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them to join in with a sing-along. In the afternoon residents played bingo. Winners were Vera Daughton, Anita Hayworth, Anna Linkey, Gerata Scott, Roxie Trullinger and Iris Osborn. Saturday Kathi was in to play high rollers with the residents in the south lobby. Permelia Fletchall and Colleen Greenman went out first. Some residents were out playing cards in the morning as well. Lawrence Welk was on the TV in the south lobby for anyone to come out to enjoy. Sunday Norma Stringham led Sunday school with Debbie Young, Frank Goold’s daughter, playing the piano. Bruce and Michell Ricker were in to provide communion to residents. Visitors last week were Jane Lee Feeback with Pauline Wood; Grace Warin with several; Dwayne and Margaret Fletchall of Hamilton, NY, Molly Fletchall, Anthony Daniels of Colorado Springs, CO, Rex and Linda Fletchall of Eugene, OR and Mike and Phyllis Olszewski with Permelia Fletchall; Raymond Banner with Vernice Shields and Eddie Overholser; Jim and Arlene Pearce with Edna Scott; Kay Thompson of Oklahoma with Pam Larsen; Lywanda Case with Irene Spencer; Debbie and Jack Wackernagle, Olivia, Caitlin and Iver Wackernagle and SueAnn Cook with Arloa Wackernagle; Louise Frost with Iona Groves and Joan Hill; Tina Good with Irene Spencer; Callista Barham with Bonnie Durham; David and Quita Koehler and Mary Lininger with Twilla Lininger; Janis Taylor and Carol Lee Bentley with Anna Linkey; Linda Hultquist with Wyonne Guthrie; Mary Sue McIntosh with Minnie Breckenridge; Darlene Beck with Roy Beck; Shirley and Bob Erickson with Don Strange; Kay Sickels with Vera Daughton; Joyce England with Lois Anne Sobotka; Betty Jean Schnackenberg with Lois Anne Sobotka, Anna Linkey and Virginia Weaver; Debbie Young with Frank Goold; Linda Konnath and Ellen and Dave Brand with Roxie Trullinger; Bill Breckenridge with Minnie Breckenridge, and Norma Stringham with Socorro Waugh. were enjoyed by the ladies this past week as Queen Anne’s lace, chicory, bird’s-foot trefoil and more weeds were shared and discussed during club. Congratulations to Brad and Alysha England as they were married recently. Alysha is one of the nurses and everyone wishes her the best as she begins a new chapter in her life. All enjoyed watching a DVD of Brad and Alysha from the time they were babies, through their growing up years and on to their engagement right up to their wedding day. Residents listened to stories from a book borrowed from Ruth Angus about old days in Iowa. Several Ringgold county residents have stories in this book including Ruth. They hope to borrow this book again and read more interesting true stories from Iowa residents. Pastor Seth Denny came this past week for Bible study where a large group enjoyed his lesson. Wednesday morning found Father Glen Wilwerding providing the sermon during church services. Pianist was Camille Jackson. Bingo was held twice the past week with the help of Cheri Dessinger, Phyllis Riggs, Jean Gilliland, Corwin Karr and Harold Crawford. Guest players included Alma Harris, guest of Phyllis Faubion, Teri Main, guest of Dorothy Main, and Melynda Crawford, guest of Catherine Crawford. Winning games were Phyllis Faubion, Irene Hogue, Virginia Albers, Catherine Crawford, Colleene Saville, Kathryn Adams, Alma Harris, Marvin Morse, Maxine Werner, June Steinman, Lorene Triggs, Earl Brand, Kenny Driftmier, Bev Moore, Annabelle Jones, Irene Bohn, Margaret Campbell, Elaine McCampbell, Harriet Long, Dorothy Sobotka, Ruth Angus and Evalee White. June Steinman, Ada Stanley and Elaine McCampbell won blackout. National Peanut Day was honored during men’s group last week with the men munching on peanut butter sandwiches and milk while listening to a story of George Washington Carver introducing the peanut, soybeans and sweet potatoes as a crop when the cotton crop failed in the south. They had their own mascot -- Earl Brand whose nickname is “Peanut.” Everyone also discussed many products containing peanuts or made with peanut oil. Charles Calhoun had grown peanuts at one time and shared that experience with the group. Visitors have been Carol and Arlene Sobotka and Robert and Pa Grace with Dorothy Sobotka; Ted Bear with Don Bean; Ron, Terri and Jesse Ruby, Lois Grace, Betty Jean Schnackenberg and James Ruby with Betty Ruby; Margaret Wilson, Bill and Kathy Blunck, Oleta Jones, Marie Still, Olive Davis and Amanda and Lewis Angus, Connie Caldwell of New Castle, IN and Doris Bane of Laramie, WY with Ruth Angus; Donella Johnson, Peggy Wagenknecht, Terri Main and Roger and Terri Main of Creston with Dorothy Main; Pam Cooper with Virginia Albers; Marian Jennings, Robert England, Julie England, Kim Shields and Marjorie Werner with Lois England; Vera Moore and Jim and Megan Stuck of Warrensburg, MO with Bev Moore and others; Pat and Larry Teply and Missy the dog with Gerald Gardner; John and Mary Howell of Glenwood with Paul and Marie Campbell; Josh Taylor an Trudy and Scot Taylor with Margaret Fletchall; Phil and Merna King of Bedford with Ed and Lorraine King; Paul and Patty Long of Caliente, NV and Peggy Wagenknecht with Harriet Long; Weston, Michelle and Lillian Lucht of Conrad and Joni Dugan with Bernadine McBride; Margaret Wilson, Faith Danielson of Everett, WA and Bobbie and Anne Rinehart of Hatfield, MO with Kathryn Adams; Nancy and Race Kelly of Winterset and Marjorie Werner with Maxine Werner; Velma and Jerry Lorenz of Creston and Lyle Hogue of Hatfield, MO with Irene Hogue, and Amanda and Lewis Angus with Don Bear, Nova Giles and Luella Adkisson.

College fair to be held at Southwestern
Restoring Education Central to American Greatness
By David A. Norris

September 17 - The month is about out the window by the time this column is read. Staff are busy getting the facility into the fall look as Sunday will be the first day of autumn. Coming up next week will be a new activity. Liz, with the help of the residents, is going to bake some fall goodies in the dining room. The general store will be open Thursday afternoon at 2 p.m. Some residents will get to participate in the Raider homecoming parade and others will get to watch. Condolences go out to Chet Munyon and his family on the recent death of his wife, Norma Munyon. Norma was a special resident who always had a smile. She will be missed by all staff and residents. Congratulations to Audrie and Jake Hubbard on the birth of their new baby boy, Colton Lee. Colton was born Sept. 7 at 10:44 a.m. at Greater Regional Medical Center. He weighed nine pounds, seven ounces. Colton is welcomed home by big brother Caleb and big sister Kylie. Audrie brought baby Colton in to visit last Friday. Many got a chance to hold him. It was the monthly trip to the Ringgold County Senior Center Monday. A good group of residents enjoyed taking the trolley uptown to visit others from the community. Several residents stayed outside to enjoy the weather before and after lunch. In the afternoon Liz prepared for country school. They took a trip to California, learned some special things about California and also looked up some places of interest on the internet during the class. Liz and Pattie made homemade cinnamon raisin biscuits for coffee club Tuesday. They were served with a fresh frosting glaze while they were hot. Lisa prepared for music in the morning. Peggy Wagenknecht and Jane and Roland Buck were in to help lead the singing. They also went to the unit to sing. Lisa played the piano in the south lobby before lunch. Bingo was in the afternoon. Winners were Anita Hayworth, Ruth Nickle, Helen Stickler, Iona Groves, Roxie Trullinger, Colleen Greenman, Ermil Hainline and Permelia Fletchall. Wednesday Kathi, Sommer and Pattie were busy with hand care all morning. Fr. Glen Wilwerding was in for church outside in the afternoon. Residents enjoyed funnel cakes after church. Kathi started Thursday out with reading the Mount Ayr RecordNews and Diagonal Progress to a large group of residents. After that they all headed to the general store where Sommer was managing. Buster Harrelson was in to sing and play the guitar. However, Buster and his wife are moving to Florida and will no longer entertain at Clearview. Any musical groups that are willing to entertain are asked to call Liz Schafer at 464-2240. Friday morning Lisa and Liz were in the groove early. The south lobby was packed full of residents participating in a rhythm band. They had shakers to make noise with and work their muscles. All the extra help from staff was greatly appreciated. Following the music, Liz pulled out the Play Doh. A few were out to mold something and others rolled out the dough and cut out things. Liz made some Oreo cookies and Chip Ahoy cookies. Lisa played for the unit for

Coffee With The Girls

News from Clearfield Linda Bell
September 17 - Sunday there was a birthday party in the afternoon for the Bells’ great-grandson, Jace. He is two years old. The party was at his grandma, Marcy’s house with a John Deere theme. He is crazy about tractors and trucks and no matter how much he is given “green” tractors, he likes red ones just as much. He had a fun day and it was fun to watch him. Bible study was held in the church Monday morning and Linda heard that Kyle Grindstaff’s condition has improved. He can talk and move his fingers and toes, but he has a lot of broken bones. Word was received that Mary Lou England is getting along okay. She is sure missed at Bible study. Thursday Linda worked at the school for a few hours and met a new little girl. She’s a sweetheart and her name is Genesis. Linda has always enjoyed coloring with her grandchildren and this gives her a chance to do that again. It relieves stress ... try it! Friday Linda met the girls for coffee at the store but only Joyce, Vaunciel and Jeannie Jean were there. Everyone else had things going on. It’s Jeannie Jean’s birthday Monday. She’s always so good to get everybody a card and little gift. Linda needs to be sure to remember her. This week coming up in Clearfield - UMW meets Wednesday morning and Lions meet Thursday with Jim Blessman as the speaker and Jim Werner cooking prime rib for the group. Closing this week with: I’ve learned that making a living is not the same thing as making a life. From the coffee table, Linda B.

The Iowa Association for College Admissions Counseling (IACAC) will sponsor a college fair from 1–2:30 p.m. on Monday, September 24, 2012, at Southwestern Community College’s Student Center gymnasium. Southwestern Admissions Coordinator Lisa Carstens, site coordinator for the event, said she estimates 60 exhibitors—colleges, vocational/technical schools, military branches, etc.—will be onhand to speak about opportunities for high school graduates. The IACAC has established more than 30 College Day/College Night programs throughout the state to provide a supportive environment for students to obtain information and appropriate counseling helpful in their college selection process. This event is free and open to the public. Southwestern Community College (SWCC) will also sponsor the 2012 SmartStart Kickoff for high school students from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Monday, September 24, on the SWCC Creston campus. The event—an open house for students—will be a great chance for high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors to check out SWCC and its campus. Students will be able to sit in on college classes, visit program areas, talk with instructors and students, and tour the residence halls. High school students in attendance will receive lunch, a SWCC T-shirt, and the opportunity to win door prizes, including an iPod Shuffle. The college will be awarding two-$250 SWCC scholarships for senior attendees.

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September 17 - These past few days have certainly felt like fall! Residents plan to enjoy this cool weather by taking another fishing trip. The trip is scheduled for this Friday afternoon with departure at 12:30 p.m. Monday, Sept. 24, residents will enjoy the company of their friends from Ringgold County Supportive Services who will arrive at 2 p.m. It is always nice to get out for a change and several residents did just that over the past weekend. Ruth Angus was able to spend the weekend out with her daughters and families as well as attend a family reunion. Evalee White had a good time out with her daughter, Dee, Saturday where they shopped, visited and went out for supper. Lois England was pleased to spend the day out with her husband Sunday. Maxine Werner had a good time going out to lunch with her daughter, Nancy, and grandson, Race. Ada Stanley was pleased to have her son, Neil, join her for lunch and visiting last Wednesday. Irene Merical joined her sister, Shirley Brown, for lunch. Country roadside bouquets

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