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Personal Skills Audit

Name: Jonathan Bullock _____________________________ Skills acquired How did these skills contribute to the creation of your product? The use of the camera and tripod helped us create the shots and angles we needed to take to make the precise judgment of the correct shot. Also with the software such as Final cut, the imovies helped us create the shots come together as such. How will you develop these skills during the A2 project?

Digital technology - What equipment/software packages did you use to produce your production?


Camera Photoshop Final cut Tripod Garage Band Cubase

Post production - What software did you use to create your production? - Discuss specific features of the software.


Final cut Photoshop Imovie Cubase

The group used Final cut to create the movie opening scene, I thought it was good to use and helped massively to what I wanted to achieve. We also used music in the background which was created

I need to develop the camera angles more and use more imagination in the shots I’m willing to do. Previously I didn’t think the shots were imaginative and rather restricted so to improve this I need to think outside the box and try and get the best possible shots I can to get the best possible grade. Getting the shots is one thing but I need to improve the editing, I thought AS editing wasn’t thoroughly excellent after watching the movie scene over and over again. With everything conjunct together, I thought the opening scene worked well, however to improve it in A2, the software work has to be perfect, the editing and putting together of the work needs to be more

by Matthew Marshall. He used Cubase and conjuncted with the piece we created.

Research and Planning - What tasks did you complete when preparing to film your sequence? - How did your planning help the smooth progression of your film?

Timetoast timeline - Risk assessment - Analysis - Audience Research - Script - Call sheet - Props - Storyboard

Doing our film sequence, the group had to do various numbers of tasks. Firstly we created a storyboard with every shot we were going to use on the set of the film sequence, however it was just a base and we kept the base and edited more. Also we needed to know what audience we were applying too so the group created an Audience Research slide. The slide included various research slides, which helped us conclude the film sequence to be a 15. After deciding on the age 15 we could write the script, and use a risk assessment on what we could/could not do. This helped us smooth everything out because if we couldn’t do a

fluent and I think it piece of work created has to go to the beat. So using software such as Final Cut and Imovie need to be adjusted so if editing I can develop my skills with the experience of last year. I thought during our process of research and planning we really hit the nail on the head, however there is improvement needed, the script we created could have been stronger, in being more planned as Matthew, Laura and I had to improvise in some occasions as the script started to weaken. Moreover the planning did help the progression of our film because we could go through filming more smoothly as the group knew what we were going to do and what shots we were going to create throughout the project. In the analysis we (the group) looked at sunset boulevard and re-acted the opening shot with our little twist and I thought it

Using conventions of real media texts - Which texts did you analyse? - Did you take any inspiration from the conventions found from your research?


Analysed movies such as: -Sunset Boulevard - Taxi Driver - Double Indemnity - Kiss Me Deadly -the text we analysed was Momento

Creativity -Conventions of Film Noire - were our ideas for your Films portfolio imaginative and unique - Learnt about particular

certain thing we had a back up for it. The 5 minute analysis of films such as “Sunset Boulevard” “Taxi Driver” “Double Indemnity” “Kiss Me Deadly” Gave the group the incentive to develop an idea for our opening sequence. The opening shot on “Sunset Boulevard” we were inspired and replicated the shot in our own way, I think it gave us the drive to be more adventurous with each different camera angles and our own storyboard. Moreover each analysis we looked at gave the group the idea of the basics which is important so we can develop to make the sequence better and without the analysis the sequence would have been a disaster/. I think the group developed the conventions given from the Genres of film Noire.

worked very well. The analysis we did was at good but I think the more research we do the more adventurous you can be with the music video and create better marks. I believe if it wasn’t for the research we wouldn’t be able to get the good marks. So to develop from last year I think I need to research more than I did last year and look deeper into the meaning of each music video as it is highly important to do well and take risks to make the video even better than last year, meaning more camera angles and give a deeper meaning into a storyline.

To develop in A2 I think we have to experiment more with different camera angles and

or did you adhere to conventions?

camera angles in film Noire films.

We stuck to the genre and had our own non-digetic soundtrack complementing the genre. Also we used it with our props of suits, accents etc. However with the camera angles we used we were very creative with the long low angled panning shot to follow the actors footwear. Moreover we kept the conventions and replicated various different shots from “Sunset Boulevard” However we could have been more creative and experimented with more shots.

research different camera angles used in different music videos. Also I think camera angles are extremely important to put a story across with the audience although we have to stick to the conventions and the genre we are going to do to make it more successful.

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