HOT DOG AND PIZZA PERMISSION FORM 2012/2013 Please complete the following: My child____________________________ Grade ________Div

.______, will participate in this fundraiser and please find my child’s order below with payment included. Return to child’s classroom by Thursday, September 27th. No refunds or orders will be taken after this date. Write your child’s name and division on the cheque and make cheques payable to SOUTHLANDS P.A.C. (There is a $25.00 fee for NSF cheques). Orders returned to school without cheques WILL NOT be processed. *IMPORTANT: While no peanut/nut products are used in this program it is NOT guaranteed to be100% peanut/nut free.

Hot Dog Days Small Combo = 1 hotdog/cookie/milk Large Combo= 2 hotdogs/cookie/milk Date Small Combo Large Combo Milk Choice Total Money $5.00 $6.50 Choc. White Oct 12 Oct 26 Nov 8*Thurs* Nov 23 Dec 7 Dec 21 Jan 18 Feb 1
*Hot dogs are 100% beef, served on whole wheat buns. Subtotal______________

Pizza Days Small Combo = 1 slice/cookie/milk Large Combo= 2 slices/cookie/milk
*Pizza topping requested (please circle: Cheese) Cheese or Pepperoni. If not specified =

Date Oct 5 Oct 18*Thurs* Nov 2 Nov 16 Nov 29*Thurs* Dec 14 Jan 11 Jan 25

Small Combo $5.00

Large Combo $6.50

Milk Choice Choc. White

Total Money

Subtotal______ ________ Total owing___________ Mark the above dates on your Calendar. Volunteers are essential to the success of this program. Volunteer times for hot dog days are from 11:15 AM - 1:00 PM; pizza days from 11:30 - 12:45 PM. Please indicate dates you would be available to assist. Thank you. Name_____________________________________________________ Phone_________________________

HOT DOG AND PIZZA PERMISSION FORM 2012/2013 Email ______________________________________________________________________________________ Available: Once per month_____ or these specific dates ________________________


This is one of the most important fundraisers that our school relies on. Last year this program made over $10,000.00 for the school to use on supplies, performances, bus transportation and many other services for which there is no budget. The money earned enriches the quality of education for all of our children. Each Friday (or Thursday if there is a District Closure or Pro-D day) your child will receive a hot lunch that includes either pizza or a hotdog plus a chocolate chip cookie and a milk. If you would like your child to participate in this hot lunch program simply fill out the form and return to your child’s classroom no later than Thursday, September 27th, 2012. Forms not returned by this date will not be accepted. If you have any questions regarding the program or volunteering please contact Sofia Sandover at or 604-267-1572. Thanks for supporting Southlands Elementary School!