Dear CFP Aspirant, We are happy to announce our 15th, 16th & 17th batch of “FAST TRACK CFP EXAM

5/FINAL/AFP MODULE” preparation training workshops for the month of Sept.Oct.’12

Fast track CFP EXAM 5 (FINAL) Preparation Training Workshop (Two days)
15th Batch @ Mumbai dates 28th & 29th Sept. (Fri.& Sat.)
(Already 3 seats are booked)

16th Batch @ Vijayawada is dated 6th & 7th Oct.’12 (All 10 seats booked)

17th Batch @ Mumbai dates 12th & 13th Oct.’12 (Fri. & Sat.)
(Already 4 seats booked)

Batch size: 10 and Training fees: Rs.10,000/- per participant Early bird discount : 10% & Group discount ( 3 or more) :10%
Last date for an early bird discount (15th Batch- 23rd Sept., 17th Batch-05th Oct.12)

Call now for early bird and group discount offer 09167362201/09930751709 Mail: or Vantage (VIFM)-Authorized Education partner-FPSB India & KEYUR SHAH (Expert Coach and Trainer for the CFP exam 5/Final/AFP module) launches the "FAST TRACK CFP EXAM 5/FINAL/AFP MODULE" preparation training workshop. 13th Batch @ Chennai Dated 15th & 16th Sept.’12 @ Haddows Club

Ten (10) Senior BFSI professionals attended the Training Workshop includes Wealth Managers from Religare Macquarie Pvt. Wealth, Future Capital, Centrum corporate advisors & Sharekhan and Bankers from ICICI Bank, Senior Managers from UTI Mutual Funds & Cognizant Technologies and Senior Partner of established CA firm. Post training workshop, All participants were confident to pass the Final/Exam 5 in the next attempt by Oct./Nov.'12 with A or B grade — atHaddows Club.


A 12th batch of FAST TRACK CFP EXAM 5/FINAL/AFP module preparation training workshop dates 18th & 19th August’12 @ 1 Love Lock Hotel, Kolkata

Ten(10) Senior BFSI Professional have attended the training workshop includes Chief Manager- UCO Bank, Branch Manager-Bank of India, Senior Manager-State Bank of India, Branch Manager- UTI MF, Wealth Managers from a leading Private Wealth Management firms and Established Independent Financial Advisers. Post Training workshop, All participants were confident to pass the CFP Final/ Exam 5 with A or B Grade in Month of Sept./Oct.'12.

New Delhi
A 9th batch of FAST TRACK CFP EXAM 5/FINAL/AFP module preparation training workshop dates 14th & 15th July’12 @ SIRIS2 Hotel Gurgoan.

10 senior BFSI professionals (AVP/VP+ level) from Religare Macquarie, Aditya Birla Money Mart, Elite Wealth management attended the training workshop. Post training workshop All participants were confident to pass the Final/Exam 5 in their first/next attempt by Aug.'/Sept.12 with A or B grade.

Banglaore An 8th batch of “FAST TRACK CFP EXAM 5/FINAL/AFP MODULE” preparation training workshop (Nahar Heritage Hotel) successfully completed dated 7th & 8th July'12.

Ten(10) senior BFSI professional attended a training workshop includes Director of a leading stock broking Co., Head-Finance-CITY OF LONDON TELECOM, Premier Banker from HDFC Bank, Wealth Manager from a leading Corporate, Training Manager of a leading Life Insurance Co., Branch Manager of State Bank of India and established IFAs.Post training workshop All participants were confident to pass the Final/Exam 5 in the next attempt by Aug./Sept.'12 with A or B grade

Mumbai A 7th batch of “FAST TRACK CFP EXAM 5/FINAL/AFP MODULE” preparation training workshop @ Religare Macquarie Private Wealth Mgmt HO, Mumbai successfully completed dated 30th June & 1st July'12.

There were 12 wealth managers (AVP/VP+ level) from Religare Macquarie and one participant from Met life (Zone Training Manager-Banca) attended the training workshop. Post training workshop All participants were confident to pass the Final/Exam 5 in the next attempt by July/Aug.'12 with A or B grade.

A 6th batch of FAST TRACK CFP EXAM 5/FINAL/AFP preparation training workshop @ HO of a leading MNC Private Wealth mgmt Co @ Mumbai. A training workshop was attended by "CXO" level participants (Director-Sales (PAN INDIA HEAD), Chief Investment Officer(CIO) of a leading Pvt. Life Insurance Co.)

Ahmedabad_3rd batch of "FAST TRACK CFP EXAM 5/FINAL/AFP MODULE" preparation training workshop @ Ahmedabad on dated 2nd & 3rd June'2012. There were nine (09) experienced BFSI professionals had attended the program from SBI/Axis Bank/ICICI Securities/Trust Plutus/MNYL and established financial Advisors.


Exam 5 is a final exam for CFP aspirant for regular/challenge pathway students. Exam 5 is a case study based and different from first four module exams. How the Exam 5/Final exam is different from first four modules? Exam 5 is a case study based paper and financial calculations questions are four/five marks with at least 10-12 variables has kept in mind while calculation instead of 2-3 first four module exam. Now, the problem is that if you don’t know right method or missed one variable and your answer will be wrong, you will lose four/five marks. Why special training for Exam 5 If you fail in exam 5, you will lose Rs.5618/- and also confidence and most valuable time We have found that each time student appears for the repeated attempt receives a less percentage mark compared to the previous attempt due to fear of failure or don’t know the right method of calculation. With quality training program, you will learn the right methodology for financial calculation and sound understanding about financial planning concepts and enhance your domain knowledge. You will pass exam 5 @ first attempt with the better grade A or B. Quality training will helpful to enhance your business and productivity and ultimate more income per month. Benefits of FAST TRACK training workshop: @ Save your valuable time: Right Quality Coaching + Right Preparation=Success The Fast Track CFP Exam 5 training workshop will help you learn the right concepts/methods/calculations will enhance your knowledge and understanding. Post training, we will happy to provide query handling supports through mail/phone till you pass all exams. If you want to successfully pass the Final/Exam 5 @ 1st attempt, you may require at least 200 to 400 hrs preparation based on your present understanding of personal financial planning domain. Now, If you attend the “FAST TRACK CFP 5 exam” training workshop then you will require approx. 100 to 200 hrs hours of preparation/practice to successfully pass the exam with good grades. So, you will save your valuable time of at least 200 hrs to 300 hrs and also learn the concepts well. # Post training, you will have the access of your coach Mr. Keyur Shah for any queries/doubts till you pass the exam. # Save Your Money: Right Now, Pass% of Final/Exam 5 approx. 30%+. Each attempt of Exam 5 will cost you Rs.5618/-. Pass% of our participants (attended the quality Coaching and backed by right preparation) is 70%+. So, You can save money and also valuable time.

# Quality Knowledge and Skill building: Objective of getting CFPCM certification is to learn the domain knowledge of personal financial planning. Once you pass the exam, you should be able to construct “Personal Financial Plan” to your clients and also able to provide wider advisory services to customers. But, we have observed that 60%+ candidates pass Exam 5/Final exam with “C” grade on 2nd or 3rd attempt. Post CFPCM certificants may not able to provide quality wider advisory services or may not able to construct the financial plan for their customers. Our Quality coaching and training will help you to gain the sound knowledge and skills in the “Personal Financial Planning” domain which will not only help you to pass the exams with good grades (Aor B) and also you will get the confidence to launch the “Fee based advisory” or able to construct quality customized Financial Plan to your customers and also able to provide wider (Insurance to Estate planning) advisory services to your client. @ Homogenous batch of only BFSI Professionals:
BFSI professionals are at a particular level, having limited time and unwilling to sit in the heterogeneous batch. The FAST TRACK CFP EXAM 5 training workshop provides a right understanding of Case Study calculations, cover important concepts and calculations of Tax planning, Investment planning, theory of Insurance and retirement and most importantly "DO & DON'T" for Exam 5. It also provides the contemporary and relevant study materials and question banks in the soft copy. The UNIQUESS of the workshop is that it provides post training supports to participant (solutions of queries through phone/mail) and our responsibility ends when participant successfully passes the exam 5.

@ Bigger ticket size and better conversion rate:
# FAST TRACK CFP EXAM 5 training workshop will help the participant to offer the wider advisory services to their clients (Insurance to Estate planning) and most important benefits are better conversion rate and bigger ticket size of their business.

@ Launch your Fee based advisory: # You will acquire sound knowledge and skills in the personal financial planning domain (Insurance to Estate Planning) during the workshop and post training preparation for CFP exam 5. Once you pass the exam, you may launch your fee based practice and an earn fix annual fee starting from Rs.10000/- per year per client apart from commission income. Workshop Training Flow # Introduction of CFP Exam 5/AFP/Final Format # Practical guidance and Dos and Don’ts for Exam 5 # How to attend the Exam 5 # Learn the right “Financial Mathematics” on Financial Calculator Casio FC200V” # Financial calculations: Time value of Money, Real rate of return, Investment return (CAGR), Loan EMI/Amortatization calculation, Bond value calculation etc.

# Case study solutions with Financial Calculator (Learn the right (four steps) method) @ Calculate Inflation adjusted Insurance corpus in case of Death (Expenses/Income Replacement) @ Retirement corpus: Calculate Inflation adjusted Retirement corpus And find Monthly/Annual/Lump sum/Limited Years investment required @ Children’s Higher Education Corpus: Calculate Inflation adjusted Higher education corpus required and find the Monthly/Annual/lump sum investment required @ Children’s Marriage Corpus: Calculate Inflation adjusted children’s marriage corpus required marriage and find the monthly/Annual/Limited Years investment required @ Inflation adjusted Vacation corpus and special need corpus and find investment required calculations @ Find SIP of Asset allocation & Rebalancing strategy @ PPF calculation @ Increasing Annuity Investment calculation @ PRACTICE OF CASE STUDIES (A TO F) & PAST CASE STUDIES 2010/2009/2008 Investment Planning (Concepts and Calculations) # Risk and Return (Equity Investments): Concept of Morden Portfolio Theory, CAGR, Risk adjusted return (Sharpe, Treynor, Jensen Alpha), Standard deviation etc. # Equity valuation-Intrinsic value calculation-Dividend discount model, important ratiosDividend yield, PE, EPS etc. # Bond Valuation # Derivatives-Concepts of Futures and Options, Calculation of option premium and various option strategies # Real Estate Valuation: Residential/Commercial Real estate analysis and valuation. # Other Investment options: Mutual Fund/ETF/Structure/Alternative Products # Govt. Scheme: PPF/NPS/NSC/Senior Citizen Savings Scheme/PO MIS/ # Tax planning (Concepts and Calculations) # Know various terminologies, Learn the difference between Gross income and Taxable Income, Learn to calculate tax free part of HRA, RFA, Gratuity, Pension, Leave encashment, allowances, perquisites etc. # How to calculate STCG/LTCG and learn capital gain tax savings strategies # Various Tax savings strategies: Loss from House property-Real estate, FMP/PPF Vs.FD, etc. # designing of tax efficient CTC # know the important tax rule and regulations # Estate Planning # What is Estate Planning and Benefits of Estate Planning # Instruments for Estate Planning (WILL, Private Trust) # Learn tax efficient Estate planning strategies # Retirement Planning # Tax efficient retirement planning strategy # Instruments for sound retirement planning: PPF, NPS, SCSC, POMIS, MF

Theory/Concepts: # Weightage of theory in fifth exam approx. 30% (13 questions) and we will cover all important concepts from the Introduction to FP, Insurance, retirement planning and Estate planning concepts. Learn to prepare your own Financial Plan Learn the various contents of the financial plan # How to design the Financial plan for Middle income/Upper Middle/HNI customer # Sample financial plan Training material: Soft copies of Study materials/Case studies/sample financial plan etc. Post Training Supports: We will provide offline/online queries handling support till you pass the exam 5. Expert Coach & Trainer Profile: Keyur Shah, CFPCM (A Grade), BE, MBA, III Associate (Life) & MFA LIMRA, AMFI & IRDA certified has 7+ years of rich experience in Training and development with the Financial Services Sector. He is an Expert Coach & Trainer (CFP Exam 5/AFP/FINAL Module) and working as Director-Training & Knowledge Management with the “Authorized Education Partner of FPSB India”. He has also worked with FPSB India (Knowledge Management) department and he was the preferred visiting faculty with International College of Financial Planning(ICoFP) for more than one year. He has conducted more than 1000+ hours CFP module training for Corporate BFSI professionals & IFAs and produced 50+ CFP/AFP. He has also worked with leading insurers like Max New York Life, HDFC and ING Vysya life. He is a seasoned senior corporate trainer having the expertise in delivery of soft skills, selling skills, motivation, leadership/team development and financial concepts/product training. He has delivered more than 10000+ hours training across industries and also attends TTT more than 1000+ hours. He had started a career in leadership roles with Pidilite and also worked with Bosch. Testimonials
Mr. Avinash Poddar (Established CA based out of Surat and MD of well known “Tarun” Group- office no.0261-402327) passed CFP Exam 5|FINAL|AFP in month of August.12. I had enrolled in challenge status and failed twice and later on I had attended our FAST TRACK CFP EXAM 5|FINAL|AFP training workshop in the month of May in Mumbai. I learned the right method of various Goal Corpus calculations and finding investment required, concepts of Insurance to Estate planning with us and practiced well and successfully passed CFP FINAL|Exam 5. I found that there is need of personal financial planning among all families and I have decided to promote the Financial Planning Movement in South Gujarat and became Authorized Education Partner with FPSB India (Franchisee of Vantage Institute of Financial Market) and also plans to launch soon Fee based Financial planning practice in South Gujarat. Mr. Birju Acharya (9825126655): I have successfully passed the CFP Exam 5/Final/AFP module with “B” Grade in month of August’12. I am an established Independent Financial Advisor and Share Broker based out of Patan, Gujarat.. I had joined our FAST TRACK CFP EXAM 5/FINAL/AFP module preparation training workshop @ Ahmedabad dated 2nd and 3rd June’12 and he made a good preparation / practice for almost 100 hrs+ and successfully passed Exam 5 with “B” Grade on dated 21/8/12. Keyur Sir’s teaching methodology was simple and easy to understand various concepts and calculations and way he taught the financial calculator was made my life easy and also use in day to day practical applications with clients. The way KeyurSir taught various persuasion techniques which gave me confidence to put Knowledge in practice and client enjoyed the experience and my conversion rate and ticket size almost are doubled. Now, I am ready to launch immediate

basis FEE based financial planning practice. Mr.Paresh Patel (Manager-Sate Bank of India-09825129701) I had enrolled challenge status (Direct Final module) pathway 6 months before and was struggling to find the right coaching for me. One of my colleague referred Mr.Keyur Shah and I attended FAST TRACK CFP EXAM 5 preparation training workshop last month in Ahmedabad. It was a really quality training provided a sound understanding of personal financial domain knowledge and skill. Post training, Keyur Sir provided 24*7 supports till I passed the exam 5. I have cleared CFP exam 5/Final module with B Grade within 2 months of attending the workshop Abhishek Khudania (09830360202), Kolkata works with Client Assoicates (Wealth Management & Family office)

Sir, Thanks a lot for your guidance and support; which helped me sail through. The workshop helped me not only in clearing the Examination but also have a enhanced clarity and understanding on various topics. A Guru & his knowledge are always cherished and I shall always thank you for helping me achieve a milestone in my career. Note: Abhishek has attended our Training workshop at Kolkata dated 18th & 19th Aug.'12 and successfully passed CFP AFP/ Exam 5 on 31st Aug.'12.
V. Karthikeyan_Bangalore(9844252299): I am an Established IFA / LIC Advisor & enrolled in a regular/Self study pathway. I had attended Keyur Sir’s training workshop in Bangalore last July’12. I learned systematic approach (Four Step Process) and most of my doubts were cleared during the workshop which gave me solid confidence. I practiced as per guideline and successfully cleared my CFP Exam 5 with a “B” grade.

I am Sanam Desai (9867313259), fresh commerce graduate and pursing CA final. I had enrolled CFP in Self study regular pathway and completed four modules in one year. I attended FINAL/EXAM 5 but only scored 26% and then I approached to Keyur Sir and attended his FAST TRACK CFP EXAM 5 training workshop in Aug.’12. First time, I learned the right method (Four Step approach) of calculating Goal corpus and finding Investment required and also learned the scientific way to approach the exam and most imp Do & Don’t. Keyur Sir had regularly provided post training supports through phone/mail/classroom query handling till I successfully passed the EXAM 5 WITH B GRADE. If you are Regular|Self Study pathway candidate and attend FAST TRACK CFP Exam 5|AFP preparation Training Workshop now and does post training preparation as per our guideline... It will surely help you successfully pass your's Module exams with good grades. You may speak to a few of our FAST TRACK participants who have successfully passed their Module exams with good grades. +919619640950- Mr. Aditya, (Passed Investment planning with B grade)- Metlife (ZTM) +919223440013-Mr. Anil (Passed Retirement planning with B Grade)AdvisorLIC 09833343021-Mr.Mohish (Passed Tax planning & Estate planning with B Grade)- IFA

VANTAGE INSTITUTE OF FINANCIAL MARKET,( Division of Vantage Corporate Services Ltd. (A BSE listed Co.) Central Mumbai Training Center: 413, 4th Floor, Busa Ind. Estate, Near Peninsula Corporate Park,Lower Parel (West)-Mumbai-13 Telephone : 022 66100748 South Mumbai Training Center: Vantage Institute Ground Floor, 427/429, S V P Road, Prarthana Samaj, Opp H N Hospital Mumbai 400004.