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A Message from Norvan Executive Council Summaries & Highlights Inter-Club Council

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Hello Valley Students!

Norvan Berkezyan
ASU President
email: asu.president.lavc@gmail.com office: 818.947.2698


elcome to the ASU Magazine’s first issue! The Associated Student Union (ASU) is the student organization at Los Angeles Valley College that supports campus activities and serves as the official representative of the student body. This monthly magazine was created with the purpose of informing all those in our Monarch family about issues pertaining to higher education, events on campus, and ways to take part. The ASU hopes that by informing LAVC students about all the opportunities available to them, students will find something of interest and get involved. This magazine is also a way for Valley students to find out more about the Associated Student Union and how it serves student needs. The ASU is made up of two branches, the Executive Council and the Inter-Club Council. Both branches play an important role in supporting student life on campus and representing our student body.

The Executive Council is made up of Officers and Commissioners who are elected into office every Spring. The Executive Council holds meetings every Tuesday from 3:00pm to 5:00pm in the ASU Conference Room (CC104) to address student concerns, share information and plan activities. The Inter-Club Council (ICC) is made up of representatives from every club on campus. Meetings are held every Thursday from 1:00pm to 2:00pm in the ASU Conference Room (CC104). For more information on the ICC and forming a club, contact ASU Vice President Edward Grigoryan. I hope that when you see all the great things being done by student representatives, you’ll find the motivation to join either council and make your time at Valley an unforgettable experience.

I wish you success in all your studies!


Executive Council
Norvan Berkezyan
Serves as Chair of the Executive Council and is the liaison between the administration and students. Attends the student government district wide and regional committee meetings.


Eduard Grigoryan
Presides at meetings of Executive Council in absence of the President. Chairs the Inter Club Council meetings on Thursdays at 1:00 pm in Campus Cenetr 104. Acts as a liaison between Executive Council and ICC.

Attorney General
Brandon Batham
Serves as the official reference for the Executive Council with regards to the rules of order during meetings. Becomes familiar with the ASU constitution and bylaws as well as Parliamentary Procedure and Robert’s Rules of Order.

Grigor Karavardanyan
Represents the Associated Students in all financial matters concerning student funds. Maintains a record of the budget, and gives a brief report or summary of the budget expenditures. Chairs the Finance Committee meetings



Bryan Ayala
Writes and maintains records of the ICC and the Executive Council meetings, answers all incoming questions, answers phone and performs general office duties.

Commissioner of Political Affairs Ovanes Chobanian
Responsible for keeping the ASU informed on Federal, State, and District legislation and changes of regulations that may affect college students. Responsible for the ASU Lobby Committee and annual student government elections.

Commissioner of Public Relations Javiera Infante
Assists other commissioners and members of the ICC with publicizing any events or functions. Responsible for overseeing the creation of all event flyers. Maintains the ASU webpage and brochure. Responsible for Valley Star newspaper advertising.

Commissioner of Athletics Elina Davtyan
Informs the Executive Council of all upcoming athletic events and team activities, work to organize campus and intercampus events. Organize and plan Homecoming and Spring Games

Commissioner of Fine Arts Ashley Miller
Inform the Executive Council of upcoming fine arts events on campus and in the community and be responsible for coordinating the annual International Arts Festival.

Commissioner of Ethnic & Cultural

Erik Castañón
Serves as a liaison between the Executive Council and the special interests groups on campus. Responsible for organizing and planning the following events: Latino Heritage Celebration, Black Heritage Celebration, Holocaust Remembrance and Armenian Genocide Remembrance.


Commissioner of Student & Social Affairs

Commissioner of Evening Division

Meline Abramyan
Works to increase awareness of cultural diversity, creates an atmosphere of social awareness and promotes ASU sponsored events. Responsible for coordinating the Dean’s Reception, Scholarship and Awards Night and Commencement.

Suzy Khrom
Acts as the liaison between the Executive Council and evening division students at LAVC and represent the interests and needs of evening students. Maintains and promotes the Textbook exchange boards.



A glimpse at some of this Fall’s highlights during both, the Executive Council, and Inter-Club Council meetings. -By Bryan Ayala, ASU Secretary

Executive Council
Throughout the Fall 2011 semester, both the Executive and Inter-Club-Councils have conducted meetings to discuss matters that concern students at Los Angeles Valley College. Topics range from deciding themes for club days to discussing the Occupy Los Angeles Movement and approval of funding for various events on campus. Here are a few key points from the meetings conducted by the Executive Council.
Publicity of the Associated Student Union: The purpose of having a student government organization on campus is to provide adequate representation for students at Los Angeles Valley College. If there is one thing the Executive Council recognized about the ASU at Los Angeles Valley College, it is that it is not an organization well known by the student body. At the beginning of the semester, the members of the Executive Council made a commitment to publicize the student government body at Los Angeles Valley College, and efforts to do so are ongoing and expected to last indefinitely. Whether it be via method of classroom presentations, flyers, the ASU Monthly Magazine, or hosting events on campus, the Associated Student Union is committed to reaching out to the student body at Los Angeles valley College. 2011, the Commissioner of Political Affairs, Ovanes Chobanian, hosted a town hall event with California Assembly Member Felipe Fuentes. The purpose of the town hall was to give students on campus an opportunity to question their political leaders about the straining situation facing not only Los Angeles Valley College, but various public school systems in California. The Associated Student Union always advocates on behalf of students on campus, and this is one of the ways the organization presents opportunities for students to voice their concerns to the politicians running the state. that will be implemented this year to facilitate the process are still being finetuned, the Executive Council is working closely with the Commissioner of Evening Division, Suzy Khrom, to create a smoothly operating system. Further details will be made soon.

Town-Hall with California assembly member Felipe Fuentes: On November 11th,

ASU Book Exchange Program: There always comes that time in the semester when you have to purchase textbooks for the classes you are taking. The Associated Student Union tries to facilitate the process via its Textbook Exchange Program. While the details regarding the system

Occupy LA: On November 11th, 2011, during the Executive Council’s meeting, the board had placed the Occupy Los Angeles Movement on its agenda to decide the stance of the board regarding the Occupy LA movement. While all members agreed that the movement had great individual intents, a resolution to officially support Occupy LA as the student body of LAVC was denied by a majority due to the unclear goals and direction of the movement itself. The approval of the resolution was turned down 4-6-0. – Written by Bryan Ayala, ASU Secretary


Inter-Club Council
The Inter-Club-Council, also known as the Senate, is one of the branches of the Associated Student Union. The council is chaired by the Vice-President of the Executive Council and consists of all chartered clubs on campus. Here are a few of the key points discussed by the Inter-Club-Council.

Throughout the course of the Fall 2011 semester, the Associated Student Union has been chartering clubs at Los Angeles Valley College. Currently there are 24 chartered clubs on campus, each with a different goal. Whether it be advocacy, awareness of a specific cultures like the Spanish Club, or a club that creates a transitional environment from soldier to student like the Veterans Club. We have a vast array of clubs. Chartering has been ongoing since week one and there is no stop in sight.

Club Chartering:

who they are and raise school spirit in general. Themes are unique to each specific club day. So whether the theme is patriotism, charity, Halloween, or breast cancer awareness, club days are filled with variety and excitement.

points they earn. Ranking is the method used, and there are certain set of amounts of points that are awarded with financial incentive.

While clubs conduct meetings, events, and other activities throughout the year, club days are designed for clubs to display

Club Days:

While clubs unify to create a spirit rich environment at Los Angeles Valley College, there is an interesting competition going among them. Each club looks to acquire as many points as possible by hosting events, conducting volunteer work, and other ways that benefit students on campus. This year, the chair of the ICC, Edward Grigoryan, improved the point system to allow for more clubs to receive monetary rewards depending on the number of

Point System:

Currently, the food selling policy prohibits clubs from selling food on nonclub days. As a result, clubs are hindered from having fundraisers on campus if food is going to be sold. During the course of the ICC meetings, the council decided to take a stance against the policy by constructing a formal letter to be sent to administration. They have also started gathering petitions. Although there is no current change with the status quo, the council is committed to facilitating the fundraising of clubs.

Food Selling Policy:


Inter-Club Council
The Inter-Club Council is a diverse board of students composed of one representative from each chartered club on campus. ICC meets weekly to address club’s needs, update on club events, discuss Club Days, and find ways to foster student involvement and embrace students’ diversity. Meetings are held every Thursday at 1:00pm in CC104.


Here is a current list of chartered clubs on our campus
• Anime Club – Tuesday, 2:30pm, North Gym and Thursday, 1:30pm, Campus Center 212 Arts club – Monday and Wednesday at 1:30 art building patio Broadcasting – Thursday, 4:00pm, Humanities 112 Dance Club – Monday, 3:30pm Field House Eco Advocates – Thursday, 2:30pm, Allied Health Sciences 136 Feminist Club – Tuesday, 2:00pm, Behavioral Sciences 106 French Club – Monday, 11:10am, Foreign Language Seminar Room Grace on Campus – Tuesday, 7:00pm, Humanities 104 Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) – Tuesday, 1:00pm, Behavioral Science 102 KVCM Radio (Campus Station) – Wednesday, 5:30pm, Humanities 112 Political Action Coalition (PAC) – Monday, 1:00pm, Campus Center 209 • • • • • • • • • • • Pulmonary Experts Educating People – Tuesday, 3:00pm, Allied Health Sciences 331 Pre-med Engineering Science Scholars Association (PESSA) – Friday, 11:30am Allied Health Sciences 248 Philosophy Club – Tuesday, 2:00pm, Campus Center 205 Psychology Club – Thursday, 2:30pm, Behavioral Sciences 105 Puente Club – Wednesday, Staff Room in Counseling Center Sociology Experiment – Tuesday, 2:30pm, Behavioral Science 102 Spanish Club – Monday, 1:00 pm, Foreign Language 104 Tau Alpha Epsilon (TAE) – Tuesday, 1:00pm & Thursday, 5:00pm, Campus Center 208 United Manifesto – Thursday, 12:30pm, Foreign Language 100 Valley Collegiate Players (VCP, Drama Club) – Thursday, 5:30pm Theater Department Veterans Club – Every other Friday, Foreign Language 111

• • •

• •


Featured Clubs Project
The Featured Clubs is a publicity project, part of our efforts to promote the different clubs on campus that enrich our student life at Valley College. We launched this initiative in October, 2011. Featured Clubs get to be displayed on the ASU glass cases around campus, on the ASU website (www.lavc.edu/asu), and get an hour of show time on LAVC’s radio station KVCM (95.1FM, if you are on campus). Each Featured Club is picked every Thursday at 1:00pm in Campus Center 104, during the regular Inter-Club Council (ICC) meetings. Hope you enjoy getting to know some of the Featured Clubs on here, and invite you to take part in the rich and diverse environment that our clubs create at Valley.

Dance Club
When & where does your club meet? Dance Club meets Mondays, 3:30-4:30 in the Field House

President: e-mail: Website: Facebook:

Noelle Andressen-Kale, 818-359-5131 ValleyDanceClub@yahoo.com http://www.ValleyDanceClub.com LAVC Los Angeles Valley College Dance Club

Why should students join your club? Great fellowship, encouragement, education and fun while studying the art of dance. For the first time, the President of Dance Club: Noelle Andressen, will be providing a scholarship for furthering dance education. We also have club member of the month in which a member can be awarded with a certificate for his/her hard work and contribution towards Dance Club and a gift of appreciation will also be awarded. What do you do in your meetings? We dance, choreograph, discuss club day, plan events, Master Classes (coming soon), encourage one another.

What events did you have this semester? What events are you having in the near future?

Club Day, October 12: Breast Cancer Awareness Event. Valley’s Dance Club worked with the Health Clinic on campus, and the Offices of Student Services to bring an awareness


movement about the disease. We honored and held a tribute to those who fought bravely but unfortunately lost their lives to the disease and also recognized to those that have won and survived. A special dance presentation was performed by Dance Club Ensemble.

Square. Every Sunday throughout the month of October, the Dance Club hosted 3 events. Noelle taught Thriller (Michael Jackson’s

Club Day, October 26: ‘Thriller’ Flash Mob in Monarch

Thriller choreography) in preparation for Thrill Day sponsored by Thrill the World Los Angeles. Noelle has been an official dance teacher for this event 3 years in a row. Thrill Day was October 29 in Long Beach. This is where thousands of zombie dancers attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the largest group of people dancing MJ’s Thriller at one time. They also do outreach to children and inner city kids. Dance Club also does morning stretch events once a week to bring the campus community together on a positive note with light stretching and a short dance routine.

To provide joy and education through the art of dance. To show that anyone can dance in a non-competitive environment. Complete acceptance of all levels of dancers. Outreach to the community on and off campus. To build unity and support within all the clubs on campus while providing entertainment for any events on or off campus. To support the dance program through our fundraising.

Mission Statement


President: e-mail: Facebook:

Emelie Traub emsmonkeys@sbcglobal.net http://www.facebook.com/groups/ecoadvocateslavc

When & where does your club meet? Thursdays from 2:30-3:30 in AHS 136.

Why should students join your club? We are a small, tight-knit club that participates in various community events as well as fun, outdoor activities. We create our own events and support other clubs on campus. What do you do in your meetings? We give updates on events, hold discussions of how to spread environmental awareness and prioritizing the various environmental opportunities that we, as an eco-club have available. We also have current environmental events presented on occasion. What events did you have this semester? What events are you

having in the near future? Project Green Challenge + Fair – We encouraged students to take the green lifestyle challenge. They could be as extreme or as conservative as they liked. The more extreme, the more likely they were to win a prize. People got to sign up at www. projectgreenchallenge.com. The challenge was for the entire month of October. At the end of the month, Eco Advocates held a fair for people to display their most green attempt. Top 3 contestants were given an award. Full Moon Hike on December 10, 2011 at Tree People. For more information go to: http://on.fb.me/lavcfullmoonhike

To increase environmental awareness on campus at LAVC and in the surrounding community. We will make our campus more sustainable in order to set an example for others in the community.

Mission Statement


Sociology Experiment
ICC Representative: e-mail: Pattie Cortez pattie.cortez@gmail.com
What events did you have this semester? What events are you having in the near future? We co-hosted the Student Speak Out on November 9th with PAC This year we are planning to host a softball game with the faculty, and we are also planning to volunteer for numerous organizations to benefit society. We will also be supporting our school through attending sporting events and various other school orientated functions. When & where does your club meet? Tuesdays at 2:30pm in Behavioral Sciences 102. Why should students join your club? To grasp a better understanding of sociological issues of students on campus and throughout the world. We are student’s committed to improving our community and welcome anyone and everyone! What do you do in your meetings? We hold discussions about upcoming events, and sociological issues.

Mission Statement

The purpose of the group is to gather with like-minded individuals to discuss, share and celebrate all things sociological!

Spanish Club
President: e-mail: Facebook:

Carmen Montes twenty_reminisces@yahoo.com LAVC Spanish Club or http://on.fb.me/lavcspanishclub
other for support while planning and creating exciting events to be a part of during our school semesters. Most impressively, our most active member will win $100 scholarship at the end of each semester! What do you do in your meetings? We provide refreshments and snacks while we speak about

When & where does your club meet? We meet every Monday at 1:00pm in Foreign Language 104. Why should students join your club? Whether you know Spanish or you would like to learn, we welcome you. We would like to bring our student body together to form a family-oriented club where we can depend on each


events that we would like to see happen on campus, fundraisers, and plan events for our group to meet outside of school. At the end of the club meeting, we play a game in Spanish to help everyone perfect the language. We either play a game such as loteria or we have a Spanish improv session. What events did you have this semester? What events are you having in the near future? • We hold weekly tutoring sessions on Mondays 12:30-1:00pm in FL 104.

We are currently holding basketball tournament/scrimmages on Fridays at 10:00am in the North Gym. We welcome all who would like to attend. We are currently holding weekly walks on campus to help benefit our physical health. Contact us for specific times and days. We are having a “Biggest Loser” contest starting Wednesday, November 16 - December 16. Our biggest loser will win a prize. Please contact our president for more information.

Mission Statement

“PASADO NUESTRA CULTURA, PRESENTE LA LUCHA, FUTURO ES NUESTRO” To provide the opportunity for members to speak Spanish and to increase their knowledge and awareness of the Spanish-speaking world through activities, events, and weekly meetings while creating a close-knit friendship with our LAVC student body.

Anime Club
President: Alexander MacConnell LAVC Anime Club
What do you do in your meetings? We watch and discuss various anime. We debate between anime versus anime of the same category. What events did you have this semester? What events are you having in the near future? We recently had a field trip to the Japanese gardens. We are hoping to have more field trips along with future events next semester.


When & where does your club meet? Tuesdays North Gym 404 at 2:30 – 3:30 and Thursdays CC 212 1:30 – 3:30 PM Why should students join your club? To allow fans of anime and animation of all kind to one location to express their love and passion for it

Mission Statement

To promote animation as an art form and sub-culture, and mainly for entertainment.


Tau Alpha Epsilon
President: Vice President : e-mail: Facebook: Shawn Besharaty Richard Driggers tae.lavc@gmail.com LAVC.TAE@groups.facebook.com
TAE was founded in 1949. Since then it has maintained its reputation as the most respected and honored club on campus. In the 1960’s Phi Theta Kappa was formed. This is the national two year college version of the prestigious four year Phi Beta Kappa. Since Valley College already had its own Honors Society PTK and TAE came to an agreement to join together on the campus. Therefore, the acting president of TAE is also acting president of PTK for Valley College. Even though the memberships overlap in certain areas, they are regarded separately. The TAE requirements are $10.00 per semester, a 3.3 GPA or higher, at least 12 transferable units completed at LAVC and 10 service points. PTK on Valley’s campus has only two major requirements; 3.5 GPA or higher and $150.00 life time dues. Membership for PTK is on an invitation only basis. Both clubs are notations that go on transcripts separately.

Our theme this year was Participation and Community
We have been very active both on and off campus. Some of the on campus activities have been: • Hosting the Dean’s Reception for the entire honor roll students who had a 3.5 GPA and the Presidents list of three consecutive semesters of a 3.5 GPA. • Club day activities – are themed based events that bring the clubs • Halloween Costume sale to raise money for scholarships Off campus activities: • Working with MEND (Meet Each Need with Dignity) to donate clothes food and toys • Operation Santa – with you guys • Heal the Bay There also is time to just hang out as a club and be social. We will go to the movies, play miniature golf, go to LAVC sporting events, have dinner together, go get ice cream…etc Why should students join your club? Not only does it make you more competitive for transferring to a 4 year university because of the transcripts notation but it is great to be a pert of a like minded community of people

When & where does your club meet? We meet Tuesdays @ 1:00 and Thursdays @ 5:00 in CC208


What do you do in your meetings? Do you hold discussions, forums, debates? When we meet we always introduce ourselves, tell everyone how long we have been in TAE and answer a random question for fun to get meetings started. Then it its on discuss all facets of club business

Mission Statement

What events did you have this semester? What events are you having in the near future? Charity Club Day- collecting food, clothes, and toys to donate. Operation Santa – with Professor Miller and Universal City North Hollywood Junior Chamber of Commerce TAE participated in the Student Speak Out on budget cuts on November 9th.

There is no actual mission statement we just give you the opportunity to get transcript notation for your efforts.

Broadcasting Club
President: e-mail: Facebook: Twitter: Website: Julian Garcia afrosheen_julian@yahoo.com LAVC Broadcasting Club/Radio KVCM @KVCM www.lavc.edu/kvcm

When & where does your club meet? Thursdays at 1:00pm in Humanities 112 Why should students join your club? Because we’re awesome.

What do you do in your meetings? We discuss upcoming events, radio schedule, and keep up with the station. What events did you have this semester? What events are you having in the near future? We will be doing live remote of home basketball games. We have also played music and MC’d many clubs days.

Mission Statement

To promote the school’s Broadcasting Department and its degrees in Radio, Television, and Performance.


Work Being Done for the Students, by the Students
Too often we see the Executive Council officers at meetings or guiding students with their questions and concerns, but what is it that really drives them to do the work they do? And what exactly do they do? Learn more about the dedicated students who represent you at Valley College below, where you will read on some of the things that each ASU officer worked on this semester, and a little bit about what inspires them to contribute to our student life.


Eduard Grigoryan - Vice-President
My experience at Los Angeles Valley College started in Fall 2010. After my first semester, I got involved with one of the clubs on campus, which probably was the best decision of my college life. It didn’t only bring me together with like-minded individuals, but also helped me develop communication and interpersonal skills that aided me in professional and academic life. As a result, I made a lot of friends, improved my grades, and also found a number of great opportunities for character building and networking. If I was able to do that, you could too. For a complete list of student organizations please go to www.lavc.edu/asu/icc

ear students! As the Vice President of Associated Student Union at Los Angeles Valley College, I would like to thank you all for choosing to enroll at LAVC. Great college experience is usually comprised of academic progress and active student life. Los Angeles Valley College is proud to be one of the most socially active campuses in the district with more than twenty four student clubs and organizations and approximately six hundred exceptional individuals involved in those groups. I would like to urge you all to join a student organization in order to enhance your college experience, and simply meet a lot of fascinating people like yourself.


Grigor Karavardanyan - Treasurer
meetings. The group I am part of is called BWG (Bond Work Group). The purpose of BWG is to oversea campus-wide improvement decisions at the college in relation to the voter-supported Bond A/ AA and Measure J. Even though I am the Chair of the ASU Finance Committee, I help students by giving them ideas and advice on how to better spend the money given to them or requested by them. Overall, being part of the student organization helps me better understand and value other people’s hard work. It’s not easy to serve thousands of people and at the same time enjoy what you are doing, which is exactly what I do.

efore finishing high school, I couldn’t wait to study medicine but short after finishing it I decided to change my major to something I would enjoy doing, so I set my major to Computer Science. Although my major is not related to the job I am doing at ASU, I decided to join ASU to help the students be connected and informed about everything that’s happening on campus. Outside of my duties, I enjoy playing chess, soccer, reading books and solving programming challenges. Being the Treasurer in ASU, I get to do is help other people with their planned events and suggest ideas. As every officer, I too have attended shared governance


Javiera Infante - Commissioner of Public Relations


’m double-majoring in Spanish Literature, and Journalism. I knew Spanish was a field I wanted to study because I’ve enjoyed reading books, and writing in my native language since I was little. I held onto the language even tighter when I moved to the United States in my early teen years. I chose my Journalism major with an emphasis in Public Relations because, while in high school, I learned crucial and fun interpersonal and communication skills through being involved in student organizations. I felt that successfully reaching out to people in strategic ways was something I wanted to continue to do. That is one of the reasons why I joined ASU, too. I was very active in high school, and I really missed having that connection with students. After I graduated in 2005, I had to put college on hold for a couple of years, but then enrolled at Valley, which made my

interest in student life even greater. Some of the things I really enjoy doing are; spending time with my 3-year-old son, and helping AB540 students reach their educational goals through an organization I’m involved in outside of Valley College. A couple of interesting projects I worked on this semester were the Featured Clubs, which has been a way for students on campus to know more about the great clubs we have. I have also been working closely with clubs, and ASU officers in promoting their events via Facebook, and helping in the creation, and printing of flyers. An event I’m planning in particular, is a forum on the California Dream Act to be held on Thursday, December 1 from 2:00 – 3:30pm in the Multipurpose Room of the Student Services Center. Being fully committed to empowering the youth who are defined as AB540 (but are also widely known as undocumented

students), I feel that by being involved in such organization like ASU, not only voices the needs of myself as an individual student at Valley, but that of those who are often voiceless. I would like to believe that my involvement has a greater meaning in the lives of those whom I represent.

Ashley Miller - Commissioner of Fine Arts
I joined the ASU Board because I feel, we as students, are given a great opportunity through student government to voice our opinions and needs to the faculty and staff, as well as state-wide settings. I realized after joining the board just how little we know about the issues that directly affect us, including how and why budget cuts occur. I hope, both through my own actions as well as with my other board members, to help bridge the informational gap between students serving on the ASU board and those who are not, as all students are equally deserving of their voices being heard. I don’t have much spare time nowadays but I love to cook, go to movies and live performances. I have developed a real passion for traveling also as I volunteered abroad in the Middle East this past Summer. Before that trip I had a strong desire to do humanitarian and environmental advocacy but I feel motivated to take part in those actions even more after being in various countries around the Middle East and seeing the needs first-hand. I am part of the Educational Planning Committee, the Student Learning Outcome Committee, and the Fine Arts Committee. I am also part of a Team Two Accreditation workgroup, Student Outreach work group, and Program Viability ACE committee. The EPC makes major decisions on all issues academically-related and we make recommendations to the IEC, the highest level of committees on campus, which makes the final recommendation to the President of LAVC, Dr. Carleo. As part of this committee I assisted in deciding the Winter session schedule, as well as whether we would even have a Winter session. The SLO committee is very important in that it works to make sure each department is meeting their standards for what students are supposed to be learning and taking away from their courses. More than that, this committee oversees that departments submit the data regarding this information. This may not sound


y name is Ashley Miller and I’m an English major. I chose this major because it helps develop your critical thinking and communication (spoken/written) skills, which are relevant and important in all aspects of life. I also enjoy English because, though this may be surprising to some, it encourages the study of other languages than English, which is a passion of mine.


very interesting or relevant to students but it is actually vital; SLOs affect the accreditation of the school. This means that if the departments do not show that students are meeting their SLOs then the validity of the college, as well as its degrees, will be revoked and the school would be shut down. The next submission date for the entire school’s SLOs is in 2012 and, if this is not completed, we would be faced with these horrible issues. Therefore, this committee is working to make sure we all work together to achieve completion of this information. The Student Outreach work group is meant to help raise awareness of the importance of these issues to students so they can encourage their professors to take part in this protocol. The Public Arts committee is

responsible for any and all art that is seen on campus. The mural along Coldwater Cyn. is an example of a public art display. More updates will be coming on this soon. The ACE Program is geared toward helping high school student enroll here at LAVC and receive concurrent enrollment (meaning they receive both high school as well as college credit). This is particularly notable to me as I started here at LAVC when I was 16 so I understand the value in assisting students develop their college careers, regardless of their age. I think the greatest aspect of being part of the ASU Board has been the increased access to information and school community. It is an opportunity to be very proactive and make a major

difference, as well as gain life experience before transferring to university. I have developed more of an interest in legal knowledge, especially after going to the General Assembly this semester and working with community colleges all over CA to make rulings on resolutions that will affect the students of the entire state. Regardless of your major I feel getting involved in student government makes you a better person. And the friends I’ve made on the board itself are wonderful; we all help each other and support one another. If any students, particularly those involved in the arts or humanities departments, have any issues, concerns, or simply wish for an event to take place, I’m open to hearing any and all thoughts. I’m looking forward to the rest of the school year!

Ovanes Chobanian - Commissioner of Political Affairs
did this organization of students did for LAVC. After doing my research, I found that the main purpose of the ASU was to serve the interests of LAVC’s entire student body. I also felt that by joining the student government I could learn effective strategies on how to become a great leader and how to empower the students at Valley, and make sure that every student’s need is met. I have a wide array of hobbies, since I am a very active individual. To start off, I love sports, especially football, basketball, boxing, and mixed martial arts. I also enjoy hiking, listening to music, going out to the movies, and continuing my internship with California Assembly Member Felipe Fuentes. The event that I put together for Fall 201 was the “Town Hall with Assembly Member Felipe Fuentes,” which was on November 9th, 2011. It turned out to be a success, and I was very thrilled to see that plenty of our students here at Valley took the time out of their busy lives to come, and show there support during the event. Assembly Felipe Fuentes addressed issues regarding budget cuts, the oil severance tax, and what steps he is taking as a governmental official to ensure money will not continue to be taken from public education. I believe that my input creates a more student-centered environment at Valley because I serve as a bridge between the student government and nearly 20,000 students at LAVC. Being apart of a student organization is probably been one of the best experiences for me because I have the opportunity to work with a group of like-minded students who serve as a voice for the entire student body, such as our very own ASU. It resembles our very own federal government, in which you learn the proper procedures of a executive meetings, you build your skills as a leader, and you network with not only students on your own campus, but with students and other student organizations in your district, like the one we are a part of (LACCD).


am majoring in Sociology because after taking a few sociology classes, I have come to find the study of human interactions and the way our society shapes our beliefs, our actions, and our experiences overall to be fascinating. However, I also believe that sociology has organically shaped my life due to the fact that I was raised by a single mother, also because I am the first member of my family to graduate from high school and go to college. The reason that I decided to join the ASU is because I always wondered what the purpose of the ASU was and what


am an Anthropology major with an emphasis in culture, and I also wish to double major in Film Studies. My decision for a double major sprouted from my vast interest in culture and media. We can’t deny the relationship between the two is powerful, as we’re surrounded by all sorts of media everyday. That connection between people and media is what I want to be part of. I joined ASU in order to connect with the student body. I knew this job would allow ways to bond, and strengthen the sense of community, success, heritage, and culture seen in the diverse body of students at Valley. I love reading, and writing (journals, poems, short stories, blogging). I enjoy a lot of TV shows (& cartoons), as long

Elina Davtyan - Commissioner of Athletics
Game. We gave out free food and drinks to all students at the game. Being in student organizations while in college is a lot of work, and responsibility, but I very much enjoy it all. I have learned to gain leadership skills, to organize and to plan events.

y major is biology. I love to study animals and the human body. I have joined ASU to make a change and improve Valley’s school spirit. On my free time I like to read, jog at the beach, and dance. I planned a tale gate party for the November 5th Homecoming

Erik Castanon Commissioner of Ethnic & Cultural
as it isn’t Jersey Shore. Hopefully that didn’t offend anyone. In my free time I like to spend time with friends, family, my dog, going running or hiking, going to music shows & concerts, theme parks, eating (who doesn’t?!), and shopping. I have not yet been able to plan any events particular to my position, but that won’t last. I will be planning to have Latino foods for an event during finals, which will include giving away tamales and horchata. I have a lot planned for next Spring. I attended the shared governance PASS (Preparing All Students for Success) committee, which focuses on the planning of strategies and methods to help our students be successful and achieve their goals. We hope to build ways in which students can overcome any obstacles in community college and graduate or transfer. It feels great to be part of a student

organization. In this job, you quickly learn that you represent thousands of students, and that pressure requires strength and dedication. I am more than happy to be in this in a time when so many political issues involve education. Ultimately, the most important lesson learned is that so much is possible & attainable when we stand together as a united student body.


Melanie Abramyan Commissioner of Student & Social Affairs
their accomplishments, areas of need, and suggestions to help make our growing campus even better. Having interest in almost every subject makes it easy for me to communicate and relate to people and these interests have also helped me

ello! My name is Meline (Melanie) Abramyan and I am fortunate to serve as your Commissioner of Student and Social Affairs. My inspiration to join ASU is to help students become more social about


in selecting my major; Psychology. The power of a good academic experience is limitless and my motivation to be involved is the realization of how impactful our academic career is on the rest of our professional and personal

lives. I am grateful of and admire, all the effort put in by the hardworking students, staff and faculty, aimed at making our campus as great as it can be! This semester I have had lots of fun planning and Dean’s Reception, getting to know

different clubs on campus and attending the SSCCC (Student Senate of California Community Colleges) General Assembly. I appreciate the wonderful opportunity to serve our student body and hope to meet as many of you as possible!

Suzy Khrom - Commissioner of Evening Division
Division in ASU. Aside from being a commissioner, I enjoy photography, biking, and spending the rest of my free time with close friends. The field I am studying is Psychology because it is an intriguing concept that deals with human thought and behavior. I joined ASU in order to become more involved in school activities and to seize the opportunities presented. I attend governance committees and report back all the information, as well as represent the night time students at this college. As a commissioner, I want to get other students involved as well. One of my main goals in joining ASU is to promote knowledge and information about the school and its available opportunities through events and activities for everyday students at Valley. The entire ASU board contributes to creating a more student orientated environment at Valley. Although I enjoy helping my fellow commissioners plan their events, I’ve taken the responsibility to plan a few myself. I am currently working on a possible event to inform the public about parliamentary procedure by inviting a parliamentarian as the main guest. Parliamentary procedure is often used in formal faculty, staff, and student meetings around campus. Part of my title includes the maintenance of the Textbook Exchange Board. I feel that this board alone cannot promote the exchange of textbooks between students, so I am working on a new system that will improve the method of selling and buying books for class.


ello everyone! My name is Suzy Khrom and I am the Commissioner of Evening


Brandon Batham - Attorney General
(SSCCC) Region VII board as the Treasurer, representing not only the interests of LAVC on an external level, but the interests of 14 other colleges in our region. In my (little) spare time, I am also the head coach for North Hollywood HS’ speech and debate team, a job that I love immensely. As you can see, I really do a lot here at Valley and off-campus, almost always advocating for our school’s best interests. If you ever have any questions, comments, suggestions, or just an itch to talk to someone, feel free to stop by the ASU office! I’m almost always there, ready and willing to speak to anyone. See you around!

y name is Brandon Batham, and I am a Political Science major and a Theater Arts minor student. I guess you could say I picked these majors because they really are my passions. I joined the ASU board in late October, when I was appointed, because I wanted to be more involved and active in making the decisions that directly influence our lives as students on campus. In my time on the board, I’ve tried to be a voice for all students on all issues, representing, to the best of my ability, the minority and majority of student concerns. In October, I was also elected to serve on the Student Senate for CA Community Colleges


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