National Directorate Approved Synchronized elections (18 November 2012) Calendar

NOTES: Chapter Nomination is a requirement for holding a National Election NOTE: Members are eligible for nomination if paid by Oct 05; and eligible to vote in National Election if paid by Oct 25.

Dec 05 onwards 22-Nov

First Chapter Election for 2013 Officers National Canvassing & Proclamation of First National Elected Officers Synchronized Elections in Baguio, Pampanga, Mandaluyong, Batangas City, Naga, Cebu City, Iloilo City and CDO to be facilitated by Regional COMELEC Committees Deadline of Submission of Proxy Forms National COMELEC to Release the Roster of Official Candidates eligible to be Voted Upon and the Official List of PhilRES MIGs eligible to Vote on Nov 18 Deadline of Filing of Absentee Voting Form to National COMELEC by any member who wish to vote outside his designated regional or special voting center. Deadline of Chapter Submission of List of New Members admitted between Oct 06 - 25 for MIGs reconfirmation by the National Directorate Deadline of Membership Acceptance to exercise "Right to Vote Only" on Nov. 18 Deadline of Chapter Formation for Chapters eligible to exercise "Member's Right to Vote Only" on Nov 18








Submission of Chapter's Official Nominees to National COMELEC Deadline for Nomination of Members of Regional COMELEC: North & South Luzon; NCR; Visayas; and, Mindanao Voting Centers Chapter Nomination Period for the Nov 18's 21 National Directorate Positions National Directorate to Release Official List of Approved Chapters and Confirmed Chapter MIGs as of Oct 05 who are authorized to conduct and participate in a Chapter Nomination respectively Deadline of Chapter submission of respective 5-man Chapter COMELEC Committee and LOI for Chapter Nomination as per approved Election Forms


Oct 13 - 18


Deadline of Chapter submission of Lists of PhilRES Members in Good Standing (MIGs) to National Directorate Deadline of Membership Acceptance for "Member's Nomination Eligibility" in a Chapter Nomination as Candidate to Nov 18 Elections Deadline of Chapter Formation for Eligibility to hold a Chapter Nomination for Nov 18 Election
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