Issue 1‐ September 1st, 2012 

Dear Occupational Therapy Students,    It is our vision for this publication to  become a regular place for students to  turn to for information about how AOTA is  working for them and how to best utilize  the many resources at hand.  We envision  this newsletter being a mile stone not only  to the progress of the Centennial Vision in  of our profession, but also to the  empowerment of students who make up a  large portion of the current AOTA  membership.      We encourage you to get involved and  remain involved in your profession as you  continue beyond graduation.  Please  enjoy and let us know if any  improvements can be made, after all it is  our job to speak on your behalf.    Sincerely,  The 2012 ASD Steering Committee 

The Assembly of Student Delegates  is run by a group of elected student  officials.  These students elected to  this Steering Committee represent  the voice of all students. The  students on the Steering Committee  are dedicated individuals who are  highly motivated and independent,  and who possess leadership skills.  

Laura Mills  Chairperson and Liaison to the Board of Directors  The College of St. Scholastica, MN   

Russell Thompson  OT Vice‐Chairperson  Governor's State University, IL 

     Sara Androyna  OTA Vice‐Chairperson  Macomb Community College, MI  



Ashley Nichols  Secretary  University of Southern Maine, ME 

Jamie Morris  Communications and Advocacy Chairperson  Loma Linda University, CA 

  Nicole Cortes  Student Representative to the Commission on  Education (2‐year term ‐ Serves 2012‐2014)  Creighton University, NE 


Andrea McElroy  Student Representative to the Commission on  Practice (2‐year term ‐ Serves 2011‐2013)  Thomas Jefferson University, PA 

  Kristin J. Davis  Student Representative to the Representative  Assembly (2‐year term ‐ Serves 2012‐2014)  Louisiana State University, LA   

A Message from your Secretary
Hello fellow students! My name is Ashley Nichols and I am completing my final year in the mast of occupational therapy program at the University of Southern Maine. In addition to my busy life as a student, I currently serve as Secretary for the Assembly of Student Delegates Steering Committee. You may be curious as to what the role of ASD Steering Committee Secretary consists of and I am here to tell you! The secretary serves for a one year term. My term runs from April 2012 to April 2013. As the secretary to the ASD Steering Committee I am responsible for recording the minutes during all of our meetings. Once I have typed and edited the meeting minutes, I then forward them to my fellow ASD Steering Committee members (as well as our ASD AOTA liaison) for review. I also work very closely with my fellow committee members, assisting with projects and volunteering when needed. During November, my fellow committee members and I will be given the opportunity to assist with the 2012 Student Conclave which will be held in Columbus, Ohio. In addition to the student conclave, we will play a role at the AOTA National Conference, which will be held in San Diego during April of 2013. I have thoroughly enjoyed my position of secretary and am extremely thankful to have been given the opportunity to serve in this position. If you have any questions regarding my position as secretary please feel free to contact me via OTConnections – my username is Ashley Nichols.

How can you get involved?

•  Run for an office position on the Steering Committee •  Become a AOTA Student Delegate for your school ASD.aspx •  Get involved with or create a Student Occupation Therapy Association “SOTA” at your school •  Join live chat sessions hosted by the Steering Committee •  Get connected to other OT’s and OT students on OTConnections •  Stay tuned for exciting events for students to get involved with that we will be highlighting in this newsletter!

Want to feel more involved? Understand more about  AOTA?  Do something other than study? 

•  Create a 30‐60 sec video to promote the SCC and why it’s so important to  make that pledge  •  Include:  *How AOTA helps recent graduates succeed  *How making the pledge will help AOTA grow and empower the OT  profession  •  Submit it via YouTube and email by October 12, 2012  •  Vote online for your favorite, details to come…  •  Listen for your video to be announced and showcased at Student Conclave  on November 9‐10, 2012 

To learn more about the SCC, visit    Rules: All videos must be received by midnight on October 12,  2012. No excepRons! Please send a link to your video (on  YouTube or some other site) to (do not send  the video as an aXachment). Videos cannot exceed 60 seconds  (that includes everything). Everyone credited with creaRng the  winning video will be required to sign over copyright of the  video to AOTA. Therefore, all submiXers must be ready to  provide documentaRon that they own the copyright to any  images and music used, that these items are in the public  domain (please note that just because something is on the  Internet doesn’t mean it it’s in the public domain), or that they  have received permission from the copyright holder to use the  informaRon in the video, with no sRpulaRons on this use.  SubmiXers are responsible for any fees to get these permissions.  Anyone filmed in the video must sign a release. You do not need  to send this informaRon unless we inform you that you that you  are a finalist. The finalists will be selected by the ASD steering  commiXee, and the winning video will be chosen by AOTA  student members and informed by Wednesday, October 29,  2013. QuesRons? Contact 


•  The top 3 schools that receive the highest percentage of NEW SCC enrollment will be entered in a special raffle where 1 lucky person from each school will win a iPad2


•  Winners will be announced at the Students Un-Conferenced event at the 93rd Annual Conference and Expo in San Diego on April 25, 2013. •  And, we will also be recognizing the winning school’s delegates at the ASD annual meeting at conference for all their hard work, spreading the SCC word. Contest ends January 31, 2013.

•  Completed cards must be mailed back to AOTA, Attn: Amanda Fogle, 4720 Montgomery Lane, Bethesda, MD 20814 by February 7, 2013. •  Online registration is also available at: Registration after January 31, 2013 will not be counted towards raffle. One registration per person please.

5 things you need to know about your Profession!

A word about advocacy

•  The Affordable Care Act Supreme Court decision affirmed that health care reform efforts will continue to be implemented. Learn more about how this affects occupational therapy at •  If the Congress can't avoid the mandatory budget cuts that will occur January 1, 2013, school system therapy is likely to be negatively affected. Take action now at alertid=61591971&PROCESS=Take+Action •  Did you know that about 30% of OTs and OTAs work in more than one type of practice setting? The most common secondary setting is skilled nursing facilities. Source: AOTA 2010 Compensation and Workforce Study


•  Get to know who represents you in Washington DC and in your state capitol. They may have a key vote on a bill that affects occupational therapy in the future. Find your legislators at and use the link to the Issues and Legislation to send an email to your elected officials. •  Come to Capitol Hill Day! OT practitioners and students converge on DC September 24 for a morning briefing and afternoon meetings with elected officials. A great advocacy experience. Details at


Boardroom to Classroom:! A game changing opportunity!!
  “Boardroom to Classroom is a program through the American  Occupational Therapy Association that connects AOTA’s Board of  Directors to student groups to increase their knowledge about  professional issues and opportunities. Discussions are one hour‐long  question and answer teleconference or videoconference. They focus on  one of six topics (Advocacy in Occupational Therapy, Importance of  AOTA Membership, Getting More Involved in AOTA, Current Factors  Affecting Occupational Therapy, Importance of Research and Evidence in  the Profession, Recent Successes of AOTA for Occupational Therapy).”‐  Jaclyn Tarloff, MS, OTR/L creator program.      Members of the AOTA’s Board of Directors interact with students via  teleconference or videoconference in a question‐answer format that  revolve around topics of: Advocacy, Importance of AOTA Membership,  Getting Involved in AOTA, Current Factors Affecting OT, Importance of  Research & Evidence and Recent Successes in AOTA.    After each session, both the BOD member and students are encouraged  to leave feedback and comment of the effectiveness of the session to  further empower others to get involved! 

What is it? 


So how does it work? 



  •  “I felt much more connected to AOTA. The discussion  made AOTA seen real, not just an organization.”    •  “I learned a lot more about what AOTA and the website has to offer to students and beyond.”    •  “I really enjoyed the lecture… It was inspiring and it  makes me want to be more actively involvedin AOTA.”      Contact the Assembly of Student Delegates Steering  Committee: ASD@AOTA.ORG      Share this information with your Student Occupational  Therapy Association Advisor, or Program  director to take full advantage of this game changing  opportunity! 

Student testimonials 

How to set up a Boardroom to Classroom session 

18   November 9‐10, 2012  Columbus, Ohio  Get Ready to Kick Your Field Goals!  As an occupational therapy student and soon‐to‐be new  practitioner, you have already started setting up the field goals for  your career. The 2012 AOTA/NBCOT National Student Conclave is a  terrific opportunity for you to know how to score those points and  be an OT pro!  Here's why you should attend—  •  Evidence‐based knowledge about current issues and emerging  practice areas  •  Exclusive opportunities to speak with leaders and experts  •  Perfect chances to meet with job recruiters and have your  résumé critiqued  •  Important  information on the NBCOT certification exam  •  Super networking with peers from your school and across the  country  See you at the 2012 Student Conclave in Columbus, Ohio,  November 9–10! 


Exceptional Student  Highlight 
Bill Wong, University of Southern California 
Bill Wong is an incredibly hard working student from the University of  Southern California.  He has accomplished more in the last 2 years than  most people do in a life time.  He has also had to overcome more than  most people have.  While taking the OT world by storm, he is also taking  on a storm within as he  battles the many challenges that Asperger's  Syndrome presents.   


I have had numerous opportunities to work with and share time with Bill and I  find him to be an inspiring and unique in all the right ways type of person.  Upon  informing him that he is this issue’s exceptional student, I asked him to highlight  the achievements he is most proud of.  He listed the following for me.    1. Presenting on multiple occasions at OTAC conferences (the Occupational  Therapy Association of California)    2. Sitting on a Family Panel at the AOTA Autism West conference    3. Being a panelist for an AOTA Pediatrics Virtual Chat    4. Serving as Student Committee chair for the Association of Asian Pacific  Occupational Therapists in America    5.And currently is  aiming to be the first person on the autism spectrum in the  world to have a doctorate degree of any kind in OT    Congratulations to Bill Wong for being our first exceptional student highlight!   

If there is an exceptional student you would like to nominate, please  21  email Jamie Morris: