TRUE BLOOD created by

Alan Ball
written by

Michael McMillian Federica Manfredi Neil Uyetake
letters by art by

Ilaria Traversi Denton J. Tipton
edits by

colors by

Gianna Sobol
THE STORY SO FAR... TRUE BLOOD chronicles the backwoods Louisiana town of Bon Temps... where vampires have emerged from the coffin and no longer need humans for their fix. Sookie Stackhouse works as a waitress at the rural bar Merlotte’s; however, she’s in the debt of Eric Northman, the vampire sheriff of her area. She and Eric share a complicated history, but Eric seems to care about Sookie and has always risked his life to protect her. This made her a target, as Remus, an ancient enemy of Eric’s, sought retribution for the death of his “nest” at Eric’s hand. So Remus targeted the members of Eric’s own nest, including Sookie. But with the help of Eric and Alcide, a werewolf loyal to Sookie, they captured Remus and forced him to “meet the sun,” ending his long life in what seemed like mere moments but, to Remus, were so much more...

story editor for HBO

Special thanks to Janis Fein, James Costos, Benjamin Hayes, Stacey Abiraj, and everyone else at HBO for their invaluable assistance.
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