Chapter 3

Research Problem Theory Background A questionnaire is a tool which is popular with research methodology in academy and institute the use of questionnaire has also transcended into the business for instance in the area of market research questionnaire is used to evaluate consumer taste preference for a particular product as well as measure product acceptability. Similarly, a questionnaire is used to measure consumer satisfaction on a particular product or services. In the health industry the use of Questionnaires is usually adopted to collect primary quantitative data from patients and healthcare professionals who is aimed at gathering valid, reliable, unbiased and discriminatory data from a representative sample of respondents. Health Technology Assessment 2001; Vol. 5:

No. 31.
Data collection has been a medium used to collect and process relevant information which could be analysed and presented for informed decision making. This data could be historical data such as figures about previous event statistics and perception which are often analysed to provide future inference. The analysis of such data collected is analysed using relevant statistical tools for data analysis. Such data could be in form of a primary data or secondary data. The use of such data forms the basis of formulation of certain theory or postulations. Questionnaire design has become widely adopted in the world of e-commerce; it is used as a tool for improving business processes. It has taken many forms; this includes the survey performed via a website to access quality of web service after a virtual chat in company, which usually come in form of short questions which are answered within a very few minutes. However the effectiveness or otherwise of any data analysis or decision making is a function of the accuracy of the data collected which also is a function of how and manner which the data collection process reflects the relevance in the overall process. A good collection process of any data is the questionnaire which is designed to specifically cover as much relevant data to be required for informed decision making.

the concepts you can explore. This approach will enable the . p. Hence the questionnaire is expected to cover relevant energy efficiency measures which will be conducted via an on line system. it is that the respondent defines what you can do: the types of questions you can reasonably ask. He described a questionnaire as a structure consisting of several different layers which must be simultaneously integrated into an overall entity whose properties are greater than the sum of the properties of the individual layers. 1983. and ultimately providing required recommendations. the methodology you can employ. nor is it a question merely a series of words.).181). The American Institute of public opinion pretest their questions in order to ensure that its context and meaning are understood by the respondents and to avoid possibility of unknown issue to the low and average public (Katz 1940 p. and also how the series of questions will be structured to follow a methodological process. However a fundamental problem in the assessment of the energy performance measures for the purpose of this research will be how to determine what constitute an appropriate set of questions and how the questionnaire should be designed to reflect the objectives. the argument which discusses graphic language. In light of this the research will design a questionnaire as a test of what the actual questionnaire will be capable of doing. cognition.Statement of the Problem According to Labaw. This is because much emphasis will be on the ability of the questionnaire to assess and provide relevant recommendation. According to Philip Gendall (1998) If there is a single. The only way to evaluate in advance the possibility of success of a questionnaire is to conduct a pretest with the respondents Stanley (Presse et al. In line with Labaw’s argument a fundamental problem is the development of a questionnaire which will be accessible via a mobile device. a questionnaire is not simply a series of questions. fundamental principle of questionnaire design. This questionnaire design is different because it will be continuously used as a web based assessment for Green Deal measures. visual perception and motivation as precursors to the development of principles of self-administered questionnaire design.226). The set of questions in the questionnaire itself will serve as a basis for the actual design of the mobile application and the data collected from the pretest questionnaire will be sufficient in determining the success or otherwise of the questionnaire.279) . solving a problem (assessing energy performance). The argument of Phillip Gendall will be applied while designing the questionnaire but will not take in to consideration of Jenkins & Dillman (1995). the types of words you can reasonably use. This will require much interactivity compared to a paper based questionnaire because the application should have the capacity of providing the right recommendations based on the users responses. This will enable the weakness of the questionnaire to be identified a survey of about 15 -25 will usually expose the weaknesses and difficulties in a questionnaire (Sheatsley 1983. Similar argument is that of where he estimated a range of 20-25 respondents will be appropriate (Sudman. P.

researcher obtain the actual perception and attitude of the users while using the actual application. .