to the car park today to see the CEO disappear. It is a pity this doesn’t happen everyday. Communication was filtered or misinterpreted because of the following barriers: Organizational Barriers – In organizations that are too hierarchical, that is, where there are multiple “layers”, messages may have to pass through many levels before they finally reach the receiver. Each level may add to, modify or completely change the message, so much so that it becomes distorted by the time it reaches the intended receiver. In other words, there is likely to be loss of meaning and the message may not reach the receiver in the same way as it was intended by the sender. Another type of organizational barrier is a departmental barrier. This means that each department in an organization functions in isolation and there is no co-ordination or communication between them. This barrier could be overcome by the following methods: a. Encourage Feedback – Organizations should try to improve the communication system by getting feedback from the messages already sent. Feedback can tell the managers whether the message has reached the receiver in the intended way or not. b. Create a Climate of Openness – A climate of trust and openness can go a long way in removing organizational barriers to communication. All subordinates or junior employees should be allowed to air their opinions and differences without fear of being penalized.

Britain's FTSE 100 index was up 0.8 percent to 21.19.3 percent to 1. Taiwan. when shares fell on doubts about the global economic recovery. India. the stronger-than-expected jobs data on Friday helped calm investors' frayed nerves after weeks of worrying indicators. the first time that has happened in a month. to 9.684. Use Multiple Channels of Communication – Organizations should encourage the use of multiple channels of communication. Markets in mainland China. With Wall Street closed for a holiday. will maintain a slow but steady recovery from last year's recession and avoid another economic contraction later this year.301.355.77. in your opinion? Attach a copy of the article with your response. Is it well or poorly written.575.2880 from $1.792.S.446. complex words. The euro was slightly lower at $1.S. The figure bolstered optimism that the U. in order to make sure that messages reach the intended receivers without fail.50.1 percent. or 187. Shares in the U. Germany's DAX was 0." Japan's benchmark Nikkei 225 stock index climbed 2. The Dow Jones industrial average jumped 1. The dollar fell to 84.153. With most major governments reining in economic stimulus measures and many pushing through austerity spending cuts to reduce deficits.51.104. By mid-afternoon in Europe. "The renewed flight to safety we have witnessed over the past month is overdone and risks an equally large reversal when the worries over a double dip subside. "As the unexciting. The broader Standard & Poor's 500 Index rose 1.3 percent higher at 6.93 on Friday.S. ended the week in the positive." analysts from Rabobank said in a report.42. when an upbeat U.2895.20. Australia's S&P/ASX 200 gained 0. The early gains in September mark a stark turnaround from August trade.3 percent at 5. added 67. Because the U.17. jobs report eased fears that the global economy could slip back into recession. it's important not to confuse it with a double dip recession. This means using a combination of both oral and written channels.c. Select a business article from any business publication. economy is the world's largest and consumer spending there accounts for a fifth of global economic activity.32 and South Korea's Kospi rose 0. investors worry the global economy would be pushed into a double dip recession.2 percent to close at 10. trading was expected to remain light. more than analysts expected. as well as formal (official) and informal (unofficial) channels of communication. however. Evaluate it in terms of: a) Appropriate level of readability b) Use of jargon.27 yen on Friday.S.000 jobs in August. steady and below-trend global recovery continues.24 yen from 84. particularly as the U. Hong Kong's Hang Seng index added 1.S.3 percent at 3. Markets took heart after official data last week showed private employers in the U.31 and France's CAC-40 was up 0.447.S.8 percent at 4. Asian indexes closed higher and trading on Wall Street was to remain shut for Labor Day weekend after closing higher on Friday. Ans: World Markets Rise as Double-Dip Fears Ease: World stock markets advanced modestly Monday as investors rode momentum from Friday.7 percent to 1. slows down quickly. Indonesia and Singapore were also higher. . 2. slang and metaphors c) Use of simple vs.

There are different ways of opening a meeting. The answers to the following questions would help to decide whether a meeting is necessary in the first place – -Can the matter be decided or discussed over the telephone? -Can the matter be expressed in writing. Once the need for a meeting has been determined. Ans: Before the Meeting: As pointed out earlier.Benchmark oil for October delivery was down 40 cents at $74. In terms of numbers. In the words of Adler and Elmhorst.60 on Friday.” An agenda is prepared by the Chairperson of the meeting. a. He or she must be well versed with the procedures for opening the meeting.20 a barrel in electronic trading on the New York Mercantile Exchange. An agenda is essentially a list of topics that will be discussed during a meeting. Opening the Meeting – The manner in which the meeting is opened is important. or an email message? -Are key people available to attend the meeting and are they prepared? -Is the time allotted for the meeting sufficient? If the answers to the first two questions are yes and the answers to the other two questions are no. and solving problems creatively. or the person who calls the meeting. a basic question to be asked is whether to hold a meeting at all. 3. concluding the meeting and managing time efficiently. The contract fell 42 cents to settle at $74. Before any planning can be done however. who are the owners of the company. The above article is well written. meetings need to be planned in advance. It is also a good idea to provide an outline of how the meeting will proceed. FTSE. calm investors' frayed nerves. “A meeting without an agenda is like a ship at sea without a destination or compass: no one aboard knows where it is or where it is headed. CAC. First of all. Generally. . as well as a time budget. encouraging balanced participation. DAX. where the numbers could be larger. the type and number of participants should be decided. since a good opening will ensure that the rest of the meeting will proceed smoothly. List out and briefly explain five “do”s and “don’t’s” for each of participants and Chairperson of a meeting. since the decision would otherwise be incomplete. in the form of a memo. the size of the group could be anywhere between seven and eleven members. We shall discuss each of these procedures in detail. so that they are successful. During the Meeting: The task of conducting and moderating the meeting rests with the chairperson.” More complex words and phrases are written in the above article and this reduces the level of readability when read by a common man. Shareholders. the next step is to start planning the meeting. etc. background information and expectations of the participants. should also be included. An exception to this is an information sharing meeting. Some of the technical terms mentioned above are “rode momentum. however. the reader of the article should have a certain amount of knowledge in the field of stock trading and world financial markets. Jargon refers to technical terms or specialized vocabulary. there is no purpose in calling a meeting. Kospi. it is best to sum up what has been stated in the agenda – including the goals. A problem solving meeting should include representatives from all departments. so that a maximum number of people benefit from the information. The second and most important step in planning a meeting is to indicate the purpose or agenda of the meeting to the participants in advance.

All participants must be informed that a follow-up meeting is being planned. In such situations. which can be referred to at a later stage. identifying the role of each person on each item of the agenda. or serve as a guide for action. d. when key decision makers are not present. so that they do not “hijack” the meeting. h. There are several techniques to encourage participation – • Encourage Participation in the Reverse Order of Seniority – This means getting the junior members to speak or air their opinions first. unless proper follow-up measures are taken to ensure that the goals are fully accomplished. The duration of a meeting will depend on the type and purpose of the meeting. After the Meeting: A meeting that proceeds smoothly will still not be successful. e. or the person moderating the discussion to make sure that the discussion remains focused on the topics mentioned in the agenda. depending on the type of meeting. they may feel suppressed or be afraid to disagree with their superiors. it is important to maintain a permanent written record of the proceedings. . It is again the responsibility of the chairperson to bring the meeting to a point where an opinion emerges on each item of the agenda. It is the chairperson’s responsibility to make a note of the items that have not been discussed and to schedule the next meeting. If the senior people speak first. Concluding the Meeting – The way a meeting is concluded is as important as the opening. Follow-up may involve the following steps – a. Such a record is known as “minutes” of the meeting and may be done in an informal or formal manner. Managing Time – There is no prescribed length for a meeting. f. Generally. Keeping “Minutes” of the Meeting – Since meetings are called to take important decisions concerning the organization. Keeping the Meeting Focused – Often. In any case. • Nominal Group Technique – In this method. it is the responsibility of the chairperson. or when important information such as cost figures are not available. unless important issues still remain to be discussed and members are willing to extend the meeting. The meeting should normally be concluded at the scheduled closing time. problemsolving meetings will take longer than other routine meetings. depending on the agenda and ensure adherence to the time limit. the decisions and the actions to be taken. the meeting participants are encouraged to work and contribute their ideas independently c. This should be done by the chairperson. Summing Up – This means summing up the different points of view. a lot of time is wasted during meetings by going off track and by discussing topics that are irrelevant. Sometimes meetings may be concluded before the closing time. Ensuring “Convergence” – Convergence means hearing the points of view of all the members and then arriving at a decision.b. since it will influence the follow-up action taken on decisions made during the meeting. along with a fresh agenda. g. Eg – Chris will take the responsibility of contacting the media and sending material for advertisements and press releases by March 13th. along with a specified deadline. Encouraging Balanced Participation – It is also the responsibility of the chairperson to encourage silent members to contribute to the meeting and to moderate the dominant members. Plan for the Next meeting – Very few meetings is conclusive and cover all the items in the agenda completely. The chairperson should know when and how to conclude the meeting. the chairperson should set a time budget for the meeting.

Suggest five ways in which to overcome some of the problems associated with email messages. it is also regularly used within an organization. While the other forms of written communication are highly formal in nature. There is no way of ensuring that the message will not be forwarded to others. It is particularly important to watch the content of official e-mail messages sent using an employer’s equipment. Therefore. For one thing. explaining its advantages and disadvantages. It is therefore easier to write an e-mail message than it is to write a business letter or a report. The minute an e-mail message is sent. They will also have an idea of what the message contains. Do your own Groundwork – Apart from monitoring the progress of meeting participants. Since business executives receive several e-mails a day. The problems associated with email messages could be avoided by the following methods: Watch the content – E-mail messages are not always confidential and one can never be sure who will read them. Besides. Since e-mail is quick. where greater attention has to be paid to the language. it must be carefully worded. in place of telephone and face-to-face contact. sentences and lack of salutations. This is because e-mail is instantaneous and allows you to send messages that others can pick up at their convenience. e-mail lacks the personal quality of face-to-face communication. or sending messages when you are angry or annoyed. Sometimes. you must pay close attention to the tone of the message and ensure that you sound friendly and courteous. to ensure that the deadlines are met. using short words. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4. c. it is always wise to avoid writing anything negative or offensive. Avoid using humor and sarcasm which might be misunderstood. Therefore. a permanent record is created. Check Progress on Follow-up Actions – Members of the meeting may have been assigned different responsibilities and deadlines for completion of tasks.b. * Pay attention to the tone – The very nature of e-mail communication can make the message sound negative. Since the employer has a right to read the message and is legally responsible for its content. * Include a specific subject line – Your e-mail message should always include a subject line that clearly mentions the topic of the e-mail. it is also important that you as the chairperson finish any pending work before the next meeting. * Place important information first – Since business executives do not have time to read lengthy e-mail messages. e-mail messages can even be used as proof in court. Whether you are . this would help them to decide which messages are most important to them. multiple copies are created on your own PC and server and on the recipient’s PC and server. style and tone. Secondly. where body language and other non-verbal cues may be used to make the communication more positive. Brief messages may be interpreted as being rude and unfriendly. abrupt and rude. after the meeting is over. it can also help to improve personal relationships in the workplace. Once a message is sent. Therefore. e-mail messages have to be brief. Ans: Although e-mail is a tool for external communication. easy to use and spontaneous. Evaluate email as a channel of internal communication. e-mail also makes it possible to send messages to people anywhere in the world and to people who are otherwise impossible to reach. it is important to monitor their progress every now and then. it is a good idea to put all the important information that you want to convey in the first three lines of the message. e-mail is more informal and spontaneous.

* Use the “WIFM” rule – WIFM stands for “What’s In It for me?” and means that the benefits of your message to the reader should be emphasized. It is important to respect privacy. or cut into valuable time spent on other important jobs. sending a long list of e-mail addresses can interfere with the reading of the main message. Stressing on the “you” attitude rather than the “me” attitude was discussed in an earlier unit. * Use the “to” and “cc” button carefully – The “to” box should be used only to send messages to people who are responsible for doing something. * Tidy up your mail box – E-mail traffic can lead to your inbox becoming cluttered. rather than the first person pronouns “I” or “me”. making sure that the message is sent only to the right persons. It is therefore a good idea to clean up your mailbox regularly. or giving instructions. Write an unsolicited job application letter addressed to the HR Manager of a company of your choice.seeking a clarification. with more messages than you can handle. * Explain attachments in the body of the e-mail – Attachments take time to download and should be sent along with an explanation in the body of the e-mail. appearance and language used in the e-mail message can influence the readability of the message. Otherwise it will lead to unnecessary waste of time. use of paragraph captions. This will make it easier for the recipient of the message to decide whether they should be opened or not. “you”. it is best to mention this right at the outset. any outdated messages in the topic folders should also be deleted. highlighting main points in bold type and use of white space. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5. e-mail messages should also be checked for spelling and grammar mistakes. since not everyone likes having their e-mail address displayed to others. along with a one page profile about yourself. use of bullet points and numbers for lists. * Proofread your e-mail message – Just as it is important to proofread business reports. Every now and then. spacing between paragraphs. * Pay attention to brevity. emphasis and white space – The look. This should be used with care. by deleting unimportant messages. This involves use of the second person pronoun. It then becomes difficult to retrieve important messages when you need them. letters and memos. The important messages that you want to refer to later should be put into separate topic folders. * Set aside time to check e-mail – E-mail should not become a substitute for face-toface interaction at the workplace. Some techniques for enhancing readability of e-mail messages include short paragraphs ( six lines maximum). The “cc” button is used when sending multiple copies of the same e-mail message to other recipients. making a request. seeking a position in your area of specialization. so as to avoid any embarrassment. who need to be kept informed on a specific issue. Besides. as to what they are all about. so that it is noticed. It is a good idea to determine a time during the work day when you check and respond to e-mail messages. Ans: .

O. P.Esha Sengupta .NET technology. I expect you will need technically skilled employees to manage and lead the Research and Development group of the company. P. After the company has revealed its expansion plans in India to cope up with its growing number of projects.Baikuntha Deb Road. 3) Additional technologies include JAVA and HTML.Madhyamgram Bazar Kolkata .O.Madhyamgram Bazar Kolkata . I have attached my detailed CV with this cover letter. 4) Have undergone training in hardware repair and assembly. Thank you Esha Sengupta RESUME Esha Sengupta 148.700130 E-mail: esegupta@gmail. 2) Managing the database of the company through MYSQL or RDBMS.Baikuntha Deb Date: 10/03/2012 Vidisha Chatterjee Cognizant Technology Solutions Salt Lake Sector V Kolkata .700064 Dear Madam. Cognizant enjoys the reputation of being one of the most sought after employers in India. Perhaps I may call you next week to seek an appointmet for a personal interview. My skills include: 1) Creating website using .700130 E-mail: esegupta@gmail. It would be my pleasure to discuss the details with you. for your reference.

Marital Status: Single Languages known: English. Nationality: Indian. Subbaya.Word. Reddy. had actually taken this leave to work on a .C#. Java. the maintenance employee. JavaScript. Excel and PowerPoint) Languages: C. HS: Passed in first class with Distinction from Kendriya Vidyalaya Cossipore in 2008. which will help me to explore myself fully and realize my potential. the Industrial Relations Manager of A to Z. a maintenance employee of the A to Z Construction Company asked for three months’ leave of absence for personal reasons. HTML. WBUT in 2011.VB. heard through the “grapevine” that Mr. I hereby declare that the information furnished above is true to the best of my knowledge. XML. Education: B.1991 Gender: Female. Hindi. Mr. Bengali Declaration: I consider myself familiar with client supporting skills and I am also confident of my ability to work in a team.Tech(Comp.Objective: Intend to build a career with leading corporate of hi-tech environment with committed & dedicated people. CASE STUDY The Informal Communication Network In Secunderabad. Windows 9X/2000/XP/7 Packages: MS Office (Office. C++.Sc): Passed in first class with Distinction from FIEM.NET. The request was granted because it was in keeping with the Company and Union policy. A few weeks later. Additional Technologies:. SOFTWARE SKILLS: Operating Systems: MS-DOS. Date: 10/03/2012 Place: Kolkata Esha Sengupta 6. My SQL PERSONAL DETAILS: Date of Birth: 7TH September.

The act of taking leave for personal reasons with the hidden purpose of working for another employer was contrary to the labor contract and the penalty for this could be dismissal. Subbaya prepared a “Notice of hearing concerning dismissal action” to be mailed to Reddy at his local address. After investigation to determine that the grapevine probably was correct. saying that he had heard that the notice was being prepared and that he felt that there was a misunderstanding. I would summon Mr. the mother of their son’s friend had told her about the pending dismissal order. he was willing to return immediately. Questions a. would you try to suppress grapevine leaks of this type? How? b. Assume that grapevine facts are as follows – Subbaya’s secretary told a fringe benefit clerk about the dismissal notice. but would investigate it thoroughly to find out if Mr. Ans: a) I would not try to suppress grapevine leaks of this type. Subbaya received a call from Reddy at his home. Reddy said that his wife had called him that evening. The same night. told someone else. Mr. When Subbaya asked him how he knew about his pending dismissal notice. The letter of notice was dictated by Subbaya to his secretary on Monday morning. If you were Subbaya. Besides this. not realizing that the information might be confidential. The clerk. he should use other channels of communication to maintain confidentiality and this will avoid future recurrence of problem like this. but if it was not acceptable. b) Subbya should hold a face-to-face meeting with his personal secretary and have a strong word with him and advise him to maintain confidentiality when there are matters discussed with him pertaining to company affairs. Reddy said that he thought that his action was acceptable under the contract. The rumor was that Reddy needed some extra money and had taken up this job since the wages were nearly twice what he earned in his regular maintenance job. . project in another part of the state. what action should Subbaya take? Discuss. Reddy and have a face-to-face meeting with him. Reddy indeed violated the company’s contract. After Reddy’s telephone calls. I will extract the real reason for taking 3 months’ leave and would ask him to provide necessary proof if the reasons provided by him are satisfactory. since he did not want to give up his permanent job. telling him that at the local supermarket.