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global education
strategic themes

the cost of earning a

Which initiatives are receiving the most funding?
3 percent



Academic programs - Advance General Education program - Launch Center for Engaged Learning - Prestigious academic fellowships


1 percent
Innovative pathways - Create combination degree programs - School of Health Sciences - Elon service experience program



he Elon Commitment is the current strategic plan of Elon University. The plan is looking to make Elon well-known nationally and internationally as a haven for academic excellence and premier facilities. Strives toward making every student a “global citizen” are an integral part of the objectives. With a projected cost of over $586 million, The Elon Commitment is not a cheap venture, but what exactly is the money going toward? What percentage of each funding source is paying for The Elon Commitment? And what does The Elon Commitment include as its goals and objectives?

funding sources


3 percent


Faculty and staff - Accentuate teacher-scholar model - Fulfill Presidential Task Force on Scholarship - New professional/leadership development programs


0.6 percent
Alumni programs - Transitions program - Launch new alumni service programs - Double alumni giving participation

0.4 percent


Athletics success - Win conference championships - Fully fund all sports scholarships

42 percent


Facilities and environment protection - Expanded academic facilities - 1,600 new beds - 5,000 seat convocation center - 1,500 seat auditiorium - Admissions center - Student Professional Development Center - Downtown Elon


50 percent
Diversity and global engagement - Double need-based financial aid - Provide 100 percent study abroad access - Triple international student enrollment rate - Build a multi-faith center

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

An unprecedented university commitment to diversity and global engagement.

Supporting a world-class faculty and staff.


other fund raising

53 percent two: 11 percent three: 11 percent four: 8 percent five:



Attaining the highest level of achievement across our academic platforms.

$19,125,000 $7,500,000 $3,250,000

Launching strategic and innovative pathways in undergraduate and graduate education.

Developing innovative alumni programs to advance and support the Elon graduate.

public/private investment

Establishing a national tournament tradition of athletics success along with the highest academic standards for Phoenix athletics.


year end balance

Significantly enhancing Elon’s campus with premier new academic and residential facilities and a commitment to protecting our environment.


additional tuition increase

13 percent six: 4 percent

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