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Whispering sweet nothings in moon's ear

Project Room 346 Race with the darkness Strange the ways of G- pigs, And strange the ways of owners! Who tread the treadmill The loving path of mourners. Why does the car shrink Side-walks, run, dry cigarettes.

I want the treadmill To be clean of the rats. I want but stars to chase My love, my guinea pigs The slums drink dusty rain My sweat new body seeks. The hot side-walk undismayed, And undismayed beholds The portents of exhaustion Dry fish inside the moulds. Love is device for walking while staying in the same place the stars are far from rocking the smooth skin on my face. Can stars become my pets pursue my love on high? don’t want to feed the cats and dogs who never cry. I want the guinea pig simpler, lighter, and less expensive candle wick darkness’s treadmill to race. And to the clang of steel soft arms want rest to loot I run till night’s skin peels And the cage plants its foot A G-pig in arms shall stand and see beyond the crate the growing breastplate the war of love that wait to plunge the animals and humans in despair uplifted on the pedestal fly-catcher stars to snare.

Project Room 347 The best death face I found the kindest face, that mimed everything I felt. She counted my every trace had the make up I had saved. She stared at my wonders And explained my dreams She dusted all the corners And knew what darkness means. Not once did she interrupt tears Or tell me they were wrong She saw the night of fears And promised she'd stay long. I reached out to her hand To show her that I care. pull her close and let her vein measure the blood we share. I went to hold her waist To squeeze fire from her breath And realised her perfect taste Was nothing but my death. Project Room 348 The eagle and Prometheus There grew an eagle from the tram cable displaying a beak and a claw label passengers too busy to run or to hide next curious wave fed another tide I fought the temptation of onions to grieve iron eyed pliers that beckoned to leave

I saw in that eagle a fragrant half tree with two iron wings that couldn't break free Among rooted claws I heard the brook enter the fetters, old fears to rook I saw the grass bring there a lamb salmon upstream the sunset there swam. I saw the eagle's head over my chest tear its feathers, devour its breasts While the long eared rabbits stared how many lightnings the predator shared Then silent geese smiled at each other and pushed the date of migration farther 'O Prometheus' said the little jingle Why aren't you ploughing a rod to this eagle' I wish gloves gazed liver on the sly and scorpions wandered lightly by' An old man in rags departed the crowd His ears bleeding, he talked real loud 'I came to the city where fires grew dim to mingle with humans, fill to the brim the glass of inventions, the well of my pride I hear wild eagles a park need to hide. Now go to the pool and bring me a star I need another mirror in the car!' The shining geese a drop bring each day Until the pool soon passes away. Project Room 349

Eva Forever be a girl or you grovel before a snake spinning your hair read with it a scrofulous novel then half a pig for breakfast share! On the green paper blunt gifts simply glance before you wrap the frozen fear of milk with the ribs foot and hand in branches' lap. If I double down the roses on the bridge of rose contagion I could cure the girl neurosis of open sieve, slip confession there is Satan, cousin of Seth who might venture to kill a brother castration was the virile death wings really did not cut our father I pledge my soul to him in the desert yet I leave the dunes, unscathed if god made him caravan expert 'n hot coal pools he must have bathed. It's not a flaw to lay down a snake As he'd miss till, past retrieve fate needs another twist to fake so I can crawl on virgin leaf. I was a girl stuck in the flower Blasted lay leaves that defended me a snake of fire might gain the power to smell dilemma of grass on my knee.

Project Room 350 Secrets on the field

I tried to smoke dung, kept the smoke for several seconds down my chest then I saw oxen glitter the yoke and eat the iron dish with the vest sister of horns found hoofed brothers who were better than drops that fall I didn't water in vain branch antlers so I could drink poison after all. On the high, the low come the stairs I'd be fair with one plank to shine climb the thrill of legal corsairs that stole the crimson flag of my crime I proudly counted twice the fire-flies then I put back each pearl to its shell I am sure this summer burnt all my files my love for you, lost secret to tell.

Project Room 351 Crocodile game in my Samsung phone I have a sweet crocodile in my phone three types of water it needs to bathe I don't mind either the splash or the foam since stars can never cleaned skin swathe A tiny drop hung over the screen I thought a raindrop from the sky fell ambulance shepherd started to scream my tired eyes sheep tried to sell I cried a river over the mattress of glass but it never got wet my crocodile kept playing with guesses weaving the next level of bathing set But impatiently I flung my phone a lancet away from dew of a leaf

the saddle of games was moving on to a lonely horse grazing on grief.

Project Room 352 Torn between sport and music ...eyelids are talking, dry lips are watching I have a baseball stuck in my mouth the bat of lightning hands are clutching while ears are playing the lyre of pride I folded the accordion of your breasts A glittering stage that hung by its side 'Heed,' said the singer 'composer of crests, should you seek water from this tide? The game has made you what you aren't And what you love is sweaty baseball why leave the meat and taste the hide of hooves when running pay you the toll Then why did you join the snow-slide of crowded stadiums with such content abandon the hills the mountain supplied with secret alleys for theatre’s scent?' The accordion which I have found is breathing the air that roses sent the cool fresh dew I see around is dust of envy from each instrument. Project Room 353 Pretty blue planet Long sang the planet to its hanger Much longer kissed its plastic face All day long from the posting eagle To arches’ band where bricks embrace

A planet can kiss all night round The bottle socks can wear to warm The fingers that early left the playground The kitten of caresses to form. The planet walked the walk of fame With hands cuffed below the hanger Autographs I wrote in her name An ocean I hired, ink to buy later If she had before the rain thrown The red carpet of mud on the ground Bowling less, I should have known That planets before the fame were found. Planet thoughts discovered too late Like trails of bodies, a serial killer Can come and join me in the fate Of revealing the wounds of the healer. I want to cure my giant planet So she can walk love’s narrow path Green frogs that jump on the red carpet Red come out of the fame’s wrath.

Project Room 354 When ducklings think hearse is the mother To me your colour has been an inspiration the wailing wind is mine because of you bring the coroner of the glacier my heart has melted before meeting the chest my my my my feet are made to paddle in tears wings are made to tremble with a pen beak is flat to dodge the kisses neck is short to hang there a painting

when the soul leaves the egg before it has hatched into the sun the missing feathers fan the sorrow until the yolk is dry

As a mountain shows our veneration the path to the top is lost from view I set my camp safe down the valley a breakfast of stars repeating itself Not tired of redundancy Know that you have been my sculptor guide, Hearse! You have shaped the stone where I have been carved I know the chisel is thermometer in the mouth of dry fossils I roamed the earth before I was born my soul left early the calcium of the egg I don't grow teeth but I simply know that it hurts when ducklings peck.

Project Room 355 Ice cream with a pregnant girl I want to share ice cream with a foetus such cheerful sweat, sitting must commence a serious scoop sound could be heard it appeals to the most serious offence. Take care, you flowers, friends of a vase I have an ice bowl for you for mothers' sake beware of martyrdom! O suffering balloon's skin even in your own defence I save some air! it spoils all the innocence and fine neutrality of your fragrance. I want to eat ice cream with a coconut that has not seen its water yet it makes it headstrong against rejection and red rags. Birth stupefies the steam of volcanoes animalizes wheat, brutalizes corn when in the selection with cotton danger

it can throw tantrums, a soft, breathable boll. I want to lick ice cream with a chameleon slander its colour and paint suspicion birth seems like a tongue expulsion and even worse spell of the stammer. The butterfly has to play the last card of free choice on ice cream, as waitress as though the petals on your head were such innocent crown markers.

Project Room 356 Friends I found ink that always knows the light is wrong before I jot musk reflections I found a compass that has listens to every secret stars tell I found a peacock that is beautiful and doesn't know it I found the echo of a hyena that is kind, and caring, and funny I found a canyon that loves me for being a stone I found a filter inside the crags that tries to understand the mixture of water and mud I found a goat that loves to eat love letters especially the compliments I found a shrub that keeps the girls from annoying me I found a snail that loves being around me even though people talk I found a hand that is kind, and mature, and amazingly athletic These friends I'm lucky to have I will always have them hostages

as long as they try to be on top of the rock These friends were sent to me from the bottom vapour of summer correspondence. Project Room 357 My dearest sister We have poisoned the pomegranate navigator we have joined leaves with a parenting stapler We share a special doctor From every accident we have been in With you, all my vacuum I can share and fears I send to the suburbs I know that the flowers' seminar For me you organized. I promise to clean the road of deer or strife then help you push the empty car I need more mercury to memorize the temperature of the hot asphalt I will be there for your coupon and buy a cheaper smile for you I learnt that book binding makes leaves stick to their old dew. So, hospital was good? It was fine! Must be all the extra oxygen they pump into the incubators. I see now that the absence of midwife did us both a lot of good I am glad we are not twins. Project Room 358 The urge Come on, let's go. even for a day, because I don't know how to say it a day is the migraine of the shade I will be vouching for the senior fleece herding my judgement at the station

when the cargo of wool is parked off somewhere else to be repaired. Let's go even for an hour I'm a sitting duck out here the bathrobe is hiding my feathers I wanted to share with sharp descent love means no smoke it doesn't come out of lungs it doesn't stop before new braces or teeth Let's go even for a minute I need two satellite dishes to receive the signal of your bicycle I must collect two skeletons for the biology class I should tender the knees to hold the cello my accident may dissolve on the empty road I saw your grandmother use swan chalk she draw the line around a dead pigeon I am sure that drivers were careful no need to call the police I wonder why old women care about the birds Old men usually drink leadership from a vase in the garden Let's go even for a second your eyelids joined the navy I need a jar not a ship a sample of dried tear not messy hair in the dryer

I asked for suede not ruddy leather in that moment your shoes will have gone so far until they walk over the horizon Liquid milk I need not molten gold dripping from your breasts There is no chewing gum left for ruminant cows so move away from the fresh spot where grass is still green! That's it. Come on, are we done here? O my shadow, we're straight on to the lighthouse so if I need a glass of white milk I take it now! No? Do you think that the sea is clean of prejudice! The sea is still breathing. Get the shells off the highway. Get them up! Up! So many white flags! Surrender to primitive creatures! Drop the flowers I said! Female cops will think you're holding a weapon. Project Room 359 The execution of indifference The stream is wearing its amethyst brooch to execution this morning. You know what remains after going over the bridge? Not the stream or the eyes moving but the bridge travelling

along the flow of time. Whose arches are these? It's pretty obvious now! Therefore, I put an end to the back of the inquisitor to get rid of at all confessions at any price I, like a priest extinguish the candle which annoys me I mime the wave and stretch forth my white sleeve upon which sparkles the gem of the coated ring. The branch below my feet cuts the air - sign of the hand and pours out its benediction upon my drowning friend. The stream superimposed by the bridge crosswise forgive my coward pleasure and erase the thief's address conscience stolen by the height of watering delirium. Project Room 360 Disturbed I knew you were a bit disturbed Tomorrow awakens you as a fawn and on the eye of this herd you see another bridle at dawn it is my pleasure to introduce the blue grass you locked in the vault there is a certain key hanging lose inside the mane of a colt who lived in the city during winter and became familiar with a blizzard

brothers, snowbound, freezing without food or heat ate a lizard The father vanished during the war dogs, soldiers had horse meat bone needles strewn on the shore used all the tails to finish the kilt And so it was left to the highlander this little man dressed as a lady to climb the saddle, wave the banner until the pony grew mare already. Project Room 361 Burn that spider I want to burn the spider's eye I want to scorch the spider's wick to fend for the wall from the inside where the old paint started to leak Off in the cold I went to trees worn fruits wrapped in rags newspaper lining in green coat as in snow they trudge their chest to the rail yard I left the web foraged on hands and bloody knees for scraps of coal whose cobble shape for darker streets knitted the lease I hope to find some potatoes spilled from the spider's ruptured sack Finding none, I take a handle and kill a candle down the neck. I want to burn new stars for dinner Three ice forks pitch in the hold of the kitchen destined for winter while spider's hiding in the cold. Project Room 362 Speech to bikes

The bicycle lock survived And zebra rack? Well, the little framed bulb speaks to you tonight from this very ceiling! Gourmet rack means progress Never again will the hunt be robbed of its animals held hostage by the bicycle lock How proud I am to have the muscles beamed in a forest which will finally give mahogany the right to build furniture. Vapours, I regret to inform you that I have been called away on urgent boiling business and therefore will be unable to stay for the asphalt's tar shower! In closing, however, I should say that without the continued support of carefree bikes the frontier would be nowhere. In the trenches once we used rusty bikes for the fence But spoke bayonet? First rule of war, never let the abundant metal get in the way of a good weapon. Young bikes, I know there are attractions that your owners would like to take you to. But this is not one of them. Don't be afraid of these riders They won't fall off the seat, unless you want them to. I need to have my snake lock as you know in less than a minute the rose of my heart will be declared illegal

by decree of the distinguished girl of our class. Rest assured that forgotten though the leash may be I am in the midst of concluding arrangements that will keep rabid hearts tied to their organ donor? Every accident counts. For what is the point of stealing a bike when you are not in love?

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