Allies in 6th edition Warhammer 40k

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June 2012 witnessed the release of Warhammer 40k 6th Edition. This new edition of the popular miniatures combat game has promised to re-balance gameplay, add new twists, and create cinematic battles of unlimited scope. In general, fans have been excited for the change, but also wary about what the new rules will mean for their armies and the tactics they've developed over the last five years. In this article, I am going to cover one of the biggest rule changes in 6th edition: allies! These new ally rules will bring a whole new layer of tactics to the 40k universe, so I want to devote a whole

some major and some subtle. I am discussing the changes to the rules. The new allies rule is built right into the core of the game. shooting. I am not writing the rules out as a poor man's rulebook! Rather. You must take a compulsory 1 HQ and 1 Troops choice from your allied army (if you choose to take an ally).article to this one big change. so prior knowledge of 5th edition rules will be mandatory. So how do you get allies? You take an allied force as a second detachment for your normal force. double force organization charts. I like this set up because it avoids some of the "cheese" people might have been dreaming up. Since you MUST take an HQ and 1 Troop before anything else. Once you have filled out thee compulsory choices. In addition to allies. The only downside of taking special characters is that they take away points from your Primary Detachment. you are going to have to sink some heavy points into an allied list before you can pick up any of the Elites or Heavy Support options that typically make a list shine. you may then take 1 Elite. Please note. So if you plan to include allies. I will link to my next article which will focus on the changes happening through the different phases of each game turn (movement. So why might you take allies? There are two ways to look at allies: aesthetically or tactically. It's important to note. 1 additional Troop. and 1 Heavy Support. however. . 1 Fast Attack. After we talk about the new ally rules. assault). I will link to another article that covers many of the "pre-game" elements of 6th edition 40k. You MAY take independent Special Characters such as Mephiston for the Blood Angels. you are sacrificing points to spend on your standard army. and a new unit type: flyers! After the pre-game changes have discussed. Allies One of the biggest changes in 6th edition 40k is that now (most) everyone can take allies! These are for normal games and you do not need your opponent's permission. these new elements include rules for fortifications. that the points you spend on allies MUST come from your general pool for your army. There are many changes.

They do not benefit from each others Universal Special Rules or any psychic powers.Your two forces benefit from each others universal special rules. you now only have 1450 to spend on your main force. let's make a couple of key points very clear:  Not every army can ally with every army.These two forces are joining to fight a common foe. Each of the categories describe how your factions get a long and explains how they can interact on the battlefield. but I also have a large Ork army. . If I could bring a cheap Ork Warboss and a mob of 25+ boyz. There are four categories of allies available to you. but are not the best of friends. these could be ork slaves that have been press-ganged into battle by their dark eldar overlords! So apart from allies looking cool. This is your chance to combine elements of your armies together to create new and interesting opportunities on the battlefield. Let's look at that first point in more detail. They are essentially the same force. there's no cost to start experimenting. If my own models get hit before they can get into combat. psychic powers. I have now presented my opponent with a difficult choice: do they shoot up my dark eldar units. I own a small Dark Eldar army. Some allies may be more trouble than they are worth! The 40k rulebook gives you the chart of what allies are available. most of us in the hobby collect more than one army. If you are playing a 1850 point game and you want to spend 400 pts on allies. Since you already own the models. and everything. so why not fill out your space marine army with some cool kroot mercenaries? They aren't statistically any better than your tactical marines (they might even be worse!) but their organic bodies create a real contrast to your armored marines and might provide you with some new painting/modeling challenges. or do they focus on the green tide of orks and hope that my dark eldar can be slowed down with some pot shots? So before you go crazy with the possibilities. We can use allies to plug holes in our army lists where we have obvious weaknesses. You will treat each force as being separate. Why not combine the two and create a larger Dark Eldar army with an Ork Warboss and a huge mob of boyz to soak up all those bolter shots? Story-wise. There is a nice chart in the book that explains your options. Allies of Convenience . Tyranids cannot ally with anyone!  Your allies come out of your normal points allocation. but ignore that horde of incoming orks . . . Dark eldar armies are fast moving. it's hard for me to come back and win. hard hitting. they can be a real boon tactically.You might add some new allied troops to your army because you think they look cool! Half of this hobby is all about the modeling. Let's look at my example with the dark eldar and the orks above. but very fragile. So the four categories are: Battle Brothers . I now have a powerful melee unit that can take up a lot of table space and absorb a lot of shooting attacks. Also.

. using my Dark Eldar. According to the rulebook. If any Desperate Allies start their turn within 6" of your normal units. . So there are lots of options available! What do you think of Allies? Will Allies in 40k will make the game more or less fun?   More Fun! . Cheese incoming! 677 See results without voting Conclusion . They are either betraying your or watching you for betrayal. or Tyranids. I wish I could post every possible ally combination in the game. Less Fun! . but there has to be some reason to check out the must roll a d6. I have NO allies of convenience. only Eldar are battle brothers.these armies can never be allies. If a 1 is rolled then the unit does nothing for the turn as they refuse to act. right? I will give you just one example. Dark Angels. Necron.Only the most dire of circumstances will bring these two forces together on the same side.Desperate Allies . . . Not Before the Apocalypse . I can NEVER ally with Blood Angels. and everyone else is a Desperate Ally. I love the possibilies.

com Beat Your Favorite Game With The Latest Cheats.(new!) Rules and tactics Orks in 6th edition 40k .So there you have it.Deals! Save on Super Smash Brawl 2 Download Flash Player For Free Today It's Fast & Easy. . Super Smash Brawl 2 . The new allies rule for 6th edition 40k are going to change the battlefield as we know it. 2012 Useful {9} • Funny • Awesome {1} • Beautiful {1} • Interesting {3} Discover More Hubs . 100% Free .Download-Free. I will leave you with a couple of "builds" that are already building chatter around the internet.Download Now! This Hub was last updated on July 22.A rundown of rules and options. .How they move. we don't need no steenk'n allies! Waaaagghh! For more 6th edition coverage.GamingAssassin. You will never know what you're going to be up against! Why not take the poll (to the right) and voice your opinion about the new Allies rule in 40k.   Imperial Guard with Grey Knight allies (strong shooty army strengthened by elite melee) Grey Knights with Imperial Guard allies (strong melee strengthened by mass shooting and tanks squadrons!)  Tau with Space Marine allies (strong shooting army strengthened by troops with better armor and strong melee)  Orks .General strategies and awesome comments from readers! New Fortifications Rules in 6th edition 40k . please check out some of my other Warhammer 40k articles:      Rule Changes in 6th edition Warhammer 40k . Expect to see experienced players using a mix of their armies to plug tactical holes in their standard lists. Ads by Google Cheats Codes www.Part 1: Setup and Missions Character Rules in 6th edition Warhammer 40k . News & More! Super Smash Brawl 2 www. Guides. New Flyers Rules in 6th edition . and die! Strategies included.

. I'm 90% sure that the new Chaos Space Marine codex is coming out in a few months and that there will be "cultists" units included.. I am Working on adding to my Thousand Sons/Plague Marines with some Undead Renegade Guardsmen. so you could use those models for cultists.. .. I wonder where the Forge World Renegade Guardsmen would be in the Chart.Orks in 6th Edition Warhammer 40k Warhammer 40k Character Rules in 6th Edition Fortifications in 6th Edition Warhammer 40k Warhammer 40k Flyers in 6th edition Celestial Hurricanum warhammer 8th edtition empire overview Changes in 6th Edition Warhammer 40k (Part 3: Shooting) Rule Follow (2) Comments 13 comments Go to last comment Clockwork_Master 2 months ago Thanks for the info. murphy80 2 months ago from Florida Hub Author Clockwork_Master.

but I can't find where it says you can't take special characters in the Rulebook.Otherwise. you are correct. use normal Imperial Guard rules for allies and use those awesome Forge world models. but you failed to note about how many characters could be used. you are correct that I didn't go over the character possibilities. Thanks for seeing my mistake! John 8 weeks ago . it seemed intuitive that there wouldn't be special characters allowed. It's a small point. and their fast. I need to edit the article to reflect that. You are limited to one HQ choice. from the way I read this there's nothing saying I can't use: Draigo & Mephiston in an allied army.. murphy80 2 months ago from Florida Hub Author Jack. but I'm sure they're worth it. The only bad part is the points you're sinking into them.they're battle brothers. but you are correct that another character could be added if it is a unit upgrade. but upon reading the full rulebook it looks like it's no problem. and was thinking if allying it with blood angels. theyre awesome at assault. The biggest limiting factor is the points you are spending on those characters are points you are not spending on your Primary Detachment. This is untrue. We originally thought that this wouldn't work.. however! We read again and again and there is nothing from preventing you from taking special characters. John 8 weeks ago I've got a space marine army (quite shooty). to fit in with the rest of my army. but you're saying it's not allowed? The article was very good and informative. but it might prove important. So go ahead and bring Dante and Memphiston. (if someone could give me the page?) murphy80 8 weeks ago from Florida Hub Author John. I think any Imperial Guard regiment allying with Chaos would have to be renegade anyways! Are there rules for the Forge World models somewhere? I'd like to take a look.. When we first read the rules. I was thinking of including (cos I play big battles) mephiston and Dante as my hq. Jack 2 months ago interesting. You CAN bring named characters in as allies.

It will fill the shooty side out and the fluff works as well.... . then some Space Marine Veterans from the standard codex would be great. You could always proxy troops to experiment. So you're not really wasting points.. and I am looking at adding some fire power to the list. I see some advantage in a sub 2000 point list having. Ill have to keep the rest of the force to rock bottom points.Thanks. Unless it's a forgeworld / Apocalypse battle group. So a squad of Space Marines can move their full 6" and get their full shots out to maximum range. So you have to pump a lot of points into your allies before you can take an Elite choice. though. I see how you could think that. to get any allies. Makes sense? I say try it out. what are you're thoughts on this? murphy80 4 weeks ago from Florida Hub Author Why not? I'm not very knowledgeable about Black Templar lists. since you're basically allying with more Space Marines. as special characters are kinda expensive. just use those points on the HQ and Troop allies to buy what you normally would for your main army. Shooting has really been bumped up with 6th edition because Rapid Fire weapons can now fire out to their full distance when the unit moves. no. Chris 2 weeks ago Looking for a clarification here. Lord Byte 4 weeks ago Just curious. However.. I was looking at Crimson fist Veterans but it will cost a chunk of points to get to the point I can use them. you have to take 1 HQ and 1 Troops first. but I'm guessing they are lacking a good shooting unit? If so.. Just remember. Just tell your opponent up front and maybe place some colored marker next to the unit so they stand out. 3 hq characters :) Lord Byte 4 weeks ago Apparently. with Orks (a different clan/waagh). jjmcguinn 4 weeks ago Hey I am playing a Black Templars army. Can you ally with the same race? For instance Orks.

The size of the game is changing by including allies.500 points to field them. If I use a 500point blood angles should I NOT be allowed to bring Memphiston but suddenly can when that same 500pnt is attached to a larger allied force? murphy80 10 days ago from Florida Hub Author Chris. then that requirement would have to be met. I think you would have to spend the points in your allied list from where the character came with. but I interpret that as you need 1. However. just the composition of units that make up the army. . However. then he's not going to be hanging around with a single tac squad.500 in the associate's army you bring that character with. though. I think including your total points for both armies would be justifiable. Since the allies are just sub armies the same rules should apply. If the point is to only play the character in larger Put in another way. often require 1. In the spirit of the "fluff". if the guy only shows up with a large force.Special characters like Memphiston. then a total points value for both armies would still create a large game. If a special character has a points requirement to field. The new Games Workshop FAQs are up. That's a very good question. in the spirit of the game. sorry for the late I don't know if the points would have to be spent out of your allied force. After all. Maybe there is an official answer in there? Check 'em out at: http://www. why. Not going all rule lawyer here. or if you can count all the points total.