It's Gay Bowl week, Denver is ready, and some of you have already arrived! Welcome to the MillerCoors Gay Bowl XII Denver! You've booked 215 rooms at the Embassy Suites and The Curtis, and we're expecting 700+ at the Closing Ceremonies. Wow. Denver's presenting sponsor, MillerCoors, has provided a $10,000 cash sponsorship to help execute the event. In addition to providing product at the beer garden, MillerCoors has provided branded tents, chairs, signage, and several items in the swag bag. So to show your appreciation, head on over to their facebook page and LIKE them!! Denver is extremely excited to host you at Dick's Sporting Goods Park (let the pithy comments commence!). The fields are immaculate, the beer garden (thanks MillerCoors!!) will be in full force, and the layout of the venue will be it very easy to get around, catch all the action, and still remain centrally located for the largest Gay Bowl to date! If you haven't seen it, the tournament pod and bracket schedule is posted. You'll recall that the format is a bit different this year based on the recommendations of the non-Board Gay Bowl Progress & Evolution Task Force that then were passed unanimously by the Board. The upshot of the changes is the introduction of a B Division and more balanced pool play, all the while maintaining a path to the championship for any team that competes. We feel strongly that format will result in far fewer blowouts, many more nail-biters, and a more compelling and

constructive tournament all the way around. (Remember to bring your own flags and footballs!) Also be sure to familiarize yourselves with the changes to the Rules of Play. And please make sure your roster is aligned with all of the elements of team integrity. Here are few basic reminders: • No more than 20% of your team can reside in areas outside your team's PAUGA or service area • Players residing in another team's PAUGA must have long ago received a waiver from the city in which they reside • At least four LGBT players per team must be on the field at any given time • If teams have more than five straight allies on their rosters, then the team captain must declare which five are eligible for that particular game at the coin toss We trust the honor, honesty, and integrity of all cities and participants. We're here to win the right way, and we know you agree!

THE WILD CARD One of the important and fun wrinkles in the new tournament format is the introduction of the Wild Card round. Coming out of pool play, the bottom four seeds of the A Division will have to play the top four seeds of the B Division in order to remain in the Championship Bracket. The point is two-fold: The Wild Card provides a path to victory to new or up-and-coming teams that had been seeded in the B Division based on their previous year's performance. And it also forces the last four seeds in the A Division to demonstrate that they truly belong with the big boys and girls. (Remember to bring your own flags and footballs!) The Wild Card round begins at 1.00pm on Saturday and should be some of the most exciting and competitive games of the weekend. We strongly encourage you to stick around and scout out the action. The food trucks and beer garden should make the time particularly exciting!!

SHAKE YO' GROOVE THANG!... Starting Wednesday the 19th, the Denver Gay Bowl Committee has lined up a series of great events where you can mix and mingle and get to know one another and the Colorado locals (with the highest percentage of males to females of any major city in the US, the don't call it "Menver" for nothing!). All of the events are free of cover and open to the public. Check 'em out!... (Remember to bring your own flags and footballs!) Wednesday, September 19th 9:00pm: X Bar – Pre-Game. Drag Queen Bingo with Shanida and Nina will entertain with $3 tall wells all night long, dealing fabulous prizes including VIP access at the fields! And it’s a 20-

minute walk from the Embassy Suites. Thursday, September 20th 9:00pm: Charlie's Denver – The Welcome Party. With most folks coming in for the Gay Bowl Tournament on Thursday, we’ll extend a two-stepping Mile High welcome with Charlie’s famous ½ Price Thursdays! It’s also a 20-minute walk from the Embassy Suites. Friday, September 21st 9:00pm: Denver Wrangler - The Men’s Party on Leather Friday. Leather, rubber, gear, uniform or shirtless is required to enter the back alley bar. There are no dress requirements to enter the main bar. Drink specials. Woof. And it’s an 18-minute walk from the Embassy Suites. 9:00pm: Eden - The Women's Party. Teaming up with Hip Chicks Out & Babes Around Denver for giant jenga, flip cup action, and dance floor debauchery! Late night happy hour (11 p.m. to midnight) with $4 calls (shots or mixed drinks). And it’s an 18-minute walk from the Embassy Suites (we thought this sh!t out, right?!). Saturday, September 22nd 9:00pm: X Bar - Dance Party. Just in time with a huge expansion, X Bar will feature two DJs (main floor and upstairs) and 3 bar areas (main floor, upstairs and the giant patio). $5 Svedka talls drink special with Gay Bowl credentials. Sunday, September 23rd 9:00pm: Cowboy Lounge - Closing Party, a 17-minute walk from the Embassy Suites. Whether your pace is to go out with a bang tearing up the dance floor or to chill out on the rooftop enjoying the Denver skyline at night, this is the last night of what promises to be a fantastic weekend!

WELCOME WOMENSSSSS Gay Bowl XII Denver will feature the tournament’s first-ever women’s division. Seven teams from locations including Chicago, New York and Denver will be competing. The NGFFL urges everyone participating to pause for a moment and take in a women's game. We're all LGBT, and ALL bring it on the field. When you see one of these women making the big play, and you certainly will, pause to cheer. Or even better, take a moment to thank her for showing up and laying it down on the field like a badass in the Gay Bowl tradition. How fortunate we all are to be one community in celebration of excellence in our amazing sport.

HONOR THE 2012 INDUCTEES OF THE NGFFL HALL OF FAME This year we had an impressive number of contenders for the 2012 Class of the NGFFL Hall of Fame. From league founders, to Gay Bowl champions, to straight allies, those nominated displayed the breadth of talent and commitment among the family of players that make up the NGFFL. Though many were worthy, only a few could be chosen. Those being inducted this year had to survive two rounds of voting – first by a committee of members of the Hall of Fame, Board members, and the current and just-past Gay Bowl Director, then by City Leaders for a final vote. Each nominee was carefully scrutinized and had to receive 80% approval within the first round, then 60% with the second round.

(Remember to bring your own flags and footballs!) At the Gay Bowl closing ceremonies in Denver this weekend, the 2012 class of the NGFFL Hall of Fame will be unveiled and inducted. It is the highest individual honor in the NGFFL community. Join us on Sunday to celebrate their induction and raise a glass to the new HOF Class!

NGFFL BOARD & BEER HOUR Who wants to meet the amazing volunteers who are charting the future of Gay Bowl? Who wants to learn more about the NGFFL's vision of more LGBT people playing flag football in more places? Have any ideas you'd like to share? Please join the members of the Board and the Gay Bowl Progress & Evolution Task Force on Thursday 4:30-5:30pm for the NGFFL Board & Beer Hour. It's at Elements in the Embassy Suites (a very cool little spot, btw), the host hotel at 14th and Stout.

COMMISSIONER AND BOARD ELECTIONS This week, city leaders will vote for a new commissioner to replace Shane Kinkennon, who is closing out his two-year term this December. One brave leader amongst us has put up his hand for the role, and we thank Jared Garduno (PHX) for his courage and energy in this endeavor. While Jared is the only candidate, a formal vote of city leaders is required by our bylaws. Later this year, a call for nominees for the two other open slots on the Board will be issued. Please start thinking about good leaders in your cities who have demonstrated followthrough, dedication, long-term thinking, and a fair and rational attitude. And please start encouraging them to run. This league and its accomplishments will only be as good as the volunteers leading it, so please consider giving back and helping us push forward.

FINALLY Have fun! Play hard! Don’t be a d!ck! Make friends! And represent your cities and yourselves with integrity and gusto. Can’t wait to welcome you all!!