1. GENERAL Internet Banking (also referred as e-Banking OR On-line Banking) is the latest in the series of technological wonders in the recent past involving use of Internet for delivery of banking products & services. There has been a paradigm shift in the Indian banking industry More and more new products and services are now being handled by banks on technology platform. Technology is acting as a catalyst and an enabler for bringing in speed, efficiency and accuracy in handling the complex banking functions and ever changing needs of the customers Banking is now no longer confined to the branches where one has to approach the branch in person, to withdraw cash or deposit a cheque or request a statement of account. In true Internet banking, any inquiry or transaction is processed online without any reference to the branch (anywhere banking) at any time.

 Divert customer to alternate delivery channel and utilize manpower for other activities. our bank’s innovative alternate delivery channel “Netbanking Connect” was launched on 14/09/2006 in domestic CBS branches. the coverage of “Netbanking Connect” is now available to all our branches. there are two separate entities and each entity is having separate portals. At present “Netbanking Connect” offers Internet Banking. more than 470 branches were covered under “Netbanking Connect”. Keeping pace with the emerging trends.Through “Netbanking Connect”.1. just at the click of a mouse. 2. Initially. “Netbanking Connect” is an umbrella of e-Banking products offered to the customers on e-Channels. The net banking. a customer is able to operate his/her Bank account(s) on 24 X 7 basis.  To meet market competition. RETAIL: All Individual Customers (CA.” .  To meet customer’s requirement. from anywhere. “ Netbanking Connect” .Advantages to the Bank  Cost effective.Providing Internet Banking is increasingly becoming a "need to have" than a "nice to have" service. CC & OD accounts opened/ operated by Individual) are defined as Retail User of Internet Banking. ABOUT THE SERVICE In “Netbanking Connect” Internet Banking services. However. * Bank has the right to introduce service charge at any point of time. 1. thus. now is more of a norm rather than an exception in many developed countries due to the fact that it is the cheapest way of providing banking services.

The facilities available in “Netbanking Connect” are as under:- Facilities Balance inquiry Mini Statement Statement of Accounts Account summary Tax deduction enquiry SMS Alert NEFT / RTGS Fund transfer to Self Third Party account Payment scheduling Payment of Direct / Indirect Tax & State Tax / Excise Duty / Service Tax / Custom Duty Bill Payment Alerts on Bill Payment Request Mails on large value transaction. (Normally CA. Trusts. CC & OD accounts opened/ operated by Sole Proprietorship/ Partnership/ Private/ Public Limited Companies. “Netbanking Connect” is an umbrella of e-Banking products offered to the customers on e-Channels. Associations.CORPORATE: All Non Individual Customers are defined as Corporate User of Internet Banking.                       Corporate View Txn                                                                       . Clubs. HUF etc will be covered under this category). As mentioned earlier. At present “Netbanking Connect” offers Internet Banking. There are two types of access rights (profile) available for “Netbanking Connect” users: i) View Rights ii) Transaction rights. Profiling (Password Change) Activity History Retail View             Txn.

The URL can be stored in favorites or a link for the same can be created.  Ensure the computer is equipped with latest antivirus packages and the same is upgraded from time to time. e.6. if it is felt that someone knows the same. address of the Internet Banking website. try to memorize the same. .  Destroy Password mailers immediately after Password is changed.  Change the passwords immediately.bobibanking. BROWSER COMPATIBILITY TO NETBANKING CONNECTPORTAL: Netbanking Connect is enabled for Internet Explorer Ver6. https://www. Dos:  Ensure that Java is installed on computer.  Always type full URL i.0.0.0/7. Where in Java should be enabled in all browsers. Do not write Password . “Dos” and “Don’ts” 3.0/8.1 and Google Chrome.  Type correct User ID and Password.1.Modeling ASBA Institution fees payment Online FDR                   3. which appear on the top left corner of the screen (green in color).  Take notice of the messages that the system gives.e.g. Mozilla Firefox Browser Version 3.0/5.  Install advanced version of Browsers for Internet Browsing for higher security.  Check the amount before making the transaction.

) as password. since they are very easy to crack. viruses. as a password. children etc.g. To log  Avoid using Internet Banking in Public Domain like Cyber Cafes or where Computers are in shared mode. Tracker ID.  Log off properly every time after online banking session is over.. neglect it. Trojan horses. password. Do not close your browser directly by clicking on ‘X’ button 3. avoid using important dates (wedding anniversary. birthdays of you/ spouse/ children etc. HOW TO APPLY FOR NETBANKING CONNECT : There are two types of Users under “Netbanking Connect” namely – ( i) Retail and (ii) Corporate. Know the software. we never ask for personal details such as User Id. Malicious software (e. Think carefully before installing or running new software. and spyware) often masquerades as legitimate and even useful software. Any suspicious transaction Alert should be reported immediately to netbanking connect@bankofnetbanking . Further. .2. always select “Log Out” button. since it can be phishinge.  Don’t use name of your spouse.  Don’t respond to e-mails that request personal information. At Bank of Netbanking . especially anything unsolicited. One Time Password. through an email/ phone. ( evenif any email is received asking for the password and posing as if it has come from higher offices.mail).  Check Alert received in registered Mobile of all online transactions.  Don’t reveal the password to any one including the bank staff since the bank does not require this information. QnAetc. worms. 4. Don’ts:  Don’t leave the computer unattended till log out.  Don’t write passwords anywhere.

In the application form for Retail Users. The Password should contain at least 4 distinct characters. then your password cannot be "Bobby". if the customer desires to have only “view” rights then he may un-tick the box for “transaction” rights and tick (  ) the box for “view” rights. The Password should contain at least one special character. 4. should be submitted to the base branch.g. 5. . If your Username is "BoB". the box for transaction rights is ticked (  ) by default. Tips OnPassword: Passwords are very crucial and to ensure that they are not easily cracked. The application form can be obtained from the branch or can be downloaded from the site https://www.   4. Space is not allowed in between Password. The password cannot consist of all the characters as are in your Username e. Password should be Alpha Numeric with Special Character. hosted on the above website. 2. The Password should contain minimum of 8 characters and maximum of 16 characters.  The application submitted by customer is to be retained at the branch. 3.1. The following points need to be taken care of while applying for “Netbanking Connect”:  e-mail ID and Mobile Number are mandatory. each password must contain: 1.bobibanking. The duly filled in form. together with necessary documents (if required). However.There are separate application forms for Retail Users and Corporate . 6.

2.  Enter the sign on password provided from Netbanking Connect.e.  After successful enrollment user will be redirected to mobile verification page. HOW TO LOG IN TO NETBANKING CONNECT : First Time Log In. The system will redirect the customer to log in page.Password is case sensitive i. 4. If capital letters are Log in is also available from Bank’s main website i.e. How ToStop. Connect without . 4. it will not work.  All customers with transaction right are required to enroll for Netbanking iSecure.  Enter User ID/Corporate ID in the text box provided and click enter button. after receipt of printed password envelop:  To login directly on the Netbanking Connect portal URL is https://www.3. Payment Of Cheque: The procedure to be followed for stop payment in “Netbanking Connect” is given below: Log-on to “ Netbanking Connect”.bobibanking.  Customers with View right can directly log into Netbanking enrollment.e.  Enter OTP and click submit.bankofnetbanking .com Take your cursor on the net banking option and select INDIA . http://www.  Click Retail User (for Individuals i.  Enter sign on password to log in. if password is in small letters use the same. for accounts of Individuals) Click Corporate User (for corporate customers) (Live Demo is also available on the user portal).  After verification of mobile number customer will receive OTP (One Time Password) on his mobile.

a customer can operate all the accounts by Single User ID. (refer default limit for fund transfer section)  Online bill payment facility: Using “Netbanking Connect” customers can make payment of any type of utility bills. pay insurance premium at a mouse click by sitting in his/her home.  Single window: In case of more than one account.e.   6.  Account Details: A customer can check past transactions’ summary of his/her account. select Stop Payment. the Bank has prescribed certain limits which are given in this document. give relevant cheque number(s) for which you want to stop the payment. if the user does not get success message).com .  System will give message. whether the stop payment is successful or not. In these details.  From adjacent drop down box. over phone/ fax etc. As a risk mitigating measure.  Select the account (from drop down box) to which the cheque belongs. .  Online Account Opening: Customers can open accounts (presently only resident Fixed Deposit accounts are enabled) using “Netbanking Connect” without approaching branch. he/ she should explore other option of sending this request (manually.bankofnetbanking . directly to the branch). book tickets. (The list of billersassociated with us available in www. If the stop payment is not successful (i. select Cheque Status Enquiry. BENEFITS OF NETBANKING CONNECT :  Anytime funds transfer: The customer can transfer funds from one account to another account (Including third party account) maintained with the Bank in any of the branch on real time basis. In Cheque Status Enquiry. give range of valid cheque numbers and it will give some details. Go to Accounts.

Excise 1.  Convenient banking: It is convenient to log-in from any where/ any part of the world. Gujarat Commercial Tax Rajasthan Commercial Tax UP Commercial Tax Maharashtra virtual treasury Tax Maharashtra Sales Tax State Taxes Securities Transaction 2. E-TAX PAYMENT : On line TAX payments: Our bank is providing on line TAX payment facility for: Indirect Direct Taxes Taxes 1. which will provide a dedicated strong authentication/ Fraud / Risk Management infrastructure for Bank. 4. On-line enquiry: Any inquiry of customer will be answered on-line i. Opening New account etc. Customs Duty Payment 3. the user is prompted for step – up authentication to prevent the frauds and phishingattacks.factor authentication. Fixed Deposit Renewal. Tax 3.g. 6. Change in Mailing address. Duty /Service 2.e. Tax Income Tax / TDS 1.  Security: 128 bit SSL encryption and Netbanking i-Secure-under Fraud Management Solution to protect customers from the fraudsters over internet. a customer needs to send his/her query at the given e-mail address of the Bank. The risk/fraud management infrastructure works in the back-end seamlessly. . Gift Tax / Banking Cash Transaction Tax 5. for Issuance of Cheque Book. 2. we have implemented two.  History access: A customer is able to get the details of the past activities carried out by him from his log-in page. RLM should ensure to obtain all relevant documents from customer and keep in record. He/she just needs to click on the Activity History option. the same will be attended by our Relationship Manager (RLM) immediately.  My requests : A customer can request a number of services though Internet Banking (Netbanking Connect) e. Hotel Receipts Tax 4.1. Based on real-time risk scoring.

5. 6.1. firm or company  Instant Cyber Receipts for the Payment made  Can View past Tax Payments at any point of time  Netbanking Connect Online e-Tax Payment services are free of charge 6. It will also allow approving TAX transaction in case of “Maker – Checker” is assigned to the customer.2. Time Of Payment : .1. / Tamil NaduCommercial Tax Many more states tax may be added in future.1. 7.3. Amount Of Payment :  There is no ceiling on the e-Tax Payment amount  Customers can pay any amount. Interest Tax Expenditure Tax Fringe Benefit Tax 6. Advantages ToThe Customer :  No more queues and waiting  Facility is available on 24x7 basis  Can make Payment from anywhere  Ease of operation and convenience  Can pay tax on behalf of the individual. subject to adequate balance being available in their account /s. Estate Duty / Wealth Tax The TAX menu in “Netbanking Connect” will allow customers to view “Payments made” and regenerate counterfoil / challans.1. 6. 6.

Bank’s eBanking services having TXN right.  The Payments made after the cut-off time will be accounted as next working day’s receipts.1.5. login page for Netbanking prompted. which will usually be extended for longer duration on the year-end . Connect is .  Presently the cut off time is 4 p. and 1 p.  The customer should be a registered user of Netbanking Connect .1.  A cut-off time is prescribed for accounting purposes. asthe case may  User modifies/ confirms that all the data provided are accurate and then moves on to making a Payment.  Click on Pay Online Tax & select ‘Direct Tax’ or Indirect Tax’ be.m.  On confirmation of data by User. the customers can make the Payments any time. How To Pay Tax ?  Visit the bank’s website www.m.  User will give his user ID and login Password for Netbanking Connect.bankofnetbanking .  User confirms correctness of the Payment and enters his User ID and Transaction Password. 6. Who can avail these services ?  Customer of our any branch can avail this facility. This is a 24x7 facility and as such.  Customer must also be registered assesses with the Department of Central Excise and Customs ( CBEC ) 6.4. for weekdays and Saturday respectively for all locations.  User selects his operative account to make the tax Payment.

) cooking gas etc. please send mails to govt. For e-tax queries. telephone.  Bank will dispatch the stamped challan copies to the customers communication address. electricity. rail ticket 6.  Purchase book service.  Log into Netbanking Connect using user Id and sign on password and complete the transaction using transaction password.  Bank will arrange to print the challan copies and sign the same on behalf of the customer.3. For facilitate online bill payment services to banks Netbanking Connect customer our bank has tie up with different service providers. (e. BILLS SERVICES( Netbanking easy Pay): Netbanking easy Pay Services is a new transaction based internet banking service for Netbanking Connect users with transaction rights. mobile.ho@bankofnetbanking . Bill Payment is a facility of making online payment of utility bills (e.  After the payment system will redirect to biller/merchant website for printing of confirmation receipt/ticket/challan etc.ho@bankofnetbanking .com .g. book ticket)  Submit the payment request to bank retail/corporate portal (provided the biller has tie-up with bank) by clicking on the relevant Eligibility Requirements: All Netbanking Pay Connect customers with transaction rights are eligible for Bill services.irctc. On completion of the Payment process Customer can print the cyber receipt with a unique transaction ID. (e. www. movie ticket etc. Procedure For Payment Of Bill –Shopping Mall Type  Go to the Biller Website. credit card payments. etax.3. .g. air ticket booking.

kindly contact: 6. 7. In other words Phishing e-mails point recipients to a bogus (or "spoofed") internet banking website that looks like ours. For any clarifications/query regarding Online Bill billpay@bankofnetbanking . 2. sent to customers by unscrupulous persons.4. These emails are designed to trick the customer into providing his / her personal and banking phone: 022. PHISHING : 'Phishing' refers to e-mails.The customer MUST be a registered user of Netbanking Connect with transaction passwords. Their aim is to trick users into divulging their user IDs. Online bill payment facility will be activated after 48 hours from the activation of Netbanking Connect. Typically. 8. ONLINE FIXED DEPOSIT THROUGH NET BANKING:   . Passwords and other confidential information. ELIGIBLE RETAIL NOT ELIGIBLE RETAIL . the culprits send phishinge-mails which often appear to be from the bank urging the customer to click on a link to update his/her personal profile or 'validate' or 'confirm' his/her personal details.1. MODE OF OPERATIONS FOR E-BANKING USER: The Operational instructions mentioned below (as per finacle mode of operation code) decide upon the eligibility for becoming a Netbanking Connect user.66984918 pay. SMS AlertFacility For Users: SMS alert facility has been enabled for all Netbanking Connect customers for all type of transactions subject to availability/coverage of network and proper updation of mobile number in finacle and e-banking server.

Contact centre helps branches by providing customer service over PHONE without intervention of branches.  Provides online help/support to all Netbanking Connect customers  Take password regeneration request from customers (retail customer only)  Take password activation request from customers (retail customer only) .CODE DESCRIPTION Self Either or Survivor Per-Pro Anyone survivor or survivors CODE DESCRIPTION Former or Survivor Latter or Survivor Both Jointly or Survivor or Any two Jointly or Survivors or Survivor Any three Jointly or Survivors or Survivor Guardian All jointly or Survivors or Survivor Minor and Legal Guardian.Operation by Latter Minor alone operated by Guardian Minor Natural Operation by NG Contact Centre: Bank has introduced a new delivery channel the “Contact Centre” (call centre) for delivery of banking services through TOLL FREE PHONE 1800 223344 or 1800 102 4455 and for overseas customer can contact to contact centre via +91 22 2652 9981 (chargeable). Presently Contact Centre addresses the following issues related to Netbanking Connect.

Toll Free Number and hence No Cost  TWO Toll Free Numbers are available to ensure uninterrupted service  Customers are not required to visit branch for most of the services.Benefits to the Customers:  Most convenient delivery channel  Services are available from 8 am to 8 pm  365 days a year. simple.  Emergency Services – Debit Card Hot-listing – is easy.  Services for all linked accounts are available  Professionally managed and Technology driven services . for further enquiry. (excluding Independence Day and Republic Day)  Free of Cost. authentic  All service requests are supported by Docket Number.