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Title: Charles Sobhraj – The Bikini Killer

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France. At a fairly young age. Vietnam. he is currently serving a life imprisonment sentence in Kathmandu. His unmarried mother was Vietnamese. ‘The Serpent’ and ‘The Bikini Killer’. at the age of 16. In this harsh prison. In and out of prison. Alphonse Darreau. a French lieutenant stationed in Saigon. Never convicted for all his crimes. jewel thief and coldblooded murderer. Sobhraj began to display personality problems and discipline became an issue. which was under French rule at the time. Sobhraj began to hone his 2 . he turned to petty crime. whilst others put this number at 32. Rearrested in 2004. Sobhraj is estimated by some to have committed over 20 murders. In 1960. never feeling quite at home in either place. age 19 he received his first jail sentence for burglary and was sentenced to three years at Poissy prison near Paris. Sobhraj began stealing and in 1963. Sobhraj had an unsettled childhood. Nepal. with some sources naming her Noy and others. India for one murder. for a double murder in 1975. he led a life of risk. a booklet on Charles Sobhraj Charles Sobhraj – The Bikini Killer Described as ‘Asia’s premier serial killer’. Charles Sobhraj was infamous con artist. manipulation and conspiracy that eventually made him a media celebrity. his victims were usually vulnerable Western tourists in Southeast Asia. He was born Charles Gurmukh Sobhraj in Saigon. and later claimed French nationality because of this. The couple married and the family moved to Marseille. he wove his guileful and lethal web of deceit and crime. Skilled at befriending people. He was in Tihar prison. drug dealer. evading authorities from numerous countries.xnepali. Through the 1960s and 1970s. as the family moved constantly between France and Indochina. Song. Sobhraj was adopted by his mother’s new boyfriend. from 1976 to 1997. His father was a Sindhi Indian from Mumbai and deserted the family soon after Sobhraj’s birth. which soon began to escalate out of control. In his teens.com.

where in Rawalpindi he stole a car by drugging the driver. Instead of using the profits for something positive for his family. he is alleged to have also been running a curio shop in Bangkok. Afghanistan. After a fortnight in prison. a man he had met whilst in jail. On the surface they made a good impression. On the night that Sobhraj proposed to Chantal. charged with car theft. They decided to leave France for Asia and. Chantal waited for him and upon his release. endearing themselves to the Indian ex-pat community. whilst also dabbling in the criminal underworld with various scams and burglaries. beating a hasty retreat to the next victim. However. when Sobhraj was paroled. Sobhraj committed an armed robbery at a jewellery shop in Hotel Ashoka. He would drug them.com. Around this time. India. they married. Women would fall for him. such as keeping books in his cell. he moved in with Felix d’Escogne. he was arrested for evading police in a stolen car and sent back to Poissy prison for a further eight months. using false travel documents. sometimes to death. Sobhraj had turned to crime once more and was running a car theft and smuggling enterprise. In 1969. and steal their belongings. They would befriend fellow travelers and then rob them of their valuables. as he could be particularly charming. Here they settled. from a conservative Parisian family. Sobhraj moved on to Pakistan. police confiscated a number of revolvers. She soon fell pregnant but the couple began to worry about the fact that the French authorities had Sobhraj in their sights and the threat of arrest was ever-present. he ploughed them into his newfound hobby of gambling. began travelling through Eastern Europe.xnepali. Gun smuggling In December 1971. At the time of Sobhraj’s arrest. Sobhraj faked appendicitis and 3 . moving the weapons from Afghanistan by land route to sell in India. who died from poisoning. the couple fled to Kabul. apparently departing without paying the bill. foreign tourists. He simultaneously lived the high society life in Paris. the couple arrived in Mumbai. and they fell in love. in an attempt to provide a stable environment for their child. Chantal. where they stayed at the Intercontinental Hotel for quite a while. It was during this time that Sobhraj met a young lady. in order to lure his favourite victims. Delhi but was arrested and sent to prison. It was here that Sobhraj made contacts for illegal gun smuggling. where Chantal gave birth to their daughter. In 1970. In 1973. a booklet on Charles Sobhraj skills of manipulation in order to endear himself to prison officials to gain favors. rifles and other weapons from him.

Ajay Chowdhury. They settled in Kabul. a booklet on Charles Sobhraj managed to escape during a blackout. create a troublesome situation for them and then pose as the knight in shining armour who would solve the problem. leaving André to serve his sentence. Sobhraj formed a new con. they would feel indebted to him for his aid. Drug Dealer In 1975. André. Canada. He had also hatched a new plan and that was to create a kind of criminal family. His younger brother. Weary of the constant disruption to their lives that Sobhraj’s criminal activity brought. where they immediately began robbing tourists following the ‘hippie trail’ between Europe and Eastern Asia. becoming a drug dealer to finance his lifestyle. as it was the time of the IndiaBangladesh war. The young Indian man became Sobhraj’s second-in-command and the two embarked on a killing spree in 1975. Many of their victims had been part of the ‘family’ and it is possible that they were killed to prevent them going to the authorities. Sobhraj stole former French policemen.xnepali. with him at the helm. 4 . Sobhraj and his ‘family’ were staying at a resort in the beach town of Pattaya. Having no idea Sobhraj was the cause of their misery in the first place. He would select his victims. where Sobhraj met a fellow criminal. This time he left his family behind and fled to Iran. Sobhraj moved to Thailand. She fell for his charm and was content to ignore both his dalliances with other women and his criminal activity. joined him in Istanbul and the two of them went on a crime spree in Greece and Turkey. His first devotee was Marie-Andreé Leclerc from Quebec. Sobhraj and Chantal went on the run but Sobhraj was soon caught and put back in prison. Sobhraj escaped once more pretending illness and drugging the hospital guard. he homed in on French tourists. Yannick and Jacques’ passports. Chantal returned to France with her daughter. He managed to borrow money for bail and the couple fled India for Afghanistan. Arrested again. For the next two years Sobhraj was on the run from authorities and travelled around Eastern Europe and the Middle East. always using stolen passports. To gather more members into his clan. declaring that she never wanted to see Sobhraj again.com. Using his fluency in French. The brothers were arrested and imprisoned in Athens but Sobhraj managed to escape once more. Dominique Rennelleau from France thought he had dysentery when in fact Sobhraj had given him poisoned dysentery medication and then nursed him back to health. and then helped the men retrieve them.

Charmayne Carrou. a booklet on Charles Sobhraj The first known victim was Teresa Knowlton. near the town of Pattaya. Later that same month.com. Carrou was found drowned in similar circumstances to Bollivar. It was here they met two travellers. the girlfriend of Sobhraj’s previous victim.xnepali. Vitali Hakim. who allegedly offered to be her guide and to take her to Pattaya Beach. She met Sobhraj. Sobhraj was questioned and then released by police in Kathmandu. 25 were Dutch students who had met Sobhraj in Hong Kong. Sobhraj became known as ‘The Bikini Killer’. Anxious that she may discover what they had done. a young woman from Seattle who had travelled from Bangkok and was en route to Kathmandu. Carriere and Bronzich were murdered and their burned bodies found on 22nd December 1975. wearing a flower-patterned bikini. Bintanja and Hemker’s bodies were found strangled and burned on 16th December 1975. Bollivar was found drowned in a tidal pool in the Gulf of Thailand. from Canada and Connie Bronzich. His body was found burned on the road to the Pattaya resort where the ‘family’ were staying. whom they befriended. 5 . police investigators did not connect the two cases but when they did. 29 and his fiancée Cornelia Hemker. Stolen passports Sobhraj decided it was time to move again and on 18th December 1975. When they arrived. he tried to convince her to join his ‘family’ but she refused. When she met Sobhraj. A number of months passed before the autopsy results. had travelled to Thailand to meditate and to experience the Buddhist lifestyle. The killers’ next victim was a young nomadic Sephardic Jew. 29. Henk Bintanja. he and Leclerc used Bintanja and Hemker’s Dutch passports to enter Nepal. from California. came to investigate his disappearance. combined with forensic evidence. Jennie Bollivar. At first. Sobhraj and Chowdhury swiftly dealt with the problem. Hakim. where her body was later found burned. 26. Sobhraj poisoned them then nursed them back to health. Laurent Ormond Carriere. Some sources claim these victims were Laddie DuParr and Annabella Tremont. proved the drowning in fact to be a murder. wearing a similar flower-patterned bikini. a young woman from America. During this time. He had invited them to Thailand and they took him up on his offer. where she was to study Tibetan Buddhism at Kopan Monastery.

In Sobhraj’s absence. Malaysia with Leclerc and Chowdhury. had begun to suspect him of being involved in the Pattaya murders. Sobhraj fled to Calcutta. they had discovered documents belonging to the victims in the resort at which they stayed. was investigating the murders of Bintanja and Hemker and Sobhraj was his prime suspect.com. He used this to travel to Singapore. In Malaysia. to sell their stolen 6 . which eventually ran into decades.xnepali. Shortly after this. Sobhraj immediately left Thailand for Malaysia. The couple travelled to Geneva. Some sources claim the reason for this was their fear of the potential negative publicity. Herman Knippenberg. It is alleged that Sobhraj murdered him before leaving Malaysia with Leclerc. a booklet on Charles Sobhraj Sobhraj and Leclerc used Carriere and Bronzich’s passports to return to Thailand before their victims were identified. India. Encouraged. Avoni Jacob. where he murdered an Israeli student. Yannick. Switzerland. Knippenberg was given police permission to search Sobhraj’s apartment. adversely affecting the country’s tourist trade. Sobhraj and Chowdhury stole thousands of pounds worth of precious gems. Jacques and Rennelleau. Thailand in March 1976. Sobhraj was questioned by Thai police in connection with the ‘Bikini Murders’ but was not charged. such an action could create. Knippenberg began building a case against him and a month after Sobhraj had left Thailand. a Dutch embassy diplomat. for his passport. Sobhraj discovered his French ‘family members’. he continued to collect evidence in the case against Sobhraj. Chowdhury disappeared and he was never found. then on to India and back to Bangkok. He uncovered evidence including documents belonging to the murder victims and poisoned medicines. Once there.

Smith and Eather to the infamous Tihar prison outside New Delhi to await trial. whom he met in Mumbai. this time it backfired because the poison began working a lot faster than he expected. The fee? About five thousand dollars. the son of an Indian man from Bombay and a Vietnamese mother. Sobhraj’s new recruits were two lost tourists. Sobhraj was charged with the murder of Jean-Luc Solomon and sent with Leclerc. Barbara Sheryl Smith and Mary Ellen Eather. It was Solomon’s death that would finally result in Sobhraj being imprisoned for 21 years in India. a booklet on Charles Sobhraj jewels before returning to India to rebuild the ‘criminal family’. named Noy (some sources refer to her as 7 . Leclerc. Sobhraj then befriended French tourist Jean-Luc Solomon whom he poisoned in a south Delhi hotel.. Background We know a great deal about Sobhraj because he has been so willing to brag about his exploits in the past. Sobhraj and his group of three women were arrested and interrogated. he was admitted to a hospital and escaped during one of the night time blackouts that was common during India's war with Banladesh. Sobhraj.. He is supposed to have dug his way out of an Afghan prison with a spoon and escaped Greek custody by setting fire to the prison van he was locked inside of with other inmates. with the intention to rob him. Since his release from jail in India in 1997 it has been possible for a journalist or writer to simply pay a fee and meet Sobhraj at a Paris cafe for a chat and photos.com. Once again. Sobhraj was born in Saigon in 1944. Sobhraj used his poisoned dysentery medicine on the group. He has escaped from jails in a number of countries. Escape Artist The sentence may not mean much to Sobhraj (described as "Asia's premier serial killer" by one source). When the first few students began falling where they stood. Smith and Eather managed to trick a group of post-graduate French students into accepting them as travel guides. New Delhi. but Solomon died of the poison. However. In 1971 he pretended to have appendicitis after an arrest in India for allegedly robbing a jewelry store.. Conditions at Tihar were extremely harsh and both Smith and Eather attempted suicide during the wait for their trial. the others became alarmed and called the police.xnepali. In July 1976.

Sobhraj is thought to have left Bangkok for Kathmandu at this point. was also later connected to Sobhraj. a booklet on Charles Sobhraj "Song"). Knowlton met Sobhraj and he reportedly offered to take her to Pattaya Beach. A Dutch couple. robbing them. The Thailand Mikini Murders Sobhraj remains the number one suspect in the Bikini Murders that took place in Thailand in 1975. Early encounters with the law began before he was an adult. His mother's second husband. Sobhraj is thought to have killed her to prevent her from telling police about his smuggling activities. reportedly paying for the trip through check fraud. she was planning to study Tibetan Buddhism at Kopan Monastery. In all. a French woman. in the Gulf of Thailand near the resort town of Pattaya. her body burnt. He also built up a small family of accomplices around himself. a Seattle woman who had traveled to Bangkok on her way to Kathmandu. Sobhraj spent three years for burglary and eight months for car theft in prison in France in the 1960's. the "Bikini Murders"). Bollivar was an American who had come to Thailand to "find herself through meditation and immersion into a Buddhist lifestyle. In the 1970's Sobhraj became dabbling in drug smuggling.xnepali. Jennie Bollivar was killed not much later. But Sobhraj was criminally flexible and supported himself in part by befriending travelers. drugging them. In December of 1975 Charmayne Carrou. was found like Bollivar. using Bintanja's passport. Lieutenant Alphonse Darreau.com." Sobhraj had attempted to bring her into his "family" and she'd refused. Vitali Hakim. Sobhraj is implicated in at least 10 murders in Thailand in 1975. France. The death earlier of her boyfriend. Like Hakim. Bollivar was found. a French military officer stationed in Saigon. 8 . the Dutch couple's bodies were burnt. One of his first alleged victims in Thailand was Teresa Knowlton. Henk Bintanja and Cornelia Hemker. wearing her flowered bikini (thus. later adopted Charles Sobhraj and he was eventually resettled with his mother in Marseille. He twice ran away from his Paris boarding school and returned to Vietnam. Sobhraj is supposed to have confessed specifically to the Knowlton murder to an Australian journalist. died around the same time shortly after meeting Sobhraj in Hong Kong and following him to Bangkok. and then sometimes killing them. Like many of Sobhraj's victims. But he has succeeded in avoiding being returned to Thailand and it's doubtful that he will ever stand trial there.

From Malaysia Sobhraj moved on to Bombay after obtaining about $40. Sobhraj claims that he contrived his own arrest in 1986 instead of leaving the country because he wanted to avoid being extradited to Thailand. He was questioned and released by police in Kathmandu. a booklet on Charles Sobhraj Life in South Asia In Nepal Sobhraj associated himself with a couple.000 worth of gemstones. Sobhraj left Nepal for Calcutta where he is thought to have robbed and killed an Israeli scholar named Avoni Jacob before going on to Singapore and then returning briefly to Bangkok. bribing guards to bring him gourmet food and to install a television in his cell. giving them pills he promised would fight intestinal problems. though prosecutors wanted it) and five years on other counts. He was free for 22 days before being arrested at a seafood restaurant in Goa. probably saved him from the death penalty in Thailand. At some point during this time other members of his "family" discovered documents implicating him in the Bikini Murders and handed those documents over to the police. A warrant for his extradition to Thailand also existed.com. from 1976 to 1997. Nepalese police assumed at first that DuParr killed his own girlfriend. After spending time with the couple in Kathmandu's "Freak Street" area. Additional time was added after he escaped from a maximum security prison in 1986. Sobharj is supposed to have been released on a bribe of about $18. DuParr and Tremont were found dead. near Delhi. He was confined to Tihar Prison.jail time that. India charged him with murder for the killing of Jean-Luc Solomon. Sobhraj was originally sentenced to seven year for the murder (he was spared India's death penalty. Sobhraj attempted to drug the entire group at a Delhi hotel. DuParr's body was burnt. But some members of the group passed out in the hotel lobby and Sobhraj was caught by Indian police. ironically. and because Sobhraj's left Nepal on DuParr's passport.000 and fled to Malaysia. Sobhraj returned to Nepal after selling the couple's valuables in Bangkok. In Bangkok he was questioned about the Bikini Murders. Canadian Laddie DuParr and Californian Annabella Tremont. After the Solomon murder Sobhraj joined a 60-member French tour group that was traveling from Bombay to Delhi.xnepali. It was Solomon's death that would eventually result in Sobhraj spending 21 years in prison in India -. He had lived like a king in India's prison system. Release from Tihar Prison 9 . but Solomon died. In Bombay Sobhraj drugged Frenchman Jean-Luc Solomon to rob him.

1997. 10 . Penguin Books Ltd.com. There were also book deals. Julie Clarke & Richard Neville (1989). valid for only 20 years. where he moved to the Chinese section of Paris and lived as something of a celebrity. The Bikini Murders. ISBN 0-7867-0749-6. He appealed the conviction but was turned down by the high court in Nepal. The Life and Crimes of Charles Sobhraj. had expired. A deal for an Indian movie based on his life brought him about $15 million. Farrukh Dhondy (2008). Carroll & Graf Publishers. Sobhraj was released from Tihar Prison. Sobhraj has been found guilty of killing a US tourist in 1975. Biography books published:     Julie Clarke & Richard Neville (1980). He was arrested in September of 2003 at an all-night casino inside the Yak and Yeti hotel in Kathmandu. The extradition warrant to Thailand.xnepali. Arrest in Nepal Sobhraj is alleged to have committed as many as 32 murders. Harper Collins India. Pan Macmillan. ISBN 0-330-27001-X. India deported him to France. He was sentenced to life in prison and remains incarcerated there. Thomas Thompson (1979). a booklet on Charles Sobhraj On February 17. ISBN 978-0140129373. Serpentine. Shadow of the Cobra.

11 . My ex-wife then married an American and had a daughter by him. I would also like to caution the newspapers. My lawyers are filing a defamation case against the Himalayan Times in Nepal‟s Supreme Court and a complaint with the Federation of Nepalese Journalists and Press Council Nepal. I married a French woman in 1969 but she divorced me in 1974.xnepali. When my fiancée Nihita Biswas refused to speak to the Himalayan Times – which remains within her rights – the newspaper began hounding her and her family and making false allegations against us. It is ridiculous since I can‟t be married to both. As per the 11th amendment to Nepal‟s marriage laws. The current conviction by Nepal‟s district court is now being heard in the Supreme Court and till the final verdict comes. has her parents‟ consent to our marriage and. The Himalayan Times also said that if I marry my fiancée Nihita Biswas. … the media has been continuously calling me a serial killer without any evidence. It says I am a bigamist who is married to a French and Australian woman. which have been basing their news on the Himalayan Times‟ reports. most importantly. 1974 the Tribunal of Nanterre in France issued the divorce decree. Nihita is 20. 2008) Dear Friends of the Media. I was never convicted of murder by any court. I would like to draw your attention to the continued persecution and assassination of my character by the Himalayan Times daily. supported by evidence. that they are utterly false and defamatory. Here are the facts of the case. news agencies and television channels. I was never convicted of murder by any court. On May 17. (I am also forwarding a copy of the document with the name of my former wife blackened out to protect her privacy).com. A girl can marry at 18 if she has her parents‟ consent or can marry without consent if she is 20. a booklet on Charles Sobhraj Press Statement By Charles Sobhraj (Dated July 7. repeated falsification of news with malicious intention and violation of all journalistic ethics and norms. that is no longer valid. I will be jailed since Nepal‟s laws do not allow marriage between two people who have an age difference of 20 years or more. Anyone who uses the Himalayan Times reports without crosschecking facts will also face similar action. A section of the media has been continuously calling me a serial killer without any evidence. remains sub judice. These facts are also mentioned in the two books submitted to the Supreme Court as “evidence” by the prosecution – Serpentine by Thomas Thompson and The Life and Crimes of Charles Sobhraj by Richard Neville and Mary Clarke. we will be married in France according to French laws since I am a French citizen and reside there.

a booklet on Charles Sobhraj Though my fiancée pointed out the errors to the Himalayan Times and asked them to publish her letter and issue a correction. Another faced the allegation of having received money during the direct rule of former king Gyanendra. A girl can marry at 18 if she has her parents’ consent or can marry without consent if she is 20. In the past. its integrity and impartiality. it carried a part of her letter as part of a report. citizenship of their top brass and undue influence used to obtain a licence. Charles Sobhraj July 7. thereby distorting facts before its readers.xnepali. have faced a barrage of allegations about their promoters. we will be married in France according to French laws since I am a French citizen and reside there. Its continued persecution and falsification raises serious doubts about the professional competence of the newspaper. It repeated the allegations Monday. Nihita is 20. more than any others. ignoring the existence of the divorce certificate and other official documents. therefore. making it appear as if she was being interviewed. has her parents’ consent to our marriage and. 2008 Attachment: 12 . source of funding. the Himalayan Times and its sister paper.com. The Himalayan Times. One of their reporters was arrested trying to pass a suitcase full of money through the Tribhuvan airport and was jailed. most importantly. the Annapurna Post. should realise that allegations are not facts.

a booklet on Charles Sobhraj 13 .com.xnepali.

कारो चस्भा.xnepali. कारो े ब्माग फोकका य चम्ककरो अनुहायका साथ प्रस्तुत बएका े शोबयाजको हातभा त्मनतफेरा हत्कडी नथमो। ११ फजे अदारतभा उऩम्स्थत गयाइनुऩने बए ऩनन शोबयाजराई त्मसको करयफ ४ घण्टा ऩनछ भात्र त्रत्रऩुयेश्वयम्स्थत कन्रीम े कायागायफाट ननकानरएको नथमो। अदारतभा आइतफायको फहस सहकएय अको फहस १८ अगस्तभा सये ऩनछ भात्र शोबयाजराई कायागायफाट ननकानरएको नथमो। प्रहयीरे ननक सावधानीका ै साथ शोबयाजराई अदारत रगेको नथमो। कायागायफाट सेतो गाडीभा याखेय शोबयाजराई थाऩाथरी. 2008) पोटो साबाय् अन्नऩूणण ऩोस्ट हत्माको अनबमोगभा सवोच्च अदारतको चक्कय काट्दै आएका चार्लसण सोबयाजरे आइतफाय सवोच्च अदारत ऩरयसयभा आपरे ू ननहहताराई साह्रै भन ऩयाएको फताए। शोबयाजरे अॊग्रेजीभै बने„एस आइ रब ननहहता‟। कारो ज्माकट.com. भाइनतघय हुॉदै सवोच्च अदारत ऩुर्माइएको नथमो य उनी गाडीनबत्र यहे को नदे म्खने गयी प्रहयीरे झ्मारभा प्रात्रिक रगाएको नथमो। ६४ वषॉम शोबयाजराई आधा दजणन हनतमाय फोकका प्रहयीरे सवोच्च अदारत तीन फजे ऩुर्माएका नथए। े शोबयाजरे ननहहताराई बेटेऩनछ जीवनभा ऩरयवतणन आएको फताए। „राइप ह्याज त्रफन भोय त्रऩसपर‟ अथाणत ् „जीवन शान्त बइयहे को छ‟ गाडीनबत्रफाटै उनरे बने। अदारतरे उनक ऩऺभा ु ै हय‟। शोबयाजरे आप ननदोष बएको सभेत दाफी गये । ू १५ नभनेट भात्र अदारतभा याम्खएका शोबयाजराई प्रहयीरे गाडीफाट बने ओयारेन। उनरे आप य ू आफ्नी प्रेनभकाको ज्मान जोम्खभभा यहे को सुनाए।‟आइ एभ हपनरङ इन्सेकये हट याइट नाउ‟ अथाणत ु „भेयो जीवन अहहरे जोम्खभभा छ‟। जेरका अनधकायीहरुराई मसफाये जानकायी हदए ऩनन उनीहरुरे पसरा सुनाउनेभा त्रवश्वस्त दे म्खएका शोबयाजरे ननहहतासॉगै त्रफहे गने फताए -‟आइ वीर कमायी ै 14 . a booklet on Charles Sobhraj शोबयाजरे ऩनन बने 'आई रब ननहहता' -यजनीश बण्डायी- ननहहता य ननहहताकी वकीर आभा शकन्तरा थाऩा सवोच्च ऩरयसयभा सञ्चायकभॉनसत कया गदै । ु ु (August 11th.

xnepali.com. a booklet on Charles Sobhraj खासै वास्ता नगये को गुनासो उनरे गये । भाओवादीरे तऩाईँराई सहमोग गदै छ हो बन्ने प्रश्नभा शोबयाजरे भुद्दा सफै अदारती प्रहिमा बएको सुनाए। शोबयाजरे प्रश्नकताणहरु कन-कन च्मानरफाट बएको ऩनन सोधेका नथए। उनरे चार्लसण एण्ड आई ु ु हपर्लभ आपभा आधारयत बएको बए नफनाउन ऩत्र ऩठाएको ऩनन फताए। ू अदारतभा शोबयाजराई कदाणकदै थाककी उनकी २० वषॉमा प्रेनभका ननहहता त्रवश्वासरे बने त्मसको ु ु े कही फेयअनघ भात्र अदारत छाडे की नथइन ्। ननहहताकी भुभा य शोबयाजकी वहकर सकन्तरा े ु अदारतरे शोबयाजको भुद्दाको फहस १८ अगस्तसकभका रानग साये को छ। [बण्डायी कहटबीका सञ्चायकभॉ हुन ्।] े थाऩारे बने अदारतभा भुद्दा चनरयहे को य टु ङ्गो राग्न अझै कही हप्ता राग्ने फताइन ्। सवोच्च े 15 .

com. त्रवदे शका सञ्चाय भाध्मभहरुको सभेत ध्मान शोबयाज य ननहहतारे मसअनघ नै आपहरुरे त्रववाह गने फताउॉ दै आएका बए ऩनन एक ू त्मसफेरा ननहहताराई बेटेऩनछ आफ्नो जीवनभा शाम्न्त आएको फताएका नथए। भहहना अनघ भात्रै शोबयाजरे आफ्नो त्रववाह नेऩारभै हुने घोषणा गये का नथए। उनरे करयफ चाय भहहना अनघ भात्र शोबयाज य ननहहताफीच इन्गेजभेन्ट बएको नथमो। त्मसऩनछ ननहहतारे इन्गेजभेन्ट रयङ दे खाउॉ दै दे शीत्रवदे शी सञ्चायभाध्मभका प्रनतनननधहरुनसत पोटो सेसन गयाउॉ दै अन्तवाणताण हदएका नथए। प्रेभ प्रसॊग सावणजननक बएको कही हदनभा नै उनरे कही ब्मत्रिहरुरे आपराई भाने धककी हदएको े े ू बन्दै ज्मानको सुयऺा गरयहदन सयकायसॉग उनरे भाग गदै ऩत्रकाय सकभेरन सभेत गनण भ्माइन ्। कही अनघ साया नेऩारी दशणक तीनछक्क ऩने गयी काम्न्तऩुय टे नरनबजनको प्राइभ टाइभ े सभाचायभा राइब आएय मी बखणयकी मुवतीरे हाकाहाकी बनेकी नथइन ्. a booklet on Charles Sobhraj चार्लसण शोबयाजरे जेर भै झ्माइॉ ऩाये October 9th. 2008 -यजननश बण्डायीनसरयमर हकरय य त्रफहकनी हकरयका रुऩभा कख्मात ६४ वषॉम चार्लसण शोबयाज य उनकी २० ु वषॉमा प्रेनभका ननहहता त्रवश्वासरे आज त्रवजमा दशभीको अवसय ऩाये य जेर भै झ्माइॉ ऩाये का छन ्। त्रवदे शी ऩमणटकको हत्माको अनबमोगभा भुद्दा खेत्रऩयहे का शोबयाज हार काठभाडँको सेन्रर जेरभा यहे का छन ्। त्रववाह ऩनन सोही जेरभा आज हदउॉ सो नेऩारी ऩयकऩया अनुसाय बएको हो। असभान तानेको नथमो। ननहहताको ऩारयवारयक श्रोतका अनुसाय दशैको शुब हदन ऩाये य त्रववाहको आमोजना जेरभै गरयएको हो। ननहहताराई ऩनन आजको हदन भन ऩये को स्रोतको बनाइ छ। जेर प्रशासन य ननहहताका ऩरयवायका सदस्मको उऩम्स्थनतभा त्रववाह सकऩन्न बएको फताइएको छ। ननहहताकी आभा तथा शोबयाजकी वहकर शकन्तरा थाऩा य ननहहताका दाजु ऩनन सो सभायोहभा ु उऩम्स्थत नथए। उभेयकी मी प्रेनभप्रेनभकाको योभान्सरे दे शका भात्र है न. भ चार्लसण शोबयाजकी 16 . „हो.xnepali.

a booklet on Charles Sobhraj गरणफ्रन्ड हुॉ।‟ भोडरको जस्तो ऩहहयन य बावबॊनगभाका साथ उनरे नसरयमर हकरयका रुऩभा े कख्मात चार्लसण शोबयाजनसत आफ्नो ऩहहरो बेट भै प्रेभ फसेको कया सुनाएका नथए। ु ु बखणय प्रस टु सकाएय ऩाटण टाइभ जफका रुऩभा इन्टयप्रेटयका रुऩभा जेरभा जाॉदा उनको बेट चार्लसण शोबयाजनसत बएको हो। “ऩहहरो हदनभा नै हाभी एकअकाणप्रनत आकत्रषणत फन्मँ। हये क हदन जाने. हपर्लभ. उनरे अन्तवाणताणभा बनेकी नथइन ्। प्रेभ फसेको छ भहहना नै नहुॉदै उनीहरुफीच त्रववाह बएको हो। नबमतनाभभा जम्न्भए ऩनन हार शोबयाजरे फ्रान्सको नागरयकता नरएका छन ्। सेनरत्रिटीका रुऩभा ऩेरयसभा जीवन त्रफताइयहे का शोबयाजको बाग्म पटे य नेऩार आउनु ऩये को ! सन ् २००४ भा उनी ु नेऩारभा यहे को खफय हद हहभारमन टाइकसरे स्कऩ खफयका रुऩभा छाऩेऩनछ नेऩार प्रहयीरे ू ु उनराई नगयफ्ताय गये का हुन ्। नेऩारको बन्सायफाट हाती ी नछयाइहदन्छ बन्ने शोबयाज त्मनतफेरादे म्ख नेऩारी जेरभा यहे का छन ्। आफ्नो फाये भा हकताफ.com. वृती नचत्र फनाउन य अन्तवाणताण हदनका रानग राखँ यकभ नरन्छन ् उनी। उनीभानथ कम्कतभा १२ वटा हत्माको अनबमोग छ। शोबयाजको फाये भा थऩ जानकायी महाॉ हे नुस ्। ण [बण्डायी कहटबीभा कामणयत सञ्चायकभॉ हुन ्] े 17 .xnepali. बेट्ने गये ऩनछ भामा गाढा बमो। अनन इन्गेजभेन्ट बमो”.

xnepali. मो ऩत्रकाय सकभेरन उनको प्रेभ प्रसॊग खुरस्त गनण नबई उनका प्रेभका फाधकहरुको फाये भा फोर्लन ऩो यहे छ। कही ब्मत्रिहरुरे आपराई भाने धककी हदएको े ू बन्दै ज्मानको सुयऺा गरयहदन सयकायसॉग उनरे भाग गये की छन ्। ननहहतारे कन्रीम कायागायका फन्दीहरुको नाइक े े टासी राभाका सहमोगीहरुरे आपराई अऩहयण ू गयी भाने धककी हदएको ऩत्रकाय सकभेरन गये य फताइन ्। चार्लसणको भुद्दाको नसरसराभा उनराई बेट्न जाॉदा टासी राभारे बेटन नहदएको उनको आयोऩ नथमो। उनरे ऩत्रकायहरु भाझ आपसॉग टासीरे एक कयोड रुऩैमाॉ भागेको म्जहकय ऩनन गरयन ्। ू त्मसो त जुन हदनदे म्ख ननहहता त्रवश्वासरे आफ्नो प्रेभको उजागय गरयन ् सोही हदनदे म्ख नै उनरे मो चचाणभा आउन चरखेर गये को बनेय धेयैरे हटप्ऩणी गये । धेयै भहहरा अनधकायकभॉहरुरे सन्काहा प्रवृनत. फहुरहठठ्ऩनको सॊऻा ऩनन नहदएका होइनन ्। तय धेयैको छ। अनुभान बने छोटो सभमभै चचाणभा आउन ऩनन उनरे मो नाटकको शूङखरा यचेकी हुन ् बन्ने नै झन ् आजको मो ऩत्रकाय सकभेरनराई ऩनन सोही नाटकको शूङ्खराको अको अॊश ऩनन भान्न सहकन्छ। अथवा उनको चचाण भोहको अको ऩाटो भान्नु ऩनन गरत बइएरा य ? र टासी नाभको ऩात्ररे उनराई धकक्मामो ये । तय. त कसैरे ऩागरऩन. a booklet on Charles Sobhraj ननहहता असुयम्ऺत ये By move4. हकन ? एक कयोड रुऩैमाॉ भाग गनुको कायण क हुन सक्छ ? एक ण े 18 . on July 28th. 2008 -त्रवषभ ठकयी – ु ६४ वषॉम अन्तयाणत्रिम कख्मात अऩयानध चार्लसण ु शोबयाजसॉग प्रेभ सकफन्ध यहे को खुरासा गदै चचाणभा यहे की उनकी प्रेनभका २० वषॉमा ननहहता त्रवश्वासरे आज ऩत्रकाय सकभेरन गये की नछन ्। तय.com.

xnepali.com. a booklet on Charles Sobhraj अन्तयाणत्रिम अऩयाधीसॉग रहनसनुभा कनै डय छै न बने सानानतना „डन‟हरुरे धकक्माउॉ दा ऩत्रकाय ु सकभेरन गदै हहॉ ड्नु ऩछाहडको यहस्म क हो ? तऩाईँराई क राग्छ ? े े भैरे त फुझ्नै सहकनॉ। एक प्रेस सकभेरनभा ननहहता त्रवश्वास। पोटो सौजन्म् दीऩेश/यासस Note: Please send your comment 19 .