Sarah Goedeke MC 3375 – MW 11a.m. Assignment #9 25 Points Title: Will Commercial Radio Survive?

according to comScore measures. Radio and the media that comes with it. Radio has evolved as well becoming more diverse. which exceeds beyond Terrestrial Radio (AM/FM). Television was supposed to end radio's dominance. how we spend leisure time. Today’s radio has grown into a fully developed. has created means for social-interaction much higher than ever experienced by generations of the past. as new papers did. more local. Cable Radio (DMX and Music Choice). this seems unreasonable to me. yet even when cable was added to the TV mix radio continues to thrive. thus marking the beginning brand new media. radio is less threatened as it is intangible space. Rather than using radio waves for pure communication. technological advances have continuously evolved. Satellite Radio (Sirius-XM) and Online Audio (Pandora) have blossomed fast. out of that salvation came with more niche . listen to music and communicate has shifted gears in a whole new direction. and television seems to survive the Internet. advertise. Advertising and sponsorships reached new heights and communication was unlike ever before.Over the last century. obtain our information.000 regular listeners tuning in online alone. Soon. the world was not just reading but listening as well. Since there are tons of music formats. History argues in favor of traditional radio. Just as newspapers and music recordings survived the radio. While the critics could argue why Internet will finally be the death of traditional media. Society has evolved as well. commercial radio took entertainment to a new level beginning a whole new ballpark for mass communication. radio survived television. Although it could sink in popularity. multi-dimensional domain. commercial radio will never completely die. with over 250.

yesterday and for years is very affordable. but some heavy hitters are backing the DRM standard. not to mention advertisers. the satellite and other national media cannot tap into the local advertising community the way local radio can. The loss of radio would be a huge loss for local advertisers. and tosses in a digital data stream as well. Long since abandoned by most listeners. so if radio goes away then one major and viable medium will virtually disappear. Each time a new force imposes threat. unless there is some technological advance. very targetable. AM radio is infact soon to be reinvented as a broadcast technology far superior to FM radio. AM radio's revival began in 1998 when the International Telecommunication Union began the development of the Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) standard. Radio today. By digitizing and compressing audio. Assuming there is a way for satellite to provide local advertising it's still not local radio. is very intimate. all of which illustrate commercial radio’s vital important to most local advertisers. An adjunct to this point. DRM combines the range of AM radio with the audio fidelity of FM.formats. radio reinvents itself to successfully compete for prominence in the media and entertainment mix. no local personalities doing local spots. Apparently. It may sound like a long shot. such as talk and sports. . Radio has always been a great source for local advertisers. DRM technology also allows AM stations to transmit further and with less interference than ever possible.