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3511NW 9lstAvenue, UnitedStates Southem Command, MEMORANDUMFORCommander, Miami. L33172. F to Recommendation Transfer the Controlof AnotherCountryfor to SUBJECT:Update (S) (TRCD)for Guantanamo ISN: US9LY-000557DP Detainee, Detention Continued

Assessment JTF GTMODetainee
Information: 1. (FOUO) Personal
o JDIMSAIDRC ReferenceName: Abu Sufian Ibrahim Ahmed Hamouda o Aliases and Current/TrueName: Abu Sufian Ibrahim Ahmed Hamuda Bin Oumu. Abu Mariam. Abdul Faris Al Libi. Abu Faris Al Libi. Marwan. Al Hassari.Abdul RazzaqHamad. Ibn Mabrukah Hamad o Placeof Birth: Darna.Libya (LY) o Date of Birth: 26 }une 1959 o Citizenship: Libya o InternmentSerialNumber (ISN): US9LY-000557DP 2. (FOUO) Health: Detaineehas a non-specificpersonalitydisorder. He has no known drug and refuses allergiesand is not on any chronic medications.Detaineehas latentTuberculosis treatment. He has no travel restrictions.

3. (S//NF)JTF GTMO Assessment: to detainee Transferred the be a. (S) Recommendation: JTFGTMO recommends (TRCD). Detention Controlof AnotherCountryfor Continued Retainin DoD (DoD)on assessed detainee b. (S//NF)Summary: JTFGTMO previously previous it is assessment, since detainee's 23 August2003.Based uponinformation obtained

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S E C R E T //NOFORN I I 20300422 JTF GTMO-CG SUBJECT: Update Recommendationto Transfer to the Control of Another Country for Detainee, ISN: US9LY-000557DP(S) ContinuedDetention(TRCD) for Guantanamo now recommendedhe be Transferredto the Control of Another Country for Continued Detention (TRCD) to his country of origin (Libya) if a satisfactoryagreementcan be reached that allows accessto detaineeand/or accessto exploited intelligence. If a satisfactory agreementcannot be reachedfor his continued detention in Libya, he should be retained under DoD control. as For this updaterecommendation,detaineeis assessed a former member of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), a probablememberof Al Qaida,and a memberof the North African Extremist Network OIAEN). Detaineeused his employment at the Wafa this Humanitarian Organization (AL-Wafa) as a front for extremist activities. It is assessed is detainee a MEDIUM to HIGH risk, as he is likely to posea threatto the US, its interests and allies. noted,the following 4. (S//NF) Detainee Background Summary: Unlessotherwise paragraphsare basedsolely on the detainee'sstatements. a. Prior History: Detaineeservedas a tank driver in the Libyan armedforcesas a private. The Libyan Govemment stateshe was addictedto illegal drugs/narcoticsand had been accusedof a number of crimes including: murder, physical assault,armed assault,and from to distributingnarcotics. He was sentenced l0 yearsin prison. In 1993,he escaped prison and fled to Egypt. He traveled to Afghanistan (AF) and trained at Usama Bin Laden's (UBL) Torkham Camp. After participatingin the Sovietjihad, he moved to Sudan(SU). in Detaineeworked as a truck driver for Wadi Al-'Aqiq, one of UBL's companies Suba,SU. The Libyan Govemment funher stateddetaineejoined LIFG and was assignedto the military govemments,he left Sudan committee. Under pressurefrom the Libyan and Sudanese sometimein 1997,using a false Mauritanian passport. He traveled to Pakistan(PK), where he residedin the areanear the Al-Atariyah University/mosque(variants Al Yassir Al Khayria, Athariya and Atharia) in Peshawar. b. Training and Activities: In 1998,he withdrew from the LIFG andjoined the Taliban movement (this is likely a referenceto Al-Qaida support to the Taliban). He moved to to where he lived with Abu Zayd Al-Tunisi (assessed be US9LY-000721). In Peshawar PK 2000,he lived in the tribal region of Peshawar, (This is anareaundertribal control,not governmentcontrol. UBL was known to have spenttime in this area). He communicated with likely extremist elementsin Afghanistan via radio during this period, indicating a position of leadership. Around August to November 2001, detaineeworked for Al-Wafa in Kabul, AF. Detaineefought with the Taliban againstthe Northem Alliance and was woundedin the leg. He left Kabul aroundmid-November2001. Khalid MahmoundAbdul where he likely assistedthe Al Wahad, US9JO-000589,stateddetaineefled to Peshawar, Foundation in relocating extremistsand their families. Detaineearrived in Peshawar Qadhafi

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S E C R E T //NOFORN I I 20300422 JTF GTMO-CG SUBJECT: Update Recommendationto Transfer to the Control of Another Country for ContinuedDetention(TRCD) for Guantanamo Detainee, ISN: US9LY-000557DP(S) no later than 4 December2001, after transiting first through Logar, AF, and then Khowst, AF. c. (S) Gapture lnformation: The Pakistanipolice were tipped off as to detainee's location by Libyan nationals from the Libyan Humanitarian Organization aka Qadhafi Organization. In Peshawar,PK, PakistaniPolice apprehended detaineeat the PlazaHotel, where he was staying. Detaineewas then turned over to US forces. (Analyst note: The Qadhafi Organization operatedout of the Libyan Embassyand worked to secure transportationto Libya for any Arab fleeing the region, including Al-Qaida members. There appeared have been an agreementbetweenthe governmentsof Libya and Pakistanthat to allowed the Pakistanisto interview the Arabs before they left. Detaineewas likely detained by the Pakistani'sand turned over to US forcesagainstthe Libyan govemment'swishesdue to discrepancies his story.) in

d. (S) Transferredto JTF GTMO: 5 May2002 e. (S//NF)Reasonsfor Transferto JTF GTMO: Toprovide information the on
following: o o o The Al-Wafa Organization Al-Wafa officials Al-Qaida/Al Wafa relationship and financial operations

5. (S//NF) Detainee Threat: posesa MEDIUM to HIGH risk, as he is a. (S) Assessment: It is assessed detainee the likely to posea threatto the US, its interests and allies.

Reasons ContinuedDetention: b. (S//NF) for
. (S) Detaineehas a long-termassociation with Islamic extremistjihad and membersof Al-Qaida and other extremist groups. Detaineerefusesto disclosecomplete information regardinghis past,associates, activities. and . (S//I{F) The Libyan Govemment considersdetaineea "dangerousman with no qualms about committing terrorist acts. He was known as one of the extremist commandersof the Afghan Arabs." (Analyst note: "The Afghan Arabs" refers to Arab Mujahideen that electedto stay in Afghanistan and Pakistanfollowing the Soviet Jihad. In this position detaineewould be linked, at least indirectly, to the Taliban, Al-Qaida, NAEN, and other extremistelements the region during the mid to late 1990's. He is in


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S E C R E T //NOFORN I I 20300422 JTF GTMO-CG SUBJECT: Update Recommendationto Transfer to the Control of Another Country for Detainee, ISN: US9LY-000557DP(S) ContinuedDetention(TRCD) for Guantanamo his to not assessed have been a senior level commanderand likely lost or surrendered leadershiprole when he left the LIFG community.) . (S) Detaineeis an associate UBL's from Sudan. Al Sheikh,possiblya reference to of Ibn SheikhAl Libi, recommended detainee UBL. UBL reportedlyknows detainee's to while living in very well. Detaineedrove a truck for one of UBL's companies brother Sudan. . (S) Detaineehasknown or suspected to associations the following NAEN or LIFG members: (Analyst note: NAEN is a Tier 0 CounterterrorismTarget defined as terrorist groupswhich posea clear and immediatedangerto US personsor interests.The LIFG is a Tier 1 Counterterrorismtarget defined as terrorist groups,especially those with state support,that have demonstrated intention and the capability to attack US personsor the interests.) o Abdul Latif Al Turki, US9AF-000556 o AbuZar (variant Thar) o Ashraf Salim Abd Al Sharif,US9LY 000263(ISN 263) o Umar Al Libi, US9LY 000695(ISN 695) o Abu Nasim Al Tunisi (NAEN Facilitator) o Abd Al Karim Al Libi o Abu Hazim Al Libi o Abu Sulaiman Al Jazairi, o Abu Tayyib o Abd Al Latif Al Libi, o HamzaAl Libi o Saif Al Libi, o Abu Za'ah, Abu Wathilh Al Libi. o (S/AIF) Detaineehas admitted or has alleged associations with numerousextremist elements and personalities, includethe following: to o Rida Walili, US9EG-000663 (ISN 663) o AbuZayed Al Tunisi (likely ISN 721) o Ayyub Al Libi, Al-Qaida/LIFG facilitator o Ansaf Sarraf o Abu Al Munthir o Abu Abdullah Al Sadiq o (S/AIF) Abu Zubaydah,Al-Qaida facilitator, recognizeddetaineeas a former member of the LIFG. Abu Zubaydah statedhe provided detaineewith a false Iraqi passportat the requestof Abu JaffarAl Iraqi in 1999. (Analyst note: Detaineehas not acknowledged theseassociations.) . (S) Ibn Sheikh Al Libi, Khaldan camp director and Al-Qaida member, identified detainee.

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S E C R E T //NOFORN / I 20300422 JTFGTMO-CG SUBJECT:UpdateRecommendation Transfer the Controlof AnotherCountryfor to to (TRCD)for Guantanamo (S) Detention Detainee, ISN: US9LY-000557DP Continued
o (S) Ibn Sheikh Al Libi noted detaineeworked at the Wafa organizationafter having financial difficulties. Abu Zubaydahmet detaineeat Ibn Sheikh Al Libi's guesthouse Kabul in 2000. (Analyst note: There is reporting detaineewas in ostracizedfrom the Libyan community, at which time he cameto Wafa seeking employment. The financial difficulties may have arisenfrom detainee'sfalling from favor in the Libyan community, which would result in losing the monthly stipends noted in Al-Qaida documentsand a subsequent need for funds. There is no reporting relations other than his links to Abu on the actual causeof detainee'sdecreased Wathilh Al Libi's group.The needfor funds may simply be an aspectof his cover story to misleadintenogations.) . (S) Detaineeassociated with (andwas likely a memberof) Abu Wathilh Al Libi's group,which had splinteredfrom the LIFG due to disagreements. Libi's group was Al linked to Abu Zubaydah's North African network of facilitators. Abu Wathilh Al Libi is a reported alias for Abdul Latif Al Libi (variant Wathelal, possibly aka Khaled Al Madaoui),a one-timeseniormemberof the LIFG. Al Libi was known to attendthe Athariyah mosqueat approximately the sametime detaineeis believed to have an associationwith the mosque.The detaineeintroduced Al Libi to NAEN facilitator, Abu Nasim. Al Libi, a UBL associate, relocatedfrom Pakistanto Afghanistanby August had 2000. o (S) In November 2000, Abdul Latif (Abu Wathilh Al Libi) was in Europe enroute to the UK and appearedto have a working relationship with the North African network in the UK. With the UK as his destination,Abdul Latif likely has associations with the Doha group and personnelwithin the extremist mosquessuch as Finsbury Park. (Analyst note: The Doha group was an extremist facilitation network within the UK directedby Abu Doha. Abu Doha is suspected conspiracyto of commit terrorist attacksagainstthe US in associationwith convicted Millennium plotter Ahmed Ressam.Abu Doha is also suspected being the architect for an of Algerian terrorist network within Europe.) o (S) Since membersof the Algerian terrorist network passedthrough the mosque and are known to have traveled to locations in which detaineeresided,and since detaineehad a working associationwith Abdul Latil detaineelikely has associations with NAEN facilitators and recruits as well. The detaineelikely servedas a conduit for the NAEN within Wafa. o (S/A.{F) receiving Detainee'salias is found on a list of probableAl-Qaida personnel monthly stipends. His aliaswas also found on Al-Qaida's 11 September attacksfinancier Mustafa Al Hawsawi's laptop as an Al-Qaida member receiving family support. Detainee'sprobable name was found in the pocket litter of Arab Mujahideen who entered Croatia from Bosnra rn 1996. One of the mujahid who had his pocket litter confiscated was Isa Muqrin, leader of the Al-Qaida Muqrin cell in Saudi Arabia responsiblefor the beheadingof US citizenPaul Johnson.

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S E C R E T //NOFORN I / 20300422 JTF GTMO-CG SUBJECT: Update Recommendationto Transfer to the Control of Another Country for Detainee, ISN: US9LY-000557DP(S) ContinuedDetention(TRCD) for Guantanamo o (S/NF) LIFG facilitator Abu Nisim, identified detaineeas a neighbor who ran a in Libyan guesthouse Peshawar. . (S) Detaineeusesa variety of counter-interrogationtechniquesto guide intenogations and prevent disclosureof information of an incriminating nature. Detaineehas willingly admitted to criminal activity such as drug use, probably in an attempt to show and his activities. There are cooperation,but is guardedwhen discussingassociates numerousinconsistenciesand timeline gaps in detainee'sstory, evident when compared with other intelligence reporting. c. (S//NF) Detainee's Conduct: Detainee'sbehaviorhasbeengenerallyuncooperative and aggressive.He has been cited numeroustimes for failure to comply, harassingguards, on27 July 2003. Detainee'smost and hostile/incitingactivity. Detaineehad one assault on recentincident involved harassment 7 March 2005.

ValueAssessment: Detainee Intelligence 6. (S//NF) value. is this a. (S) Assessment: JTFGTMOdetermined detainee of HIGHintelligence
. (S) Detaineehas information on Al-Qaida in Sudanand CentralAsia. Additionally, personnel, of and operations the LIFG he has information on the facilities,capabilities, and the NAEN. b. (S/NF) Areas of Potential Exploitation: o o o Al-Wafa NGO UBL commercial and militant activities in Sudan Al-Qaida in Afghanistan and Pakistan o Training - Torkham Camp, trainers, curriculum o Athariyah Mosque - use by and support to extremist personnel o Senior personnel- including Abu Zubaidah, Sheikh Isa, and Isa Muqrin and relationship to extremist elementsand terrorist operations LIFG and NAEN o Personnel o Facilities and locations - guesthouses, Peshawarand Tribal Areas of support, training and logistical facilities, Jalalabadand Kabul support structure o United Kingdom - Personalitiesand recruiting operations o Egressassistance providedto fleeing Al-Qaida and extremistmembersby indigenousand foreign parties including the Qadhafi organizationand likely the Lashkar E Tayyiba basedon its historical support


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S E C RE T // NOFORN/ I 20300422 JTFGTMO-CG to to SUBJECT:UpdateRecommendation Transfer the Controlof AnotherCountryfor (S) (TRCD)for Guantanamo Detainee, ISN: US9LY-000557DP Detention Continued on 2004, 7. (S) EC Status: Detainee's enemy combatant status reassessed 2 November was an andhe remains enemycombatant.

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