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In the United States, as well as many other countries, an engagement ring is worn on the fourth finger of the left

hand This tradition is thought to be from the Romans, who believed this finger to be the beginning of the "vein of love," the vein that leads to the heart They are the promise of commitment and of things to come The ring is a symbol of two peoples love and obligation towards each other It is an important time in the couple's lives and therefore choosing that perfect ring is the first step towards building a life together and therefore a lot of emphasis is placed on getting it right It is a representation of your love and dedication and hence an extremely important piece of jewelry The classic engagement ring is composed of two parts: a diamond and a setting For the best value, find the ring setting she will love, then devote the remainder of your budget to a beautiful, certified diamond Diamonds are used the in most settings, mainly because of their durability and strength These qualities are meant to symbolize the relationship, so the diamond is usually the centerpiece of the ring's setting Diamonds are the best of all jewelry stones available to the serious jewelry buyer Platinum has become the new "it" metal for engagement rings, but it comes with a hefty price tag Fortunately, there are plenty of metals on the market that are still beautiful, elegant and less expensive Designer rings are always more expensive because they offer you the quality that comes with their name as well as a lifetime guarantee You can find ready made rings in almost every jewelry store or you can custom make one to match your requirements, special design and budget An engagement ring signifies a couple's promise to build a future together, but the idea of engagement rings has quite a history all on its own In 1477, Archduke Maximilian of Austria presented a diamond ring to Mary of Burgundy The couple was wed within 24 hours, and this has been labeled as the first recorded account of the engagement ring However, with continual historic discoveries being made, it seems that the symbolism of the engagement ring dates back even further than the 15th century; this story holds its title simply because of the incorporation of the diamond The ancient Roman men gave rings to their lovers which they called betrothal (truth) rings, and they later began to inscribe or engrave the rings with their lover's name This tradition was not established without thought to just the symbolic meaning The Egyptians believed that the vein in the ring finger leads straight to the heart, so by attaching the beloved's name or symbolic gesture to it, he or she was forever connected to the heart With the Middle Ages brought about the tradition of using a diamond as a symbol for the blessed union The diamond is the hardest and strongest mineral on earth, with the ability to resist fire and steel These facts made it the perfect material to symbolize an unbreakable bond between a married man and woman

Yet, at this time, only the wealthy Europeans and those in a position of royalty could afford to profess their love with such an extravagant gesture Jumping ahead to the 19th century, diamonds become more readily available to common folk The markets become flooded with diamonds after the discovery of the Kimberley diamond region in South Africa Instead of a rush of people buying diamond engagement rings, the trend switched to rings with birth stones which seemed to be more of a rarity and, thus, more desirable The wealthy swapped their diamond engagement rings for rings of sapphire, emerald, and ruby with diamond accents, leaving diamonds for the general public to grab The 20th century brought with it a renewed desire for diamonds as Hollywood glamour influenced the public opinion Blond bombshell Marilyn Monroe may be partly to blame with her hit song Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend When looking at the history, it appears that the diamond is not the essence of the engagement ring Like every fashion fad, the diamond has gone in and out of style, and then in again, but one common quality among all the versions of the engagement ring stands forever strong Every girl dreams of being a princess, of being swept off her feet The presence of a diamond on her finger placed by her prince charming gives her the right to declare her royalty At this point in history, diamonds are a symbol of glamour and prosperity while the continuity of the ring shape itself symbolizes the relationship "Promises are like the full moon, if they are not kept at once they diminish day by day " - German Proverb - Promise rings have been very popular not just with teens, but also the older population But what really are these promise rings that are supposed to be a symbol of some important pact between individuals? What do they really mean and what's the big deal about them?A promise ring is a ring worn to indicate a serious promise made to oneself or another Usually, it is given as a physical expression of a pact or an agreement between two people Promise rings are often not very expensive, unlike engagement rings Most promise rings come with a heart design which is symbolic of the love and dedication that comes with the promise There are also some with simplistic designs, which may come with diamonds and other precious stones There are two types of promise rings: the purity ring and the pre-engagement ring Purity rings originated in the United States in the 1900s among Christian who swears to be abstinent until they are married The rings are usually bought by adolescents who wants to show that they are still virgins But these rings are also sold to parents who in turn give them to their children as gifts Pre-engagement ring, on the other hand, is a ring given to a romantic partner to signify a commitment from each other to a monogamous relationship, usually as a precursor to an engagement ring

These type of promise rings are usually worn on the left middle finger or right ring finger to prevent confusion with an actual engagement ring The concept of promise rings are actually ancient, and not really new and original as believed by many people who use them Mythology and ancient writings actually prove that rings have been used to seal promises However, the name "promise ring" is new and was popularized during the 16th and 17th centuries in Europe as rings were exchanged to show friendship Promise rings are also known as scribbling rings and poesy rings Aside from being a symbol of commitment to each other - may it be friendship, marriage or chastity - promise rings can also be a talisman that symbolizes abstinence from bad virtues Bad virtues may include smoking, drinking and using illegal substances Religious groups also use promise rings to show their devotion to a particular saint The meaning of this ring lies in their commitment to follow the teachings, beliefs and examples of their religion in everyday life Aside from being a symbol of a promise, promise rings have also been a fashion trend among many people, including celebrities Some Hollywood stars that were seen sporting this trendy talisman includes Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, the Jonas Brothers (Kevin, Nick and Joe), Jordin Sparks and many others And because of this, many teens are starting to get in the fashion bandwagon and acquiring these rings for themselves It may look simple, but a promise ring is actually a meaningful piece of jewelry that symbolizes more things you can even handle Claddagh rings have been found throughout history as a wedding ring in its first use, and as a sign of friendship or being spoken for in other uses Claddagh rings are often seen as a way of securing a relationship in those with Irish or pagan backgrounds, while others simply use them as a fashionable jewelry Regardless of your personal uses for Claddagh rings, they have been used throughout history and you are taking part in keeping that history alive today Claddagh rings are available in many different metals today, but started out being made of only sterling silver The meaning behind each type of metal will be covered, as each had different meanings and were used for specific ideas and uses Sterling silver Claddagh rings were created and used as wedding rings and promise rings The ring is made of a heart with a crown atop, and is normally given to females to show they are spoken for The silver metal is said to be synonymous with female strength and power as well as Cancers, truth and intuition The sterling silver rings are said to be helpful to females with menstruation, female ailments and illnesses as well as to help invoke the truth in all situations Gold rings of this type are said to increase personal power, relaxation, success and great health Gold is linked historically in magic with divinity and the Sun as well as wealth and higher success

Wearing gold daily is said to help with confidence, will power and courage as well as preserving current health and improving it This is found in Buddhism, Paganism and many other religions and practices Stainless steel is also a common material for Claddagh rings, and is said to keep evil spirits away in many religions Those wearing a ring of stainless steel are said to have higher intuition and powers over others, as well as a purity that they carry with them Copper is also a common ring material, and is said to channel energy For those wearers who believe in the old meanings of the metals their jewelry represents, this type of ring can be powerful for helping draw good energy from your surroundings to use when you are feeling down Platinum is said to be one of the most powerful of all metals for these types of rings, as they can help with health and overall success for males and females Using platinum rings signifies promise, determination and perseverance in all aspects of life Engagement day is one of the most special days in the life of someone It is a day when you declare your love and loyalty to someone you love and you agree to marry him soon It is one step to go to a marriage and surely you are going to remember that day as one of your historical days in your life And, a diamond engagement ring in your finger will remind you about your engagement day forever An engagement ring means more than a precious stone with a high price It should stay on your hands forever to remind you that you have agreed and promised to love, share, and be loyal to your couple An engagement ring is not only as a decoration that makes you more beautiful, but also it is a symbol of your love, loyalty, and dedication Choosing an engagement should not be done carelessly You should be careful and consider some important things before you decide to choose a ring for your engagement It does not have to be a glamour and very high price The most important thing is the ring really represents you and your couple Many people choose diamond as their engagement rings There are some reasons why they choose that precious stone to symbolize their love, loyalty, and dedication It is also the strongest stone so that it is hard to be broken Because of that reasons, diamond is being the best choice for you to be your engagement ring It symbolizes your strong love, loyalty, and dedication Besides, diamond is considered as the most beautiful stone just like woman that is considered as the most beautiful creature in this world However, there is no another better reason you can say than your promise and commitment that are symbolized by the diamond ring The diamond ring as your engagement ring brings a beautiful hope for you and your couple

You should ask your couple if he likes the ring as much as you like it since the ring symbolizes the unity between both of you The diamond ring brings an eternal hope and promise in your engagement day until the end of time You want to spend every waking moment next to her, and when you are apart, you feel as if your life just doesn't have any meaning But are you ready for a commitment yet? Are you ready to take her hand and walk through the ups and downs on life's road and ensure she always feels needed, protected, wanted, and loved? Are you ready for marriage?While some of you may be shaking your heads yes, telling me you are indeed ready to get down on one knee, tie the knot, and stand by her side for the rest of your life, I know some of you are probably scared to death at the thought But the idea of marriage is something you need to think long and hard about These two points of view are completely different, and they offer us a unique insight to the difference between promise rings and engagement rings The Difference Between Promise and Engagement Rings - Promise rings are rings given to a woman or man before an engagement ring is presented This ring does not symbolize a commitment to marriage, but rather a commitment to a monogamous relationship with that particular romantic partner It may also symbolize the desire to marry, in time These rings can be worn on the left ring finger, but are usually worn on other fingers so they are not confused with actual engagement rings Engagement rings, of course, are presented to a romantic partner when you are ready for the lifetime commitment of marriage They usually come after a promise ring, if one is given, and are designed to be the type of ring a woman would love to wear for the rest of her life Why Are Promise Rings Used?Because promise rings are generally much less expensive and elaborate than engagement rings, they are often used as 'place holders ' When a young man is trying to save up for an engagement ring, he presents his love with this place holder to show his intended bride he is committed to the relationship and doesn't want her to go anywhere This gives him a little extra time to save up for those beautiful engagement bands Should I Buy an Engagement or Promise Ring?While many young couples may favour using promise rings before engagement rings, they aren't altogether necessary If you are ready for a life-long commitment to the woman of your dreams, don't settle for a mediocre ring Give her a ring she will want to wear for the next fifty years of your lives A real engagement ring will show her you truly care, and that you are truly interested in standing by her side throughout the years, while a promise ring simply states you 'plan' to become engaged and eventually marry When or if this promise will actually occur, however, is often left up in the air Well, it seems that diamonds are not only meant for engagements any more More diamonds than ever are being sold in the form of right rings An incredible increase in the sales of right hand rings has got many people wondering What is a right hand ring and what does it mean?A right hand ring is one that may have diamonds or other stones, but it does not look like a wedding or engagement ring

They generally are more decorative or ornate than traditional engagement rings or wedding bands The good thing about right hand rings is that you can buy one for yourself!Originally, right hand rings were worn to accentuate the fact that you did not have an engagement or wedding ring on the left hand You could give your suitor a silent hint that you loved diamond rings, but you were purposely leaving that left ring finger open to invitation They are becoming incredibly popular and have pretty much taken over the costume jewelry market Women now want jewelry that compliments their matrimonial set Costume jewelry just does not make the grade any more Why cheapen that beautiful ring on your left hand by wearing something gaudy and fake on the right? Real diamonds and gold or platinum are the way to go Right hand rings make great gifts to give or receive Some give them as an anniversary gift or wedding gift Right hand rings can really show someone how special you think they are You have so many design choices that you may find it hard to make up your mind With this type of gift, you really can not get too luxurious Maybe now you can buy your special lady that diamond that you could not afford back when you were dating and gave her an engagement ring That original ring does not necessarily need to be replaced, but maybe complimented by a giant diamond right hand ring Okay, if giant is not quite your speed, there are plenty of delicate designs to choose from Unlike diamond solitaires, although many right hand rings now sport big diamonds, you can find a right hand ring to fit your budget When you want to give a gift for your woman - a ring can bring the shine back to her eyes if you prefer The rings can be of plain gold or silver if it has no special occasion to mark but if it is the anniversary of yours it can be a diamond ring that will be a pleasant surprise for her The stones for a ring for women can be a single but large stone that scoops out of the ring surface and catches the right shade and light to sparkle A ring can mark any occasion or can be the symbol of your affection for her The ring can be designed out of different metals that are available now They are much lighter and harder so are mostly scratchproof and hence you can etch designs on them or engrave letters or pictures on them as per your choice The Celtic rings have designs that are highly-unique and have meaningful knots or pictures that are there on it The Claddagh rings features heart or hands holding a heart which are beautiful to look at and brings a lot of praise for the one who wears it Some women do have some specific designs from scriptures or other religious symbols that they want as the design on the rings The unique rings for the women can also be something that can bring in a memory that is cherished The rings can be featuring stones that can help your luck or a precious gem that can enliven a party but if you want a ring designed in a particular way you have lots of options in the market for you

The unique ring for the woman can be a promise ring to highlight a relation that has no name as of yet or may be an eternity ring that gives meaning to a relationship and hopes to get to the eternity with the same relation Once upon a time, commitment rings were all the rage with soldiers going off to war who were leaving their sweethearts at home Couple exchanged rings, not to signal their engagement, but as a symbol of their love while they were apart Now in the 21st century, commitment rings are making a comeback Diamonds are all about getting engaged, while gold is associated with marriage But many couples are finding they want something symbolic, something different, as a token of their love towards each other And of course, there are now many couples who aren't ever planning on getting married, but would like to express their love with a ring So contrary to what some people say, commitment rings, or promise rings as they're also known, aren't just a fancy or new-fangled way of saying 'engagement ring' They're just about two people finding a symbol of unity as a way to express their feelings towards each other So what makes a good commitment ring? Check out these six pointers to help you in your quest for a great ring:1) Showing your commitment with a ring isn't necessarily about splashing the cash It's about finding something that expresses a common tie or interest or belief; it's not about making some huge financial investment (you can do that with the engagement ring if everything works out!) And you're in luck because there are some great affordable promise rings on the market 2) Go for something unique, because you are unique and so is your relationship What do I mean by unique? Original design is always a winner, or interesting and unusual materials can be real showstoppers For example, rings made from natural Amazonian seeds that are then inlaid and lined with silver provide an original take on the traditional seed ring And an original ring design needn't mean it's going to break the bank 3) There's a lot to be said for going for a complete contrast with anything that might look an engagement or wedding ring After all, you don't want to give off the wrong message I have an 18-year old friend whose parents freaked when they saw him wearing a promise ring that looked to them like it was a wedding ring 4) Fair trade rings show that you care about our world and care about who is making your jewellery After all, do you really want the rings that symbolise your love to have been made under exploitative conditions?5) It's best to choose your commitment rings together, unless your partner has complete confidence in your taste and choice!6) If you or your partner think of jewellery as more of a female thing, fear not Ultimately, a promise ring is not about hard and fast rules, but about finding rings that you are both comfortable with Bear in mind these simple pointers when you're choosing your promise rings and you'll have a symbol of your relationship to wear and enjoy!

Nothing can say "I love you" in a more defined manner than a diamond eternity band, with its flawless brilliance It is unrivaled in sophistication and brilliance to present an everlasting love and deep friendship between two people A diamond lasts forever and is also known to be a girl's best friend; rest assured any man can win over his girl with a diamond eternity ring to assure her of unwavering love into eternity Convey your love and devotion to your sweetheart as diamonds are the ultimate symbol of love Eternity is defined by dictionaries as infinite time, and totally timeless The design is circular to represent the unbroken bond and unbroken devotion between two lovers and is symbolic of undying love between a man and a woman They are the ultimate in representing the bond between two people Diamond eternity rings comes in two sets: a half diamond circle and a full diamond band with flawless, brilliant cut diamonds It is given and worn as a symbol of devotion to your partner Some women wear a single band whereas others prefer to stack them, adding to the value and significance of the rings These rings can be given for absolutely any occasion as they not only symbolize the eternal circle of love, but also the eternal circle of life Many husbands give eternity rings to their wives to celebrate the birth of children, or for any other occasion that represents loyalty, unwavering partnership, fidelity, eternal friendship, and the promise of a life of togetherness and closeness; it symbolizes various moments and events in people's lives A full diamond eternity ring has stones all around, sometimes making them impractical if the stones are too big, due to the thickness Full rings have to be custom sized and designed, which makes them pricier than half rings, which can be sized Deciding which finger to wear a diamond eternity ring, is a personal choice It usually gets worn on your ring finger, sometimes in place of a wedding band or engagement ring, or in addition to the engagement or wedding band Tungsten Carbide Celtic Rings have been emerging in the tungsten market as strong durable rings with a symbolic meaning Many think as tungsten as the right choice to represent their love, happiness and life due to the indestructible nature of the metal Below are definitions of several Celtic knotwork designs Celtic rings are symbolic, represent something beautiful and ideal for many occasions Interlaced or weaved Celtic design: The interlaced Celtic knotwork is probably the most widely used of the Celtic symbols The Celtic knot work is symbolically in the ever popular Claddagh ring The knot work panel may be made up of a single strip weaving through itself, or any number of strips The Trinity is a common Celtic knot whereas the 3 outer points weave a number of times in the center Spiral knot pattern: The Spiral knot work pattern may occur in double, triple or quadruple swirl patterns

A similar design or example would be the triskelion pattern The triskelion pattern is a symbol consisting of interlocking spirals Zoomorphics: Zoomorphics are designs that have the shape, form, or likeness of an animal The most common animals used are bird, dog, snake, fish or lion The animals are usually twisted upon themselves, with tails ears and body parts weaving in and out other parts, much like regular knot work People: Men and women are usually ordained in celtic art with various hairstyles and clothing with their hair and clothing weaved into a pattern People are drawn either in a full front manner or in perfect profile, never in partial profile Maze Patterns, also called Key Patterns: Key patterns are named for their key-shaped paths, and are based on spirals In fact, key patterns can be thought of as spirals with straight lines Whatever design that is chosen, the meaning will represent something special for a lifetime to come Celtic designed rings are ideal for promise rings, anniversary rings, wedding bands and friendship rings Diamonds are known for their indication of love and commitment You can propose to your girlfriend or boyfriend with a song or with flowers and other gift But won't your girlfriend or boyfriend expect you to buy an engagement ring? Well whenever you are planning to propose her to marry with you then you need a good diamond engagement ring That's because most of the girls would prefer diamonds rather than plain wedding band You should have some basic information about diamonds while shopping for it The first fact you should know while buying it's to check its color The diamond varies from transparent to many colors But the color of diamond is not only the important thing You also need to see the cut, the clarity and the carat of the diamond The certified loose diamonds can cost you bit expensive than non certified diamond But it is better to buy a certified diamonds than buying a fake diamond But how do I know whether it is certified or not? Well there are institutes of testing and grading of the diamonds by professional gemologist It have a certification mark of these institutes like GIA There are various diamonds rings to choose from for your fianc?? / fianc??e There are classic Solitaire Ring, Pave setting Ring, Rings with Side Stones, Butterfly Rings, and Promise rings, Three Stones Ring and Tension ring * The Promise Ring means that you are promising to stay with your fianc??e / fianc?? in happiness and at sorrow times The first, second and third stones refers to past, present and future respectively It means that you are his / her past, present and future love Isn't this the most lovely and romantic ring? Well if you buy this ring your fianc??e / fianc?? will be the happy person in the world * Well there are no words for describing a Solitaire Ring It's the most expensive ring but has a classy rich look You can find these rings on page 3 people and celebrities * Tension Ring is the most beautiful ring for giving to your girlfriend

The diamond is set between the bands which are held with the tension edges It is the most elegant and perfect ring for committed people It means he / she is committed to her / him forever * Ring with Side Stones is used for wedding and in engagement Here a big diamond is placed at the center of the band and two to three small stones are placed on the side of the big diamond This ring specially made for people who find only single diamond very plain * Pave setting Ring is famous for setting the diamonds close to each other It's got a classic look which can never be out of style Basically, a ring is a circular band worn around the finger as an ornament by a man or a woman It can be made of gemstone, plastic, metal, ceramic, wood, or glass It can also be made from clay or any other material Usually precious and semi-precious stones are used to adorn it Diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires are among the most commonly used In addition, it is classified into different types Wedding rings, for instance, are the most popular types of rings They are traditionally worn by couples who vowed to spend the rest of their lives together They are also a means to remind couples of their commitments to each other Nonetheless, there are also different types of rings used for weddings Plain golden bands are considered as the standard type while interwoven types are more preferred by the French Then, there are engagement bands which are also among the popular types of rings However, it became a common practice for men not to wear these Only the women are given expensive and beautiful pieces to show that they are getting married soon Engagement bands are closely related to wedding bands They also represent love, but they are mostly insinuations to other men that the women wearing these little jewelries are already taken So, whenever a man sees a woman wearing an engagement band, he should know that he cannot attempt to woo her Other popular types of rings are purity rings and promise rings These types of rings have only been popular in the previous decades They are a bit similar to promise rings and are basically worn by Christians They can be worn by anyone of any age, although teenagers are more likely to wear them Anyone who wears a purity ring vows not to have any sexual activity until he or she is married They should take a look at their rings whenever they are tempted to do such acts Promise rings, on the other hand, represent promises or commitments Anything can do as long as it is supposed to be kept For instance, a man can wear a promise ring to constantly remind himself of his vow not to drink or smoke anymore They can be worn by a group of friends or be given to people whom they want to be friends with Friendship ships are usually fancy rings that come in different colors and shapes

These types of rings might not represent romance, but they still represent important relationships Friendship rings, or promise rings as they are now frequently called, are given to indicate commitment between the closest of friends The level of commitment indicated may involve a decision to get married, or it can indicate a non-romantic wish that a pact of friendship should always be remembered and honored The historical origins of the friendship rings stretches back to the Ancient world Thousands of years ago rings were worn on necks, noses and ears Most researchers believe that the use of finger rings was first popularized in Ancient Egypt A few thousand years later the Greeks were using rings to indicate pledges In Roman times betrothal rings became popular, and rings with twin hands representing faith (appropriately enough known as faith rings) appeared on the scene Apparently the Romans were the first to introduce the custom of wearing the ring on the third finger of the left hand and engraving rings was another innovation that appeared in Roman times During the Medieval age the giving of friendship rings with clasped hands was popular, while wealthier people began to have costly jewels set into their rings In the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries poesy rings were introduced, with poesy referring to a style of poetry where short lines on the themes of romance or faith were engraved on rings These rings were commonly given as what we would call engagement rings Similarly designed rings are still sold today in a number of online stores and other outlets There is general agreement that a major leap forward in the history of friendship rings occurred in late seventeenth and early eighteenth century Ireland in the Galway Bay area of Western Ireland, and in particular around Claddagh and nearby fishing villages A local goldsmith named Richard Joyce designed a ring that has become known as the claddagh ring His design of two hands clasping a heart symbol with a crown engraved above it has become one of the most enduring and sought after friendship ring designs According to the local legend he learned his craft while held prisoner by Algerian pirates Clearly he must already have been a person of means with connections in high places since the King of England is supposed to have intervened and secured his release Faced with the offer of marrying the daughter of his Algerian master and coming into a rich inheritance, he decided he would nevertheless prefer to return to Ireland Joyce's jewelry business did not continue into the mid-eighteenth century and for a while the claddagh ring went out of fashion However, the success he had enjoyed was remembered by other jewelers in the Galway area and they successfully reintroduced the idea Until the mid-nineteenth century the popularity of the claddagh ring did not extend far beyond the Galway Bay region The introduction of the mechanization into jewelry manufacture in the mid-nineteenth century opened up new possibilities to market these friendship rings to a wider clientele at more competitive prices From this time onwards, the claddagh ring began to build its international profile

Today a variety of designs using identical are similar themes rank high in the popularity lists of friendship rings sold in many jewelry shops and via online sites The amazing growth of the online friendship ring market represents one of the most striking contemporary developments in the history of friendship rings In addition the idea of giving friendship rings is spreading across cultural and national barriers Never have people has such a range of designs and ring materials to choose from nor such convenient ways of buying a ring that meets their aspirations I bet you are not going to believe what I am going to talk about, but you have to, because it's true The story of my husband and I being together is really a magic one It was about one year ago, I was a girl graduated from college It was just an accident that we had a one night stand I greatly repented what I did, if I didn't walk into the wrong hotel room, nothing would happen What a coincidence, he was waiting for his girl friend and I walked unconsciously to his room After that we had never seen each other until 3 months later I wasn't feeling well so I went to the hospital, oh, my god, I was pregnant My boyfriend broke up with me since then It must be the stranger's I was totally lost then, and didn't know what to do I even think about committing suicide, what can I do with a baby? When I went home I saw somebody waiting outside my house, it seemed like the guy When I approached, he turned and said he knew what had happened and asked me to have the baby; he would take care of me I was helpless, so I listened to him and even forgot to ask how he knew everything So we just lived together, he would cook me breakfast, do the laundry, do the shopping and everything for me We were friends then, he told me about his interesting stories, and I just listened and smiled I still didn't know what would happen if I had the baby and he was gone, I never asked because I didn't want to know the answer He even throw me a birthday party, it was the first time someone would treat me so nice As days passing by, I became dependent on him, almost cannot live without him Finally, the day came; I had a daughter, a lovely creature He was so happy, and I could sense that something between us had changed He came and hugged me, I was surprised, because it was the first time he hugged me Suddenly I was wet with tears, without thinking, I sad yes As we get married, I begin to know how he finds me Every time I look at the Tiffany ring, I feel so happy; it's not just a ring What does a mean? It's a promise, a promise from the giver to the receiver it's a symbol, a symbol that demonstrates the eternal love between two people Christian Purity Ring - Christian Jewelry is extremely popular throughout the world One of the most symbolic and meaningful pieces of Christian jewelry includes the purity ring or otherwise known as a promise ring

There are many designs of the purity ring, and there are many reasons why an individual would decide to make a promise of abstinence Some of these reasons include: family beliefs, personal beliefs, desire to avoid the risks of STDs and pregnancy Whatever the reason is for an individual to choose to make a vow of abstinence until marriage, the purity ring is a fantastic method of symbolizing and honoring that promise Additionally, there are alternatives to these rings for those who feel that their vow of abstinence is strictly a personal issue, rather than a public one Designs for Purity Rings - The promise ring comes in countless forms of designs and colors Some of the most popular designs included un-bloomed flowers, Christian fish, common christen symbols, crosses, WWJD, "true love waits," etc Additionally, these rings come in a vast range of qualities A youngster can choose from a basic sterling silver ring or a high-end ring which incorporates diamonds or birthstones Christian jewelry can be just as expensive as non-Christian jewelry However, Christian jewelry is usually significantly more meaningful Alternatives to Rings - Other forms of Christian jewelry can serve as alternatives to the a ring Some people prefer not to wear rings, and others want to make the purity vow in private For those who don't want to show off their vow of purity to the world, there are many pieces of christen jewelry which can be worn beneath the clothing such as pendants or lockets Some individuals prefer bracelets, wristbands, or even necklaces to symbolize their vow of abstinence Why it's Important - Whatever piece of Christian jewelry an individual chooses has relatively little effect on the grand scheme of things The important part is that the individual made the promise to abstain from sex until marriage Outside of that promise, the purity or promise rings are simply a reminder for the individual to keep his or her word to God The jewelry, in itself, has relatively little power If one were to break his or her promise of abstinence, the ring would essentially be powerless Therefore, purity rings can hold a great deal of power one minute, and absolutely no power the next minute Put off buying a cubic zirconia ring because of the negative views you heard about them in some distance time in the past? I can tell you right now that CZ jewelry has changed in the last few years and its no longer the low quality you might tried on in a cheap store a couple of decades ago Today's cubic zirconia rings are so good that many people how have a safe full of ridiculously expensive jewelry which has been handed down through the generations are now getting them remade in cubic zirconia to enable them to keep the expensive items locked up safely at home So the next time you see the rich and famous on TV with a rock the size of a rock on their finger ask yourself if all really is as it appears

The great thing about this is of course is that although most of us can't afford to buy the band never mind the gemstone on the most expensive rings, we can quite easily afford to get something that has been set with a flawless, sparkling CZ stone Whether you are looking for a special little promise ring that looks more special than it costs or you want your partner to buy you a stunning engagement ring, the right purchase can now be found for little more than the price of some standard costume jewelry It is true that cubic zirconia rings don't keep their shine as well as diamonds but we never could expect such a thing All it means is that you need to treat your jewelry with a little respect and you will find that for the price you can't find anything that comes close Whether choosing a personalized ring for yourself or a loved one, you always want to get it right Tailoring a gift to the recipient shows an extra level of care and appreciation that few other gifts can match A carefully chosen personalized ring communicates to the recipient that they are very special and it has instant heirloom potential Here are 10 ideas you should consider if you're looking for a truly unique gift Monogrammed rings are a classic type of personalized ring, particularly popular among men Choosing a block style font is the perfect choice for men, with its masculine look and its sophisticated design For women, a cursive script is classic and elegant Name rings are a hot trend in jewelry, with some of the hippest Hollywood trendsetters wearing them on the red carpet Name rings are ideal for teens and young women who love expressing their individuality Promise rings are popular among older teens and college students who want to express deep commitment without getting engaged To make that ring extra-special, consider having the ring engraved with the names of the couple Birthstones are a not a new or revolutionary concept in jewelry, and are sometimes overlooked in favor of newer styles Each stone has its own individual look, and even the semi-precious stones are beautiful This is a great choice for mothers, especially! You can have a ring engraved with names of the children or grandchildren in the family, or have one set with the birthstones of the children Whether a father-to-daughter message like, "Daddy's Little Girl" or a husband-to-wife "True Love Forever" the message can have a lifetime of meaning and significance to the wearer One of the times in your life when you purchase a ring for a specific function is when you select your wedding ring Consider having the date of your wedding or your names engraved on the inner portion of the ring Often we inherit or receive as gifts rings that belonged to family members If the stones are beautiful but the setting less than ideal, consider having it reset A jeweler can design a setting specific to your tastes

If you have a flair for the creative, consider joining a club to learn how to design and create your own ring Whether you locate a jeweler online or locally, many talented artisans are available to guide you as you come up with a design for a personalized ring When you're looking for a truly unique gift, it is hard to go wrong with a gorgeous personalized ring Consider these suggestions next time you want that extra-special gift Wedding is one of the most significant experiences of your life Both groom and bride have some valuable moments and memories of this moment Everything related to marriage ceremony conveys a message of happiness And the most important part of this event is a wedding ring Wedding rings is very special piece of jewellery and it symbolizes your love and commitment and also binds the two souls who are in love for a life span By exchanging rings the couple promise with each other that they will take care of each other and share all the happiness and sorrow of their life They also show that they are ready to take the responsibility of each other for whole life And not only for bride but for groom also wedding rings hold a very significant place in their life Not only girls but men also think of their wedding ring from many months before the function Always remember that in all the culture the value and significance of wedding ring is the same and it has the same meaning For every groom and bride the ring means something different and special and is the most valuable piece of jewellery And the enjoyment and spark which you can see in their eyes at that moment is just like diamond of the ring Hence it is very important to give a best ring to your partner And today you can find that there are many choices Not only in bridal rings but also in men's ring you can find designer and fashionable rings There are wide variety of rings in different styles, designs and sizes Hence you can easily choose the ring keeping in mind your partner's liking and choice According to tradition you can find that gold wedding rings are popular but today you can find rings in titanium and platinum are more popular These metals are more durable and beautiful compare to gold Always remember it will give a classy look especially when set with diamonds But if you want then you can select other stones also for your ring But always remember before making your selection you must consider the preference of your partner and your budget You must also think of the design and if you want a different design for your ring then you can design your own ring And always remember that today designing your own ring is very easy due to internet There are few online jewellery stores offering you the option of design your own ring by following few simple steps Diamond eternity rings have a deep meaning to them, and this meaning has a long tradition throughout the ages

Many hold that these rings mean the circle of life, and there is indeed historical references to this, right down to the Celtic people Diamond eternity rings of course have extra meaning to the beholder because of this, not to mention these rings sheer beauty, grace, elegance and sophistication Another of the ancient meanings of an eternity ring, is that many hold that it represents never-ending love That which has no end, only a beginning and a journey forward These rings often are a pledge and a promise, to forever hold, cherish and forever bind ones love These pieces of jewelry are a symbol of that pledge and that bond, worn forever on the finger for one and all to see, to say to the world "I have been chosen, I am in love and loved" They are a symbol of the devotion that love brings, a physical symbol Today this symbol is being used for more purposes than just engagement rings They have been used to mark special and important milestones in a special persons life These milestones could be graduation from high school or college, 20 year anniversary or the birth of a couples first child These rings have also been used as promise rings in recent years, as many young people in today's age delay marriage due to how life is these days, school and their careers These rings make either a great choice for a wedding ring or an engagement ring All women consider getting a diamond ring a monumental moment within their life The symbolism of this ring is one of the reasons it makes a great choice, besides the fact they have elegant beauty to them Many women will only get 2 diamond rings within their lifetime, an engagement ring and a wedding ring, so it is wise to choose a ring with meaning and not just its good looks Even though these rings have several traditional meanings in several cultures, these rings can represent whatever you want them to Most people associate eternal never-ending time or love with these rings, but they can mark events in your life as well Traditional diamond eternity rings have small diamonds around its band, forming a circle It should be noted this ring vastly differs from a pave ring however Should you be in the market for a diamond eternity ring, be careful shopping You want to pick a ring where the diamonds are set securely Also at least look for a shop or online source with some guarantee or refund policy in case of a loose setting It also helps to research diamond grades and diamond sizes, and to figure out what metal you desire to have for the band the most before setting of looking For more information on diamond eternity rings or diamond rings in general, feel free to check out the resource box below Incorporating various geometrical shapes in diamond engagement rings creates additional visual interest This can be done by selecting a geometrically shaped center diamond for a solitaire or other style diamond engagement ring The effect may also be achieved by a ring setting where round or princess shaped diamonds are set in a design to emphasize a particular shape

Finally a more traditional round diamond center engagement ring can be given visual interest geometrically by pairing it with a single or pair of diamond wedding bands that form a geometrical shape around the center diamond(s) When selecting a particular shaped diamond, the first consideration is always whether or not the person has a favorite diamond shape If they do, this is definitely the shape that you want to select Otherwise, consider how the different shapes, with the ball park dimensions, will look on the person's finger Keep in mind however that diamonds carat sizes are determined by weight not dimensions A marquise, emerald cut, pear shaped or cushion diamond can add a great deal of visual interest to a solitaire or other ring setting Equally beautiful and appealing is a princess cut diamond set turned to give a diamond shaped look Achieving the effect with round and princess cut diamonds produces beautiful results as well Princess cut diamonds grouped together and turned can be used to create a larger, more substantial diamond shaped look Round diamonds surrounding a larger emerald cut, oval shaped or round diamond in a halo lends more visual interest in addition to making the resulting ring appear more substantial on the recipient's finger Combining princess shaped or round diamonds grouped together at the center as well as in swirls or bands can be used to create very distinctive and exquisite diamond engagement rings and wedding ring sets Having a traditional style round diamond center engagement ring, princess cut or three stone round or princess cut diamond engagement ring does not mean additional visual interest cannot be added Pairing these rings with one or two wedding band rings that incorporate rounded, swirled or triangular details can create a beautiful unique effect For example, a round solitaire with two wedding rings that when combined create a diamond shape around the center diamond or a two wedding ring set that forms a circular or oval shape around the diamond center Various styles of wedding ring sets could also be tried as pairings with three stone diamond engagement rings as well as other style rings to produce the desired effect Regardless of how you incorporate geometric shapes to produce visual interest in your diamond engagement ring, doing this is sure to produce an exquisite ring or wedding ring set that will stand out, encourage many complements and give the bride a ring that will be loved for many years to come It could also be cherished as a family heirloom to pass down to future brides Adding visual interest can be just what is needed to take a ring from ordinary to extraordinary There are many famous stories and songs of Celtic people Their stories and songs are mainly directed towards God That is why they are famous for their spiritual faith What they create has something meaningful and is attached to God This whole spiritual designs and everything started in sixth century

One of their most famous creations is Celtic rings These rings are used as wedding rings, engagement rings, promise rings, friendship rings and many more The most common designs that you will find in these rings are spirals, knots and scrolls Celtic people are following this tradition for so long This tradition has been passed on from generation to generation Spirals, knots and scrolls have a unique meaning and this meaning was decided long ago But now people also assume their own meaning while buying or gifting it to somebody These rings symbolize the never ending love between God and humanity and man and woman Mostly these rings are designed in silver and gold or the combination of both the metals When this trend started to design these rings in iron and gold but now these rings are becoming more precious by designing it in gold and silver Beautiful knots and other designs like animals are beautifully crafted on it Different spirals, knots, crosses, weaves and many more such designs have different meanings Nobody has written the meanings of these designs but in the past it has some meaning Though there is nothing written about each set of knots, weaves or crosses but people believes that if these rings show the Irish culture, there is a meaning attached to these knots, weaves and crosses The best and the trusted place to buy Celtic ring is internet All you have to do is search on internet bout the sites that are working in the field of preparing and selling high quality rings In these sites you will find the contact numbers to order the ring or you can directly use your credit card and order one you like There are different categories in the site and you can find the ring of your choice There are different types of rings available like rings for father, mother, if you want to gift someone on Christmas or on valentines, etc Images of the rings are available with prices and you can choose the ring of your choice In some sites you will also get the offer of free shipping in just seven days Also you do not have to go there to get one you like Every detail is included but always be reminded that you should always choose the most trusted site for your purchase For example, it is not uncommon for a man to walk into a bar, see a woman he finds attractive and for that man to immediately look at a woman's left hand Not if you're aware of the custom of wearing a ring on your ring finger of your left hand to symbolize your marital status The engagement and wedding rings aren't the only symbolic rings however There is an entire world of rings called fede rings that also symbolize union The most popular type of fede rings are claddagh rings These rings, which gain their name from the small town outside of Galway Ireland where they were founded, are a special type of ring that can symbolize many different iterations of marital status The ring, which features two hands clasping a heart and a crown over the heart, can be worn in a number of ways

If it is worn on the right hand with the point of the heart facing away from the body, it means that the person wearing it has no romantic attachment and is free to be courted However, beware boys because if the ring is on that same finger, but the point of the heart is facing in, it means that there is a strong romantic bond between that person and another It does not however mean they are engaged to be married When worn on the left hand ring finger, regardless of orientation of the heart, it means that the person is engaged or married While Claddagh rings have mainly been a symbol of Irish culture, they are worn by many nationalities as a symbol of attachment Another interesting fact is that even though they have been produced on a consistent basis in Galway, Ireland since around the 1700s, the term "Claddagh" did not come about until the 1840s!These Claddagh rings have not only a symbolic purpose for a couple who is getting married, or for someone looking for love, they also have a personal and strong family symbolism It is tradition that the ring will be passed from a mother to her future-son-in-law to give to his bride to be as an engagement ring This way the ring is handed down through the generations to give extra meaning It is interesting that a tradition that began in the earliest of the Renaissance years has survived with such vigor throughout the centuries to still be relevant and meaningful today Tungsten rings are the versatile choice when choosing a fashion piece to wear Tungsten rings can be worn as a wedding band, couple rings, promise ring or fashion ring Tungsten retailers now offer large selections of carbide rings, ready to accommodate every shopper The actual jewelry stores that sell tungsten rings will most likely feature simpler, more classic styles whereas the online retailers will offer more unique styles along with the everyday classics There is typically many different styles to choose from including the classic, Celtic, precious metal inlays, unique inlays and colored tungsten bands Classic tungsten carbide rings: Classic tungsten bands include traditional dome and flat ring styles Classic tungsten rings are available for both men and women and come in many different widths and finishes Traditional widths for women's tungsten wedding bands are typically between 2-6mm in widths where a men's typical wedding band width is between 7-10mm in width Many online companies start their tungsten ring widths at a 4mm, few start at a 2mm width due to the complexity in manufacturing such a thin width Celtic tungsten bands: Celtic tungsten carbide bands are the classic carbide ring styling with a meaningful twist Celtic bands are popular for both men and women and not only sell for wedding bands but also couple rings, promise rings and anniversary bands Precious metal inlays: Tungsten rings with precious metal inlays give people the durability of tungsten along with have the more traditional metals inlaid into the center of the ring The more traditional metals include gold, platinum, silver and palladium

Palladium is increasing in popularity due to being similar to platinum with a much lower price point Inlays can be a simple polished inlay flush with the surface or a more unique woven or braided inlay Unique Inlays: Unique inlays in tungsten rings consist of shell, carbon fiber and wood Unique inlays are slightly more fragile than your standard precious metal inlay however the beauty surpasses the fragility of the inlay Colored tungsten bands: Colored tungsten wedding bands consist of typically black and gold colored rings Black and gold rings are plated with a thin layer of zirconium, which is very similar to titanium in terms of strength and durability Zirconium is extremely durable however over time will begin to fade and scratch This is unavoidable as the tungsten metal is unable to be colored through chemical means The plating can be recoated if over time the ring loses its vibrant color Over all tungsten rings are the right choice to use for any jewelry occasion The durability of a standard tungsten ring surpasses all other precious metals not only in strength but also in cost Tungsten weddings bands are inexpensive, unique and available for both men and women