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LAKMES POSITIONING IN TERMS OF PERSONALITY AND SELF CONCEPT: Lakme is a product range that caters to the beautification needs of not only wom en in their adultage but in today s context teenagers also. It has a brand perso nality of someone who takes care of you and your beauty needs. It tries to posit ion itself amongst its consumers as a product rangethat will help them look beau tiful as is evident from its catchphrases:1.On top of the world! 2. Source of radiant beauty 1 !Lakme has a range of beauty products to offer to its consumers. Some of the way s in which ittries to position itself:1.Lakme Hair Color: magic of colors (colla ge).2.Lakme (versatile eye shadow collection): rich, long lasting and healthy ma ke up.3.Lakme fair perfect: For flawlessly fair skin!4.Lakme face magic: daily w ear souffl.5.Lakme (skin vitalizer): radiant skin, now and forever.6.Lakme (moist urizer): radiant skin, now and forever. 7. Lakme nail polish and lipstick: electric brilliance/sensual brilliance/freespiri t/peppermint/9 to 5 2

.8.Lakme sun expert (sunscreen): sun safe hamesha! (face the sun with a smile)9. Lakme pure defense: anti-pollution system.10.Lakme Tropical Island (cosmetics): defining the future of fashion. 11. Lakme hair care (international): natural hair care, a source of pleasure and wel l being. 1 Source:; 10/08/08 2 Source: ; 10/08/08 12.Lakme hair next: exclusive range of hairstyle products that give you that sal on look instantly.On the basis of above mentioned positioning strategies Lakme c an have the followingcharacteristics that determine its personality: Someone who takes care of your beauty needs. A long lasting beautification product range. Something that is not harsh on your body or harmful for your beauty. A product that provides you with an option of getting beautiful hair. A product that helps you get a beautiful skin. A cosmetic product that you can wear for the entire day and not a special occasi on. Someone who tells you right things about looking good. It s an Indian cosmetic brand. It covers all facets of beauty care for women.The following factors of Lakme s p ersonality help in differentiation of its products from thecompetition: It covers all facets of beauty care. It helps arm the consumer with products to pamper her from head to toe i.e. a co mplete product range. The quality of its products which can be only gauged by the consumer perception of the brand. India s first beauty brand and is there for a long time in the market (since ind ependence).However, most of the other foreign brands have come only lately.

HOW LAKME IS INFLUENCING ITS CONSUMERS:THE CONCEPT OF EGO: According to Freudian Psychoanalytic theory Lakme tries to position itself on th e basis of its appeal to the consumers which have an ego. This means that the co nsumers of Lakmehave an impulsive drive for which they seek immediate satisfacti on without concern for means of satisfaction 3 .

Women all over the world are always expected to look good and Indian women are n oexception; More so because of the fact that Indian women in general do not have a fair skin like that of their western counterparts. Thus it becomes but natura l for Indian womento try and look good and use beauty products that help enhance their looks and style. Withglobalization and liberalization of Indian economy a nd the changing demographics andincome levels there is more and more concern to look good as today s Indian woman is nolonger confined to her home but is a big contributor to the growth of Indian economy. THE CONCEPT OF PERSONALITY GROUPS: Lakme tries to woo the compliant consumers according to Karen Horney s classific ation 4 of personality groups i.e. people who move towards others. Those who have desire to beloved, wanted and appreciated. As is earlier stated women are supposed to look good notonly in western countries but also in India. Women always appreciate if someone calls them beautiful and it has become the cu stomof the society to see women in such a context. So it would be prudent to say thataccording to the societal norms a women has to look good at all times and w hich has a bearing on the psychology of female consumers towards cosmetic produc ts which helpthem achieve that desired look. Needless to say that Lakme plays on the concept of women wanting themselves to be appreciated for their beauty and being loved for that. 3 L.L.Kanuk, Leon.G.Schiffman; Consumer Behavior 9 th edition. 4 L.L.Kanuk, Leon.G.Schiffman; Consumer Behavior 9th edition. CONCEPT OF PERCEPTUAL SELECTION: On the basis of perceptual selection Lakme has tried to position itself among it s consumers in thefollowing ways: Lakme has tried to gain the attention of its consumers by line extension and hav ing moreand more product depth, packaging and attractive print advertisements. I f we look at theline extensions of Lakme than we would observe that it is in alm ost all the segments of cosmetic care ranging from hair care to skin care to bea uty salons! Looking at the productdepth it is pretty evident that Lakme has actu ally tried to fill in all areas that it can, particularly the nail paint and the lip color segment is a big hit among Indian women as itoffers them a wide varie ty of products in terms of colors as well as various styles thatthey can choose from. It was the first cosmetic brand in India that captured the imagination of consum ers. It hada market share of 52% 5 at one time as the consumers didn t have many choices but as theforeign brands c ame in, it lost its Numero Uno position. This was primarily due to thefact that consumers now had easy access to high quality products and with risingdisposable income and size of the Indian middle class consumers shifted their attention to foreign players. PERCEPTION AND ATTITUDE OF CONSUMERS TOWARDS LAKME: According to the answers in the in-depth interview of the respondents: What respondents feel: Colorful: 20% (6/30) of the respondents in the in-depth interview said that they

associated Lakme with colors i.e. something which is vibrant and lively. Accordi ng tothem Lakme offers them with a wide range of colors in product category of n ail paint andlip color. This makes them perceive it as colorful. What Lakme wants them to feel: 5; 10/ 08/08

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