TICKET NO: LUCKY NO: FILE NO: UK-07113738/2012

AMOUNT WON: ₤945,000.00 GBP Dear Winner,

Confirmation of ₤945,000.00 GBP/ Email Address with Ticket No: 4-24-45-46-52-1
We are happily announce the official publication results of Computer Ballot Draw, Electronic On-line Lottery organized by the Platinum Plus Online Casino held on January 2012 and the result were release this 13th March 2012 by TOCOP in conjunction with the GCC Countries and Board of Trustees. NOTE: Your Email Address has been picked from Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Foreign Trade Division/Businesss Directory Organization in GCC Countries. This is a scientific email program draw in which your email address was used. It is a promotional program that encourages Business Users, Organization and Individuals as you do not require buying a ticket to enter. Your EMAIL was attached to Ticket No: , Lucky No: from 101,000 Email Addresses in GCC Countries and this qualifies you to be the recipient of the grand Prize Award sum of ₤945,000.00 GBP in 4TH CATEGORY of the PLATINUM PLUS ONLINE CASINO. All email addresses were assigned to different ticket numbers for representation and privacy. You have therefore been approved to claim a Star Prize of ₤945,000.00 GBP in cash credited to File No: UK-07113738/2012. Below is the prize break down for the entire category.

Nos of Matches Match 6 Match 5 (Bn) Match 5 Match 2 Nos of Winners 619 16 34,905 3 Payout Per Winner (GBP £) ₤1,255.00 ₤77,702.00 ₤48.00 ₤945,000.00 Total Prize Fund ₤776,845.00 ₤1,243,232.00 ₤1,675,440.00 ₤2,835,000.00 Category 1ST 2ND 3RD 4TH Current Draw)

Visit our website for more information about your Winning. and enter your File Numbers to view the result. To apply for your claims, you are advised to send to us by email your; Full Name, P. O. Box Address, Telephone and Fax Numbers and your Winning Details such as; Ticket Number, Lucky Number, File Number and the Amount won to the processing department below; PLATINUM PLUS ONLINE CASINO Mr. Michael Moore Tel: + 44 (777) 842-9298 Fax: + 44 (145) 526-8669 E-mail: Website: "The validity period of the winnings is (14) working days from the date you receive this letter; Failure to complete the claims of your cash prize after (14) working days of this notice will result in the revision of award hence you are expected to make your claims immediately by the contacting the Processing Department”. Congratulations once again from all our staff and thank you for being part of our promotional program. Yours Truly, Mrs. Joyce C. Barbara Assistant Publication Manager
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