Seeds of Resistance Art Exhibition - 2012 “Tortilla Warrior”

Seeds of Resistance invites self-identified women artists to share their art in our 2012 art exhibition as we celebrate our Ce (ONE) anniversary. We invite you to honor and connect to our theme of "tortilla warrior.” The indigenous woman from the corn nation, referred today as South-Western United States, Mexico, Central and South America ate a maize or corn and plant base diet. These women were the healers and nurturers of their families and the community. Consider honoring and re-membering the women (nanas, mothers, tias, sisters) healers and nurturers (cooks) in your own lives, re-connecting with our roots and honoring the sacredness of the maize.
Art Exhibit Proposal Form
This form is a proposal form for artists interested in displaying artwork at El Centro Cultural de México and will be confirmed after it has been reviewed by Seeds of Resistance committee on October 10, 2012 Submission forms due: October 8, 2012

Name: Home Cellphone: Phone: Email: Upcoming art exhibition: “Tortilla Warrior” Title of Piece: Dimension s: Art Genre: Painting: Medium: Is this Piece for Yes: Sale?

Mixed Media:






(Please mark an “X” on Boxes above) COMMISSION: 60% for the artist, 20% for Seeds of Resistance and 20% for El Centro Cultural de México *Artist must price their own artworks with percentage included.

Important Dates:

October 8, 2012 - Deadline for art submission October 9-10, 2012- Committee submission review October 13, 2012- Seeds of Resistance: Tortilla Warrior Art Show Art show runs through November 2, 2012 at El Centro Cultural de México

Seeds of Resistance Art Exhibition- Artist Responsibilities
By submitting this application I agree to all terms and criteria as follows: Submission of artwork is my own artwork and does not infringe any copyright, trademark or intellectual property. By submitting artwork for “Tortilla Warrior” month long exhibition, I agree to let Seeds of Resistance publish or refuse submission. I also give permission for my name to be used in connection to the artwork. Seeds of Resistance, affiliated venues or sponsors are not responsible for damaged, theft, or loss of artwork. All images are copyrighted and owned by me. I have read all the requirements stated in the Call to Artist Guidelines and agree to all the Terms and Criteria. Artist Responsibilities: • Art must be ready to hang • 3-D or installation artist must provide their own stand and/or any other equipment necessary. • Additional display or equipment is the artist responsibility. • Artists will be responsible for transporting and assisting with art installation. *The committee reserves the right to reject any work that is not representative of Seeds of Resistance mission and/ or not limited to unfinished, with wet paint, or work considered unsafe. _________________________ PLEASE SUBMIT THE FOLLOWING: •Complete this whole Art Exhibition Proposal Form & attach small thumbnail size photo of your work in the document. •Submit 1-3 images representative of EACH art piece up to THREE art pieces. • Images must be 300 dpi and JPEG image, no large images please.

EXHIBITION FEE: $5.00 donation submission fee Note: please do not save as a .docx file! Please save file as a word document that can be read by both Mac and PC computers. Send completed form with image(s) and info as attachments to: Email subject: “Seeds of Resistance (Art Exhibition Submission – YOUR NAME)”