Modern Day Challenges for PR.

Advent of new technologies and business practices combined with dynamic social and commercial environments have thrown up new challenges for the PR professional. To be successful in the field and to contribute effectively to the organizational goal, it is necessary to be aware of current realities and their implications for PR practise. Some of these are discussed below:a. Coexistence of Global, Glocal and Local Companies. All three types of companies co-exist and compete in the market place. The PR manager must be aware of the specific publics addressed by each of these and direct his attention towards them in a focused manner. Emergence of the Metropolitan Consumer. In India, the market has opened up to global competition and the urban shopper is a discerning one, demanding world class quality in goods and services. The PR manager needs to stay updated with modern preferences and customer behaviour. A Burgeoning Class of Young Professionals. IT industry and BPOs have created a new class of young professionals who have struck it rich and have a lot of disposable income. The corporates have to make a concerted effort to discern the tastes and preferences of these yuppies and communicate to them in their language. Emergence of a Powerful e-community. Ever growing numbers of Indian population crowd the electronic space and communicate using the latest in technology. SMS, MMS, blogs, emails and such other modes are fast replacing conventional media. It is an imperative that the modern PR keep pace with the emerging technologies and exploit their potential to the utmost. Increasing Awareness and Activism. With the potential of modern communication devices to spread information like wildfire and greater awareness of rights and environmental issues, matters that could be dealt with at leisure can no longer be treated lightly. Activists and social groups react passionately to perceived threats and have to be handled with utmost discretion. The New Face of Corporate Social Responsibility.In the face of increasing transparency, corporates have to step up their activities on the CSR front which is no longer mere charity but an indicator of the corporate’s commitments and social standing.






Increasing Reach of the Media.PR is being exploited globally to create awareness about diseases and their management. Greater Relevance to Disease Management. The PR professional has to be alert and aware to keep his organization protected from adverse publicity and also exploit the potential of the media to communicate his message over a wider cross section of the population. . Greater Media Utilization by the Government.g. corporate activities remain under their ever watchful eyes. i. With the number of channels of mass media growing virulently. h. Governments are increasingly using PR professionals to communicate with the publics to create better awareness about its initiatives and activities that affect the public intimately. each hungry for sensational news to boost its TRP ratings. Capacity utilization of available resources in India is only marginal and has scope for planned growth and widespread application.