Fall 2012

ROB KETTERER, Chairman President, Visionworks Consulting ERIC ANDERSON Consultant, Egon Zehnder International MIKE CALLAHAN Executive Vice Persident and CFO, Gypsum Management & Supply JIM COPELAND Retired Senior Director, Human Resources, Wrigley DAVID FARMER Vice President, Innovation and Service, Chick-fil-A TOM FULLER Chief Financial Officer, 22squared, Inc. BETH BRAGG HENON Public Relations Consultant ROY JONES Managing Director, Walton Opportunity Fund DAVE POLSTRA Founding Partner, Brightworth LYNN PRICE Chief Financial Officer, Compliance Services, LLC KIRBY THOMPSON Senior Vice President, Community/Government Affairs, SunTrust Bank JOHN VARDEMAN President, Morton Vardeman & Carlson JIM WEBB Chairman of the Board, Triaxia Partners

R eflections

“You are made in the image of what you desire,” said Thomas Merton in the early 20th century.

I would propose that we can also consider ourselves to be made in the image of our circumstances or failings. We can become stuck or paralyzed in our old ways, buying into a false view of a future not intended for us by God. In my time with some of the children at the Ranch, I have come to realize how important it is that we confront the “lie” that they are destined for a life of disappointment and heartache based solely on past hurtful experiences. It’s interesting that all of us, regardless of our relative successes in life, can be deceived into believing old voices that continually call out to us from our past. We can readily believe these lies that say, “This is the way it’s always going to be and you can’t change.” This falsehood is so contrary to the life that Jesus has for us. Our ultimate hope for our children is so simple, and hearkens back to Merton’s quote—that they will desire to become more like Jesus. Thank you so much for investing here. God’s blessings to you and your family. Sincerely,



Edwin J. Staub Executive Director


Our Mission
Eagle Ranch provides a Christ-centered home for boys and girls in crisis and in need of hope and healing. Partnering with their families, we pursue family restoration and reunification. We seek to influence and equip others who share a similar calling to impact children, families and future generations.

EAGLE RANCH, INC. Post Office Box 7200 Chestnut Mountain Georgia 30502 t: 770-967-8500 f: 770-967-3757 EagleRanch.org

"You crown the year with a bountiful harvest; even the hard pathways overflow with abundance." Psalm 65:11

Rising to the Challenge
The Eagle Ranch School year is off to a great start. Students recently completed their first round of assessment testing so they can set academic goals.
Exploratory classes, such as art, carpentry, weight training and wilderness skills, are helping boys and girls tap into their interests and talents. And the children have already had the opportunity to earn “Eagle Ranch Dollars” for the first field trip of the year.
Mason and his family (pictured above). Mason’s sister, Hope, graduated from Eagle Ranch last spring.

Giving Back to the Community
Ninth graders at the Eagle Ranch School are responsible for planning and leading a field trip for students at Chestnut Mountain Elementary School. This spring, more than 100 third-graders will come for nature presentations and hiking on a trail designed by Eagle Ranch students.

“My counselors and houseparents sat down with me and said that I needed to be a leader and set an example for the new kids coming into the Faith Home,” he said.

I needed to be a leader and set an example for the new kids.
“I wasn’t sure at first. I decided to at least put forth an effort and not just do the bare minimum like I had been doing. I thought it would be a lot of hard work, but I learned that it’s really just choosing to do the right thing. This year, I want to be as much as I can be.”

For 8th grader Mason, a returning student, earning the field trip was a milestone. “Last year, I didn’t earn any field trips, so it was great to be able to earn the first trip.” Mason, who lives in the Faith Home, attributes his early success to a new challenge from his counselor, assistant counselor and houseparents.

"My goal this year is to be on the honor roll. So far I’m on track. In my old school, I would have never made that goal. I wouldn’t have thought I could ever make honor roll!"
Kaylee, 14 9th Grade • Blessing Home

“The classes are smaller. It’s easier for me to focus. I like social studies. I like learning about back in the old days – the wars, the presidents, stuff like that. I also like math."
Chaz, 12 7th Grade • Faith Home

“At this school they love us and treat us as individuals. They love us for who we are and respect us. They treat us like we’re their own kids.”
Daisy, 11 6th Grade • Praise Home

Eagle Ranch School Field Trips • 2012-2013
Students at the Eagle Ranch School have the opportunity to earn field trips throughout the year. Some of this year’s destinations include: Fernbank Museum of Natural History, Elachee Nature Science Center, Turner Field and World of Coca-Cola.

Eagle R students anch are risin g to the challenge

Building a Strong Future
If you met America Lascano today, you would never imagine that just few short years ago, she was in the darkest moment of her life. Skipping school, experimenting with drugs, she constantly was at odds with her family.

“Chaos would be the best way to describe my family. I did whatever I wanted. My relationship with my family was awful. There was no such thing as an argument – it was a blowout. You never knew what was going to happen,” America recalls. A court order eventually led America to Eagle Ranch in the summer of 2010. Even after her court requirements were complete, she opted to stay in the program to ensure her future success. She graduated in the spring of 2011 and has since started a successful business. She also is spending quality time with her family. What have you been doing since you graduated from Eagle Ranch? I earned my certificate as a nursing assistant and started my own business with Mary Kay. What is it like to be in business for yourself? It’s very different. I think most of us are so used to working for someone else from 8-5. Being on your own has its perks, but you have to be disciplined and committed to do things even when you don’t feel like it. How would you describe your relationship with your family? I love my family. That’s not something I thought I would ever say. Our relationship is so much stronger than it was when we first came to Eagle Ranch. Granted, we’re not perfect. We still have our disagreements, but we’re able to get through them and still love each other.

What did you learn at the Ranch that contributes to your success today? For my business, Eagle Ranch taught me how to hold myself accountable and how to build relationships. I am a very ambitious person, which is not a bad thing. But I know that if I’m not careful, I could care more about my success than my relationship with others, and that’s not okay with me.

Eagle Ranch taught me how
to hold myself accountable and how to build relationships.
In my personal life, I think the greatest takeaway is how to set boundaries for myself and knowing what healthy relationships look like. Reflecting on your time at the Ranch, is there anything that you hope to pass on to others? The biggest thing for me in this whole experience has been the picture of God’s love for me. I know that may sound odd, but I look at my life two years ago when I came to the Ranch and now I see the people God has blessed me with, the path that I’m now on versus the path I was, and everything I’ve been able to accomplish. That has stuck with me. I don’t think we realize how much God is willing to do for us. I hope to share that with others.

America with her mom when she graduated from Eagle Ranch in May 2011 (pictured above).

the picture of G 's love od

contributes to our daily operational funds and provides a way to recognize loved ones. Numerous people have learned about the Ranch mission for the first time as recipients of an honor gift or by participating in a memorial gift designation. As a result, people have referred families with children in crisis to the Ranch, while others have become lifelong supporters. If you know people who would be inspired by the Eagle Ranch story, consider honoring them through this opportunity. To make a gift: mail a check to the Ranch with the form on the back of this newsletter, call the Ranch office, or go online to EagleRanch.org.
MATT & BETTY COWELL Robert D. Orr Contributions to the Eagle KELSEY CRITTENDEN Ranch honor program are T. W. & Evie Jones listed in alphabetical order LARUE CROW by the name of the honoree. Dr. Melanie C. Smith Donors are listed after the MRS. ASHLEY M. CURLETTE name of the person in whose The Mohr Family honor they contributed MICHAEL DADISMAN (donations received February Ernest & Becky Dadisman 28 – September 7, 2012). JOYCE & LEE DAILEY Dee Ann Turner KEN & WANDA ADAMS CLEVE GADDIS & Tony & Glenda Harrison ANNE DANIELS MASON ANTHONY Robert Orr & Ginny Ferguson James W. Curington LOUIS & ANNE DAVIS SETH BILLMIRE Irby & Sara Hartley Shirley & Jim Gailey J. D. DEADWYLER RON & JUDY BLUE Fran & Larry Green Robert Orr & Ginny Ferguson JIM DEADWYLER MR. EUGENE BRISBANE Ken & Sue Fikes The Mohr Family GEORGIA’S FIRST LADY, AMY BROOKS SANDRA DEAL Janie Holden Georgia's State Homemakers MR. TREY BROUSSARD Council The Mohr Family SUSAN DEDEYN REVEREND CHARLES & Ralph Regan CAROL BUICE LINDSAY H. DENT Margaret Sims The Mohr Family BRUCE & CINDY BURCH LINDA DIMARE Luna Ransbotham 4th Grade Class 2012 MARGARET E. BURKS KIRK DOUGLAS Larue Crow Captain Larry Eschen EDWIN R. BURNETTE, D.D.S. DANNY & MARY LEE Tommy, Lori & Cade Fortner DUNAGAN NORA & MARC CAMENS Margaret Sims Genia & Ray Bennett CHRIS DURRENCE JOHN CANTWELL Scott & Lisa Grant The Mohr Family BEVERLY C. ELLIOTT JON CARREKER Greg & Susan Elliott The Mohr Family EMABETH ESPINOSA SCOTT CARTER The Mohr Family The Mohr Family RAINA EZELL DAVID & BARBARA CASH Kevin & Tami Stroup Margaret Sims MRS. JAN FAIRCHILD MIKE CASPER Tim Fairchild Buford United Methodist PAT FALK Women Patricia Carrick MRS. CATHY CAVALIER Joyce Billingsley The Mohr Family Dolores Paton BRYAN & HOLLAND CHENEY DAVID FARMER Mr. & Mrs. Tim Fairchild Bobby & Barbara Farmer CASEY & AMY CHOATE KEN FIKES Robert Orr Fran & Larry Green PERINO COCHRAN SUE FIKES Azilee Frederick Fran & Larry Green BARRY CONNER CARSON FLETCHER Hartwell & June Quattlebaum Dotty B. Thompson GREG, SALINA, JAMES & PEYTON FLETCHER GRACE COOK Dotty B. Thompson Sabrina & Curt Frederick DOUG FODGE, PH.D. Mr. & Mrs. Richard P. Hatcher LANDRIE FOLSOM Dotty B. Thompson ASHLYN & LOGAN GAILEY Shirley & Jim Gailey BOB GILBERT The Mohr Family J. T. GILBERT The Mohr Family LEE & PEGGY GLASS Azilee Frederick DR. BILLY GRAHAM Hartwell & June Quattlebaum SCOTT GRANT The Ford Family ASHLEY N. GREEN The Mohr Family DAVID GRENGA Jo-Bess Grenga MARTHA GRIFFIN Helen M. Martin DEBORAH GUILBEAU The Mohr Family GULNAZ GUITIEREZ Lisa Eck SIGNE & DICK HAGLUND Nel Shawver VICTOR HALE Jan Gailey REVEREND & MRS. JOE HARNEY Steve & San Short CHARLIE HARRIS Robert D. Orr MRS. KIM MARIE HEDGES The Mohr Family HI! SENIORS MNINISTRY Lucy Johnson CHARLES W. HICKS, III The Mohr Family HARRY HICKS Pat & Hal Hicks SEAN HILAND The Mohr Family CASEY HOCHOWSKI The Mohr Family COACH MIKE HODGES Dotty B. Thompson ED & BETSY HOLLAND Robert D. Orr LUCY JOHNSON Barbara D. Houze PAXTON JONES T. W. & Evie Jones BRION KENNEDY The Mohr Family DR. WARREN W. KENT, SR. Dr. Warren W. Kent, Jr. & Lynne P. Kent KAY & ART KUNZER Shirley & Jim Gailey MATTHEW LAMMERS The Mohr Family MR. & MRS. GARY LANG Jo-Bess Grenga RHONDA LEVAN Robert Orr JEFF LOZANO The Mohr Family STEVEN MAIER The Mohr Family PAULA MANSAPIT Mary Ellen Timme ERA DEL MARASCALCO Robert & Lynn Marascalco JACKIE MARCINKO The Mohr Family CHARLES NELSON MAYNARD Joan & George Morris THAD McCORMACK A Friend BROOKE CHRISTINA McGARVIN Danny & Betty Hughes & Ashlyn FIONA McNAB Luke & Graeme Schneider ALBERTO MENDEZ The Mohr Family GRACE MOORE Dick & Dixie Harris MY CHILDREN Larue C. Crow HOMER MYERS A Friend BILL NABORS Mom & Dad ROBYN NEAL Daisy Irene Reed MARGARET NELMS Becky & Clark Franks NEW BRIDGE HOMEMAKER CLUB Club Members DR. BOB NICHOLS Mr. & Mrs. Tim Fairchild ERIC & JENNIFER NORRIS Richard & Carol Hatcher ROBERT D. ORR Ginny Ferguson OUR GRANDCHILDREN Ray & Peggy Booher ALLISON PARDUE Mildred P. Lothridge WADE PEARCE & FAMILY J. Wray Pearce WADE PEARCE & THE TEACHERS AT EAGLE RANCH Liane M. Day

The Eagle Ranch Honor and Memorial Gift Program

KACY LEWIS & JAMMIE PETERS Robert Orr DAN PETERSEN Robert D. Orr BLAKE PITTMAN Dotty B. Thompson TOM & CAROL PLANK Erik D'Zamko RICHARD POORE, ASHWORTH & SULLIVAN Hartwell & June Quattlebaum BOB PRESTON Buford United Methodist Women MRS. CLEMMIE PURCELL Peggy Purcell ERIC RAPPE Cathy Berger BILL RAWLINGS Robert D. Orr JOAN RAY Margaret Sims DEBORAH REAHM Robert D. Orr ZAYDEE REID Mrs. Ruby A. Reid JEANNETTE REYNOLDS Tracey Abbott Elver Davis NED RICHARDS Ashford Advisors CAROLYN RIVARD The Mohr Family JAN ROS Jonathan R. Ahern JAN & FRANK ROS Lee & Joyce Dailey MR. DENNIS RUGGIERO The Mohr Family JOEL SAXON Richard & Carol Hatcher MICHAEL SCIROCCO The Mohr Family STEPHEN SCULLY Mr. & Mrs. Bill Scully BEN & PATTI SHIPP Paul & Debbie Runnels Kent & Vicki Stewart Bill Anderson & Paula Anderson Sharon Bird & Hank Bird MRS. CHARLES L. SHORT Steve & San Short KENNEDY SMARTT Vince Booker LINDSAY SMITH The Mohr Family WAYNE STATON Hartwell & June Quattlebaum EDDIE STAUB Jonathan R. Ahern EDDIE STAUB, JAN ROS & ALL THE EAGLE RANCH AUBURN ALUMNI Lanierland Auburn Club MRS. TELEETE STAUB Charlotte & Bill Walker MR. & MRS. BARRY STRAUS Lamar Sefing DOROTHY STRICKLAND Randy, Joy & Elyse Cobb MR. & MRS. HUGH M. TARBUTTON Benjie Tarbutton CHARLES & BETTY TRAMMELL Patricia J. Trammell

BERNHARD & CHRISTINE TREIDL Richard & Carol Hatcher ELIZABETH WATT Dotty B. Thompson DOYLE WEBB Becky Webb TIM WILSON Carol & Mark Deaton JOY & TERRY WINGFIELD Mr. & Mrs. Mike Devore CONNIE & CHARLIE WIRTH Lewis & Fannie Brown JEANA WORLEY Buzzy & Jo Randall

CARLTON & GUINETTE ANGLE Saint Luke United Methodist Church MRS. GUINETTE ANGLE Alice Storey Hutchinson Frank Storey DELBERT ARIAIL Debbie Wright WOODIE FAYE ARIAIL Debbie Wright NONA AVANT Ethel Caras WILLIAM BABCOCK Colleene Ivey BILL BADCOCK Milton & Audrey Pierce LELAND BAGGETT MEMORIAL GIFTS Lloyd & Florence Smee Mary R. Carden Contributions to the Eagle MR. CLAUDE BAGWELL Ranch memorial program are Leona Green listed in alphabetical order MRS. SHIRLEY BAILEY by the name of the deceased. Mr. W. E. Lowe Donors are listed after the KENNETH BAIRD name of the person in whose Wayne & Wanda Holcombe memory they contributed CHARLES W. "CHUCK" BAKER (donations February 28 – Jr. & Betty Gillespie September 7, 2012). DON BAKER Lloyd & Florence Smee & EDITH ABERNATHY Family Jan & Mike Callahan HANNAH BARROW RAY ABERNATHY Benny & Esther Barrow Mr. & Mrs. George Breedlove MILDRED BENEFIELD BELL BOB ADAM Mr. & Mrs. Neal Sandiford Cheryl I. Adam Verdis & Mary Puckett Joan Adam BOB BELLADONNA BOB ADAMS Regina & Austin Edmondson Mr. & Mrs. Max Ward HAROLD W. BENNETT HOMER DOUGLAS "DOUG" J. S. Bennett ADAMS HUGH WAYNE BILBO Cecil & Juanita Brookshire Mac & Jennifer Coile Lloyd & Florence Smee & FURMAN BISHER Family Mrs. Patricia C. Williams STEVE ALELLO Dogwood Stable, Inc. Schuyler H. Floyd Mr. & Mrs. Jesse Crawford ROY WESLEY ALLEN Don & Nancy Panoz Lloyd & Florence Smee Georgia Tech 1951-52 IRENE GEE ALLISON Football Teams Flowery Branch Carol & Dick Inman Homemakers Club Mr. & Mrs. Roger Kaiser, Sr. Mike & Kathie Buffington Mr. Michael Shea Nelson, Becky & Robyn Neal Mrs. Scott Candler, Jr. Kermit & Ann Adams Mrs. Ernie Johnson, Sr. Irene Reed Mr. Glenn Greenspan Kenneth L. Reed Betty & Dick Philpot Sue B. Holliman Mr. & Mrs. Charles Davis Mary H. Wright Pete & Elaine Van Wieren MR. & MRS. LAWRENCE Mr. & Mrs. Charles C. Hull ALLISON Chick-fil-A Bowl Bob & Loni Allison Mr. & Mrs. Richard Sowers MRS. MILDRED ALLISON Martha & Billy Payne John & Tina Burns Mr. & Mrs. Dan T. Cathy RUSSELL ALLISON Joe Chipman, Jr. Dale & Stacey Brown David A. Cleghorn V. C. ALLISON Wini & Dick Myrick Lloyd & Florence Smee & Taz Anderson, Jr. Family Ezra B. Jones III BENJAMIN EUGENE ANDERSON Cox Enterprises, Inc. Mike & Judy Sewell Earl & Bebe Leonard Cathy & Gene Anderson CLIFTON BRADLEY BISHOP DAVE ANDERSON Laura & Bobby Staub Doug & Diane Magnus ANIA CYRULICZEK MIMI ANDERSON BLACKWELL John & Tina Burns Charlotte Watson NEAL ANDERSON MRS. MARY BLAKEWOOD Emory, Carolyn, William & LaVan Dunkerly Shannon Stephens JOEY BOATRIGHT LUCILLE ANDREWS Joe & Susanne Ball Royce & Frankie Lee Mr. & Mrs. Johnny Cain

GENE BOBO Loyd & Pam Strickland Doug & Diane Magnus NEAL BOLES Margaret Boles JOHN O. BOND Marie C. Bond VINCE BOOKER Steve & Patricia Anders Harrison Tire Service Grove River Mills, Inc. Jim & Frances Brock Michael & Lyra Griffiths Frost, PLLC Jerry & Judy Horton Midwest Foods Association Parker & Reichman, Inc. Loyd & Pam Strickland Phyllis M. Blizzard Brad E. Zimmerman David & Lisa Lathem Dakota Layers, LLP Judy Forbes Mr. & Mrs. Brent Booker Specialty Eggs, LLC United Egg Producers American Proteins, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. David P. Reesman Mr. & Mrs. Larry Thomason Eggland's Best, Inc. James E. Sutherland Marcia Hammock Jerry & Ann Straughan Mr. & Mrs. Steve Leslie Doug & Diane Magnus Mrs. Shirley Sweet Urner Barry Publications, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. James Baker U.S. Poultry & Egg Association Rose Acre Farms United Community Banks The Dream Team Mary Kay Cosmetics Robert & Claudette Howell Georgia Egg Association Mr. & Mrs. Brad Zimmerman Shellie Hammock Gerald Herring American Poultry Services, Ltd. Danny & Glenda Scroggs Mo & Janie Up De Graff MARY LOUISE BORDERS Jim Hayes RONALD BOREN Mr. & Mrs. Richard Huskey FAIRY "FAYE" BRACKETT Harris & Ann Wilbanks DEBORAH BRAXTON Paul & Bianca Castellucci NEAL BREWER Gaye Cronin CALVIN BREWSTER Dorothy P. Strickland BONNIE BROCK Joe & Susanne Ball JEWEL ABNEY BROCKINTON Her Children DR. CLAUD L. BROWN Charlotte Westbrook EMILY BROWN Roger & Carol Williams MARGARET BROWN Wilda Southers Jerry & Beth Lathem WALLACE BROWN Paul & Barbara Brown JOSEPH BROWNLEE Winford & Elaine Popphan

CHARLES F. "SCOTTY" BRUCE Lloyd & Florence Smee GUSSIE MAY & LUCY BRYAN Augusta Martin REVEREND DEAN BRYANT Al & Ann Wimpy Jimmy & Marie Faulkner JUDY ELAINE BUFFINGTON Nolan & Evelyn Brown Jr. & Betty Gillespie Stan & Susie Appleton JEFFREY ALLEN BULLARD Elizabeth & Joe Frank Harris GLENN GRAY BURCH, SR. Mr. John Burch MR. ALFRED BURNSIDE Anne D. Chappell DR. & MRS. B. B. BUSHONG Catherine Eubanks EMMA DEAN BUTLER Joyce L. Crawford Mike & Betty Lawrence Jean & Enoch Overby EUGENIA BUTLER Susan & Peter Hodgson JOE BUTLER Schuyler H. Floyd WILLIAM O. BUTLER, JR. Austin & Regina Edmondson Frances Roberts RICHARD A. BYRD Ann H. Byrd HENRY CABANISS Elaine H. Hearn GUY CABE Austin & Regina Edmondson RUTH CAGLE Whitehall Baptist Church ANN E. CALDWELL Curtis Caldwell ZACH CAMPA James & Carmina Goss LILLIE MAE CAMPBELL Gary & Kimberly Scott ANITA CANTRELL John T. Seigler LOUISE CANTRELL Pat & Hubert Trammell LINDA WALLS CANUP Jefferson Motor Co. Janie & Thomas Dunman COACH JIM CARLEN Dick & Carol Inman Georgia Tech 1951-52 Football Teams DR. WENDELL CARPENTER Colleene Ivey Jean Gruhn Linda & John Sundstrom BEA & REBECCA CASH Mr. & Mrs. Bradley Perry Mr. & Mrs. James Cornett ALICIA PIO CASTEX Alicia Green DANNY CATO Kathy & Sammy Mundy ADEODATO CEPEDA Winford & Elaine Popphan FAITH RUBY CHADWICK Judy & Jerry Rice CHARLES CHAPMAN Doug & Diane Magnus Ronnie & Carol Ransom Rick & Patti Reed ISABEL M. CHAPPELL Anne D. Chappell JESSE & BESSIE C. CHAPPELL Anne D. Chappell

JOHN P. CHAPPELL Anne D. Chappell LABAN & MAXCY M. CHAPPELL Anne D. Chappell DR. W. ADRIAN CHAPPELL Eugenia J. Chappell KATE CHASTAIN Mr. & Mrs. Charles Chastain SELMA MEDLOCK CHEELEY Laura & Bobby Staub CHRIS CHILDERS J. C. & Carolyn Childers JANETTE CHITTARO Larry & Teresa Parker INEZ STRICKLAND CHITTOM Lloyd & Florence Smee EDWARD CLARK Patsy Lynn Harley & Shirley Bagby James Lynn Sr. & Families Jack & Junella Lynn & Families GORDON & MAYBLE CLARK Davidson Bookkeeping and Tax Service HOMER E. CLARK Doris, Ernest & Lee Smith KEVIN CLARK Bob & Deanne Condon MARY CLARK Mr. & Mrs. Perino Cochran Hoover & Jean Truelove George & Joyce Cochran MRS. VIOLET CLARK Jefferson Motor Company STAN COCHRAN Georgia Tech 1951-52 Football Team MARY JIM COGDILL Jan & Mike Callahan DOUG COKER Martin & Joyce Chandler CHAD COLEY Sandi & Richard Hester Larry & Jackie Pardue SUZANNE CROW COMPTON Eva Atkins, Novella Blackburn & Neva Pounds Bill & Joanne Vaughan ROBERT CONDON Geraldine & Ed Condon VIRGINIA CONDON Trisha & Tony Dittmeier GUS L. CONNELLY Helen & Dennis Calhoun Mary Helen Connelly FRAN CORCORAN Fields Family JOHN H. COUCH Kenneth L. Reed MRS. LOIS CRONIC Mr. & Mrs. George Breedlove Richard & Pat Russell CECIL CROW Larue C. Crow Dr. Melanie C. Smith MR. E. J. CROW Al & Ann Wimpy ELIZABETH CUNNINGHAM Sue & Melvin King Ed & Frances Butler ADELE CHAPPELL CURTIS Anne D. Chappell DAN Lucy Gill MATTIE DANIEL Coach & Mrs. Sheldon Darnell

CHARLIE DAVIDSON Doris Bradshaw HOYT & KATHLEEN DAVIDSON Davidson Bookkeeping and Tax Service STAN DAVIDSON Doug & Diane Magnus Rudy & Barbara Allen Harris & Ann Wilbanks BRADLEY DAVIS Mrs. Billy Moore Al & Ann Wimpy JEREMY R. DAVIS Joan H. Dyar Kenneth & Robbie Gooch MRS. VARA LEE DAVIS Mrs. Frances Thornton ANN DAY Mrs. Alice Martin CAROL DEBELLEFEUILLE The Cook Family MR. EARL H. DELOACH Mr. & Mrs. Blair Cunningham FRANK DEMELLO, JR. Mr. Thomas P. Wendle GAIL A. DEMERS Mr. & Mrs. Tim Fairchild DR. HAROLD DENNIS Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Elrod SHIRLEY C. DENTON Anthony & Deborah Knight ROY DORSEY Mrs. Anne Groves Morris SHARON HARTLEY DORSEY Linda Crawford & Cheryl Pass JOHN S. & KATHERINE C. DOUGLAS Anne D. Chappell LTC JAMES B. DREW, SR. James & Nancylee Drew BILLY DUCK Randall & Faye Duck MRS. PATSY DUDLEY Verdis & Mary Puckett KURT DUFFY Ron & Vickie Hoeft John & Jo-Anna Russell JOHN DEMPSEY DUNAGAN George & Joyce Cochran Mr. & Mrs. Perino Cochran MRS. JURELL DUNAGAN Frances G. Thornton RONALD "RON" DUNAGAN Rejoice Baptist Church Larry Collins STANLEY LAMAR DUNAGAN Stan & Susie Appleton Employees of Three D Cleaners WILLIAM A. DUNKERLY Ann K. & Fred G. Friedrichs EDGAR DUNLAP Michele M. Piucci Wiley & Judy Black John & Tina Burns Mr. & Mrs. Max Ward LILLIAN DUNSTAN Peggy Hefferman Graham MICHAEL DUVALL Mr. & Mrs. Vernon C. Duvall SPENCER OBE DYE Mr. & Mrs. Tom Paris, Jr. & Miss Joyce Paris Jerry & Sue Ward John & Glenyce Yarbrough Bonnelle L. Valentine EDITH DYKES Jefferson Motor Company GAYE DYSON Doris Bradshaw

LOY ECHOLS Don & Paula Crouch SAM ECHOLS Winford & Elaine Popphan MRS. SKIN (HARRIETTE) EDGE Georgia Tech 1951-52 Football Teams Carol & Dick Inman EDWARD J. EDWARDS Nick & Patti Chilivis LARRY ELLIOTT Mr. & Mrs. C. Michael Gillam Greg & Susan Elliott HAROLD WINFORD ELROD Leon Farmer And Company Merita T. Smith Mike & Lynn Haynes The Staff of the Hall County Library System Howard & Carol Cooper J. E. & MARY WOFFORD ELROD Robert & Joyce Ferguson MRS. CHARTERS EMBRY Mrs. Lessie Smithgall & Mr. Thurmond Smithgall Dr. David F. Brown LILLIAN JACOBS ESTES Roger & Carolyn Brown Bobbie Cain Mr. & Mrs. Nat S. Turner, III Mr. & Mrs. Max Ward Stan & Susie Appleton LON "POPDADDY" EVERS Jim & Deb Scott DON & PAT FAIRCHILD Mr. & Mrs. Tim Fairchild BARBARA FARBER Lisa & Mark Waldron MR. HAROLD FARR Harris & Ann Wilbanks LEONARD (BUDD) FEITT Margaret Boles MRS. FIELDS Sue B. Holliman BRUCE FITCH Lloyd & Florence Smee ALLEN & GAYLE FLOWERS Greg & Susan Elliott MR. & MRS. THOMAS T. FOLGER, SR. A Friend WANDA FORD Harold Ford DR. JOHN FORREST, SR. Mimi Bowden A Friend LARRY FORT Mrs. Gene Parker MRS. BYRD FOWLER J. T. & Dianne Merritt NANCY "LILLIAN" FRASER Northeast Georgia Medical Center, Carol Burrell & Staff Bernard & Mary-Rose Lowry Don & Betty Hull Mrs. Rachael Sanders Mr. & Mrs. Perino Cochran Dr. & Mrs. Henry S. Jennings, Jr. MRS. MARGARET GRAVES FRAZIER Lorry de la Croix RALPH FRAZIER Rick & Dana Hunter Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy Moon Mark Tjepkema

Bill & Louise Cox James & Sheila Reed Will Cobb Heyward & Fern Patterson Jeff & LeeAnn Kerlin Patton Jimmy & Carolyn Wilkins Gail VanDeursen & Charles S. Muffley, Sr. Vickie Miller Phil Brown Jim & Mary Dover Ken & Christie Murray Michael Allison Chattahoochee Bank Of Georgia Gloria Hatchel Sandy & Carroll Weakley SunTrust Bank Mr. & Mrs. Robin Hughes Junior & Sharon Flanigan Ray & Colleen Bittner Terry & Sandra Hayes Dale & Stacey Brown WILSON FREEMAN Petie Freeman ELLENOR FULTON John, Brenda, Jim, Sharon, Derald, Donna, Katie & Joe GRACE GADDY Joy & Gene Cape Cliff & Family Jill & Family Ted & Family Bart & Family Joanne E. Hamilton HAZEL C. GAFNEA Mimi Bowden ALVIN GERALD GAILEY Mike & Esther Rohr Ruth Gailey Martha Mulkey Jim & Shirley Gailey Bill & Val Garrett Nancy Patat Jerry Hames Marynell Crawford Marie Buffington Margaret J. Martin Priscilla, Ben & Nellie Blanton Doug & Diane Magnus Linda K. Montgomery Carol Baugh Mr. & Mrs. Calvin Balch Dale & Donna Gross Paul & Linda White Main Street Friends Bobby Haynes Family Carol & Ronnie Ransom Loudean, Ted & Families, Susie & Families Barbara Glover & Family Rudy & Barbara Allen Frances G. Hurley MIKE GAILEY Dr. Fred Ingle RICHARD L. GANOE Tom & Mary Billman CHRIS GARDNER Charles H. Johnson A Friend Stan & Susie Appleton DAVID C. GARRETT, JR. Nick & Patti Chilivis MARY GARRETT A Friend Tom & Harleen Dizer LOUISE GARRISON Winford & Elaine Popphan

JOANN GERRIN Randy & Betsy King HOWARD GIDDENS Eleanor T. Giddens LATRELL GILLILAND Wayne & Linda Strickland DEWEY GIPSON Barry & Sandra Ladd BEVERLY GLOVER Jody Luczak MR. WILLIAM GORMAN Dr. & Mrs. Forrest L. Kennedy EMMETT B. GOSS Barry & Sandra Ladd MAXINE WOOD GRAGE Dr. Walter A. Grage BILLY GRAHAM Linda G. Crawford DAVID GRAVES Wayne & Wanda Holcombe LUCY GRAVES Linda & John Sundstrom CHARLES WAYNE GRAVITT Sylvia Cooper BEVERLY GREEN Tom Wendle JACKIE GRIFFETH A Friend Stan & Susie Appleton ALBERT GRIFFIN Hall County Quilt Guild Helen M. Martin Mr. Edward B. Andrews Henry & Julie Monroe DENNIS GRIFFIN Connie Allen & Logan Mrs. Alice Martin Colleene Ivey STEPHEN GRUENDEL The Slades COACH BOBBY GRUHN Frankie Frazier JACK GUGGENHEIMER H. G. Guggenheimer CHRISTOPHER GURLEY Tom & Shirley Gurley MRS. SACELE GUTHRIE Mr. David Watkins DON HALL Mr. & Mrs. H. W. Mattingly CLIFF HAMBY, JR. Carolyn Lindsay CINDY HAMMOND Donny & Diane Odell RON HARDING Jeanne Ebbs PHYLLIS HARDY Bill Hardy CHARLES W. HARRIS Mrs. Charles W. Harris LILLIE MAE HARRIS Mr. & Mrs. Randall H. Brookshire ROY HARRIS Verdis & Mary Puckett HOWARD J. HARTLEY James, Evelyn, Dawn, Karla, Teresa, B. A., Sydney, Greg & Noreen JONATHAN HARTMAN Phyllis J. Dant JUANITA HATHCOCK Mac & Jennifer Coile ALMON & MILDRED HAWKINS Becky Rundles MR. SHAY HAWKINS Colleene Ivey

MR. & MRS. MARK HAYES Jim Hayes MARTHA DEAN FITE HEAD Mr. & Mrs. Mark Hardigree Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence M. Briggs Kelby Fite Mr. & Mrs. C. E. Adams Jeanette Cooley Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Head MARY LOIS HELTON Mr. & Mrs. Roland C. Smith ANNE HENDRY Betty C. Garrett ALICE HERALD Mr. & Mrs. John M. Hamilton Gainesville Physical Therapy Kathy & David Ellis DAVID HERMAN JUST & GEORGE MELVIN HERNDON Ronny & Kim Just HAROLD HERRIN Charles & Edith Taylor WILBUR HERRINGTON Mac & Jennifer Coile CHANDLER HEWELL Millie & Jim Downs & JoAnn Chandler HAROLD HEWELL Tobbie Boyd RAYMOND HICKS Marilyn Rutledge EMMALINE A. HILL Gwinnett Place Honda JAMES HENRY "J.H." HOLCOMB Lloyd & Florence Smee & Family CHARLES HOLDEN Juanita Baker Patricia Nesbitt THOMAS A. HOLLAND, JR. Mr. & Mrs. Tom & Anne Lane RALPH & RUBY HOLLINGSWORTH Betty Cowart JOANN N. HOOPER Dr. & Mrs. Trevor N. Hooper STUART HOPE Carol & Dick Inman JACKSON W. HORNE Pat & Richard Tooke Emily Earle Parham Brent & Karen Rossi Jeff & Brenda Diefenderfer CHARLES S. HORTON Margaret Strickland Bill & Joanne Vaughan MRS. GERTRUDE HOWELL Anne D. Chappell ROBERT L. HOWELL, SR. A Friend JIM HOWIE Mr. & Mrs. Jim Groome FRED HOYT John & Tina Burns JEAN POWELL HUDSON Joanne E. Hamilton Mr. & Mrs. William Peel Harold L. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Dale Gross Doug & Diane Magnus CMA Agency, Inc. William T. Hudson, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. John F. Jones Ranjit K. and Pushpa R. Patel Cliff C. Kimsey, Jr. Heyward Gnann

Mr. & Mrs. Ken Shore Mr. & Mrs. Roland C. Smith MR. JOHN HUFF Juanita Baker MR. DAN HUGHS Jesse & Carol Palmer STEWART HURLBURT Johanna Dobbins WILLIAM HUTCHINS Gene & Matt Ford Tractor Sales SUZANNE & CLARK IRVIN Joe & Carol Irvin JAMES IRVING Fred Ingle JOY IRWIN The Glasscock Family AMBROSE JACKSON Peggy Haley Richard & Pat Russell Elaine H. Hearn Mr. & Mrs. George Breedlove BETTY JACKSON Steve & Theresa Simmons C. JEAN JACKSON Mr. & Mrs. Daniel C. Haygood Bendine & Harney Hoechst Becky Jackson David & Andrea Jackson Andrew & Brody Jackson Judge & Mrs. T. Penn McWhorter Shirley W. Erickson Mr. & Mrs. Tony Webb Daniel & Jean Moye Peggy Haley Woodhaven Home Owners Association of Athens Inc. Mr. & Mrs. James Myers Hillman & Betty Ann Patrick Evie & Jerry Bronikowski Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Morris Jane F. Keller Mary K. Sheats Robert & Carol Camp TOM E. JACKSON David & Jane Wilson JOHN W. JACOBS, JR. John & Tina Burns Jean Gruhn Mr. & Mrs. Max Ward PETER JACOBS Kate Bagby & Family OWEN JERNIGAN Bob & Karen Jernigan ROCH R. JOFFRE Mrs. Edith L. Joffre CHARLES B. JOHNSON, SR. Kathleen H. Johnson MRS. CLARA CARRUTH JONES Mr. & Mrs. Cecil Blackstock ED JONES Bob & Anna P. Sisk JOHNNY PAUL JONES Jimmy & Marie Faulkner Al & Ann Wimpy RUBY LOUISE ROSS JONES Roy & Lynette Couch BARBARA B. JORDAN Mr. & Mrs. Robert Pirkle BARBARA & STEVE JORDAN Matt & Kathy Bauerkemper Jess P. Jordan HAROLD L. JORDAN Sara Howard LIB JULIAN Ruth & Joe Rogers VINCE KARAVITCH Nancy Panoz

MR. & MRS. WILLIAM KASPER Bob & Loni Allison GRADY KASTNER Whitehall Baptist Church SARAH KEENE Mr. & Mrs. Hartwell E. Nolan ALEXANDER KELLY Donna & David Kelly JUDGE A. RICHARD KENYON Mrs. Lois Kenyon LUCILLE KILLOUGH Robert & Carol Camp DON KIMBEL Connie Allen & Logan CONNIE KING Martha Lee Folger Al & Ann Wimpy LT. COL. ROBERT KING Sandra Crumley MRS. EARLINE KIRKLAND Teresa Hughes BETTY KITCHENS Wayne & Vivian Chapman ROBERT H. KLASS Bob & Deanne Condon MATT KLUMPP Jo & Taylor Hardwick HARVARD C. KNIFFEN Bernice Kniffen HERBERT KRIEGER Greg Mayfield ROGER KRIEGL Geraldine & Ed Condon LONNIE LACY John "Doc" Parrish LOIS "DOSIE" LADD Barry & Sandra Ladd JAMES LANCASTER Aubrey, Nancy & Taylor Arrington HORACE LAND Colleen Swett Ellon, Lionel, Cindy & Children Margaret D. Strickland Gwynelle & James DeLay LORINE LANGSTON Verlyn, Levender & Nathan Deaton JODY BACON LAW Stan & Susie Appleton Doug & Diane Magnus John & Tina Burns JO BETH LAWSON Frances & Charles Chastain ROBERT H. "BOB" LEDFORD Nancy Ledford NITA LEE Lucy Gill RICK LENIAR Thomas P. Wendle DON LEWIS Lloyd & Florence Smee & Family Evelyn Coker WILTON LEWIS Dorothy Bruce DEWEY OTIS LINDSAY Mark & Sue Williams JOE LINKER Mac & Jennifer Coile BILL LITTLE Glenn & Barbara Bell Tiny, Claudine & Family EMERSON LITTLE Leon & Roberta Gailey Frances G. Hurley

VAUGHN LITTLE Lloyd Little & Family JOHN MOBLEY LONG John W. Long J. C. & MOENA LOTHRIDGE Mike, Connie, Emma, Evan, Morgan & Lindsey JACK LOVELADY Annette Lovelady MRS. BLONDINE LOVELL Tom & JoAnn Davis GENE (BUCK) LOVELL Frances Lovell Tom & Jo Ann Davis DR. V. C. LOVELL Doug & Diane Magnus Fred & Suzanne Ingle Stan & Susie Appleton Joe Chipman, Jr. Wiley & Judy Black Mac & Jennifer Coile Frances Lovell JOE LYNCH Harrison & Pat Martin J. D. (JAMES DAVID) MACKLER Bill & Elinor Tyre Lloyd & Florence Smee CHARLES O. MADDOX, JR. Don & Nancy Panoz Richard & Pat Russell Robert & Carol Camp HAZEL MADDOX Lisa Gore TERRY MAGINNIS Carolyn & Roger Brown Bonnelle L. Valentine CHRIS MANCE John Ford Family Janice, Rick & Caitlyn Ludwig ALBERT M. MARAZITI, II Dorothy Maraziti KURT MARCUM Sam & Ann Orr DR. EDMOND CLYDE MARTIN, SR. Lamar & Shirley Perry LILLIAN MARTIN Mr. & Mrs. Timothy D. Donovan ROBERT ANTHONY MASHBURN Laura Mashburn DAVID MAYS Mrs. Donna Huskey DAVID McBRIDE Charles Titshaw Milton & Audrey Pierce BILL McCLOSKEY Kate & Mitchell Watson MARY NELL McCLURE Loyd & Pam Strickland BENNIE F. McCURLEY Allen & Jeanette James LEE McDONALD David & Deborah Clark IRENE McGEE Barry & Carol Brown Judy Golden Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Underwood Virginia Jordan Charlotte Biggs Central Baptist Church Mrs. Elizabeth Walden Poplar Springs Baptist Church MRS. ALMA McGHEE Sheldon Darnell

JOHN "MAC" McPHERSON Marilyn & Bob Johnson Capital Lighting Family Mr. & Mrs. Don Gordon Brig. General & Mrs. Jack Ferguson Ron & Cris Brooks Carolyn & Gilbert Harvill Mildred & Thoms Patrick Patrick & Jacquelyn Smith Elba McCue Jeff & Lisa Davis Jane & Charles Anderson David & Betty Satterfield Mae C. Miller Phyllis & Alan Falk Jean L. Shields Betty Cantrell Jean & Jere Randall Mr. Louis A. Christo Chet & Linda Wilson Jim & Dorothy Lamb Michele & Neil Canfield Mr. & Mrs. Timothy D. Donovan The Ladies at the Morning Bridge Group Nancy Branch Stephanie Trahan & James Woodall Jack & Gail Capps Mike Moore Milton & Margie Ruben Rex & Nancy Mizer Marilyn Barnes Creighton & Judy Davies Carolyn McCurdy Mr. & Mrs. Charles Brock The Dunaway Family Butch & Teresa Miller Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Hobbs Steve & Susan Wentz John & Melinda Mayeur & Family Janie Hall Nancy Moseley Gladys B. Lang Hal & Michele Lowder Mr. & Mrs. J. B. Johnston, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Robert Beneda Nova Wealth Management Group Byrne & Marian Heninger Leila S. Chapman Virginia J. Worley Lanier Middle School Retired Teachers Marilee R. Fickel Vivian Allen, Charley Allen & Jessica, Darrin Allen, Jackson Allen United Community Bank Peter & Gertrud Rocco Mrs. Elver Davis EDWARD "EDDIE" FRANK McQUEEN Barbara & Bill Rice MARTHA MEEKS Sue Martin DR. RUSSELL J. MERCER Blitch Ann Bird KATHLEEN & ERWIN MERCK Augusta Martin SONNY MERCK Augusta Martin VIRGINIA MERRITT Mr. Thomas R. Merritt, Jr.

WILLIAM DAVID MERRITT Frances Lovell Doug & Diane Magnus Joe & Ida B. Harter & Family James & Rachel Nix Linda Pirkle Austin PROSPER JEAN MESIDOR Ann Wilbanks & Edith Cross MRS. ROSE MEYER Col. & Mrs. John Avery CARY MIHITTE Bianca & Paul Castellucci ETHEL MILLER Winford & Elaine Popphan FRANCES STARR MILLER Mr. & Mrs. George Breedlove GEORGE & MARGARET MILLER Joe Hartley RICHARD MILLER Carlos & Carolyn Rabren TERESA KAY MILLER Myrtle Everett PEGGY MISKOTTEN Stan & Susie Appleton Ronnie & Carol Ransom JUDY REESE MONTGOMERY Merry Chandler & David Chandler J.C. MOONEY Kenneth & Sue Moore JOHN MOONEY Nob S. Reed BRANDON E. MOORE John & Deborah Wilbanks GEORGE W. MOORE Dick & Dixie Harris GRACE M. MOORE Roger & Carolyn Brown Charles H. Johnson DON MORRIS John & Kathie Manes ELMER MORROW Doris Morrow RAY MOTE Joe & Susanne Ball CAROLYN & BILL MOUNTS Mr. Peter J. Mounts KEVIN NABB Doug & Diane Magnus ANN MYLES NAGLE Travis & Cecilia Williamson LUCILE "BILO" NELSON Lyle & Sue Diamond ROBERT NELSON Cheryl & Ricky Crawford Robinn Rogers Renee, Jennifer, Greg & Jessica Charlotte Lowe & Jim Walker Mill Creek High School Golf Booster Club Joan O'Kelley Mr. & Mrs. Michael O'Kelley Legacy On Lanier Staff Jill Eisel - Lake Lanier Islands AFLCMC/HNJG University Of South Florida Foundation Seth & Heather Curl Dennis Dietz Jo Anderson HELEN SHAW NEWBOLD Reverend Dr. Jerry M. Newbold, Jr. CLAIRE NICHOLS Sandi & Richard Hester

RICHARD NIX Frances & Charles Chastain RUTH NIX Paul & Ann Marie Barnes DAN NORMAN Carlos & Carolyn Rabren BILLY NORRELL John & Becky Latty ASHLEY NUNEZ Lyle & Sue Diamond JOHN O'CONNELL Dr. & Mrs. William L. Nabors ROGERS ODELL Lurene Odell Danny & Glenda Odell BARBARA OLDS Ms. Genevieve Dwiggins The Olds Family ANNE HATFIELD OLIVER Kay Scoville SHIRLEY CHAPMAN OLIVER Bill & Jeanne Chapman CHARLIE OMER Tom & Bonnie Moore JEAN O'NEAL Alan O'Neal ALICE ORR Ruby Nell Pirkle LILA ORR Harley & Shirley Bagby & Patsy Lynn Carl & Mary Radford Larry & Teresa Parker Paul & Ann Marie Barnes OUR PARENTS Ernie & Lois Reaume REVEREND WINFORD PAGE Dr. Jean Rollins ERIC DONALD PAINTER Bob & Lynn Stepp Bonnie & Jim Roder ED PARKER Peter W. Deyo JEROME PARKER Austin & Regina Edmondson WOODROW PARKS Raymond & Barbara Southers SCOT REESE PARR Jefferson Motor Company VIOLA PARRISH Leona Green Becky & Clark Franks BETTY DIXON PASCHAL Mr. & Mrs. Earl Leonard BOTHWELL PASS, JR. Gene & Matt Ford Tractor Sales MARLENE DAVIDSON PASS Stan O'Dell MYRON "BO" PATRICK Doris & Phil Folger OPAL PATTERSON Ed & Nancy Banks Susan & Eric Shewbridge MILLARD PEEVY City Of Buford Volunteer Fire Department Ralph & Virginia Puckett MARTHA B. PEMBERTON Jackie & Sheldon Darnell GAIL PERNO Mr. & Mrs. Paul Bowles, Jr. JERRY PERRIN Mac Coile JOHN F. PERRY, SR. Lyle & Sue Diamond Bradley & Linda Holbrook

GEORGE PETTY Wayne & Linda Strickland BARRY PHILLIPS Nick & Patti Chilivis ONETA COCHRAN PHILLIPS Marvine & Jimmy Simpson Community Thanksgiving Day Team of Volunteers Sue Haugan Dianne & Gary Colvin Mary W. Allen Hazel Daley Deanna W. Pruitt George & Runette Mathis Lucille Bailey Staff Of Internal Medicine BARBARA J. "BOBBIE" PRINCE Jessica Smith LAWRENCE PROCTOR Michael Spears B. H. PROPES Steve & Kittie Ross HAZEL BROWN PROPES Claud L. Brown Steve & Kittie Ross JAMES H. PUCKETT Eddie & Kay Puckett INEZ BURRUSS PUGH Larry & Jo Ann Kohn VERA BUSH PUGH Barry Stover MARGARET H. RAGAN Paul & Barbara Brown LOIS RAMAGE Milton & Audrey Pierce LEROY RAMEY Tom Henderson CALVIN RAMSEY Helen O. Ramsey TAMI RAMSEY Helen O. Ramsey PAT RANDALL David & Gail Hunter Buzzy & Jo Randall KHAMPOUN RANGSITH Peggy Trettel MARGARET B. REED Dot McNeal ROSE REED Kenneth & Janice Williams RICHARD REEVE Steve Glasscock Anne Glasscock ELOISE SANDERS REGISTER Deanna D'Amore & Matt Rogers Betty Shelton German Auto Parts, Inc. The Department of Children & Familiies MRS. SHERYL ROBERTS REID Mr. & Mrs. Randall S. Jones & Florence Skinner COMMANDER R. K. REIDER Sandy & Richard Hester THOMAS REILLY John & Kathie Manes BOOTS RAVENEL RICHARDS Louise J. Hughs JACKIE MALSBERGER RICHARDSON Mr. & Mrs. Redus W. Brooks, Jr. PETE ROBERTS Ben & Judy Chitwood MARTHA W. ROBERTSON G. Swift Williams, Jr.

DR. HERBERT ROBINSON Doug & Diane Magnus Lloyd & Florence Smee & Family Bonnelle L. Valentine JEFF ROBINSON John Yarbrough SHIRLEE ROESSLER Gail Burke ALLAN ROSS J. R. & Frances Kanady FRANK ROSS Steve & Kittie Ross HELEN ROSS Steve & Kittie Ross CHRIS RULE Pam & Dan Reeves "GRAM" RUSIEWICZ Peggy Trettel & Family JOHN RYLEE Barry & Sandra Ladd ORA BELLE SANDERS Dennis & Joyce Pope WILLIAM A. SAUNDERS June C. Saunders RUTH SAVAGE Donna & Dale Gross GIZELLA SCHUMACHER American Legion Auxiliary #7 FRANCES SCHUSTER Jan & Mike Callahan ROBERT ALLEN SCOTT Wiley & Doran Stanford Lyle & Sue Diamond Brightworth, LLC Sandra Overbeck Jeanne Ebbs Donald & Jean Gable Eugene & Jean Kasal WALTER SCOTT Tony & Bert Rye BRIAN SEABOLT Evangeline Wright PAUL SEALS Paul & Frankie Stringer THE SEIFERTS Ms. Lynn Mays MR. MYRON SEWELL Cathy & Gene Anderson ESTHER SEXTON Wise Women/Midway Community Church LEE & MILTON SHELNUTT Ned & Marsha Richards MAXINE P. SHOEMAKE A Friend JOHNNIE SHOPE Barbara & Teresa Vickers MR. CHARLES L. SHORT Steve & San Short MURYL SHUMAKER Mrs. Edith Shumaker DORIS SIGMON J. W. Hartley MR. & MRS. NORMAN F. SIMMONS John & Cindi Fain TAUDIE SIMON Forrest Neely JAMES SIMS Al & Ann Wimpy TED E. SIMS Mary A. Sims & James M. Sims TOMMY RAY SINEATH Bill Whorley LEROY SINGLETON Dan & Barbara Speicher

IRENE STANFORD SITES Lyle & Sue Diamond MRS. SIMENA "MIMI" SKANDALAKIS Nick & Patti Chilivis CHARLES J. SLAY, JR. Vickie & Leon Farmer Dean & Fran Dadisman Cain Electric Company Rosemarie Leypoldt Austin & Regina Edmondson Doug & Diane Magnus Jimmy & Elaine Barnes J. R. & Frances Kanady Dennis, Laura & Sami Cormier Jeff & Annette Smith Charles & Jane Moore STUART FREDERICK SLIGH, JR. Nick & Patti Chilivis Susan & Peter Hodgson BETTY SMITH Pat & Richard Russell DORTHA SMITH Sandra P. Crumley ERNESTEAN SMITH Colleene Ivey MR. & MRS. FRED SHANNON SMITH Don & Nancy Panoz KAREN SMITH Sean, Susan & Annjeanette Fisher Fred & Eleanor Haas LOUISE BENNETT SMITH Jessica Smith MILDRED I. SMITH Pat M.Smith ROSEANNE SMITH Col. & Mrs. John Avery RUBY SMITH Johnny & Susie Solesbee RUTH WEBB "BOOTSIE" SMITH Laura Leigh & Harry Hicks JUDGE SIDNEY O. SMITH Carolyn & Jimmy Wilkins Stan & Susie Appleton Dr. David F. Brown JAMES ALLEN "JIM" SMITHSON Stan & Susie Appleton Regina & Austin Edmondson Doug & Diane Magnus Linda Crawford MS. MYRNA SOMMER Yasu Yori & Teruko Okuda LILLIE MAE FESPERMAN SPRINGER Frances Ewing Pat & Joe Pitts Mr. & Mrs. Grady Shelley Mr. & Mrs. J Gregory Ogletree Jane Haynie Joyce & Richard DeWitt Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Norman Jim & Merle Rinehart Mickey & Dot Dry BRYAN STANCIL Stan O'Dell Barbara & Raymond Adams VELMA STANLEY Hardy & Lois Pickering WILLIAM B. STARK, SR. Ashley Watt & Melissa White, Bar Method Atlanta Kay & Jack Cantrell Barbara Howard

WILLIAM B. STARK, SR. {continued} Keyworth Bank Mr. & Mrs. Ed Butler, Jr. Steven & Sharon Deaton Bruce & Linda McWhorter The Andrew Heaner Family Mr. & Mrs. Clark Coles Mr. & Mrs. Mike Spears Mr. & Mrs. Keith Grogan Charles G. Shockley Mrs. Eloyse D. Hyatt Charles G. Shockley Josh, Julie, Ashley & Ali Watt Mr. & Mrs. Marcus A. Cook Martha & George Atkins Miriam B. Creech Mr. & Mrs. Glenn T. Austin, Jr. Jim & Charlotte McCloskey & Ruth Sparks Joan P. McIntyre Jan Balsley Kathy McClure Lu & Jane Jacob W. WOODROW "WOODY" STEWART Mr. & Mrs. Max Ward John & Tina Burns Mr. & Mrs. P. Martin Ellard CMA Agency, Inc. Paul & Frankie Stringer Jean Gruhn Mr. & Mrs. Rives C. Carter Pam Waters Treadwell J. D. STONE Betty Hanes Mr. & Mrs. Bradley Perry MR. JON STONE Al & Ann Wimpy MARGARET STONE Susan DeDeyn Mrs. Ken E. Edwards, Jr. Betty & Geoff Hall Dr. & Mrs. Harry Porter Andrea Withers Peachtree Fabrics Inc. Mark Pope Togar & Linda White Rosalind Sasser Patricia C. Williams Mr. & Mrs. David R. Faison George & Nancy Montgomery Lillian & Lloyd Timberlake Patty & Jim Hatcher DAVID STRAIGHT Marilyn Rutledge & Bill Rutledge ROBERT M. STRAIN The Strain Family SYLVIA & LEON STRAIN Susie & Gaines Montgomery SHELL STREET Joyce Chandler LUCIUS STREETMAN Fraternal Order of Eagles Aerie #4452 CINDY GLISSON STREITEL Mike & Cindy Hall CAROL STRINGER Rob Ketterer RICHARD STRINGER Doris & Phil Folger WALTER MARTIN STRINGER Doris, Ernest & Lee Smith MARY STROHLEIN Dorothy M. Maraziti

CHARLES STRONG, JR. Mary Jo Powell Charles H. Johnson Dr. David F. Brown Austin & Regina Edmondson Doug & Diane Magnus Stan & Susie Appleton Mary C. Couch Russ & Lorraine Cronic NORMAN STRUNK Becky & Clark Franks TODD ANDREW SUMPTION The Ford Family JOAN M. SUTHERLAND Elizabeth & Joe Frank Harris JACK SUTTON Stan & Susie Appleton GERALDINE THOMAS SWAFFORD Sylvia Cooper JAMES RYAN SYMMES AT&T Cumming Georgia Work Center Regina Buice Mr. & Mrs. Jack Harris Dee Reeves & Family Amilda McAfee MRS. LURLINE TANNER Mickey & Martha Montgomery DANIEL TIMOTHY TATUM Clermont Veterinary Hospital HAROLD TAYLOR W. Ray & "Poochie" Nix MR. JOSEPH B. TEICHERT Mrs. Joseph B. Teichert NELLIE TENCH Betsy & Randy King BILL THADEN Georgia Tech 1951-52 Football Teams DORIS VELMA HELTON THOMAS Hartwell & June Quattlebaum EDDIE THOMAS Barry & Sandra Ladd JOHN THOMAS Jackie & Sheldon Darnell MARILYN THOMAS Augusta Martin EBER "TOM" THOMPSON Kathy Moore, Diane Jones & Jennifer Beck JAMES "BUD" THOMPSON D. Louise Crowe REVEREND JIM THOMPSON Dr. David F. Brown JANET LEE THURSTON Joe & Evelyn Harney MRS. VIOLA TIMMS Ralph, Ronald, Lida & Elease STEPHEN TOCI Nancy & Reuben Smith Terry & Cheryl Osbolt Susan & Peter Hodgson CISCO TONEY Sara Howard ROBBIN DENISE TOTHEROW Sylvia Cooper JAMES HAROLD TRAPNELL, SR. Blitch Ann Bird CATHERINE C. TRONCALLI Bill Hardy BUCK TRUELOVE Mr. & Mrs. Charles Chastain JERRY TUBBS Pam & Dan Reeves

MALISSA TUBBS Mr. & Mrs. Roland C. Smith Bonnelle L. Valentine Doug & Diane Magnus JOE TUCKER Forrest Neely JOANN TURBEE Mr. & Mrs. Thomas W. Coffee MR. PAUL VENEZIA Billie Bob Hoskyn JULIE VIRCIGLIO Steve Glasscock TOM "DOC" WAGES Lyle & Sue Diamond MARSHALL WAKEFIELD Kellie Gravel Brian & Becky Roberts Viki Anderson Richard & Betty Roberts D. Kay Mitchell The Conlan Company Leslie Ann Jeffrey Larry Wakefield Wakefield Beasley & Associates Architects, Inc. John & Becky Beasley LINDA ANN WALDEN A Friend MRS. IVA WALKER Lyle & Sue Diamond MRS. YOLONDA WALKER Duane & Donna Pierce HILLARY WALL Bill Hardy JAYNA WALZ Mr. Kenny Walz PEGGY ROBINSON WARD Donald W. Sellers Bob & Joyce Casey Willing Workers Sunday School Class, Cross Roads Baptist Church Mr. & Mrs. Bill Little The Hansards Kjel, Cindy, Jess & Stephen Nore Joel & Deborah Bufford Scott & Jan Miller Mr. & Mrs. A. T. Mauldin Nell & Calvin Barnett Mr. & Mrs. William Sellers Cross Roads Baptist Church Sanctuary Choir Gordon & Ann Kellogg Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Kelly Ken & Laura Bradford Merril & Carol Ward David Quinn KITTY WATERS Billie Bob Hoskyn VIRGINIA L. WATERS Nancy W. Harrison Pat W. Garrison MILLER WATKINS Wiley & Judy Black Colleene Ivey JOE M. WATSON Thomas & Mary M. Watson MARION WEBBER Martin & Joyce Chandler JOHN WEIGLE Georgia Tech 1951-52 Football Teams ELIZABETH NORRIS WELCH John & Cindi Fain PHILIP WETTENGEL Bob & Anna P. Sisk

GARRISON WHALEY Mr. & Mrs. John C. Whaley JOHN N. "JACK" WHITE Janie & Gene Dunman REAGEN CIERRA WHITE Sylvia Cooper LUCILLE WHITEN Sue & Melvin King ESTELLE WHITFIELD Mr. & Mrs. George R. Wiley Ted & Sheila Lacey Kermit & Ann Adams Mrs. Lorene Hooper Dennis, Shirley & Jennifer Pritchett Larry & Teresa Parker CONNIE WILBANKS Scott & Lisa Grant JOHN G. WILBANKS, III John & Deborah Wilbanks THOMAS WILDER Martha Kowalik DOROTHY "DOT" WILEY Richard & Sandra Hulsey RICHARD WILLIAMS Mrs. Joan H. Dyar ZORA WILLIAMS Harley & Shirley Bagby & Patsy Lynn Peggy & Johnny Vardeman BEN WILLIAMSON Marlene Williamson MARILYN WILLIAMSON John & Tina Burns WILEY M. WILLS Ralph & Virginia Puckett EVA WILSON Stan & Susie Appleton MELVA "BOOTS" WILSON Larry & Pat Bagley and Greg, Paula Bagley & Scott Bagley Larry & Teresa Waters FORD WINGO Barbara Wingo MATT WINKLER Kayla & Carson Canada LAURA ANN WOOD Betty A. Hanes MARK WOODLIFF Gayle Giles Billie Bob Hoskyn MYRTIS WOODRUFF Jefferson Motor Co. ROY WOODWARD Linda G. Crawford JEAN BRIDGES WOOLARD John & Cindi Fain BUTCH WORLEY Mr. & Mrs. David Reed TED WREN Brenda Powell & Vicki Powell HOKE WRIGHT Debbie Wright MR. I.O. WRIGHT, JR. Norman & Martine Broadwell MINNIE LEE WRIGHT Debbie Wright JOHNNY WYLIE Bonnie Bruce KIMBERLY YELVERTON Sally DeLisle JOHN A. ZUCK Stan & Susie Appleton Ethel Caras

“Coming to the Ranch is

An Unexpected Mission Field
It’s often thought that one must work for a church or travel abroad to find a full-time mission position. Eagle Ranch offers two opportunities to serve youth in an on-site, live-in capacity. Houseparents: Providing the experience of a healthy family
Each of the Ranch’s 10 homes are staffed by a houseparent couple – a married couple who lives in the home with their family for three to four years, providing structure and guidance for up to seven children. “Many of the boys and girls here don’t have both parents involved. We have an opportunity to teach these children things they would never have the opportunity to learn,” noted Shane Brown, housedad of the Peace Home. In addition to being a source of comfort, support and learning for children coming to Eagle Ranch, many houseparents find that they have more time to spend with their own children. “I was in the Marines for more than eight years and in the corporate world for another eight, and was often traveling,” Shane said. “To get up every day, not have to leave the house, see my kids and really be there for them is great.”

similar to going into the mission field. Even though you don’t leave the country, there will be a new schedule to adjust to, such as working in the afternoon, night and weekends. You will be stretched and challenged in ways you have never imagined, but the personal growth is very rewarding.” John Cunnings
Blessing Home Housedad (pictured below with wife, Jordan and daughter, Eden)

Assistant Counselors: Exploring and building career skills
Each home also has support from an assistant counselor, a recent college graduate with an interest in social work, counseling or working with youth. Assistant Counselors – known as “ACs” – live on the Ranch campus and provide support to houseparents and the counseling staff. “It’s an incredible opportunity to build your professional skills and mentor youth. We get to work with and learn from Licensed Professional Counselors,” said Anna Cowan, an AC for the Blessing Home. “We also get a lot of time to work directly with the kids.” Ranch boys and girls often mention their AC as having a positive influence on them. To find out more about houseparent and assistant counselor opportunities at Eagle Ranch, visit Eagle Ranch.org.

teach these children

We have an opportunity to

comfort, su p port and learnin g

things they would never have the opportunity to learn.

Supporting our Children




$1000 $





Post Office Box 7200 Chestnut Mountain, GA 30502

gift supports Eagle Ranch children.

This gift is made by: Name Address City This gift is: Name City Please send memorial/honor card to: Name Address City State Zip Relationship to deceased/honoree: State State In memory of Zip In honor of


Eagle Ranch Open House
October 21• 2-5 pm


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