Prologue – Nirvana

After many Drummers in Nirvana, Dave started to play with them. Actually, he was their fifth Drummer. Almost one year after, Nirvana recorded their biggest successful album: Nevermind, and after, In Utero (Other Great album). Everything may look good, but, Kurt was not prepared to all of this. In April 9 of 1994, Kurt Cobain committed suicide. After this, Dave Grohl stayed 8 months without playing. So he decided to have a new beginning.

A New Beginning…
After this time, Dave decided to record his favorite’s songs in a small studio. He done everything alone and called the cassette “Foo Fighters” Meanwhile, one grunge band, Sunny day Real State, was braking up. So he invited the Drummer, William Goldsmith, and the Bassist, Nate Mendel, to begin this new band with him. For the Second Guitar, He called Pat Smear. Pat has played on Nirvana too and Dave knows him a lot. So, Foo Fighters have started. Their Frist album was the cassette that Dave recorded. (mostrar a música) They won the grammy of best album with “Foo Fighters”.

The band got some problems because it was a new band with a Nirvana member. So there was a lot a question about Nirvana and Kurt. Lots of corporations came, and the band needs to affirm their identity. In their show, for example, the

. at that time. famous to produce Pixies albums. they called Gil Norton. Scream. Goldsmith. In the first day of Taylor in the band. Dave knows that they’ll need one more guitar and there is no one that they meet available. But Franz did not stay in band for a long time. This Album won a Grammy of the best music. Pat left the band because he was tired to play in Foo Fighters. So. After this. A New Groove… Again… After the last album. (mostrar a música) Disaggrement Unsatisfied with the processes of recording they decided to go to LA to finish the album. to produce them. A New Groove After this turbulent time. But Dave was fretful with the Drum’s parts and he redone it. got out of the band. Franz Stahl to play in the new album tour. For this album. It’s called There is Nothing Left to Lose. they bought a house in Virginia and started to record in the basement. they start to work in their 2º album: The Colour and The Shape. To Substitute him. angry with that. thay called the Drummer of Alanis Morrissete: Taylor was always asking for Marigold(A song that Dave wrote to Nirvana) Then. auditions were open. Learn to Fly. and the best album. Dave called the guitarist of his first band. He left because of musical divergences. Foo Fighters decided to record their new album in trio.

Let it Die is an evolution of In Your Honor: They mixed the 2 things. They Resolved to do new things. acoustic and hard rock music. in the new record. and they found Chris Shitflett. Red Hot Chili Peppers call them to open the shows. It is divided in 2 discs: The Frist one is only Hard Rock music and the second is only acoustic songs. . back to the thing that make success in Foo Fighters and There is Nothing Left to Lose: A home-made album. they decide to give a break. And it reflected in the new album. the not-released album was redone. better proposals begun to appear. So the new release. a show was made and they decided to back to the band. With fights and argues. Wasting Light Foo Fighters. problems appeared again. In your honor. It was called “One by One” In Your Honor and Let it Die With success. With the success of Let it Die.Then 2 weeks passed. One of the best offer was to play in Wembley Stadium. After a time. Dave started to play drums for Queens of Stone age and the other members create other bands. However after a couple months doing the same things and playing the same musics. After this. and it was not released. With a new start. Will be different of everything they ever done before.

they went to Dave’s garage and record on tapes. .Back and Forth. This album gained 2 Grammys: Best Hard Rock Music and Best Album. The band is expanded to record some songs. The process is showed in a documentary called: Foo Fighters . It’s important highlight the participation of Bob Mould in Dear Rosemary and Krist Novoselic(Bassist of Nirvana) in I Should Have Known.This time.