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Subscription Model: Online XBRL Automated Conversion Tool on Subscription basis. Outsourced Model: Fully outsourced XBRL Conversion services.

Why AlphaBricks
Leadership Team having vast experience in the area of Finance, Business and IT functions with understanding of various financial complexities and statutory compliance's. Dedicated team of Chartered Accountants having incredible understanding of XBRL & statutory requirements, who monitor/advice the changing landscape in the area of Financial Reporting. Automated tagging & XBRL/XML/MCA validations. Cloud Based Solution requires NO capital investment, maintenance and upgrades. Inbuilt XBRL Viewer to see the XBRL output file.
Corp. Off: 5th Floor, West Wing, Marisoft-III, Kalyani Nagar, Pune - 411 014, India Tel.: +91 20 67271300, Cell: 8888467467 E-mail:

: +91 20 67271300. AlphaBricks envisages that Organisation may soon consider crafting their own “Taxonomy” in conjunction to the “mandatory Taxonomy(s)” which will help them to generate more transparent /easy to understand reports coupled with various Analytical reports/score cards etc... HNI's. AlphaBricks Practice Areas Cloud Solutions cloud. Analytics : A boon to Venture Capitalists.f.TM platform to empower sm XBRL Auto Simplified Business Solutions Beyond XBRL Mandate Analytics and Scorecards IFRS and XBRL Solutions Predictive Analytics Forex Converter Forex Converter: Realtime Multi Currency Reporting as per IFRS Standards Beyond XBRL Mandate In Organisation you will find various reports (not restricted to financials) generated by different departments/cost centres/locations/regions in different formats depending upon their respective needs.. Marisoft-III. West Wing. Off: 5th Floor. user friendly. Pune . Data Mining: Text Analytics and Data Mining tools developed in conjunction with standard Taxonomy will bring in most efficient and easy to understand analysis enabling right decisions at the right .e. Dashboards. simplified! sm SAP Practice SAP Member Extended Business Program Corp. accordingly decided its headway in this directions with affirmation and dedications. simplified! sm Mobile Application 3rd screen. Kalyani Nagar. FDI's. Researchers. Organizations. MIS Team always find it difficult & time consuming to compare and analyse these reports since they are different formats. Investors. Research & Development team of AlphaBricks already commenced development of AutoXBRL Solutions for other Sectors which are required to file XBRL instance document w. India Tel.411 014. Analysts. Cloud Based Solutions: Most solutions will be of Cloud Based keeping our motto of simplified. Cell: 8888467467 E-mail: sales@alphabricks. Scorecards in the near future.alphabricks. efficient and cost effective solutions in www. AlphaBricks foresees the enormous changes in both internal & external financial/other reporting in the coming years with the evolution of XBRL & IFRS. next Financial Year. FII's. Advances toward the future and its benefits Scorecards and Dashboards: AlphaBricks has already apportioned an R&D team that works in the field of XBRL solutions/analytics to work on beyond the Mandatory requirement and will come out with various XBRL Business Intelligence solutions..