an invitation to


"a life of passion makes us a healthy cell in the body of the world"

planting seeds of self growth, with intention engaging in conversations that matter
table of contents The Invitation What is it? - An Opportunity for Growth How it Works - Opportunities, Roles and Responsibilities What are the Intangible Benefits? How Do I Enter the Circle?

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an invitation to

"Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself." ~ Rumi

planting seeds of self growth, with intention engaging in conversations that matter
Hello and welcome! You are invited to join a community of remarkable women who have discovered an empowered way to help each other fulfill our dreams. We have joined together in a truly sacred community which supports the emotional and financial empowerment of women. If you decide to join our Circle you will learn more deeply about yourself in the process of giving and receiving both emotionally and financially. We have found that these are essential experiences. This journey has significantly benefited many women who have gone before us. Your opportunity for learning and growth will be reflective of your earnest involvement.

What Is It?
An Opportunity for Growth The Circle includes up to 15 women of diverse ages and backgrounds in different locations who meet by phone for 1 hour each week. We have conversations and share on topics ranging from “talk about something that you are grateful for that happened to you this week” to, “tell the story of how it felt to receive your first paycheck,” to “share with the group what makes your best friend, your best friend.” As part of the Circle, you will: • more deeply learn about

giving and receiving • support and nurture others • grow and experience connection and community • Learn to manifest your desires and create deep and lasting peace in your life.

How It Works
Opportunities, Roles Responsibilities & Rewards There are 4 growth positions that make up the Circle. We use the metaphor of the growth process of a flower to show how we each move around the Circle moving from Seeding to Sprouting to Blossoming and finishing



this is a living, breathing circle

the energy we bring is the energy we receive
continuing to invite others. Inviting others is a natural process, as the circle will be a positive part of your life and you will feel inspired to share it with other women. Once you move through all the positions and reach Blooming, you are responsible for hosting the weekly calls and receiving eight $500 gifts, totaling $4000. Once you receive all 8 gifts you exit the Circle.

with Blooming. We are learning, giving and growing in different ways as we move through each position in the Circle. Each woman who participates in the Circle gives a gift of $500 to another woman in the Circle to support her in her financial empowerment and in manifesting her dreams. Each of us who has entered the Circle has given that same gift. Along the way we learn about ourselves, specifically who we are around money and how we share, invite, support, and emotionally engage ourselves and others. As you join the Circle you will begin in Seeding and are asked to do 3 things: Seeding 1. Give a gift of $500 to the woman in Blooming Sprouting 2. Invite others to join the Circle 3. Be on the weekly Circle calls. On the weekly call all you need to do is listen Blooming and share based on the topic that is presented. Blossoming Your responsibilities in Seeding and Sprouting are to join the calls each week, welcome new women onto the Circle, and invite others to join the Circle. You will move through seeding and sprouting as others join the Circle. To be able to move from Sprouting into Blossoming, you must have invited at least one other woman onto the Circle who has given a $500 gift to the woman in Blooming. In Blossoming, you are joining the weekly calls, supporting the other women in the Circle (especially the woman in Blooming), and

Circle Growth and Movement
The Circle is always moving, active, and circulating the energy of giving and receiving until it is complete for each woman. Each Circle begins with 8 people and grows into a group of 15. Once the Circle grows to 15 women, it splits into two new Circles. For the next women invited onto one of the new Circles the journey begins, while for others already on the Circle, the journey continues. Our Circle is not a hierarchy; it is a circle. There is no one at the top or bottom. Women are constantly cycling through ALL the positions. It’s similar to the way cells divide in nature. One cell becomes two; two become four. Like this drawing of cell division:

We have a small, finite number of women. Everyone has exactly the same opportunity.

The circle is made up of women of diverse ages and backgrounds in different locations who meet by phone for 1 hour each week.



we have the natural ability to inspire purely by being who we really are
Your Personal Growth and Movement
Your movement through the Circle will be according to your ability and willingness to trust, let go of limitations, invite others whom you care about into your new Circle community, and according to the group energy in your Circle. You will have the opportunity to be in Blooming as the group invites new women into the Circle, and then moves and cycles. After you have been fully gifted in the Blooming position, you may be inspired to continue your Circle journey. Many women are invited to return and cycle again, and many do; others simply move forward in their lives, expanded and supported. her own specific areas of growth in which they find clarity. In the Circle... • We learn how to listen and live true to our own internal voice. In our society we have learned to rely on others to tell us what to do and how to feel, even if what we’re told to do, doesn’t match up with how we feel inside. In the process of moving through the Circle each person is asked to give, share, and receive of themselves according to what rises up. As we flex and grow this muscle we build confidence and clarity in who we are and how we show up in the world and the effects ripple through our entire lives. • We learn how to receive, both financially and emotionally; it asks for a shift in consciousness in the way we identify ourselves in the world; it asks for a healthy balance of both giving and receiving. Many in the Circle come to realize and identify with the pure joy of receiving, thus creating a new balance in their lives. • We learn to hold loving space for others on the call who might be asking for our support and guidance. • We learn to trust in the concept of “letting go.” Entering the Circle is a leap of faith into community, connection, possibility and growth. This living workshop has the potential for true transformation. It is real life, real money, real community, and real sisterhood…where we have an opportunity to change, heal, and grow as we come face-to-face with our unconscious patterns of limitation. The women who will be your companions on this journey are all extraordinary. You will receive perhaps the greatest benefit from meeting, supporting, and being supported by these fabulous sisters who are there for you in the space of love. Intention is pivotal in manifesting one's dreams and visions in the Circle and in life. Our intention is to benefit women, it’s that simple. The Circle is a way to achieve personal growth, remove blocks to manifesting, and participate in a path to personal empowerment that teaches us to support ourselves and each other on many levels.

The Circle Calls
The Circle calls themselves take on different energies based on the woman facilitating the call. Her main responsibility is to set the intention for the call, ask a question, or give a prompt to start a discussion, and then hold space for women on the call to share. What happens on the calls is private and not to be talked about with others without permission as sensitive topics can arise. Be respectful of each others’ privacy to Seeding build trust and keep the integrity and sacredness of the Circle. Also Sprouting remember to have fun and bring positive energy to the calls. The calls are not a space for complaining, but are a place to be uplifted and inspired. Most of all we speak from the heart. Blossoming The calls provide a great opportunity for growth by sharing this way.


What Are the Intangible Benefits?
Many of the women who have gone before us have reported that when they entered, they did it because of the possible financial reward. After entering the Circle, their limiting beliefs and unconscious patterns came to the surface for healing. In the Circle we have opportunities to experience giving, supporting, nurturing, inviting and receiving. We have the opportunity to hear our own internal voices, speak from the heart, and have meaningful conversations around emotions and finances - they go hand in hand, even if many of us don’t realize or admit it. Each woman has



the growth of our most knowing self learning to listen from the inside
Who is Invited?
In order to support the strength and integrity of the Circle we invite strong, mature, women of integrity who are committed to personal and spiritual growth. We will attract women who can contribute their intentions and energies to our goal of supporting each other. connections on many levels: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. There is wisdom in SELF-FULLNESS when you take time to care for yourself. During the hour call, is where your cup can be filled by being fully present, sharing of yourself and listening to others. By being a part of this organic garden, this will affect your life in ways you can’t even imagine. How you take care of your garden is a reflection of how you take care of your life. The opportunity on the entire journey of the Circle is to look at your own relationships and beliefs. Like any thing in life, the more you put into it the more you will get out of it.

How Do I Enter the Circle?
The Invitation Call The first step is to have an Invitation Call with the friend who invited you and the woman who is in Blooming. After you have completed this brief call around the mechanics of the Circle, you may choose to be a guest on the weekly conference call or you may know that you are ready to join the Circle. You do not have to have your gift in order to decide the Circle journey is right for you. For many women the money for their gift shows up after they have made the commitment to the Circle. What is most important is that you come to a decision from a place of informed guidance. This inner guidance, and the faith that comes from it, is the foundation for you to have a deeply fulfilling and rewarding experience in your Circle journey. Once you have had an opportunity to hear more details about the Circle and ask any questions you may have, go within to a quiet centered place and use your intuition to make your decision. Trust Yourself! If you are ready to expand yourself in many ways and this Circle is calling to you, you will know it.

What tools do you have in your shed that you can apply, dust off and make useful to care for your garden. Our life has unlimited possibilities and options that are often forgotten. You may notice yourself feeling more alive and aware of tools that you have forgotten or didn’t even know existed. As you begin to look deeper, become more hands on in your life, you will discover abilities and strengths you didn’t know you had. New tools are received from hearing others share their lives and how they work through life’s experiences.

Love is a Currency
When you say the word currency, most people think of an exchange of money, or something relating to money. But the word currency is defined as "an exchange from person to person, in circulation." There are actually many types of currency. Love, for instance, is a currency. It is something we give and receive and it is often the most highly prized. Our time and attention is a currency, trust is a currency, knowledge is a currency, and so is our energy. As you spend time in the Circle, you will notice there are many currencies being exchanged, financial being only one of them. So what currencies will you bring to this exchange, and what currencies are you open to receiving? Come ready for a full exchange that will fill your heart and mind. Joining the Circle is an invitation to personal growth and transformation. We would love to have you become a part of it!

The Living Workshop
“My cup runneth over and whatever is overflowing from the cup is for others but what is in my cup is for ME.” Iyanla Vanzant. You may have consciously or unconsciously been asking to experience self growth, abundance, and deeper connections with other women who are consciously living their lives authentically. Each woman is working on her own growth, and as a group, we are all growing a beautiful Garden. This Garden is organic, just like life, it is a breathing, living energy that requires TLC. It requires consciousness to know what is needed. It requires commitment and dedication for growth. The weekly call is the time that is for YOU to nurture and feed yourself with wisdom and create