Seminar Program

Peacekeeping and Peace Enforcement in Southern Africa
21-23 September 2012 Chrismar Hotel Lusaka, Zambia

Project title Towards the development of an ‘oasis of peace’ through the institutionalization of a research network in southern Africa Project donor AA (Asia Africa) Science Platform Program Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS)

21 September (Friday) 16:00 Opening remarks Orientation (Objectives and content of seminar) Keynote address 17:00 Introductions, idea exchange, and reception 22 September (Saturday) 09:30 Session I: Peacekeeping/Enforcement in Southern Africa: The big picture Chair: John Kangwa, Copperbelt University Decisive actors around the peacekeeping agenda Ali Jabir Mwadini, University of Dar es Salaam Operations of peacekeeping and conflict resolution in southern Africa Antonio Gaspar, Higher Institute of International Relations, Mozambique From UN peacekeeping to peace operations and back to peacebuilding dilemmas Francis Kabosha, Copperbelt University Zambia's role in peacekeeping Tasila Mbewe, Zambian Open University 13:30 Session II: Peacekeeping issues and SADC Chair: Gladys Mokhawa, University of Botswana Responding to regional conflicts: How good are SADC's reflexes? George Mhango, Mzuzu University Critical reflections of the African Standby Force: The case of its SADC contingent Hussein Solomon, University of the Free State Diplomatic peace enforcement of a roadmap: The role of the SADC Organ in Madagascar Dirk Kotze, University of South Africa 15:10 Session III: Peacekeeping issues and the DRC Chair: George Mhango, Mzuzu University International peacekeeping challenges in the DRC: Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose Theo Neethling, University of the Free State Peacekeeping and illegal trafficking of natural resources in eastern DRC Philippe Tunamsifu Shirambere, ULPGL, Goma Coverage of peacekeeping in the DRC in the New York Times Virgil Hawkins, Osaka University

23 September (Sunday) 09:30 Session IV: Perspectives beyond the region Chair: Dirk Kotze, University of South Africa In search of a middleground: UN/African Hybrid Peace Missions? Gladys Mokhawa, University of Botswana The intervention of the United Nations in the conflict in Burundi (2004-2006): A case of current peacekeeping operations Leonidas Ndayisaba, University of Burundi Japan’s Contribution to UN Peacekeeping Operations in Southern Africa: The Quest for Peace or Prestige? Rui Faro Saraiva, Osaka University Peacekeeping and SSR: Lessons from Timor-Leste Mathias Valdez Duffau, Osaka University 13:30 Session V: Perspectives from the practitioners Chair: Emmanuel Chunda, Copperbelt University Roundtable discussion: Representatives of civil/military participants in peacekeeping operations 15:30 Wrap-up session Chair: Virgil Hawkins, Osaka University Roundtable discussion II Results of the conference Avenues for future collaboration 16:30 Closing remarks Idea exchange and reception Pansupa Restaurant, Lusaka


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