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The complete software solution for the future of your workshop: ESI[tronic] from Bosch

Save time and money with ESI[tronic] Simple operation Fast access Extensive market coverage Regular updating Standardized system across all makes

ESI[tronic] from Bosch: The basis for vehicle diagnosis with active troubleshooting
Modular structure: Just a low priced KTS tester is enough to profit from extensive possibilities for diagnosis and information via the USB port on the workshop PC. The connection is also simplicity itself.

High-performance Test Equipment and optimally tailored workshop software for reliable service quality The car is increasingly becoming a computer on wheels. Only professional diagnosis systems present the workshop with new opportunities in service. In this respect, time-saving software with troubleshooting instructions suitable for practical application is just as important as high-performance test equipment. With the KTS testers and ESI[tronic], Bosch Diagnostics provides the optimum basis for service quality and profitability.

The diesel boom as an example seizing new sales opportunities The sustained boom of the compression ignition engine presents new possibilities. In a few years, the market share of modern diesel systems will pass the 50 % mark. After diagnosis has been carried out by means of KTS and ESI[tronic] workshops can exchange, defective components of modern automotive systems at the vehicle and seize new sales opportunities. This was impossible until a short time ago. The components of a diesel injection system could only be tested mechanically and sometimes only after removal.

Innovative and reliable: Professional control unit diagnosis

Thousands of workshops have already placed their faith in the KTS series It now offers new comfort and convenience functions:
Comfortable control unit diagnosis: KTS 650

Provision for the future through an integrated change adapter The change adapter recognizes the current and all presently known diagnosis interfaces of the future.

Radio technology for better mobility in the workshop Wireless Bluetooth transmission for up to 100 meters adds mobility. Extended measuring technology for extensive troubleshooting For example, a diagnosis oscilloscope displays the CAN bus graphically. Your workshop saves time and adds safety: From automatic logins and vehicle identification all the way to extensive support for diagnosis and repairs.
The new boys: KTS 570/540 wireless and KTS 530

The integrated multiplexer has a switch matrix with which the pin population is switched accordingly to the specifications of the vehicle model to be tested, software-controlled via ESI[tronic]. This enables a quick, safe and easy connection of the KTS tester to the diagnosis socket. It also ensures that the ECU to be tested is always triggered with the right diagnosis protocol. Test and repair of all makes by means of the automotive systems analysis from Bosch Existing test technology can be operationally used most appropriately if it can be modularly and individually extended to meet workshop requirements. This possibility is provided by Bosch test equipment through the extension of the KTS series to the comprehensive automotive systems analysis, because many diagnosis cases cannot be solved by control unit diagnosis alone. A vehicle component check is often indispensable for the complex technology of modern vehicles. State-of-the-art system testers, such as the FSA 750 or FSA 740, enable precise fault localization and testing of vehicle components in situ.
Simply carry out mobile testing: KTS 570/540 wireless

Top-Diagnosestation: FSA 750

ESI[tronic] for the success of your workshop

An overview of the ESI[tronic] offer: Automotive equipment Work units Troubleshooting instructions Control unit diagnosis Identification of spare parts Vehicle mechanics with maintenance schedules Test specifications for diesel-driven generating sets Workshop system for vehicle service intervals and preparation of quotations Wiring diagrams for convenience electrical systems

With ESI[tronic], you have the comprehensive technical information which you require in your workshop at your disposal.

Working with ESI[tronic] has never been so easy. The user-friendly interface with a standardized system for all makes enables all the information to be accessed simply and quickly.

Securing the future with ESI[tronic]

ESI[tronic] provides a comprehensive coverage of the market in the daily workshop business. The data is regularly updated, so that you can also service new vehicles without any problems.

ESI[tronic] is a system of modular information components, which you can immediately use on your PC and which can be extended by means of the perfectly tailored test equipment from Bosch. A complete solution which is unique in the workshop market and which you can adapt to the individual requirements of your workshop.

An overview of the ESI[tronic] offer:

Field of application Information Contents

Catalogue and parts information


Vehicle equipment

Diesel spare parts

Electrical spare parts

Archive of electrical spare parts Diesel spare parts from Zexel

Order processing and cost estimating


Work units

Vehicle service calculation

TecDoc equipment

Diagnosis and repair on the vehicle

KTS 200 *

Vehicle diagnosis

Vehicle diagnosis for KTS 200

Diagnosis and repair on the product

Vehicle Mechanics

Convenience vehicle wiring diagrams

*Delivery as of 2007

Component repair instructions

Diesel injection pump test values Test values for Zexel diesel

The right choice for every workshop

Extent Page

Access to approximately 27,000 cars, 15,000

commercial vehicles, 5,700 motorcycles and 8,000 tractors and special vehicles

95 % market coverage for Bosch vehicle

equipment in Western Europe 63,000 vehicles and engines identifiable 380,000 spare parts

The most extensive catalogue for Bosch diesel

products Over 34,000 spare parts lists with over

Exploded views of the highest quality Stepless zoom function Detailed exploded views of the highest quality Stepless zoom function Spare parts lists for electrical equipment,
diesel and pneumatics

ESI[tronic]: The software for diagnosis, technology, maintenance and service

The modular system makes it possible: Each workshop can combine the ESI[tronic] infor-

The most extensive catalogue for Bosch electrically driven generating sets with over 15,000 spare parts lists with over 383,000 spare parts

Approximately 1,500 spare parts lists for older

vehicles in the archive stock

mation so that it is tailored to its specific requirements.

Zexel program software Catalogue for Zexel diesel products

Detailed exploded views and parts list

Ideal requirements
Over 4.5 million work units, more than 8 million
additional texts for 10,000 of the most popular cars and vans

Clearly arranged and uniform display of work

units of various manufacturers in hours:minutes Display in euros with no. of components and working times


Test Equipment

Bosch testing device

Workshop PC

Complete extents of service work and

inspections, repairs of wearing parts Precisely defined contents for standard service

Fixed price calculation and transfer of all contents 17

to existing enterprise resource planning systems

Pentium IV/2 GHz

Tecdoc data for extension of the parts basis

within the ESI[tronic] system, including the Tecdoc list prices

List prices supplemented on Tecdoc basis Price interfaces for input of workshop-specific


The most extensive pan-manufacturer combi-

nation of SIS troubleshooting instructions and control unit diagnosis in Europe For petrol and diesel engine management systems and car brake systems for Bosch and other manufacturers

Workshop-oriented troubleshooting instructions

can be used on any PC and for optimally coordinated vehicle diagnosis with Bosch test systems Modular concept suitable for individual workshop requirements

256 MB RAM Hard disk space: 40 GB DVD drive Dual Layer Ports: 1 parallel; 2 serial, 1 USB 2.0


Operating systems

Complete control unit diagnosis, newly

developed especially for the KTS 200 Quick and easy operation

Complete depth of testing and extensive High market coverage Wheel balancing data and air pressure tables Removal and installation instructions for
timing belts diagnosis functions


MS-Windows ME MS-Windows 2000 MS-Windows XP

Inspection data and maintenance plans Vehicle technical data Manufacturer spanning wiring diagrams for automotive electrical systems and convenience electronics in a standardized representation

The ESI[tronic] software is shipped on DVD. The subscription process ensures that the information is regularly updated. The subscribed information

822,500 wiring diagram assignments and 22,800

complete wiring diagrams With zoom and printout functions


Repair instructions, service information and

messages for diesel and electrical equipment components

Direct interaction with the information of the

ESI[tronic]-D and ESI[tronic]-E, e.g. spare parts and the ESI[tronic]-W Diesel test values


types, e.g. ESI[tronic]-C, are unlocked individually.

Test values for a total of 11,250 in-line pump

assemblies and for approx. 1,400 in-line pumps

Complete test procedure from the recording of All test steps are displayed in the optimum order Complete test procedure from the recording of
measured values up to the printout of the log measured values up to the printout of the log


Test values for diesel-driven generating sets

from Zexel

Subject to product changes

ESI[tronic] for catalogue and parts information

You can immediately see whether an additional image is stored and you can display it by mouse click.

Clearly arranged
You see the relevant exploded view and can immediately identify the various components of the unit (red).

ESI[tronic]-A Vehicle equipment: The information base for your workshop

ESI[tronic]-A enables correct vehicle identification and the identification of the entire range of Bosch vehicle

equipment. Identification by ESI[tronic]-A is a prerequisite

for the use of all the other ESI[tronic] information types. The directory of Bosch vehicle equipment

and comparisons with vehicle manufacturers

With ESI[tronic]-A, you have access to approximately cycles and 8,000 tractors and special vehicles.

27,000 cars, 15,000 commercial vehicles, 5,700 motorAs a result, you achieve a market coverage of 95 % for Bosch vehicle equipment for the Western European vehicle market. You will also find comparisons with vehicle manufacturers.

Clear advantages with the right equipment

Detailed overview of all Bosch vehicle equipment is useful in the workshop Transparency through comparisons of Bosch and vehicle manufacturer order numbers

Versatility through organisation according to individual sub-assemblies or overall display as required

and in detailed quality views and parts lists.

ESI[tronic]-D Diesel spare parts: Info on diesel-driven generating sets by the No. 1 original diesel supplier
Diesel-driven generating sets are becoming ever more demanding. The technology is becoming ever more complicated through higher injection pressures and more precise fuel proportioning. As a result, the know-how required for repair and maintenance is constantly increasing. ESI[tronic]-D from Bosch, the leading original supplier in the diesel sector, provides the specialist with expert support and precise information such as exploded views and parts lists for diesel-driven generating sets. Bosch diesel-driven generating sets, comprehensive With 34,000 spare parts lists and over 380,000 parts, ESI[tronic]-D is the most extensive catalogue of Bosch diesel products. Identification of the spare parts is often only possible with exploded views. These are accessible here in a clear form with subassembly assignment, complete spare parts list and order number by mouse click. Clear advantages through a complete overview of Bosch diesel-driven generating sets with exploded

Additional benefit of information on the other vehicles in which the product is used

The structure of the diesel-driven generating sets is made clear by means of uniquely detailed exploded views Precision through breakdown of the complete dieseldriven generating set from the subassemblies to the smallest individual part High variability through numerous special functions such as the automatic display of detailed information, multistage and variable parts list display, zoom function Additional benefit through information about the other generating sets in which the spare part is also used

Exact details
At the click of a mouse, you have an exploded view with exact details on the screen, in which you can immediately identify additional assemblies and spare parts.

Exploded views are also integrated for older or very old products and therefore available digitally.

ESI[tronic]-E Electrical spare parts: The complete overview of electrically driven generating sets and spare parts
The ever increasing range of vehicle models make it difficult for workshops to always have the relevant generating sets of vehicle electrical systems at hand. The ESI[tronic]-E from Bosch makes it very easy for you. It contains the spare parts data on vehicle electrical systems in a clear, systematic form.

ESI[tronic]-F Spare parts archive: Interesting for older products

The need for spare parts is particularly high especially in the indeterminately large old vehicle market on account of the long operating capacity of these vehicles. It is no easy task for a workshop to have fast access to every single spare part with the multitude of models. ESI[tronic]-F from Bosch makes laborious searching in old documents superfluous. It thus saves expensive working time and ensures that older spare parts lists are not lost in your workshop. Scope: approximately 1,500 spare parts lists in the archive. These lists are available in this bundle only on this DVD.

Bosch electrically driven generating sets, comprehensive and in detailed quality With 15.000 spare parts lists and over 383,000 individual parts ESI[tronic]-E is the most extensive catalogue for Bosch electrically driven generating sets. With vehicle

electrical systems, exact identification of the individual

parts is often only possible with the appropriate exploded ing sets with the appropriate spare parts lists and order numbers in a flash on ESI[tronic]-E.

views. You will find clear detailed drawings of the generat-

Simple complete overview of Bosch electrically driven generating sets with exploded views and parts lists.

Clarity about the construction of the electrically driven generating sets with uniquely detailed exploded views Precision through the breakdown of the complete electrically driven generating set from the subassemblies to the smallest individual part Versatility through numerous special functions such as the automatic display of detailed information, multistage and variable parts list display, zoom function Additional benefit of information about the other generating sets in which the individual part is used


densed form in Western Europe

Great ease of working for your workshop ESI[tronic]-F contains archives of older spare parts lists in the fields of electrical, diesel and pneumatic systems. Spare parts and drawings for older products Archive drawings and archive spare parts are located compactly and clearly on one medium No subscription a one-off purchase of ESI[tronic]-F provides you with long-term access to the necessary data on the spare parts of older products in a con-

95 % market coverage for Bosch automotive equipment

ESI[tronic]-C for diagnosis and repair on the vehicle

Values from the multimeter function Measured value window

Control unit diagnosis: the basis for a successful service business

The increasing amount of electronics in the motor vehicle means that simple maintenance work will soon no longer be able to be carried out without control unit diagnosis:

Automobile manufacturers prescribe the read-out of all fault stores in their maintenance schedules The workshop requires a control unit diagnosis device for programming the service interval display and even for work which was once purely mechanical Brake control systems such as ABS, TCS and ESP

require activation of the solenoid valves in various highpressure pumps when bleeding the brake hydraulic system or changing the brake fluid

SIS troubleshooting instructions (Service Information System) help get the job done more quickly
ESI[tronic]-C provides extensive information on troubleshooting for engine management in petrol and diesel vehicles as well as for passenger car brake systems and convenience systems from Bosch and other manufacturers. In this connection, all the information for important diagnosis applications is available in the workshop. Systematic procedure for troubleshooting Practical orientation through plain language display of the detected fault on the monitor Linkage of the on-board diagnosis results to the associated SIS troubleshooting instructions The modular concept of ESI[tronic]-C enables you to select just the right combination for your workshop business from the comprehensive product range Regular updates

Contents of an ESI[tronic]-C SD (Control unit diagnosis software) Links the Bosch test equipment or a workshop PC to information from the control unit SIS (Service Information System) SIS troubleshooting instructions can also be used on a standard PC CAS[plus] Links the SD control unit diagnosis, SIS troubleshooting instructions and URI measured values

SIS troubleshooting instructions

Always have an overview with CAS[plus]

CAS[plus] (Computer Aided Service) links control unit diagnosis and SIS troubleshooting instructions for an

Already prepared for the diesel repair market of the future

The extended testing software for diesel injection systems saves time and money in troubleshooting and repair. In addition to the usual possibilities for testing, such as fault memory, actual values and actuators there are now further testing parameters exclusively in ESI[tronic]:

even more effective troubleshooting. The values crucial for diagnosis and repair appear immediately on the screen.

In this respect, the window of the SIS troubleshooting in-

structions is the basis of the ESI application. All the infor-

mation is quickly and easily accessible from here. Control unit measured values are integrated in the main window

The actual values from the control unit diagnosis are automatically compared with the reference values in and logged in line with the needs of the customer

the troubleshooting instructions, evaluated in colour

No change-over in the SIS troubleshooting instructions: All further information for fault repair The measured URI values of the multimeter function

CAS[plus] advantages and benfits

Quick and efficient diagnosis Error-free working High customer satisfaction


Control unit diagnosis with KTS Diesel engine Brake systems Convenience syst. KTS

Basic settings Volume measuring Compression test Idle speed comparison Adaptive functions

For Bosch systems and for systems of other manufacturers!

SIS (service information system)

Troubleshooting instructions without test device

You can put together the optimum combination for your workshop for every service requirement from the extensive range of ESI[tronic]-C Ideal solution C9 In conjunction with an instrument of the small tester series, the right combination for the diagnosis of new high-pressure systems

Petrol engine C4 C6 C7 C8 C9 C12 C14 C15 C16

Diesel engine

Brake systems

ConvenPetrol ience syst. engine

Troubleshooting instructions SIS complete

Troubleshooting instructions SIS complete

directly on the vehicle Diesel solution C7 Ideal for the day-to-day business as a result of the complete range of control unit diagnosis and troubleshooting instructions

Each solution variant is also individually, depending on the workshop requirements.


ESI[tronic]-C: NEW! Advanced identification unified, simple and time-saving

Car (preset) Commercial vehicle Display of Call of mounting the last 20 makes position of the diagnosis sockets Continue to vehicle selection

1st step: All makes clearly arranged for selection

2nd step: Diagnostic interface

Simply quicker! Only two steps to dependable vehicle recognition

From now on, only two steps are necessary for the advanced identification system of ESI[tronic]-C. After the vehicle has been selected, a single click provides information about the mounting position of the diagnosis interface.

Switch more quickly even when carrying out the diagnosis: The diagnostic interface is optimally a result of the precise vehicle selection

controlled vehicle-specifically via the multiplexer as

Up to 90 % time gain in the scanning of the electronic

control units: instead of checking anything theoretically possible, the software only looks for the control units in a database

actually fitted in a vehicle type. This information is stored

More transparency for the workshop: Electronic control units of the standard equipment are automatically considered. Additional electronic control units for convenience systems can be easily selected


a button

NEW! Vehicle identification integrated in the control unit diagnosis NEW! Improved and simplified control unit search NEW! Improved and simplified multiplexer setting NEW! Display list of the last 20 identified makes NEW! Display of the diagnosis socket at the press of

ESI[tronic]-C always shows the systems which you need

The change-over between the repair view and the service view via softkey (F9) also simplifies diagnosis in your tyre service, brake service or quick-repair service. Separated for cars and commercial vehicles, you have quick and easy access to the electronic control units and systems relevant for your service offer.

Change to the Repair view by means of F9

Use the depth of testing of the system and quickly find relevant systems by means of the Service view function


ESI[tronic] for KTS 200: Effortless menu prompting for mobile diagnosis
Vehicle identification using a portable device

Clear actual value display for reliable diagnosis

Test more easily, reach your goal faster with the KTS 200
Nowadays, control unit diagnosis is indispensable in service even in traditional mechanical repairs and maintenance work. Every workshop, even a tyre service or vehicle mechanics service, needs important information from the control units to carry out repairs systematically. The KTS from Bosch provides the perfect solution also for the concluding reset of the service displays.

Mobile control unit diagnosis powered by ESI[tronic]

ESI[tronic], which has stood the test in the workshop many times over, was newly developed especially for the KTS 200. In this respect, the focus was on quick and easy operation. Important functions are displayed on the screen with the key assignment. The advantages

With the new KTS 200, Bosch offers the right tool for quick and reliable control unit diagnosis

Entry into control unit diagnosis made simple Simple vehicle entry check

Easy to operate as a result of clear menu prompting

Testing device for breakdown service and tyre services Ideal secondary device for every workshop Usable immediately Navigation keys for left and right-hand operation

KTS 200

Reliable vehicle recognition Complete control unit diagnosis functions High market coverage

Quick test sequence through clear guidance Complete depth of testing and extensive diagnosis

Always current as a result of regular software updates

*Delivery as of 2007

The ESI[tronic] software for control unit diagnosis for the KTS 200

KTS 200: Ideal low-end device, small and easy to handle


ESI[tronic] for Vehicle Mechanics, wiring diagrams and convenience electrical systems
All the data and functional drawings at a glance: As a result, timing belts are removed and installed at the correct interval

The component marked in the wiring diagram is immediately highlighted in the parts list

ESI[tronic]-M Vehicle Mechanics for mechanical work in the workshop

Customers expect their workshop to carry out maintenance work, such as e.g. changing the oil, inspection

or changing the timing belt, speedily and, above all, correctly. This means that workshops need up-to-date and reliable data and information which covers all Comprehensive information rapidly to hand and clearly arranged.

ESI[tronic]-P Vehicle wiring diagrams for convenience electrical systems: Get it done fast
Air conditioning, anti-theft protection, central locking, seat heating, airbags, headlamp systems, sunroofs, electric windows, hi-fi, cruise control, immobilisers, etc. the number of electrical components in vehicles is growing all the time. An overview of the electrical system is now possible only with detailed wiring diagrams. With ESI[tronic]-P from Bosch, you get fast access to plans of the electrical systems of common European, Japanese and US vehicles.

Useful in the workshop as a result of exact descriptions for efficient working

Work is made easier through clearly arranged drawings High-speed access, also when networking with the other ESI[tronic] infotypes Always current as a result of regular updates

And your garage always has the right wiring diagram ESI[tronic]-P not only offers you detailed wiring diagrams but also the associated component list with complete component designations for over 60 vehicle manufacturers, 550 model series and 7,000 vehicles with over 822,500 wiring diagram assignments and 22,800 complete wiring diagrams.

Clear advantages through a complete overview of all mechanical work in all areas of the motor vehicle.

Technical vehicle data for petrol and diesel vehicles commercial vehicles with specifications and tyre pressure tables

Wheel adjustment data for passenger cars and light

Clear advantages with wiring diagrams for convenience electrical systems

The most extensive manufacturer spanning selection of vehicle wiring diagrams under one user interface is useful in the workshop Efficiency for your workshop with wiring diagrams for air conditioning, seat heating, airbags, headlamp systems, sunroofs, electric windows, anti-theft protection, central locking, cruise control, immobilisers, hi-fi/audio

Maintenance plans for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles, inspection periods and maintenance illustrations Timing belt: Instructions for dismantling and installation, graphics showing TDC marks and change intervals for timing belts Maintenance illustrations with lifting platform locating points, oil filler and drain plugs for the gear box and rear axle, guide support of the V-ribbed belts

High variability through numerous special functions such as the automatic display of detailed information, multistage and variable parts list display, zoom function Always current as a result of regular updates

95 % market coverage for Bosch vehicle equipment in Western Europe


ESI[tronic] for diagnosis and repair on the product

Access to information about repairs to diesel-driven generating sets

If the output of a cylinder is in the tolerance range, the number is green, otherwise it is red. The programme calculates the average and the variation

ESI[tronic]-K Component Repair Instructions for diesel-driven and electrically driven generating sets
for all areas of diesel and electrical equipment

ESI[tronic]-W Diesel Test Values: Test values for the diesel specialist
With ESI[tronic]-W from Bosch, you receive test values of approximately 11,250 in-line pump assemblies and and working assistance ties in with ESI[tronic]-D repair instructions).

Component Repair Instructions are a useful extension

ESI[tronic]-K is offered in the following unlocking variations K1 Repair instructions for diesel with:

Repair instructions, service information and service approximately 1,400 in-line pumps. The extensive service (Diesel spare parts) and ESI[tronic]-K (Component messages for components from all areas of diesel, e.g. e.g. starter motors and generators diesel injection pumps, as well as electrical equipment, Any new information for the repair of diesel and electrically driven generating sets which has become Test values and more for diesel-driven generating sets ESI[tronic]-W allows you to display and evaluate the measured values of a test procedure as required by available since 1998 is published only in ESI[tronic]-K Direct interaction with the information of ESI[tronic]-D Diesel test values and ESI[tronic]-E, e.g. spare parts, and the ESI[tronic]-W Always current as a result of regular updates mouse click. Actual values are compared with reference the screen in red. If required, the actual values can be used to calculate the average value and the resulting values and values outside the tolerance are displayed on variation. The data is clearly set out and variations and tolerance overranging are documented in a measured value report.

Service information Service messages Repair instructions

Clear advantages for the quality repair and adjustment of diesel-driven generating sets

K2 Repair instructions for starter motors/generators: Service information Service messages Repair instructions

Beneficial to the workshop as a result of the most extensive database of test values for diesel-driven generating sets from Bosch

Work is made easier through display of the individual test steps in the correct order Complete test procedure from the recording of measured values to the printing of reports Suitable for practical application with functions such as the automatic calculation of the average value and variation, the generation of measured value reports and the marking of values outside the tolerance range

K3 Repair instructions for diesel and starter motors/ generators with the complete contents of K1 and K2

Always current as a result of regular updates


ESI[tronic] for order processing and cost estimating

All parts and work units always in view. You see the work times required for the repair and the corresponding labour costs.

Everything in view
The job card of ESI[tronic]-B shows the repair times in a clearly arranged manner

ESI[tronic]-B Work Units: Plan effectively with work units, working times and standard working times
No doubt you are familiar with the situation: A customer comes to your workshop about a repair and wants to know how long it will take and how much it will cost.

No problem! With ESI[tronic]-B from Bosch, you have

fast, clearly arranged access to the correct work units, the customers query is answered quickly. Work values for practice: Comprehensive and clearly arranged

also for any additional work required. This ensures that

ESI[tronic]-B provides you with more than 4.5 million

work units and more than 8 million additional texts for around 10,000 of the most popular cars and vans. The no matter which vehicle manufacturer is concerned.

work units are clearly arranged in a standardized display,



ESI[tronic]-B : Repair times always securely under control

Clear advantages for the preparation of quotations and workshop capacity utilization Beneficial to the workshop as a result of the clearly arranged and standardized representation of work units of the various manufacturers Customer orientation as a result of a quick statement about repair times and labour costs Provision for the future as a result of individual setting of the hourly charging rate and currency as well as euro

ESI[tronic]-B, -S and -TD: The wizards for order processing and cost estimation


Always at hand
The service intervals of ESI[tronic]-S

Clearly arranged and complete

Equipment ranges under TecDoc

ESI[tronic]-S Vehicle Service and inspections: All the information at a glance

Knowledge of the service intervals secures the business of the future. Specified warranty periods of the vehicle inspections provide revenues and high customer satisfaction.

manufacturers and warranty compliance through regular

Complete extents of service work and inspections, repairs of wearing parts

Precisely defined contents for standard service with no. of components and working times Fixed price calculation planning systems

Transfer of all contents to existing enterprise resource

Tecdoc provides the vehicle spare parts market with up-to-date comprehensive data for the identification and order of parts for cars and commercial vehicles.

ESI[tronic]-TD TecDoc Data: Additional equipment ranges under the ESI[tronic] user interface

Extension of the parts basis through Tecdoc data completely integrated into the ESI[tronic] user interface List prices supplemented on Tecdoc basis prices

Price interfaces for the input of workshop-specific


Simple ordering
The desired ESI[tronic] can be ordered quickly without complications.

Fast accessing
Electronically or by fax
The accessing of the desired ESI[tronic] is also simplicity itself.

ESI[tronic] ordering
1. The subscription form is available from your wholesaler or through the ESI[tronic] service line Tel. +49 (0) 180 / 50 111 40

ESI[tronic] unlocking
1. Insert the ESI[tronic] DVD in the PC and... ...print out the PC identity fax...

2. Fill in your subscription your wholesaler will be pleased to assist you

2. ...fax it to the ESI[tronic] service line...

3. ...max 2 hours later...

3. After filling in the subscription, sign it and fax it to the ESI[tronic] service line Fax +49 (0) 18 05 / 81 23 10 or to your wholesaler`ll get your access code...

4. ...enter the access code and you can start work!

4. A package will arrive by return of post If you select Internet in the accessing process, your preset browser will open automatically and you can generate the access code.


Our Knowledge, Your Success: Bosch Diagnostics

Diagnostics: The key for the automotive workshop of the future Automotive systems are becoming increasingly more complex, and the requirements for qualified diagnosis in the workshop are becoming increasingly higher. Bosch offers everything from one source of supply tailored to professional service on modern vehicles: Test equipment, software, technical training and a hotline, complemented by parts in the quality of the original equipment.

ESI[tronic]: Software for diagnosis and service

Test Equipment: Suitable for any type of workshop

Service Training: The success factor knowledge

Technical Hotline: Support from the system developer

Simple operation Fast access Modular structure Extensive market coverage Regular updating Standardized system across all makes

Optimum combination of hardware and software for quick troubleshooting, qualified repair and high economy of time

Comprehensive training
programmes for automotive workshops

Support in technically difficult


Expertise covering all

manufacturers and makes

PC-based, modularly upgradeable test equipment of the latest generation

Practice-based training courses Highly qualified trainers with a

great deal of practical experience


Bosch Diagnostics and original spare parts

The car is increasingly becoming a computer on wheels. This means the workshop will be faced with some great demands in the future. Here it helps to have strong partners. Bosch supports the workshops with modern Test Equipment, ESI[tronic] software, Service Training and Technical Hotline with an extensive knowledge database. This is complemented by an extensive programme of original spare parts in the quality of the original equipment.

Robert Bosch GmbH Automotive Aftermarket Sales Test Equipment & Services AA/STS1 Auf der Breiten 4 76 227 Karlsruhe Germany

AA/STS 1 987 717 461 / 200608