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General Topics for Presentation

Here is the list of General Topics for Presentation including all fields.

Ancient China

Ancient India

Ancient Egypt

Academic Freedom

Stress on Students

Increased No. of Terror Attacks: Analysis & Solutions

Natural Calamities/Disasters: Reasons and Solutions

Global Warming

Green House Effects

Green Technology

Save Tigers. Save Earth.

Ethics in Business


River Linking Project India

Chaturbhuj Project India

Indian Wars

Online Education

Organizational Behaviour: Changing Environment

Role of Cinema in Social Awareness

Academic Dishonesty



Tablet PC

Android Operating System: Revolution in Mobile Experience

Best OS for Mobile Phones

Best OD for Laptops/ Computers

History of Computer

Future of Communication

Visual Resumes: New way to present yourself



Touch Screen Devices

Law of Attraction


Abuse Of The Elderly

Abused Women

Academic Dishonesty

Academic Freedom

Acid Rain



Affirmative Action



Age Discrimination

Aging Population

Agricultural Policy


Air Pollution

Airline Safety

Alcohol Abuse

Aliens and UFO's

Alternative imprisonment

Alternative Medicine

American Education Reform


Animal Experimentation

Animal Rights

Animal Welfare

Anorexia Nervosa


Arab-Israeli Conflict

Armed Conflicts

Arms Control

Atomic Energy

Bermuda Triangle


Bird Flu

Biological Weapons

Human Bomb

Birth Control

TV Media Censorship

Child Labor

Ethnic Violence


Foreign Oil Dependence

Corruption and related issues

Genetic Engineering

Indian Government: Health Care Policy

Human Cloning

Nuclear Technology

Organ Donation

India Vs. Bharat


Sex Education: Need

Social Welfare


Video Games: Impact on Children

Women's Rights

9/11 Terror attack: Impact on World Economy

Digital Books Future of Computers

Neural Network

Plasma Antennas

Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing

Optical Coherence Tomography

Bionics Or Biognosis

Silicon Solar Cell

Remote control System

Molecular Electronics

Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Quantum Cryptography

Wireless Energy Transmission

Unmanned Aircrafts

3g Wireless Technology

4g Wireless Technology

Cordic Implementation

Intelligent Traffic Control Using Image Processing

Artificial Intelligence

Magneto Electronics

Driverless Car


Robotics: General Applications

Robotics For Millitary Applications

Landrover Robot

Fiber Antennas

Surface Plasmonics

Dna Computing


Extreme Ultra Violet Lithography (Euvl)

Bluetooth: Applications

Acoustic Coupler

Gps Maptor

Grid Computing

Cloud Computing

Touch Screen Monitors

Super Conducting Generator

MBA Management / Business Topics

Mechanical Engineering Topics

Electronics Topics

Electrical Topics

Computer Science Topics

Information Technology

Instrumentation Topics

Civil Topics

Architecture Topics

Agriculture Topics

Chemical Topics

Ploymer Topics

interesting topics

general topics

technical topics

chemistry topics

microbiology topics

computer topics

communication topics

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