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Contact Info Address Mobile No. Email : 1931 – B Taman Mahkota, 05000 Alor Setar, Kedah Darul Aman : 01 4248 4248 : Personal Particulars Age Nationality IC No. : 37 years old : Malaysia : 750313-11-5267 Highest Qualification Level Field of Study Major Institute / University Award Won Located In : Advanced Diploma : Business Studies/ Administration/Management : Business Management : Swansea Institute of Higher Education United Kingdom. : Malaysia Best Student 1998 : Malaysia Graduation Date Latest Employment 1. Company Name Position Title Position Level Specialization Industry Date Joined Date Left : : : : : : : RADICARE (M) SDN. BHD Manager, Branch Operations Manager Maintenance/Repair (Facilities & Machinery) Healthcare / Medical (Hospital Support Services) Jan 2000 Jul 2006 : Dec 1998 Grade : Distinction Date of Birth Gender : 13 Mar 1975 : Male

Top Skills Skills Customer Service/Relation/Care as a Troubleshooter and Call Center Head Event Management as Organizer/Emcee/Presenter Years >5 >5 Proficiency Advanced Advanced

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Led a branch of more than 400 staffs. troubleshoot and resolve their complaints. Damansara KL (As a freelance vocal trainer. present report and coordinate project work PC literate with working knowledge of Microsoft Windows. mature. Trains and coaches people.SAFRI’S CURICULUM VITAE MS Office Training and Coaching -Motivational & Work Related MS: ISO 9001:2000 Human Resources Functions (Training & Development) Cultural and Arts (Kebudayaan Negeri Kedah) Vocal Training & Coaching >5 5 5 4 >5 5 Advanced Advanced Advanced Advanced Intermediate Advanced Languages Proficiency (0=Poor . Helpdesk. Manage.. BRANCH OPERATIONS (15 December 2004 – 15 June 2006) Radicare (M) Sdn Bhd @ Institute for Medical Research (IMR) Industry: Facility Management/Maintenance/Repair Specialization: Hospital Support Services (Facility & Biomedical Engineering Maintenance Services. Result and process oriented Able to organize to interact with all levels of people and possess a service oriented mindset Lead a team towards achieving company's targets and objectives. - Has more than ten (10) years of experiences in general management. STUDIO & EVENT MANAGER (July 2006 until recently) Music & Me Entertainment Kota Damansara. MANAGER. 250 were under direct supervision. Page 2 of 5 . Indeed very ambitious and fun to work with. being a HR and Account generalist. customer services and public relations. Supervised 6 departments.10=Excellent) Language English Bahasa Malaysia Spoken 10 10 Written 10 10 A glimpse about my experiences. Linen & Laundry Services and safety & security. Administration and Store Specialized in walk-in customers. Clinical Waste Management Services. Human Resource. hospital support services. dynamic and proactive Looking for any managerial position. Solves problem creatively. Word and Excel Working Experiences (in a stretch of 10 years) 1. Data Entry Center. Cleaning Services. on project basis) Industry: Entertainment & Showbiz & Media Specialization: Artiste and Event Management 2. training. operations specifically in building maintenance and maintenance of biomedical equipment. Possesses excellent communication and people skills. Reception.

Ensured the deliveries of services are as per agreed standards. biomedical equipment and ground maintenance including landscaping to Institute for Medical Research (IMR). Institute for Medical Research IMR) Acted as the company’s representative at branch to liaise with the main customer i. RETAIL ADMINISTRATION (August 1996) Bon Ton Sdn Bhd @ Langkawi Industry: Food Service/ Catering/ Restaurant/ Hotel & Resort Hospitality Specialization: Hotel & Tourism Job Responsibilities Include: A) As a Manager. compensation. Linen and Laundry Services. Branch Operations (@ Radicare (M) Sdn. Bhd. laws and legislation. with full adherence to the concession agreement. which is 110 years old now. Maintain full adherence to the Technical Requirement Performance Indicator (TRPI) set by the government. MS ISO. @ Bangsar Jalan Terasek Industry: Manufacturing Specialization: Research & Development in Plastic Composite 7.SAFRI’S CURICULUM VITAE 6. Cleaning Services. Hospital Kuala Lumpur) Involved in full spectrum of Human Resource functions Managed all HR functional activities including recruiting compliance. Participated in strategic planning and development There were 6 departments/units under this division: Data Entry Unit Helpdesk Center Reception Human Resources Administration Store Page 3 of 5 . - - B) As a Manager. Bhd. Provided maintenance of building. Provided Hospital Support Services inclusive of Facility Engineering Maintenance Services. PROJECT LIAISON OFFICER (1999 – 2000) Sabutek (M) Sdn. and labor relations and employees communications. SENIOR SUPERVISOR (June 1997 – 1998) Kedah Bowl City Plaza @ Alor Setar Kedah Industry: Food Service/ Catering/ Restaurant Specialization: Food/Beverages/Restaurant Service and Family Entertainment Center 8. MANAGER. Ensure timely collection of revenue from the Ministry of Health Build up rapport with the Ministry of Health and Sistem Hospital Awasan Taraf (SIHAT) Ensure timely submission of mandatory and statutory reports. Human Resources & Administration (@ Radicare (M) Sdn. OSHA. Bhd.e the Ministry of Health. benefits. Biomedical Engineering Maintenance Services. Clinical Waste Management System.

Wisma UOA Damansara II. - Achievements: Increase the branch revenue within 4 years by reducing the deduction amount imposed by the government on non-compliances to the delivery of services. 50490 Kuala Lumpur (TEL NO: 03 2082 2020) – via her Personal Assistant. OSHA reports and worker’s compensation claims Involved in coaching and training of staff in customers relations. Kedah Darul Aman. 1931-G. Ensure timely collection of revenue from the Ministry of Health Build up rapport with the Ministry of Health and Sistem Hospital Awasan Taraf (SIHAT) Ensure timely submission of mandatory and statutory reports. Manaf Chief Operating Officer (COO) Radicare (M) Sdn Bhd Suite 13-1. Page 4 of 5 . Mohd Nizar Dato’ Shukri Creative Art Director. The branch full monthly revenue without deductions is RM3 million.SAFRI’S CURICULUM VITAE Safety Carried out all functions associated with the administration of branch office to ensure effective and efficient formulation and implementation of company’s policies Ensured the branch full adherence and compliance to all safety. No. Abdul Razak Majid EMAIL: halwah@radicare. Pn 2. Quality Assurance Program (QAP) and Quality Systems policies and procedures and MS ISO 9001:2000 Served as primary manager in areas affecting safety by establishing and maintain safety programs and all required safety documentation including incident investigation. Increased the staff morale. Reduced operating costs like overtime payment to staff. The branch percentage of deduction had been reduced from 20% to 8% average towards the end or year 2005. Taman Level 13. Jalan Stadium. Carried out manpower planning and prepare manpower budget to prepare the branch for decentralization. 6. Prepared the branch for SIRIM Compliance and Surveillance Audit. Acted as Head of Customer Services. Participated in corporatization of Radicare (M) Sdn. The branch obtained its MS ISO 2000 in year 2002. En. hiring and training costs Reduced the absenteeism of staff by enforcing stricter rules on duty reporting. motivation and efficiency by introducing the reward systems. Reduced downtime of equipment of not more than 12 days through training and coaching. Damansara Heights. Introduced standard operating procedures for the branch in reduced the branch loss on penalty. Alor Setar . The branch was fully decentralized from the Head Office in year 2004. Momentous Creations Technology. Halwah bt Abd.05100. Bhd. Jalan Changkat Semantan. Education Background: References: 1.

SAFRI’S CURICULUM VITAE TEL NO: 012 299 7893 EMAIL: Page 5 of 5 .