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DEFINITION Although the Oxford Dictionary defines a boutique hotel as "a small stylish hotel." one can easily disagree when looking at the size of Ian Schrager's famous boutique hotels or when one finds that much sought after little hotel hidden away on a mountain top or in a resort far away from the city's buzzing. . What it is not: B&B chain hotel motel star-rated hotel branded hotel simply a "lodging accommodation for travelers". typically one situated in a fashionable urban location.

mid to upper income) .What it can be: destination-making quality positively surprising high concept architecture & design sensitive atmosphere immersed in a unique setting comfortable intimate authentic & distinct minimalist fashionable hip combined with history & chic niche fantasy lifestyle a unique experience non-standard/non-conformist theme-based offering less than 150 rooms (not Ian Schrager) highly personalised service attitude multi-sensorial generous amenities targeted users (mid 20 to 50.

In 1984 Ian Schrager—the world-renowned real-estate entrepreneur (famous for such iconic places as Studio54)—established the Morgans Hotel designed by Andrée Putnam and located in Murray HIll. amongst others. South Kensington. with its luxury boutique hotel brand. W Hotels.CONTEXT A Short Historical Context of Its Beginnings The boutique hotel finds its beginnings in 1981 with the opening of The Blakes Hotel. Westin. Regis. Since then selfproclaimed boutique hotels have sprouted up around the world and have been co-opted by the large chains and hotel property owners such as Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide. UK designed by Anouska Hempel as well as with the Kimpton Group's Bedford hotel in Union Square. . Starwood owns. Inc. San Francisco. New York. Sheraton and St. London.

Another such hotels are those under the Swire Hotels category and its "House Collection" (i. For the reason of having too large a number of rooms and perhaps other attributes some argue Schrager's hotels are neither boutique. 36) .e.CONTEXT A Short Context of the Surrounding Polemics Some would argue Starwood's W Hotels are not boutique. (Lea. p. 35) Did Hilton and Le Meridien play it clever when they respectively opened their "lifestyle hotels" and their "Art and Tech Bedrooms?" (Lea. One can conclude the views on this market niche are not homogenous. To some they are perhaps questionably boutique hotels. 2002. who's founder (Robin Hutson) even denies it being boutique for that very reason (Lea. they are a chain. 2002. He himself does not seem too keen on promoting them as such 'hip' places but rather as placed for an entertaining experience. They are certainly attractive luxury hotels. 2002. Similarly so for Hotel du Vin. they are divided. p. 35). p. The Opposite House in Beijing and The Upper House in Hong Kong).

2002. 35) That stated. It is widely used in the US..Although the label of boutique is not ideal the reasons for using it are supposedly solid." (Lea... .. As a result. The label offers "common currency and thus permits debate. Though. it seems the high-end boutique hotels tend to differentiate themselves by using a label of "Luxury Hotel. market data has been collated and analysed on the basis of a defined US hotel market sector." The alternative term of "Lifestyle hotel" is also opted for. the latter seems not clearly defined as a luxury hotel per se. the world’s biggest hospitality market. p.

SETTING The boutique hotel capitalizes on several attributes. It is necessarily so that most if not all attributes need to be present for it to be defined/experienced as a boutique hotel. . Boutique hotels have roughly two environments or settings 1/ resort setting preferably within a hard to spot or reach location with fabulous views and atmosphere 2/ city setting within a trendy or chic neighborhood The city setting is historically the original setting of a boutique hotel though currently one can no longer use this setting as a determining attribute for the hotel to be defined as boutique.

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