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Un-employment increased to 3,204,900: Un-employment was a big thing in the 1980's and effected many people's lives

, most people would come straight out of education to stay at home because there were no jobs to attend. Jim Cartwright most likely thought that this was a topical theme at the time so thought that creating a play based around this idea would be a good to address topical issues. Unemployment also meant lack of money for most people so they couldn't afford to live in standard living conditions which was also portrayed in Jim Cartwright's Road. Cartwright obviously thought alot about his background, so much so that it influenced a play. Riots in prison: Riots were also a common thing to be seen around the scene of england 1986 and one particular one was from a prison in Bristol which caused fear amongst the population of britain. This was maybe not a big thing in Cartwrights area of Farnworth however it may have caused a sense of un easiness among the citizens so everybody was on the edge of their seat feeling ensecure. This was also combined with the insecurity of jobs and money and made people to feel wary of their future. Global recession is imminent: Recessions were one of the key things to fear during the 1980's because as it was, people were already stuck with money and finance so if you added on another recession, people's homes would start to become repossessed and their belongings taken back to pay for rent and other necesities. Cartwright shows the recessions that take part during the play as quite a dramatic theme and portray the Road as a derilict place to live because this is what it would have been like for people during lancashire 1986. A constant theme seems to be Cartwright's background and past life that reflects in his play. Announced that unemployment rises to 3,280, 106 in July: Yet again, as the year progresses unemployment takes another rise in numbers which causes more fatality for people's money and well fare. As the play progresses like they year does, the audience get a sense for how unemployment effects more and more of people's lives. For example, some of the female characters are drawn to light prostitution to earn their keep and some men are forced to steal from more well off families so as to sell again to earn a little bit of money. Unemployment then cause more problems for people who weren't employed in the first place, for example, the children. They dont have the sufficient funds for basic needs like food and clothes. This is shown as an extremety in Road and in the end, some of the children die. Unemployment probably didn't cause this much disaster in the real world but Cartwright made it his task to show the audience how bad conditions could have gotten. Nigel Lawson announces $4.6 Billion rise in public spending: Basically this meant that the UK was spending more and more money on possessions. This was money that the UK residents didn't have but somehow found the oppurtunity to spend. This led into more and more of a recession making life much much more harder for people who couldn't afford to spend money. Even if it wasn't necesserily those people who were spending the money, they were the ones that got the full effect of

the after math of spending. This wasn't fair to them by any means and they knew it, leading them into deep depressions because it was completely out of their hands and they could do nothing to prevent it. Introduction of family credit, a tax credit for poorer families: This was the icing on the cake for people living in poverty. They were now being allocated a reduction in their taxes because they just couldnt cope with having to spend impossible amounts of money. This was the highlight of their year and Cartwright didn't include this in the play possibly because even though the credit was issued, it wasn't enough to pull these people out of their recession and that is what Cartwright showed in his play.