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Vol. 73 No.29 September 19 - 25, 2012 50 cents

Gary Shultis Wins PBA East Howell Senior Open
By Russ Mills - PBA HOWELL, N.J. – utive 267 games to Gary Shultis of advance. Levittown, N.Y., defeatIn his second match, ed Mike Tryniski of he met three-time Fulton, N.Y., 280-226, in regional Senior Player the championship round of the Year Sam to win the Professional Maccarone of Bowlers Association Glassboro, N.J. East Region Howell Maccarone won the Senior Open at Howell first game in the best of Lanes for his 19th career three match, but regional title and a Shultis again rallied $1,500 first prize. with back-to-back vicTryniski, a seven-time tories to win that bestEast Region titlist who is of-three-game contest. PBA Photo looking for his first sen- Gary Shultis with Sharon Nasta, Howell Lanes general In the semifinal ior regional title, earned manager, and supervisor Ken Prudente. round, Shultis defeated $800 as the runner-up. Kent Wagner of Shultis, a former East Region he faced top qualifier and current Palmetto, Fla., 258-193, while Senior Player of the Year, had a long Senior Regional Player of the Year Tryniski defeated Eddie Wu of New battle to win after qualifying for the Sammy Ventura of Syracuse, N.Y. York, 205-162, to set up the cham16th and final position for the sin- in his opening match. After falling pionship match. Wagner and Wu gle-elimination match play finals by behind, 2-1 in their best-of-five- each earned $700 as semifinal round seven pins. As the No. 16 qualifier, game contest, Shultis rolled consec- losers.

Joe Herber 300 at Majestic
HOPELAWN, NJ – Joe Herber led the scoring in the Monday Main Event League firing games of 300-227-224 for a 751 series. Paulo Toy shot 289-214-279782, Michael Consiglio 235-248220-703, Matthew Manenty 225207-268-700, Greg Mintz 225207-268-700, Anthony Fuaci 266230-683, Bill Daunno 202-227248-677, and Kelly Daunno 224236-634.

Sara Rankin and Ray Keim Jr. Blast 300 at Montvale Lanes
MONTVALE, NJ - Starting the season right at Montvale Lanes, while rolling in the Little Chestnut League, Sara Rankin and Ray Keim each found perfection in a 300 game. Sarah finishing with a 759 session high series and Ray tallied a 743. Peter Paul Annese rolled 245-703 followed by Peter Christie with 247695, Steve Johnson 264-686, Gene Caruso 229-647, Pete Bondy Sr. 225627 and Brendan Robertson 233 - 624. Come join the fun at Montvale 6:30pm Tuesdays, we could use 2 more bowlers to fill out the league we also have room for several teams.

Brian Beale 299-776 at Farmingdale
FARMINGDALE, NY – Brian Beale topped the Monday Summer Trio League at Farmingdale Lanes blasting a 299 in a 776 series. BJ Fuller rolled 279-264-227769 followed by Steven Wiedeman tossing 234-232-276742, John Sheridan 266-229-676, Artie Moon 245-234, Neil Williams 238-231-664, Hari Soedarmastro 235-657.

By Lucas Wiseman - USBC HENDERSON, Nev. - The Team USA men and women swept the gold medals in team and all-events at the 2012 Pan American Bowling Confederation Adult Championships. The U.S. women broke the PABCON Championships record for six-game team total with 6,713 as they rolled to the gold medal by 256 pins over Mexico at Sunset Station's Strike Zone Bowling Center. The Team USA men shot 6,687 and finished 194 pins ahead of Mexico. The United States was led in the women's event by all-events gold medalist Liz Johnson with 1,473 and she was joined by Stefanie Nation (1,337), Josie Earnest (1,284), Diandra Asbaty (1,217), Shannon Pluhowsky (709) and Leanne Hulsenberg (693). "We accomplished our goals, which was to go for USBC Photo the team gold and the trios gold," said Johnson, who Liz Johnson, Stefanie Nation, Josie Earnest, Leanne Hulsenberg, won the all-events with a 24-game total of 5,427 Shannon Pluhowsky, Diandra Asbaty, Steve Smith, Bill O'Neill, (226.1 average). "We all worked together really well. John Janawicz, Tommy Jones, Marshall Kent, Patrick Allen. There were some moves we had to make during team and everyone worked very well with each other."

Team USA Sweeps Team All-Events Gold at PABCON
Mexico took the women's silver medal with 6,457, while Colombia earned the bronze with 6,176. In all-events, Nation finished with the silver posting 5,316, while Colombia's Rocio Restrepo took the bronze with 5,287. On the men's side, Team USA was led by Tommy Jones with 1,376 and was followed by all-events gold medalist Bill O'Neill (1,354), Steve Smith (1,311), Marshall Kent (1,269), Patrick Allen (692) and John Janawicz (685). "We had an unexpected lead coming into the day and we all worked really, really well together all day," said O'Neill, who won all-events with 5,556 (231.5 average). "It's a lot harder than it used to be to win because the talent level is so much better. To have so many teams competing for medals is pretty cool to see." Mexico rallied in the final two games to take the silver medal with 6,493, while the Dominican Republic won its first men's medal since 1989 by finishing third with 6,484. In all-events, Jones claimed the silver with 5,543, while Puerto Rico's Francisco Colon took the bronze with 5,504.



September 19 - 25, 2012

Danny Schrafel 775
FARMINGDALE, NY – Danny Schrafel topped the scoring in the Monday MNFP League firing games of 279-238-258 for a high series of 775. George Crenshaw rolled 255227-672, Linda Stephanopoulos 203-237-216-656, Wayne Searl 255-646, Donnie Fratello 236, Bryan Parsons 225, and Fran Savoldy 223. In the Summer Sunshine Kids League Joe Stainkimp hit 188, Fran Petervary 169, and Marguerite Lauri 167.

B. Soedarmasto 733
FARMINGDALE, NY – Brandon Soedarmasto topped the scoring in the Junior Pro Shot Challenge League firing games of 237-242-254 for a high 733 set. Emily McLaughlin rolled 207, Chris Valentine 198, Richard Valentine 196, and Sean Mott 193.

Howie Garfinkel 707
FARMINGDALE, NY – Howie Garfinkel topped the scoring in the Tuesday Party League firing games of 279-214-214 for a high series of 707. Wayne Emblem rolled 223224-234-681, Clay Hunt 237-236671, Lloyd Hasluck 246-663, Eric Vazquez 221-223-225-669, and Steve Terech 227-652. Frank Nowakowski and Marci Hunt each shot 170 in the Summer Sunshine Kids League

Dan Brazezickle 730
FARMINGDALE, NY – Dan Brazezickle topped the Pro Shot Challenge League firing 236-227267 for a high series of 730. Adam Chase rolled 211-237256-704, Joe R. Mele 237-200246-683, Dan Levin 237-211-647, Marc Bieler 205-211-204-620, and Sean Mott 243.

Dave Panichi 688
FARMINGDALE, NY – Dave Panichi led the scoring in the Wednesday Friends League firing a 258 game for a high series of 688. Joe Montefusco rolled 245, Brian Walsh 225, and Cheryl Bove 242.

Leon Kessee 762
FARMINGDALE, NY – Leon Kessee topped the scoring in the Monday Summer Trio League firing games of 279-239-244 for a high series of 762. Brian Beale rolled 279-246223-748, Charles Drakeford 266233-684, Hari Soedarmasto 255222-684, Neil Williams 255-215675, Michael Walsh 238-236-665, and Ranee Jackson 247. In the Monday A.M. Seniors League Ken Lauri shot 183, Al Noll 179, and Jerry Hoeler and Sheila Montgoris each rolled a 168.

Lloyd Hasluck 708
FARMINGDALE, NY – Lloyd Hasluck topped the Tuesday Party League firing games of 279-225 for a high series of 708. Dave Brand shot 263-643, Jay lane 247, Bryan Ellen 246, Will McCaw 244-236-650, Mike DeLillo 243, Scott Bannon 235236-210-681, Matt Cacioapo 235, Dan Gazza 235-639, Roger Herrscher 231, and Joe Livolsi rolled a 228 game.

Mark Berardino 674
FARMINGDALE, NY – Mark Berardino led the scoring in the Wednesday Adult/Junior League firing games of 257-226 for a high series of 674. Joseph Angelone hit 235, Bruce Markland 233, Paul Kraus 232226-630, and Ed Mencarelli 213.

Rich Bambara 671
FARMINGDALE, NY – Rich Bambara led the scoring in the Monday MNFP League firing games of 255-225 for a high series of 671. Mike McLaughlin rolled 247, Ronnie Simon 223, Shari Kessler 234, and Glenn Daly 220-213.

Tournaments, tournaments tournaments. Bowling wouldn't be the same without them. They're the icing on the bowling cake. Each year there are some 10,000 tournaments, give or take a few hundred. They offer prizes ranging from tiny trophies to more than $200,000 if you shoot the right game in the right place at the right time. They go in distance from a single ball to as many games as you can roll in days. They're conducted at any and all hours and there probably isn’t any time of the year, any year, when a bowling tournament isn't being conducted somewhere in this rapidly shrinking world. Why should you bowl in a tournament? If you enjoy bowling, you're competitive to a degree. League bowling is more competitive than open bowling, and tournaments are just another extension into another field of competition. If you look at tournament bowling as a way to quick riches, forget it. Sure there are winners, big winners. But look at the prize ratios, one winner for every so many entries, meaning for every winner there must be multiple losers. But that's talking money. There's plenty of experience, satisfaction and competitive fun in tournaments, rewards not as obvious as money. Only your check book can tell you what you can afford in the way of tournament play. Once it tells you how far you can go or how near you must stay, the next step is to check out what is available. That information is usually as close as your nearest bowling center or bowling paper, and often your mailbox brings you news of the tournament goodies available. There is a tournament for you, no matter what your age, size, sex, average or what. The good tour-

nament promoters verge on genius. You can win money, cars, trips, merchandise of all sorts, and notice. A word of caution… Most tournaments are conducted well, and a boost to all tournaments is to gain the help of the United States Bowling Congress sanction to insure the honesty of the event. But there are many grabbers, interested in themselves first, and one of their chief delights is to con people. And bowlers are people, and they can be conned, simply because they don't take the time to read or count or add. Check the entry blanks. See the breakdown of the entry fee. Part of the fee pays for the bowling, some goes for scoring, and it's necessary that a fair amount be deducted to pay for the many other expenses. This is all fine, within reason. Be wary of too much being taken from the entry fee, or too little. Always remember, with the exception of some specialized commercially sponsored tournaments, you're not going to get something for nothing. So if you're paying, get the most for your money. It's not as difficult as you might think. T h e same way a housewife shops for groceries and other needs, a bowler should shop for tournaments. A bowler who doesn't compete in tournaments is missing a good part of the sport. Every bowler should go out of his way to support his local and state association events. If you haven't been bowling in tournaments, toss away all the excuses and give a couple a try. If you have been rolling in tournaments, you don't have to be sold the benefits, only the cautions. As they say at most events, good luck and good bowling.

September 19 - 25, 2012



Steve Semancik Rolled a 759 Set At Parkway Lanes
ELMWOOD PARK, NJ – Steve Semancik led all pin attackers with scores of 230-298-231 for a high series of 759 in the Wednesday, Teterboro Bowling League, at Parkway Lanes. Joe Leardo Jr. bowled 267-719, Dennis C. Hofmann Jr. 275-688, Mark Marton 246-670, and Mike Semancik Jr 235-670.

Mike Cocozzo 730
STATEN ISLAND, NY – Mike Cocozzo led the scoring in the Senior Men’s League firing games of 216277-237 for a high series of 730. Don Schwed rolled 244-256-681, Joe LaBargo 233-214-223-660, Joey Jew 236-227-652, Randy Viscuso 235-226-641, Tom Mannino 244, and Santo Lisa 214. In the Staten Island Youth Leaders Triples League Lauren Furman rolled 237, Luis Gutierrez 222, Matthew Covias 208-208, and Ashley Martinez 202.

Joe Valente 743
STATEN ISLAND, NY – Joe Valente topped the scoring in the Wednesday Summer Mixed League firing a high game of 273 and a high series of 743. Lenny Riviere shot 256-256-719, Tim Folkes 259-711, Mike Rositino 258-707, Matthew Cohen 257-694, Ken Soto 245-266-683, Edward Barone 247-247-675, Janice Bivona 255-237-668, and Bruce Hurley 254657.

Al Felline 726
STATEN ISLAND, NY – Al Felline led the scoring in the Senior Men’s League firing games of 228-222276 for a high series of 726. John Eadicicco shot 243-639, Dan Schwed 201-225-614, Stu Isaacs 202-246-614, Howie Weiss 246-604, Randy Viscuso 255-602, Jim Episcopioa 228, and Frank Polizzi and Santo Lisa 215. In another session Dan Cioffoletti hit 233-215-638, and Stu Isaacs 225-212-621.

Joe LaBargo 716
STATEN ISLAND, NY – Joe LaBargo led the scoring in the Rab’s Senior Men’s League firing games of 245-233-238 for a high series of 716. Pat Valenti shot 252-207-214-673, Frank Polilzzi 234-243-659, Joey Jew 238-210-642, and Irwin lee 201209-222-632. In another session George Santana rolled 231, Angelo Calato 214-203, and Fred Maldonado 207.

Brad Calendrillo 681
STATEN ISLAND, NY – Brad Calendrillo topped the scoring in the Staten Island Youth Triples League firing games of 223-202-256 for a high series of 681. Nicholas Anderson shot 222-202-611, Vincent Gide 215-241-610, Vincent Gintoli 205, Johnathan Petrizzi 213-223, and Luis Gutierrez 210-201.

R. Lampariello 649
STATEN ISLAND, NY – Rob Lampariello paced the scoring in the Golden Oldies League firing games of 247-212 for a high series of 649. Robert Hochman hit 208, Sid Hershkowitz and Dotty Bellantoni 204, and Hak Banwett 202. In the State Island Youth Leaders Triples League Vincent Gintoli hit 232, Jason Young 221, Jordan Leung 205, Vincent Gide 201, Nicholas Anderson 191, and Luis Gutierrez 184-190.

Dominick Luongo 237
LAKEWOOD, NJ – Dominick Luongo led the scoring in the Friday Sport Teen League firing a high game of 237. Kenny Ryan and Noah Zawadsky hit 231, Matt McCarthy 212, Joe Eak and Mike Ormsby 201, Kelly Nicosia 202, Spencer Grizzle 200, Amanda Nardiello 198, and Nicole Higgins and Karsyn Lukosius 194.


By Mike Pettinella - NYS USBC

follows: Class AA (148 entries) -Thelma Richardson, SchenectadyScotia USBC, 1,365, $275; Bernice Van Horn, Watertown USBC, 1,323, $175; Joan Slingerland, Tri-County NY USBC, 1,313, $135. The top 25 received prize money. Class A (127 entries) -- Gail Dunlap, Johnston USBC WBA, 1,290, $250; Norma Andrino, Long Island USBC, 1,276, $150; Florence Omengan, New York City USBC, 1,275, $120. The top 22 received prize money. Class B (110 entries) -- Utrice Coleman, Long Island USBC, 1,382, $250; Dianne Zakes, Genesee Region USBC, 1,35, $150; Jeanne Rosa, Genesee Region USBC, 1,290, $117. Zakes and Rosa finished second and third, respectively, last year. The top 18 received prize money. Class C (92 entries) -- Darlene Amarilla, Tri-County NY USBC, 1,403, $200; Donna Flugel, TriCounty NY USBC, 1,345, %110; Jessie Falasco, Adirondack USBC, 1,320, $90. The top 15 received prize money. Class D (53 entries) -- Denice Hall, Auburn USBC WBA, 1,380, $175; Diane Brizzolara, Southern Tier USBC, 1,363, $100; Carmela Montaperto, Tri-County NY USBC, 1,360, $78. Montaperto placed second last year. The top nine received prize money. "The Sky's the Limit!" as 2012 ushers in some changes to the East Coast Bowling Centers Convention. A new location in the Revel, a brand new resort hotel casino on the north end of the Atlantic City boardwalk waits to host you and your fellow ECBCC attendees. A 'refocused and concentrated' trade show, more compact educational program schedule, and all the vital and beneficial networking opportunities await you from October 14 - 17. We're excited about the program this year and know that this is an event you do not want to miss! Take a break and come join us for a few days on the boardwalk. ECBCC 2012 is changing for the better! So, register today and lock

September 19 - 25, 2012 in those discounted hotel rates! Plus...find us and follow us on Facebook, under "eastcoastbowl". See you on the boardwalk! *Ever wondered what you get for your full registration fee? What's the value of investing in the East Coast Bowling Center Convention? (See graphic on Page 2) 10 cutting edge seminars and workshops to choose from, numerous networking opportunities, an exhibit preview reception plus a one-day trade show with exhibits showcasing products and services vital to your bowling business. Currently, nearly 50 exhibiting companies from all over the country await you in Atlantic City.

Richardson, Dunlap, Coleman, Amarilla, Hall Claim Senior Titles ECBCC at Revel in Atlantic City

SEPT. 12, 2012 – Bowlers from Schenectady-Scotia USBC, Johnstown USBC WBA, Long Island USBC, Tri-County NY USBC and Auburn USBC WBA captured age classification titles at the 32nd NYS Women’s Senior Singles Championships. The tournament, which drew 530 entrants, was contested at Hoe Bowl Catskill Lanes from Aug. 17-19, 24-26. Participants rolled six games with handicap to determine winners in five age groups – Class AA, 75-and-over; Class A, 70-74; Class B, 65-69; Class C, 60-64; and Class D, 55-59. Bowlers placing in the top three positions in each division were as

6 In the Monday Trios: Chris Vogel 279,733, Shawn Blessinger 279,731-277, Jerry Neubauer 279,714, Joey Orlando 711, Frank Yodice Jr. 279, Shawn Blessinger 277, Paul Thivierge 738, Jack Kampf 727734, April Fucci 222, Susie Lew 279, Heather Mitchell 204, Anne Gruber 212. In the Wednesday Young @ Heart Seniors: Richie Coyer 243,656-604, Pete Thomasefsky 224, Joe Marsiello 204. In the Summer Wednesday Mixed 4’s: Scott Kapica 289,706, Ronnie Simon 246, Sandy Pellegrino 204, Jerry Carlo 262, Jim DiStefano 236.


September 19 - 25, 2012

In the Monday Seniors: Michael Sala 215, Bob Sandkuhl 212, Ray Wilson 206. In the Monday LIA: Taylor Groene 298, John Pasciucco 237, Bret Hines 236, Marlo Weissman 213, Jen Zappolo 200. In the Tuesday BK Sweeneys: John Gannon 276,690, Dan Hastings 247, Joe McLaughlin 240, Jack Simone 238, Vinny Leone 236. In the Wednesday Swingtime Seniors: Cappy Caporusso 227-215, Joe Visone 204, Marylou Hopp 199, Bob Bernet 201.

September 19 - 25, 2012



For the Men: Guy Sereno shot a 287, 276 and a 236 with a 799 series; Joey Kurdziel shot a 267 and 257 and ended with a 739 series; John Balbi bowled great with a 254 game within his 573 series; Joe Casey had a fantastic night with his 246 and 245 within his 677 series; and Ray Brooks bowled awesome with a 239 game For the Women: Lenoire Morgan shot a 190, 147 and a 146 to make a 483 series; Fran Casey followed with games of 165, 136 and 120 to make a 421 series; and Marilyn Schurin came in with a 129, 112 and a 97 to make a 338 series For the Boys: Matthew Gardner shot a 221, 207 and 155 to make a 583 series; Andrew Laurance followed up with a 202 and a 197 within his 527 series; Evan Davis bowled a 146 and a 142 within his 423 series; Mika Allen Came through with a 144 and ended with a 388 series; and Matthew Schurin got a 139 within his 343 series For the Girls: Maria Lucente had an awesome night of games with a 267, 224 and 155 to make a 646 series; Rachel Balbi followed up with a153, 118 and 114 to make a 385 series; Alex Casey came through with a 140, 137 and 128 which ended up being a 405 series.

It has been an amazing year for the bowlers of the Jersey Lanes junior bowling program. The 200 plus bowlers of the program have been bowling their hearts out on Saturday mornings all season long. The season began in September and it didn’t take long for the first honor score to be bowled. The Hudson County HS Individual champion, William Blanco, started off his Jersey Lanes career with his first sanctioned 300 on Oct 8th. The first tournament Jersey Lanes hosted this year was the 2nd Annual Pin Gobbler. Always held on the Friday after Thanksgiving. The highlight of the tournament was a 300 game bowled in the first game of qualifying by Darius Singletary. Darius went on to lead the tournament after qualifying round, but lost to the 2010-2011 Jersey Lanes bowler of the year Jerel Rodriguez. Jerel averaged 234 for the 7 games of the tournament. The next tournament of the season was the 18th annual Anna Mueller junior challenge. The tournament hosted 58 teams of doubles. The tournament is held every year on the Sunday of Presidents Day weekend. As customary the tournament started with the first ball being thrown out by Justina Specht, the daughter of Anna Mueller, the founding member of the Jersey Lanes youth program. Nicholas Campanelli led the individual scoring with a 942 4 game series and a high game of 279 and a 267. The final tournament of the year was the 4th annual Baker Doubles Challenge. It is a doubles tournament, bowled this year on the USBC Blue Pattern, where the partners alternate frames during the game. Qualifying was led by the team of Brandon Burwell and Michael Turner. They had the tournament high game of 278 and series of 1686 for 8 games. The highlight of the season took place at a tournament outside of Jersey Lanes. The Jersey Lanes youth program sent eleven teams to the TNBA Eastern Regional at Laurel Lanes in Maple Shade NJ. The winner of the Class 1 team event earns a trip to the TNBA National Championship, this year to be held in Indianapolis, Indiana. For the second year in a row, a team from Jersey Lanes won the Eastern Regional. Last year’s team of Shaune Henry, Daijon Smith, Isiah Tolbert and Michael Turner won the Eastern Regional in Maryland, and they went on to compete in the TNBA national championship in Detroit. The Jersey Lanes team defeated the best teams from the South, North and West regions. This year would not be any different. The TNBA Eastern Regional champions were the team of Ryan and Justin Pavlik, James Fostinis and Nicholas Campanelli. The Average age of this team was only 12 years old. They defeated the 16 teams in the Eastern division, winning the event by 38 Pins. They went into the National tournament as the youngest and the lowest average team. After 2 Games of qualifying the young New Jersey team led the tournament scratch by 85 pins and 143 pins with handicap. The team was seeded number one going into a one-game step ladder elimination. The Jersey Lanes team watched and waited to see who their opponents would be for the TNBA National title. Their opponents were decided, they would face a team representing the Central region of the US. In the one-game championship. The oldest member of Team Jersey Lanes, Nicholas Campanelli rolled a near perfect score. He started the game with a string of 11 straight strikes. On the last shot of the 10th frame he left a 7-10 split to finish the game with a 298. With the help of his teammates they went on to defeat the Central region champions by 96 pins. It is an amazing accomplishment for a team so young to be able to fly 1/3 the way across the country and to come home as TNBA National Champions. The coaching staff at Jersey Lanes could not be more proud of all the wonderful accomplishments by our youth bowlers this season. The Jersey Lanes Junior bowling program had a plethora of wonderful accomplishments this season. William Blanco posted a 300 game early in the season and was Hudson County - High School Individual Champion, as well as First Team North Jersey, High School Bowling. Laura Uzzell, 3rd Team North Jersey High School Bowling, 1st Place Girls Scratch in the State Pepsi Championship. Jerel Rodriguez, 3 – 800 series’ with a high of 214, 300 game bowled on Winner of the Pin Gobbler, scratch division. Darius Singletary, Union County Individual Runner-up, High School Bowling, 816 Series High School Bowling, 3rd Place Pepsi State finals scratch. Nicholas Stawicki rolled a 300 Game early in the season, High School Bowling, Union County Individual Champion, High School Bowling, 3rd Team Central Jersey, High School Bowling. Johnathan Stigall was on the First Team Central Jersey, High School Bowling. Briana Reid, 2nd Team Central Jersey, High School Bowling, Union County Individual Girls Champion, High School Bowling. Nicholas Campanelli, tossed a 300 game in Union County Youth Championship. Brandon Burwell rolled an 807 series in the Youth Adult Tournament and a 300 Game in Pepsi State Championship.

For the Men we have John Moran who shot a 245 and 220 game and a 627 series; John Martinez with a 225 and a 224 game and a 617 series; Vinnie Spano came in with a 213 game and ended with a 538 series. For the Women we have Jen Spano who shot a 199 game and a 503 series; Jamie Della Rocca came in with a 176 game and ended with a 480 series; June Leonetti shot a 172 game and a 431 series; Diane Ammirati threw a 171 game and a 444 series; and Jayne Gold shot a 166 game

For the Men Bob Steppe shot a 287 game and a 709 series; Charlie Torres threw a 275 game and ended with a 714 series; Nicholas Baque shot a 268 game; Bill Koste came through with a 266 game and a 751 series; and Nick Bois shot a 264 game; Leading the Women we had Audrey Singleton who came through with a 246 and a 208 game and ended with a 659 series; Danna Steppe followed with a 220 game and a 563 series; Debbie Diemer shot a 213 game and a 546 series; and Christine Stella came through with a 212 game and a 593 series



September 19 - 25, 2012

Rocco Fortunato 689
HOPELAWN, NJ – Rocco Fortunato led the scoring in the Family League firing games of 247-228-214 for a high series of 689. Kevin Kopko shot 232-210-244-686, Steve Venito 257208-210-675, Dave Morgante 268-635, Bob Nebus 234, Bobby Nebus 227, Joey Mack 205, Alexa Venito 204, and Michelle Gubisz 200.

Joe Bloodgood 681
HOPELAWN, NJ – Joe Bloodgodo topped the scoring in the Family League firing games of 234-279 for a high 681. Kevin Kopko shot 225-204-243-672, Rocco Fortunato 211-215-235-661, Sal Angotti 214-257-653, Paul Kopko 221-226-636, and Susan Bobrowski 223. In the Performance Ball Trios League Matt Mitchell shot 225-237-647, Nick Schneider 208, John Kertesz 209, and Jessica Medoro 202.

Vinny Medvetz 660
HOPELAWN, NJ – Vinny Medvetz led the scoring in the Monday Junior/Adult League firing games of 220-206-234 for ahigh series of 660. Dave Rezes and Joe Plescia shot 213, and Courtney Crane 210. Larry Johnson rolled 261-206-166-633, Jerry Petti 210, and Mary Ann Riley 201 in the Senior No-Tap League.

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