Presented to the Department of Master in Business Management MSU-Iligan Institute of Technology Iligan City

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements of the Subject Business Policy

ROSEDEL T. ROSAS October 2012


I. II.


COMPANY PROFILE VISION/MISION STATEMENT III. ENVIRONMENTAL SCANNING 1. External Analysis 1.1 Industry Analysis 1.2 External Factor Evaluation (EFE) 1.3 Porter’s Five Forces Model 2. Internal Analysis 2.1 Resources, Capabilities and Core Competencies 2.2 VRCNs 2.3 Delta Model 2.4 Value Chain 2.5 Internal Factor Evaluation (IFE) 2.6 Bundle of Competencies 2.7 Baldrige Self-Assessment Worksheet IV. STRATEGY FORMULATION 1. SPACE Matrix 2. Balance Scorecard 3. Blue Oceans Strategy 3. ACTION PLANNING 6.1 Reward System 6.2 Lowering Service Rates During Morning 4. ACTION IMPLEMENTATION 5. EVALUATION CONCLUSION REFERENCES APPENDICES 13 14 10 10 11 11 12 12

blower. Lobelle’s Salon had its new look equipped with modern facilities. INTRODUCTION One of the keys to a successful development and implementation of a strategic plan is to ensure the “process” utilized is appropriate for the organization and its stakeholders. COMPANY PROFILE 1. cellophane. ironing. Diosdada Rosas with twenty-two (22) employees and is located at City Hall Arcade. Due to lack of resources she was helped by her friend Mrs.. manicures. pedicures and make-up application. In the very beginning.I. hot oil.1 The Organization Lobelle’s Salon is a sole proprietorship and a family owned business. Lobelle’s Salon offers a wide range of services – from hair styling (haircut. Cubillan aided the financial needs for building renovation and materials needed to operate the business. Diosdada Rosas. dye/color. Mrs. curling.2 Organizational Structure . It was established in the year 1972 with its goal committed to serve people’s different needs in body health and beauty. the salon was solely owned and managed by Mrs. In the year 2000. relax. Surigao City. San Juan. Borromeo St. Elena Cubillan to continue the business. It also offers home services where customers can choose employees to handle them in a definite time. The salon is currently owned and managed by Mrs. 1. Natalia Ramirez and in 1989 it was bought by Mrs. II. shampoo and straightening/rebonding) and skin treatments (facial. Brgy. body and foot spa) to bleaching.

2 Cashier The cashier receives payments from the customers and lists it in the ledger under the beautician who handled the customer. She also provides instructions to employees (beauticians) on how to do the job properly that would give the customers satisfaction. She also computes the share of both the salon and the beautician in a given service rendered by the beautician. 1.2.The organizational structure of Lobelles Salon is very simple. Owner/Manager ag Cashier B1 B2 B3 B4 . She is responsible in overseeing all the operations of the salon such as human resources. B18 B19 B20 B22 Figure 2. It has its manager who happens to be the owner of the business.1 Manager The manager is also the owner of the organization. . next to her is the cashier and then the twenty beauticians (B). procurement of materials the salon uses in order to offer the services.2..Organizational Structure of Lobelle’s Salon 1. and marketing. She monitors the employees who are late and absent.

and four (4) on-call beauticians. facials.3 0. 1. There are 22 beauticians presently. Strengthen our presence in Surigao City and further extend our reach beyond the territory.1 Vision Statement We are the leading beauty salon in the country and the trendsetter in beauty and healthcare. (Anastasia Zoldak). coloring. massage. External Analysis 1. independently owned salons.1 0. An average salon offers services such as haircutting.2 External Factor Evaluation (EFE) External Factor Evaluation [EFE] Matrix: The Case of Lobelle's Salon Key External Factors Weight Rating Weighted Score Opportunities 1. 1. waxing. III.6 .15 3 4 0. and permanents.2 Mission Statement At Lobelle’s Salon. ten (10) regular employees. Other salons have expanded their businesses to offer services such as nail care.2.1. A steady growing market that is traditionally unaffected by the 0.3 Beauticians (B) Render the different services that the salon offers to the customers. ENVIRONMENTAL SCANNING 1. we strive to: Provide beauty and healthcare services at the highest quality at all times. Evolving hair trends and styles 2. tanning and other beauty treatments. VISION/MISSION STATEMENT 1. IV.1Industry Analysis The beauty salon industry is mainly composed of small. shampooing. styling. eight (8) contractual employees. makeup application.

0. 2007).5 Total 1 Weight for each factor: 0.09 3 2 4 2 0. Established beauty salons.45 3. national accreditation scheme.45 0.65 Sub-Total 0. 0.0 (very important) Critical Success Factor Rating: 4 = the response is superior 3 = the response is above average 2 = the response is average 1 = the response is poor The result of the analysis is showing a total of EFE score of 3.3 1.5 Threats 1. experienced operators .15 grows. Lower prices offered by other beauty salons. The ability to decrease marginal fixed costs as the customer base 0.3 Porter’s Five Forces Model Entry Barrier The entry barrier for this industry is high for several key reasons.22 0.0 (not important)-1.6 0. 4. 3. “Most of the recent growth has been in small businesses with between five and nine employees.18 1. indicating a relatively good scenario.1 Sub-Total 0. 1.45 0. 4. New beauty salon that enters the area.economic environment.11 0. Different services offered by other beauty salons.1 3 3 0. since there is no legal requirement ort single. reflecting perhaps smaller independents expanding existing operations or opening a second outlet” (Mintel.15 0. In the beauty salon industry. This figure indicates an above average rating of the external opportunities and threats.1. However. economies of scale is not very important. Increasing sales opportunities as more people from an individual family and newly opened nearby mall frequents Lobelles. 2. 3.15 0. Anyone can set up a beauty salon.

profiting from loyal base of customers have significant advantage on new entrants. it is a necessity. the market positioning of the single salon and the ability to afford huge promotional campaigns can offer a significant competitive advantages. rather than on price alone”. Yes. yet it would be difficult to perform such treatments on themselves. et al. For facial. places the industry in a wider competitive environment. (Mintel. nail care. Although it is very simple and inexpensive switching to another supplier. Habia. facial. the initial costs are very high because you need to set up a space that is attractive to customers for them to relax and enjoy the services the salon offers and necessary equipment to perform the treatments. threat of substitute product/service is low. facial and hair treatments. body massage and foot spa products. Moreover. Lobelle’s Salon is one of the established beauty salon in Surigao City and it has gained many loyal customers throughout the years. Bargaining Power of Supplier Suppliers in this industry are those who provide products for hair treatments. although there are many medium-small competitors such as Wella and Indola for hair. . Today. Intensity of Rivalry The Beauty Salon industry sector is mainly dominated by micro-businesses. Therefore. therefore. It is more often relaxing and convenient for a professional to perform body and hair treatments on a customer-the results are also more effective. etc. The main players in this industry are highly fragmented.. (Adcock D. Rain and SanSan for nails. customers can perform some services offered in a salon like manicure and pedicure. 2007) The basic service offered is fairly similar between the competitors. therefore. 62% of the operators are single salons with fewer than five employers (Habia. Though David Salon has recently opened one outlet in the city. therefore supplier like L’Oreal and Bobbie have a huge bargaining power. customer’s switch to competitors or to different providers of the service such as mobile beautician is very frequent. 66) Therefore. very low Moreover. “The significance of product/service differentiation is that it widens the parameters of competitive action. actually. That’s why there are many beauty products available in the market. These may threaten the salon because customers can choose to buy these products and apply it themselves. body massage and foot spa. And most of these loyal customers are afraid to try the services offered by the new entrants because they have not tested the quality of their services. to others it’s a luxury but to those who are concerned how they look. the prestige to be associated with L’Oreal and Bobbie Brand is too essential to be without. the salon can easily switch to other suppliers Bargaining Power of Buyer The beauty salon industry has a huge pool of existing. customers still choose Lobelle’s Salon because of its quality service and affordable price. “Latest industry figures have found that average prices for treatments had fallen compared to 2005”. 2007) and the costs of exiting from this sector are. and retaliation tactics are very frequent. 2007) Moreover. To look beautiful can also help a person to be successful too. indeed. with firms competing against each other in quality advertising. Threat of Substitutes The fact that the services offered in a beauty salon is often branded as “luxury”. the intensity of rivalry is high. L’Oreal is the biggest and known supplier for hair treatments and Bobbie for nail care. And these products can give effective results and satisfy the customers. the market has been enjoying a steady growth rate (28% growths in client spend 20012006. It is necessary for a working people to look presentable to his/her colleagues and superior. customers’ influence on prices and services is very powerful. 2001 p.

the prestige to be associated with L’Oreal brand is too essential to be without. customers influence on prices and services is very powerful. actually.  It is more often relaxing and convenient for a professional to perform body and hair treatment on a customer-the results are also more effective Power of Buyers  The beauty salon industry has a huge pool of existing.  Customers switch to competitors or to different providers of the service such as mobile beautician is very frequent. . therefore supplier have a huge bargaining power. facial and hair treatments. 2007) and the costs of exiting from this sector are. indeed. 62% of the operators are single salons with fewer than five employers (Habia. higher entry barrier.  Initial costs are very  high. therefore. the market positioning of the single salon and the ability to afford huge promotional campaigns can offer a significant competitive advantage. very low  The market has been enjoying a steady growth rate (28% growths in client spend)  The basic service offered is fairly similar between the competitors. yet it would be difficult to perform such treatments on themselves.1. thus. Experienced operators profiting from loyal base of customers have significant advantage on new entrants New Entrants Th re at of N e w E ntr an ts is Lo w Intensity of Rivalry  The Hair Beauty industry sector is mainly dominated by microbusinesses. Rain and SanSan for nails. Industry Competitors Suppliers Bargaining Power of Suppliers is High Bargaining Power of Buyers is High Buyers Intensity of Rivalry is High Power of Suppliers  L’Oreal and Bobbie is the highest and best known supplier in the sector.  The main players in this industry are highly highly fragmented. Barriers to Entry  An economy of scale is not very important. Threat of Substit utes Is Low Substitutes Availability of Substitutes  Customers can perform some services offered in a salon like manicure and pedicure. therefore.  Although it is very simple and inexpensive switching to another supplier. Features of the industry in each 5 forces. although there are many mediumsmall competitors such as Wella and Indola for hair.

Assessment of the level of entry and exit barriers. As with the two forces not being favorable such as high power of suppliers and the intensity of rivalry is high. thus making the salon a high-end one. Conclusion Using Porter’s analysis firms are likely to generate higher returns if the industry:  Is difficult to enter  There is limited rivalry  Buyers are relatively weak  Suppliers are relatively weak  There are few substitutes With the case of the beauty salon industry. the beauty salon industry is attractive. Buyers are relatively weak and there are few substitutes. Therefore. the industry is difficult to enter because of high initial costs. Entry Barriers Low High Exit Barriers Low High 3. three forces are favorable for the industry to be attractive. the managers should think that choosing the best supplier could attract more customers because of the prestige the brands bring in the salon. .2. High rivalry intensity can be solved with service differentiation and quality advertising. And customers trust and loyalty will be gained because of the best results and satisfaction they will experience. Out of the five forces.

A gift certificate to Starbucks or to a local dinner restaurant will always be appreciated by the employees. Set targets with a rewards system for a job well done. b. it is an opportunity to explore the potential solutions further and determine exactly how the intervention will proceed.1 a. RewardsSystem Awarding a gift certificate or time off. This may be done quarterly. The first intervention is to create a reward system that will boost them to work hard and efficiently and the second one will be changing the rates of some services into lower prices so that more customers will come in the morning. In this case. It may be a bonus or salon services for the most improvement in attendance and timely arrival. Rewarding perfect attendance will address the issue of tardiness. Action Planning The goal of the Action Plan phase is to create an action plan that will guide the next phase of the process. the manager identified two levels of intervention: one directly motivating the employees and second is indirectly motivating them. . 4. Holding a team contest may motivate employees to work hard. Give peak performers a gift certificate or a special day off for exceeding manager’s goals and expectations. motivating the employees to come early knowing that there will be customers by that time and their time would not be wasted waiting for the customers.Having team contests and rewarding the staff member that sells the most in retail or other salon services. c. Instead.4. Action Implementation or Intervention. For this reason. This is once a year. thus. planning change is not about implementing the solutions being discussed.Offering something special for not missing work or being tardy for a year.

. The first constraint is that the owner manager is not the one controlling the finances of the salon. It is the consultant’s goal to support the client’s development. There will only be selected services that will be priced low or maybe they (manager and employees) could schedule which services will be lowered for the first month and on the second month will be other services and so on. . this is one time in the engagement where the consultant can take more of a “facilitator” role. The plan will be implemented when she will be the one controlling the company’s finances sometime this year. Action Implementation The Action Implementation or Intervention phase is where the plan is executed and the solution is actually implemented within the client organization.2 Lowering Service Rates during Morning The manager. In this case. 4. This could be monthly. The client organization is what must change. the actual implementation of the interventions has not been accomplished due to some constraints. together with the consultant plans to have lower service rates during morning in order to attract customers to go to the salon during this time for the employees to come early. Unlike the Diagnosis phase where the consultant often accepts responsibility as the expert.e. the client can be “experts” of this environment. but the client must be accountable. and only actual members of this organization (i.11 With these they will be eager to render service as much as possible and would use their time wisely. 5. Though the manager is the owner but the one who is financing the company now has the final say especially when money is involved.

The findings and the analysis of the data collected was also successfully reported and presented to the client organization and the members of the organization clarified the result of the analysis. an evaluation of the success of the OD effort should always be undertaken. as well as brainstorming about process improvements for future OD efforts. Evaluation Finally. In an informal manner. In planning the interventions. The entry phase was also a success because the client organization had given its interest and support with this project. the client also initiated on what do next in order to find solutions to the problem that the client and consultant have diagnosed. During the data collection process the consultant and the client were very collaborative in order for the essential data to be gathered to support the initial presenting of issues. Often this requires collecting additional data regarding the impact of the intervention in the light of the deliverables that were agreed on in the contracting phase. Implementation of interventions however did not happen due to some reasons stated in Action Implementation section but that would not mean that this phase was a failure. the consultant has successfully applied the process of an OD plan. CONCLUSION In conclusion. There is a collaborative relationship present between the consultant and the client organization which . the consultant has chosen the right organization for her to apply the principles of an OD process.12 6. evaluation occurred during every phase of work during this engagement. The consultant learned new experiences and ways in conducting an OD effort. This may not happen today but it will happen sometime this year and the consultant will continually keep in touch with the manager to eventually implement the interventions. For the scouting phase.

Christopher G.com/blog/7-ways-increase-salon-performance-productivity/ Cummings. Organization Development. Organization development and Change Lurey. Vol. pp. Thomas G. pp.odnetwork. OD Practitioner. 15-17 . No. 34. REFERENCES 1 2 3 4 5 http://www.. Worley.org/odnc/whatis. 3. Church. Jeremy S.13 led to a successful planned change.. Janine.htm http://hcds4you. Allan H. 15-20 Waclawski. This is an ongoing and continuing project and the consultant hopes to continue the actual implementation of interventions at a designated time to eventually see the results of the collaborative efforts of the consultant and the organization and the desired changes in the organization for its betterment. Action Research: The Anchor of OD Practice. Matt Griffin (2002).


In line with this. ROSAS OD Researcher . The result of the research will serve as a basis for action planning and implementing interventions for the betterment of the organization. I humbly request you to participate in this OD Plan by answering the attached questionnaire. The undersigned is presently conducting an Organization Development (OD) Process for Lobelles Salon. A crucial part of the entire process is to undergo a survey to determine how employees view the organization and to identify areas for improvement. ROSEDEL T. Thank you so much. 2011 Dear Sir/Madam.14 APPENDIX 1 LETTER OF REQUEST Republic of the Philippines Mindanao State University .Iligan Institute of Technology Iligan City COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION AND ACCOUNTANCY Master in Business Management Department March 12. This is in partial fulfillment of the requirements of the course BA222 N – Organization Development. Very truly yours. Your cooperation will help facilitate analysis of the organization and will make this endeavor successful. Surigao City.

(Please list and describe the challenges.) 7 8 What special challenges does your industry face? Examples might include narrowing profit margins. if possible. increased regulation. how profitable is it? If the organization is a government agency or a nonprofit organization.15 APPENDIX 2 Orientation Questions for a New Client Directions to the Client: Thank you for contacting me about possible consulting services.) 3 How is the organization structured? (Rather than writing this out.) . you can attach an organization chart if you prefer. how well do revenues match expenses? Please send any relevant documents. to me by mail. such as an organization chart or an annual report. challenges by e-commerce businesses. Part II: The Organization's Environment In what industry does your organization operate? (Describe it. when was it founded)? 1 2 What are the strategic objectives of your organization? (Please provide a copy of the organization's strategic plan. or changes in the law. Simply answer the questions below in the space provided (add more paper if needed).) 4 How large is your organization? How many employees does it employ? 5 In how many locations does the organization operate? 6 If the organization is a business. Part I: The Organization How old is your organization (that is.

or opportunity for improvement? Thank you for your cooperation. Consultant’s Contact Info Rosedel T. issue. what is it? 11 What is the background of the problem. or mixed for a business in your industry? Please explain and give reasons briefly. and how did you notice it? 12 What is your role in dealing with the problem. what have you already done. Rosas Lily’An’s Boarding House. Tibanga Highway. or Opportunity 10 Tell me why you are seeking consulting assistance now. issue. or realize your improvement opportunity? In other words. what is it? Do you have an issue to address for which you are seeking help? If so. unfavorable. address your issue. what is it? Do you have a vision for improvement for which you are seeking assistance to realize? If so. or opportunity affects you and why. 9200 639061887137 . issue. Issue. or opportunity? When did it first appear. and what happened as a result of what you have done? 15 What other information could you provide me with before we meet to help me to be better prepared or become more knowledgeable about the problem. Part III: The Presenting Problem.) 13 What results do you hope to achieve from this consulting relationship and/or what goals do you hope to meet from this relationship? 14 What efforts have you (or others in the organization) already made to solve your problem. Iligan City. issue. Do you have a specific problem for which you are seeking a solution? If so. or opportunity? (Explain your responsibilities in the organization and how the problem. in your opinion? Are long-term conditions favorable.16 9 What is the outlook of your industry.

com 17 APPENDIX 3 Organizational Diagnosis Questionnaire By : Robert C. 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 5 5 6 6 7 7 Kusganong Dili Mouyon Kusganong Mouyon Medyo Dili Mouyon Disagree Strongly Disagree Slightly Medyo Mouyon Agree Strongly Alang-alangan Agree Slightly Dili Mouyon Disagree Mouyon Neutral Agree . 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 3 Motabang ang direkta nakong superbisor kun tagdumala sa akong mga paghago. Preziosi Pangutana sa Han-ay nga Pagpaniid Translated in Cebuano By : Rose N. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 2 Mapahaumon ang pagbahin sa bulohaton ning organisasyona. Sa matag usa sa 35 ka pagpamulong usa (1) lang ka numero ang lingini aron ipadayag ang imong hunahuna. My job offers me the opportunity to grow as a person. Pahimangno: Dili isulat bisan asa ang inyong ngalan ning papela. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 4 5 Maayo ang relasyon nako sa akong superbisor. Tubaga ang tanang 35 ka pangutana. Tin-awng gipahayag ang mga tumong ning organisasyona. 1 The goals of this organization are clearly stated. My immediate supervisor is supportive of my efforts. Nayre Directions: Do not put your name anywhere on this questionnaire. Be open and honest. My relationship with my supervisor was a harmonious one.bem_rose@yahoo. The division of labor of this organization is flexible. For each of the thirty-five statements circle only one (1) number to indicate your thinking. Mobukas lang ug magmatinud-anon. Please answer all thirty-five questions.

The leadership norms of this organization help its progress. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 13 Duna koy kasayuran nga akong kinahanglan aron mabuhat gyud nako ang maayong trabaho. My immediate supervisor has ideas that are helpful to me and my work group. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 7 Dili mosalikway sa kausaban kining organisasyona. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 14 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 . I can always talk with someone at work if I have a work-related problem.18 Makapatubo nako ang akong trabaho isip usa ka tawo. The pay scale and benefits of this organization treat each employee equitably. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 11 Kanunay kong makapakigsultianay sa akong kauban sa trabaho bahin sa problema nga may kalabutan sa trabaho. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 10 Makatabang ang mga lagda sa pagpanguna ning organisasyona sa pag-uswag niini. I am personally in agreement with the stated goals of my work unit. I have the information that I need to do a good job. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Niuyon gyud ko sa gipahayag nga mga tumong sa akong gitrabahoan. The division of labor in this organization is intended to help it reach its goals. This organization is not resistant to change. 6 Dunay mga ideya ang direkta nakong superbisor nga makatabang nako ug sa kauban nako sa trabaho. This organization introduces enough new policies and procedures. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 12 Maangayon ang sweldo ug mga kaayohan kun mga benepisyo ning organisasyona alang sa matag empleyado. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 9 Tuyo sa pagbahin sa bulohaton ning organisasyona nga motabang nga makab-ot ang mga tumong niini.

My relationships withmembers of my work group are friendly as well as professional. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 17 Moresulta sa pagkatuman sa mga tumong sa organisasyon ang pagpaningkamot sa pagpanguna ning organisasyona. The opportunity for promotion exists in this organization. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 22 Nasabtan sa mga empleyado ning organisasyona ang mga prayoridad niini. It is clear to me whenever my boss is 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 5 5 6 6 7 7 . 15 I understand the purpose of this organization. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 20 Dunay igong mekanismo kining organisasyona aron mabugkos kini pag-usa. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 23 24 Giplano pag-ayo ang estruktura sa akong gitrabahoan. The manner in which work tasks are divided is a logical one.19 Nagpailaila kining organisasyona ug bag-ong mga patakaran ug mga paagi. Nasabtan nako ang tuyo ning organisasyona. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 18 Mahigalaon ug propesyonal sab ang relasyon nako sa mga miembero sa kagrupo nako sa trabaho. This organization’s leadership efforts result in the organization’s fulfillment of its purposes. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 19 Dunay kahigayonan alang sa promosyon kun pag-uswag kining organisasyona. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 16 Makatarunganon ang pagbahin sa mga bulohaton sa trabaho. This organization has adeqaute mechanisms for binding itself together. This organization favors change. The structure of my work unit is well designed. The priorities of this organization were understood by its employees. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 21 Mouyon sa kausaban kining organisasyona.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 31 Nakasabut ko sa mga pagpaningkamot sa akong agalon nga impluwensyahan ko ug ang uban pang miembro sa yunit sa trabaho. There is no evidence of unresolved conflict in this organization. I had enough input in deciding my work-unit goals. Other work units are helpful to my work unit whenever assistance is requested. The salary that I receive is commensurate with the job that I perform. Klaro para nako kon maningkamot ang akong agalon sa paggiya sa mga pagpaningkamot nako sa pagtrabaho. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 28 Usahay gusto nakong usbon ang mga butang kalabut sa akong trabaho. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 29 Duna koy igong ideya sa pagdesider sa mga tumong sa yunit sa akong trabaho. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 30 Makatabang gyud ang pagbahin sa bulohaton ning organisasyona nga makab-ot ang mga tumong niini. The division of labor in this organization actually helps it to reach its goals. I understand my boss’s efforts to influence me and the other members of the work unit. Occasionally I like to change things about my job. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 26 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Takdo ang sweldo nga madawat nako sa trabaho nga gibuhat nako. I have established the relationships that I need to do my job properly. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 .20 attempting to guide my work efforts. 25 Naestablisar na nako ang mga relasyon nga akong gkinahanglan aron mabuhat gyud nako ug maayo ang akong trabaho. 27 Matinabangon ang ubang yunit sa trabaho sa yunit sa akong trabaho kon gikinahanglan ang pagtabang. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 32 Wala gyuy pruweba nga dili masulbad ang panag-away ning organisasyona.

This oraganizatio’s planning and control efforts are helpful to its growth and development. This organization has the ability to change.21 All tasks to be accomplished are associated with the incentives 33 Dunay giandam nga mga pampadasig sa tanang bulohaton nga humanonon. Purposes 1 8 15 22 29 Total Ave. add each column. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 34 Makatabang ang pagplano ug pagkontrol ning organisasyona nga motubo ug molambo kini. Structure 2 9 16 23 30 Total Ave Helpful Mechanisms Leadership 3 10 17 24 31 Total Ave. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Thank you! Salamat ODQ SCORING SHEET Instructions: Transfer the numbers you circled on the questionnaire to the blanks below. 6 13 20 27 34 Total Ave. and divide each sum by five. Rewards 5 12 19 26 33 Total Ave. . Relationships 4 11 18 25 32 Total Ave. This will give you comparable scores for each of the seven areas. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 35 Dunay kahimoan kining organisasyona nga mausab kun mabag-o. Attitude Toward Change 7 14 21 28 35 Total Ave.

Appropriate diagnosis must address the relationships between the boxes to determine the interconnectedness of problems. but also a more specific problem in that there is a gap between organizational and individual goals. helpful mechanisms. This more precise diagnostic effort is likely to lead to a more appropriate intervention in the organization than the generalized diagnostic approach described in the preceding paragraph. The score of each of the thirty-five items on the questionnaire can be reviewed to produce more exacting information on problematic areas. and attitude toward change. with a score of 1 indicating optimum functioning. The simplest diagnosis would be to assess the amount of variance for each of the seven variables in relation to a score of 4. Scores above 4 would indicate a problem with organizational functioning. The ODQ measures the informal aspects of the system. 18. rewards. let us suppose that the average score on item number 8 is 6. Scores below 4 indicate the lack of a problem.22 BACKGROUND The ODQ is a survey-feedback instrument designed to collect data on organizational functioning. The instrument and the model reflect a systematic approach for analyzing relationships among variables that influence how an organization is managed.). 11. 32) averaged above 5.4. Another diagnostic approach follows the same guidelines of assessment in relation to the neutral point (score) of 4. while the last one was added to provide the consultant/facilitator with input on readiness for change. The first six areas are from Weisbord’s model. which is the neutral point. For example. 25. INTERPRETATION AND DIAGNOSIS A crucial consideration is the diagnosis based upon data interpretation. Its use as a diagnostic tool can be the first step in improving an organizations or work unit’s capability to serve its clientele. . Weisbord’s Six-Box Organizational Model (1976) is the basis for the questionnaire. could it be that the reward system does not reward relationship behavior? This might be the case if the average score on item 33 was well above 4 (5. Instrumentation Kit Using the ODQ is the first step in determining appropriate interventions for organizational change efforts. This would indicate not only a problem in organizational purpose. etc. leadership.5. relationships. Thus diagnosis would be more precise. For example. structure. It measures the perceptions of persons in an organization or work unit to determine areas of activity that would benefit from an organization development effort. It can be used as the sole data-collection technique or in conjunction with other techniques (interview. which measures seven variables: purposes. if there is a problem with relationships.5 or higher) and all the items on relationships (4. The closer the score is to 7 the more severe the problem would be. observation. It may be necessary for the consultant/facilitator also to gather information on the formal aspects and to examine the gaps between the two.

Outcomes: Skilled employees Indicators Increased number of regular customers Means of Verification Lobelles Salon Annual Report Cashier’s Log Book Lobelle’s annual report Important Assumption Number of employees who come regularly and early at work Employees participated seminars once a year Giving of rewards at least twice a year Personnel Records Funding is partially guaranteed Funding is guaranted Established monitoring of employee performance and giving rewards regularly to those who are worth rewarding.23 APPENDIX 4 Logical Framework Strategy Components Goal: Improve the organizations performance and service to the customers Purpose: The employees are highly motivated to work and efficient in rendering service to customers to sustain them. Increased in sales Activities: Employees attending seminars Offer promos to the customers Discuss among the employees of the promo rates during morning and agree by consensus Inputs: Budget Reports on the employees who are rewarded Sales increased Lobelles Salon Annual Report . And absenteeism and tardiness of employees are lessened.