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The section of General Awareness in IRMA primarily focuses on social sector. Past years trend highlights some specific areas such as Data/Pattern of Agriculture sector (The Hindu Survey on Indian Agriculture 2008 should prove very useful) The various NGOs and Social movements: their leaders, area of activity etc. Social problems of India Human development indicators, data etc. WTO, its implication for rural sectors Mishaps like accident due to fire, contaminated water, liquor etc. The Govt. schemes for social sector viz poverty alleviation, literacy, employment, healthcare etc. (Read through the social sector section in Economic Survey and Budget 2005-06) To cover these topics browse Govt. of India Websites/Publications. The Public Information Bureau of Govt. publishes India 2008, which will prove a helpful reading. Website of the Planning Commissions and documents too have comprehensive analysis of social sectors. Magazine ‘YOJNA’ too would have useful and relevant material for this exam. We have provided some of the questions that have been asked in IRMA over the past few years. These questions have been based on the students’ memory. Also to help you judge your competency in General Knowledge, a set of practice questions with answers has been provided towards the end.

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IRMA Analysis

IRMA 2007
1. 2. What is poverty? Many economics are of the opinion that India is no more a developing country. Rather it is a country in the state of transformation. What are the symptoms, which have prompted these economists to form this opinion about India? A. More and more countries are outsourcing their business to India. B. India has a vast reserve of highly technically skilled manpower C. Instead of agrobased economy we are economically growing. Which of the following is true about farmer in India? Which of the following policy is designed for farmers specially – Kisan Credit Card, PSL Which of the following is not a BRIC country? The economic growth of a country is very much influenced by which of the following policies of Govt. of the country? (1) Forex Mgmt. Policy (2) Trade Policy (3) Fiscal Policy (4) Monetary Policy 2001 census birth rate highest in which state? As we all know a high rate of economic growth raises the living standard of the general public in a country and is considered the most potent factor in eliminating ... (1) cultural barriers (2) low quality of employment (3) gender inequality (4) poverty (5) All of these Highest Milk producing state in India? Which of the following is the women upliftment programme run by Indian Govt. (1) TRYSEM (2) Swa Shakti (3) TREAD (4) SGSY (5) STEP

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7. 8.

9. 10.

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IRMA Analysis


The most obvious indicator of a prosperous village is (1) Male-Female ratio (2) Effective Water Management (3) Soil Health (4) Women Empowerment (5) All of these Where will be a probability of less poor? (1) Metro (2) Remote village (3) Town (4) District HQ In certain studies done by Agri. Scientist it is noticed that the formers use/apply more than the required quantity of chemical fertilizers in their fields. What may be the reasons for the same? Farmers have a misconception that ..... (A) More fertilizer will give good crops (B) More fertilizer reduce the water required for the crop (C) Chemical fertilizer increase the fertility of the land for the future. UNO classified countries amongst the developed and undeveloped on the basis of (1) Population (2) Education Facilities (3) Per Capita Income (4) Change in the index of GDP in last three years (5) None of these Which of the following in a country like India can be considered as the sign(s) of economic growth? (A) High rate of migration of people from city to metros and rural to urban areas (B) Rising imbalance in male-female ratio (C) Decline in rate of unemployment Marginal and Small farmers in most of the places in India are mainly dependent on who for their working capital requirements for their day to day affairs (A) Local Money Holders (B) Rural Banks (C) National Banks Farmers in India certainly get a subsidy on which of the following commodities (1) Tractors (2) Chemicals (3) Seeds (4) Fertilizers







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IRMA Analysis


In India population policies are made for a period of 20 years. Period of the present population policy is India is considered a very important Dam and Multipurpose river valley project construction country. But latest/new studies shown that these projects have created some problems in the country than providing the solution of the same. Which are these problems? Nurses emigration from which state is maximum in Gulf countries? The infrastructural facilities are often referred to as economic and social overheads. Which of the following is/are included in these facilities?


20. 21.

22. Sectoral Growth rate in Xth plan 23. Co-operative Credit Societies in village is known as (1) Rural Co-operative Banks (2) Choupal (3) Panchayat Samiti (4) Agri. Credit Society The recent suicides of farmers in Maharashtra and Karnataka were related to which crop – Paddy, Cotton, Onion SEZ full form?



26. Name of the bank of Dr. Mohd. Younus.

IRMA 2006
1. As all of us know India is the largest producer of milk in the world. Not only this, India also has largest livestock population in the world. Despite this India's share in export of diary products is not very promising. What might have hampered India's potential export dairy products? (A) European Union and USA used to provide heavy subsidy to dairy farming uptill now. (B) Indian producers receive no subsidy. (C) Rich nations use to dump their dairy products. (D) Indian livestock population is not of very high quality. (1) Only (A) (2) Only (B) and (C) (3) Only (B) and (D) (4) Only (A), (B) and (D) (5) (A), (B), (C) and (D) all

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IRMA Analysis

(2) Middle class having income between 2 to 5 lakhs. the Chairman of Tata Group of industries when asked about his plans for the future. (5) None of these The first private Greenfield 'Special Economic Zone' (SEZ) is coming up in (1) Mumbai (2) New Delhi (3) Hyderabad (4) Bangalore (5) Jaipur 3. commented. But only a few (less than 100) yield water. As per the reports published in newspapers and magazines/journals the nonagricultural sector is gaining a higher growth rate in employment rural areas. Hence no borewell in those areas yield water. 4. (C) The foodgrain crop which is being sown these days is abnormally high water absorbing. (B) & (C) all Musampally. 5. 'We believe that our companies should be in business to serve the biggest and fastest growing segment in India'. His indication was towards(1) Higher income group having of Rs. Page (5) of (44) IRMA Analysis . What is/are the probable cause(s) for the same? (A) Boring is not done properly. Which of the following sectors are emerging as important source of rural employment? (A) Manufacturing (B) Trade (C) Transport (1) Only (A) (2) Only (B) (3) Only (C) (4) (A) and (B) both (5) (A). (1) Only (A) (2) Only (B) and (C) (3) Only (B) (4) Only (A) & (C) (5) (A). (4) Youngsters who are about 60% of today's India. There are several other villages like Musampally where borewells do not yield water. (B) Water table has started receding in most of the States in India in general. (3) Rural people who are now demanding a life demanding a life style comparable to the people in cities and urban areas. (B) & (C) all Ratan Tata. a village in Andhra Pradesh has more borewells (6000) than people (5000).2.10 lakhs and above.

(C) Rs. (A) More and more people in rural areas are shifting towards horticulture and other such high value products.. Which of the following is/are correct in this regard? (A) Doubling the agricultural credit in the next five years.. What may be the probable reason(s) owing to which employment opportunities in agricultural sector have gone down in the last few years? (Answer of this question should be based on knowledge of current trend in the area). Indian agricultural prices were lower than international prices. (1) Abolition of Zamindari Act (2) Consolidation of Landholding Act (3) Tenancy Reforms Act (4) Land Ceiling Act (5) All of these Late Lok Nayak Jaiprakash Narayan was associated with . (1) Only (A) (2) Only (B) (3) Only (A) & (B) (4) Only (A) & (B) (5) None of these The Union Budget 2004-05 has given special attention to agricultural and rural sectors. 8. Page (6) of (44) IRMA Analysis . 10. (B) Rs.. medicinal plants) (B) Agriculture of crops has declined sharply. (C) Agriculture in India has become almost 100% mechanized. (B) & (C) all Occupancy rights were granted to farmers in India under the Provisions of ..8000 crore earmarked for Rural Industrial Development Fund. 7.6. hence export was possible. 9. (B) Due to WTO obligations Indian farmers are put to unrest. (1) Total revolution (2) White revolution (3) Blue revolution (4) Green revolution (5) None of these It is generally observed that the Indian farmers specializing in agricultural commodities and they are in distress and some of them are going towards suicides.2800 crore allocated for the Accelerated Irrigation Benefit Programme... (Like spices... (1) Only (A) & (B) (2) Only (A) & (C) (3) Only (A) (4) Only (B) (5) (A). What are the probable reasons for general distress of farmers in India? (A) Earlier.

(B) & (C) all (5) None of these 11. Which of the following is NOT them? (1) Chlorine (2) Carbon monoxide (3) Formaldehyde (4) Nitrogen dioxide (5) None of these Page (7) of (44) IRMA Analysis .... (3) uses of information technology for the benefit of rural masses in Madhya Pradesh. STs and QBCs None of these 12. (1) Only (A) (2) Only (B) (3) Only (B) & (C) (4) (A).. Indian farmers do not get that much subsidy.. (B) & (C) Under . What could be the reason(s) for it? (A) Public spending is typically enjoyed by the rich. grants-ln-aid is provided for house construction to help people below poverty line SCs and STs only rural people below poverty line SCs. (4) Decentralization project in Kerala. 'Gyandoot'is concerned with the . (B) Money does not reach to frontline service providers like teachers in primary schools and doctors in clinics etc. 13.. (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) Indira Awaas Yojana.. (5) None of these 14.(C) Exports by developed countries are heavily subsidized. (1) use of literacy mission for the benefit of rural people.. (C) Incentive for effective and prompt/honest services may be very weak. (2) use of information technology for the benefit of rural masses in Maharashtra. Bio fuels are supposed to contain several hazardous pollutants. (1) Only (A) (2) Only (B) (3) Only (C) (4) (A) & (B) only (5) (A). Many a times it is seen that the services provided by the organization fail to reach the poor.

(1) Only (A) (2) Only (A) & (B) (3) Only (B) (4) Only (B) & (C) (5) None of those 17. (A) The number of PDS outlets has gone up almost in ail states. If you are asked to comment on health care services in India without referring to any literature which of the following statement(s) will you pick up as TRUE statements? (A) The child mortality rate has gone up as there is imbalance in sex ratio. (B) Number of items covered under PDS has reduced as people use the system only for purchase of sugar and kerosene.. (C) India has sufficiently high number of senior citizens (1) Only (A) (2) Only (B) (3) Only (B) & (C) (4) (A) Only (Q (5) None of these The phrase "non performing assets (NPAs)" in the context of banking refers to . (3) advances on which repayment is not forthcoming as per repayment schedule. also setting limits on output by way of quotas etc (3) income support scheme unlinked to production (4) all forms of domestic support deemed to be trade distorting (5) None of these 16. In the context of the WTO Agreement on Agriculture (AoA). (1) deposits warranting payment of a very high rate of interest by banks. (2) deposits involving payment of low level of interest.child care units. (B) Now more people have access to mother. 18. Blue Box subsidies rotor to (1) a market price support mechanism that sets no production limits (2) direct linking of production to subsidies. (5) loans and advances sanctioned to small economic operators.. Page (8) of (44) IRMA Analysis .15.. (4) collateral-free loans. If you are asked to comment on the Public Distribution System (PDS) in India which of the following statement(s) will you pick up as correct? (Without referring to any literature). (C) Public Distribution System has failed miserably in its goal. .

.. medium or large.. (3) provision of thrift.. Micro Finance refers to . credit and other financial services of very small amounts to the poor. (1) Indo-Gangetic plains and the Deccan plateau (2) the Eastern Ghats and the Thar desert (3) Coorg valley and Chhattisgarh (4) the northeastern region and the Western Ghats (5) None of these 20. These are .. .. 21. ... not necessarily by small financial institutions only.19. (1) have increased considerably (2) have remained steady (3) have decreased significantly (4) have decreased by a small margin (5) have been siphoned off by Indian Corporates 22. (1) human development index (2) average expectancy of life (3) per capita income (4) standard of living index (5) None of these Page (9) of (44) IRMA Analysis .. Public Distribution System (PDS) is aimed primarily at (1) The equitable distribution of land among the public (2) Fair distribution of the means of production among the rich and the poor (3) providing people with foodstuff and other essential commodities at fair price (4) proper distribution of public assets (5) None of these From a total of 12 bio-diversity hot spots in the world. necessarily by micro financial institutions. An indicator currently used by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and many of the world for measurement of the quality of people's life is known as . (2) the system of financing the micro enterprises only. India has two.. foreign exchange reserves in India . (4) system of extension of installment loans for purchase of consumer services (5) None of these 23. (1) the system of extension of credit by micro financial institutions to any kind of enterprises or small.. . In the past few years...

simple and cost effective method. 'Rainfed' farming can be called . 28.24. diverse and risk prone (3) highly risk prone (4) less risk prone (5) None of these 'Inflationary pressure on an economy essentially signifies . Which of the following is NOT an anti-poverty programme launched by the Government of India? (A) Swarnjayanti Gram Swarojgar Yojana (SGSY) (B) Sampoorna Grameen Rojgar Yojana (SGRY) (C) Kisan Credit Card Scheme (1) Only (A) (2) Only (B) (3) Only (C) (4) (A) & (B) both (5) None of these In Indian agriculture which of the following is next to foodgrains In terms of area coverage value? (1) Oilseeds (2) Vegetables (3) Fruits (4) Flowers (5) None of these 25... 27. (1) absence of growth impulses in the economy (2) a disequilibrium between exports and imports (3) excess of government revenue over government expenditure (4) an imbalance between money supply and the supply of goods and services in the economy (5) None of these As per rough estimates how many people are displaced by the big dam projects in India? (1) 10 million (2) 12 million (3) 15 million (4) 20 million (5) 38 million Anti-Poverty programmes are strong indicators of government initiatives in the area of rural development..... Page (10) of (44) IRMA Analysis .. (2) complex. (1) safe. 26.

(3) 14..(2) 26.(2) 16..(3) 4.(4) 21.29. .(3) 28.(1) 22.(3) 20.(1) 24. Which of the following agencies was set up to promote new technological inputs for enhancing prosperity? (1) CAPART (2) HUDCO (3) SIDBI (4) IDB1 (5) None of these Answers Key 1.(4) 3.(3) 30.(3) 17.(1) 19.(5) 27.(1) IRMA 2005 1.(3) 5.(3) 12.. One area in which cooperative movement has been most successful with exemplary is .(3) 18.(5 ) 7.(1) 6.(5) 13.(5) 9.(5) 8.(2) 23.(1) 29.(1) 15. (1) banking-sector (2) housing development (3) dairy & milk prod (4) small scale sector (5) Khadi & village industry 30.(3) 25.(5) 2.(1) 10.(5) 11. Which of the following is the second largest agro based industry in India? (1) Sugar (2) Oil (3) Paper (4) Jute (5) None of these Page (11) of (44) IRMA Analysis .

2. (C) If the crop fails due to any natural calamity the interest amount automatically will be waived off. (1) Only A (2) Only B (3) Only C (4) B and C both (5) A and B both About 140 children between 4 to 14 years from the rural areas other died or fells seriously ill due to a malarial fever recently. The 5th Ministerial Level Meeting of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) held recently in Mexico.000 given by the Public Sector Banks will have maximum 9% interest. (C) India was of the view that subsidy on agricultural products should not be removed by developed countries to enable India and order such countries to complete with them and be a strong economy. 4. C & D (5) Only A. This sudden out break of the mysterious illness look place in. B & C 3.2 lakhs would be charged an interest rate equivalent to the Prime lending rate.50. (1) Orissa (2) Andra Pradesh (3) Maharashtra (4) Tamil Nadu (5) None of these The Prime Minister of India recently announced an extension of cheaper loan faculty to farmers. Only principle amount will be required to be paid off in equal quarterly installments in 7 years time. (1) Only A & B (2) Only A & D (3) Only B & D (4) Only A. (D) All agricultural loans can how be availed for a maximum period of 120 months like any other non-agricultural loans. Which of the following is NOT TRUE about it ? (A) Farmers availing loans up to Rs. Page (12) of (44) IRMA Analysis . (B) Crop loans up to Rs. Which of the following is NOT TRUE about it? (A) USA and European Union both decided to cut down their export subsidies to a substantial level. (B) Indian and a coalition of about 50 developing countries decided to be away from the discussion as they were not given proper time slot to put up their views.

(1) Only A (2) Only B (3) Only C (4) Only C & B (5) All are correct Which of the following considered a cash crop? (1) Wheat (2) Bajra (3) Ground Nut (4) Paddy (5) All of these The Matrivedi Shamayitha Math who is helping people of marginalised areas by forming Self Help Group ‘Atmadwip’ is located in which area of the country? (1) Bankura district.5. West Bengal (2) Bikaner district. Gujrat (4) Raipur district. Rajasthan (3) Bhuj district. Chhattisgarh (5) None of these Which type of winds generally bring rains in India? (1) Planetary winds (2) Monsoon winds (3) Cyclonic winds (4) Anti-cyclonic winds (5) None of these The name of Ishwarbhai Patel is closely associated with which of the following? (1) Herbal Medicine Plantation (2) Rural Sanitation (3) Power generation through garbage (4) Promotion of non-convention means of enemy 6. imposed a tax on the Sai seeds coming from other states which created some imbalance in its interstate markets. The procurement of Sal seeds was recently in news. (B) Sai seed oil is in great demand in the Japan. 9. (C) This time some State Govt. 8. about the uses. Which of the following is/are the correct statements. production and export of Sai seeds? (A) Sai seeds are occurred from the forests of Assam & Kashmir. 7. Page (13) of (44) IRMA Analysis .

Jagadish of Bangalore (3) Dr.. Suresh Billore of Ujjain (2) Prof.. Page (14) of (44) IRMA Analysis . Reddy (3) Dr. This is to provide relief to those growing .. Ragrajan (5) None of these Who amongst the following has devised an eco-friendly system to clear muddy water with a purification design which works with the help of a perennial reed? (1) Prof. Y. C.S..10. (1) Inequality (2) Inefficiency (3) Corruption (4) Population (5) None of these The Prime Minister recently gave a clearance to a relief package of at most Rs. N.N. 14. (1) Cotton (2) Wheat (3) Sugarcane (4) Paddy (5) Onions 11. 13. Radhakishan of Bangalore (5) None of these Attaining growth with Social Justice needs talking of the problem of . Haryana and Uttaranchal. Monetary and Financial Sector Reforms in India : A Central Banker’s Perspective’ which was published recently? (1) Dr. Bimal Jalan (2) Dr..Nagrajan (4) Dr. K.. Who amongst the following was adjudged as who ‘week’s Man of the Year 2002 as he help Himalayan Villagers tap local resources and thus to open new avenues of self reliance to them? (1) Baba Amte (2) Rajendra Singh (3) Sundarlal Bahuguna (4) Suresh Prabhu (5) None of these Who amongst the following is the author of the book. Bindeshwar Prasad Subash Chauchataya Technology fame (4) V.. ..600 crores for the farmers from Uttar Pradesh. 12.

17. (4) The Supreme Court of India has fixed a time limit for the action which 2025. a Union Minister is given the responsibility for the implementation of the plan. Which of the following TRUE about the ‘River Linking Project which is very much news these day? (1) The National Water Board has prepared a plan to link 6 out of 331 river which can be linked easily.15. Which India? (A) (B) (C) of the following is a famous international market for floricultural products of Iraq Netherlands China (1) Only A (2) Only B (3) Only A & B (4) Only C (5) None of these 16.50.000 crore (3) Sri Suresh Prabhu. Which of the following states is said to be one of South Asia’s worst flood ravaged parts as every year it is badly affected by severe floods? (1) Bihar (2) Chhattisgarh (3) Rajasthan (4) Assam (5) None of these Page (15) of (44) IRMA Analysis . (2) The estimated cost is Rs. (5) All the above are true.5.

(B) Abortions are to be conducted only if mother/child is affected by HIV or is likely to get HIV.18. Before the WTO came into being which agency/organisation details with International trade issues? (1) FAO (2) ITC (3) GATT (4) UPOV (5) None of these 21. J. Which of the following is NOT a part of the Medical Termination pregnancy Act 1971 which. M. Page (16) of (44) IRMA Analysis . (C) A panel of doctors appointed by the Chief Medical Officer of the district is authorised to recommend abortion of a girl child in case of serious threat to life of mother and/ or child.V. Swaminathan (3) Dr. has recently then made more stringent by passing of a bill? (A) Stringent punishment to clinics for abortions who are not authorised to conduct abortions. Under Targeted Public Distribution System (TPDS). Kurian (2) Dr. Amrita Patel (5) None of these 19. (1) Only A (2) Only B (3) Only C (4) Only A & B (5) Only B & C Who is considered the pioneer of Green Revolution in India? (1) Dr . every family living below poverty line is provided with how much foodgrain per month? (1) 20 kg (2) 25 kg (3) 30 kg (4) 35 kg (5) None of these Which India? (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) of the following countries has raised an objection to the river linking plan of Pakistan Nepal China Bhutan None of these 22.S. 20.V. Narilkar (4) Dr.

25. solar power etc. 27.23.. 26.. (3) Collection of dew as a source of potable water. (1) Forest Development (2) Agricultural Development (3) Decentralised Development (4) Road Development (5) None of these 24.000 or more every month should put a H stamp on their Ration Cards so that essential commodities are not sold to those people? (1) Tamil Nadu (2) Kerala (3) Delhi (4) Uttar Pradesh (5) None of these Recently the provision for ‘Rain Water Harvesting’ on all the building was made mandatory in a state. a Gandhian who was honoured by the prestigious Jamnalal Bajaj Award recently? (1) Developing a new technique of water harvesting which results in 20% reduction in loses. In which of the following state it is suggested that all those persons who are canning Rs.. Which of the following is that state? (1) Delhi (2) Karnataka (3) Kerala (4) Tamil Nadu (5) None of these Panchayat Raj Institutions help in attaining . (2) Use of local resources in energy production like wind. . at small scale and for personal use of each house hold. (4) Common granary for the rural areas where villages can deposit their produce according to their capacity and take it back when they need it. (5) None of these.5. A good quantity of gas was found in the basin of which of the following rivers? (1) Krishna and Godavari (2) Ganga and Yamuna (3) Cauveri (4) Jhelum and Chenab (5) None of these Which of the following concepts is given by Ravindranath Upadhyay.. Page (17) of (44) IRMA Analysis .

(1) Rs... 1. 33. (2) & (3) (5) None of these Page (18) of (44) IRMA Analysis . 50. 1 lakh (2) Rs. Varanasi (5) None of these 29.000/(5) None of these Sustainable development involves attaining both .28.. W.. . Why is Dona round of WTO so popular? (1) It was a sea side venue (2) It was the first round of WTO (3) It set the development agenda of WTO (4) It failed to take any decision (5) None of these Human Development index stressed which of the following for attaining development? (1) Growth is the ultimate (2) Growth is only a means (3) Growth to be included (4) Growth to the ignored (5) None of these As per the Welfare Scheme of the Union Govt. (1) Farm production subsidies (2) Tariffs on agricultural goods (3) Agro-export subsidies (4) All (1).000/(3) Rs...50... .000/(4) Rs. 32. (1) Agricultural and Industrial Development (2) Rural and Urban Development (3) Inter and intergenerational Equity (4) Government and NGO Development (5) None of these A post Harvest Technology centre is functioning at (1) IIT Kharagpur (2) Chandra Shekhar Azad Agriculture University. Kanpur (3) Didhanchandra Krishi Vishwavidyalaya. Agreement on Agriculture of the CATT (WTO) deals with . 25. (in case of death). 30. 31.. Bengal (4) Banaras Hindu University. every active fisherman is insured for an amount of ..

(5) 32.(5) 16. The currently under going Janmabhoomi programme relates to .(3 ) 2.(4 ) 15.(3) 4.(1) 33. Page (19) of (44) IRMA Analysis .(1) 31.(3) 28.(1) 35.(5) 18.(2) 21.(2) 9.(1) 22.(5) 7.(2) 13.(2) 5.(4) 6.(4) 14.(2) 10. 37..(1) 30.(1) 3.(1) 8. ..(5) 35.(4) 29. .(4) 34.(3) 25..(3) 27.(2) 12.(1) 23.(3) 24.(2) 26.(4) 36.(3) 17.(2) 20.(1) 37. (1) the movement for temple construction (2) rural development in general (3) distribution of land to the poor (4) archaeological excavations for locating medieval structures (5) None of these The Agricultural census is conducted to seek information on which of the following? (A) Number of ratio in each family (B) The number of tractors available in the country (C) Distribution of holding landlord (D) Land use the cropping pattern (1) Only A & B (2) Only B (3) Only C & D (4) Only C (5) None of these India is the largest producer of .. 36.34.. (1) Coconut (2) Pineapple (3) Apple (4) Orange (5) Sugarcane Which of the following has been made a fundamental right in 2001? (1) Food (2) Employment (3) Housing (4) Education (5) All of these Answers Key 1..(5) 19...(1) 11.

What is ‘Van panchayat’ ? Ans. How many (percent) people in India are dependent on agriculture? Ans. Sixth What is the basis for determining whether a person is below poverty line or not (in India) ? Ans. 6. 1. 5. Bangladesh India’s GDP is 2. 11. If income is not sufficient to purchase all the resources requires to live. Which of these is a major tea producing state ? Ans. Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers What is the minimum investment capital for an industry to be declared SSI ? Ans.IRMA 2004 Directions: For the following questions.30. 12. Third What is the full form of WTO ? Ans. Page (20) of (44) IRMA Analysis . 10% What is the allowed water discharge level by Cauvery water Board according to the latest report ? Ans. 1 crore 3. 4. 8. 10. World Trade Organisation Which of these in a major Jute producing country ? Ans. What is the position of India in fish production ? Ans.92 TMC (Water year June 2005 to July 2006 at Mettur dam) What is the rank of Indian economy in the world ? Ans. Van Panchayats are a unique institution. 52. 7. Assam 2. 60-65% Fertilizer Industry falls under which ministry ? Ans. for organized utilization and protection of forests and related natural resources by local communities that are dependent on them.000 crores what is the projected share of India’s GDP in the world GDP in 2020? Ans. Rs. characteristic of the state of Uttaranchal. choose the correct option. 9.

13. International year of Thanks Giving What is the main banking authority in India ? Ans. 250 Which crops are grown in the Ganga basin ? Ans. METSAT What is the amount that an SC/ST candidate has to pay for Lok Sabha election nomination? Ans. What is the time for North Eastern Monsoon ? Ans. 19. 525 gms Which of these countries is the largest producer. Sugarcane. Care of older persons UN has decided to celebrate this year as Ans. Page (21) of (44) IRMA Analysis . consumer and exporter of spices? Ans. 21. Oilseeds. November to April Date of formation of the 13th Lok Sabha is : Ans. Rice. 13. Wheat. Rs. 22. 20. RBI 14. October 1999 What is the per capita food grain availability in India ? Ans. 17. ‘Right to work’ comes in : Ans. Lentis. 16. 15. 18. Potatoes. 23. India What is the purpose of ‘Helpage India’ ? Ans. Fundamental Rights Which was the first metallurgical satellite in India ? Ans.

6. 3. China Following 2 statements related to sugar production are given. Movie which won award in Venice film festival. 2400 calorie “Monsoon wedding” is a Ans. 10.IRMA 2003 1. A diseased which spread through spores. Anthrax is Ans. 8. Statement (b) is false Chairman of National commission on cattle is Ans. 7. Who is the renowned author associated with Narmada Valley Project? Ans. Page (22) of (44) IRMA Analysis . 4. 11. Narmada Valley project Calorie intake for children to come under below poverty line is Ans. which of these is/are false? (a) India largest producer of sugar (b) India largest consumer of sugar. 5. 12. Largest producer of milk in world is Ans. Dr. V. Kurien 2. 9. Following 3 statements related to children literacy rate and their population in world are given. J. India Largest producer of Rice in world is Ans. Dharampal An award related to operation flood was given to Ans. Neither statement is false. which of these is/are false? (a) 113 million are illiterate (b) 137 million total population Ans. Ans. Supreme Court Which dam’s project stated once again after Supreme Court's recent ruling? Ans. Arundhati Roy Who has recently given a saying to ban smoking at public places? Ans.

M. October 2003. 11. National Dairy Development Board What is the total length (kms) covered by all-weather roads in India? Ans. 8. Narmada Valley Project Which two states are involved in the Cauvery River Water dispute? Ans. 10. 7. Page (23) of (44) IRMA Analysis . Swaminathan Which movement is Arundhati Roy associated with? Ans. Tamilnadu and Karnataka When was the last census of animals undertaken in India? Ans. 159. (2) Malaria (3) Typhoid (4) None of these 2. 960. 12.B. Pandurang Shastri Athawale 1997 Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan 1975 Mother Teresa 1973 Which organisation is Amrita Patel associated with? Ans. Vitamin A Who received the Nobel Prize for Economics in 2000? Ans. 13.3 million Which person is associated with the Ever Green Revolution? Ans. 9. 3. S. 000 km Who is associated with Shirdi Village? Ans. Amartya sen Which of the following is a water born disease? (1) T.IRMA 2003 1. Dairy products production Indian Population shall increase by how much by 2050? Ans. 4. Sai Baba What is Operation Flood? Ans. Which Indian received the Templeton Prize recently? Ans. 5. 6. and before that in year 1997 Deficiency of which vitamin causes night blindness? Ans.

21. L & T Infocity Ltd. Andrew O'Hagan.? Ans. Michael Frayn. 2000 : Margaret Atwood. Nagaland & Meghalaya Ans. 19. Coffee – Karnataka In which states of India Panchayati Raj in not available? (1) Assam & Meghalaya a. 23. Page (24) of (44) IRMA Analysis . Kazuo Ishiguro. Surjit Singh Barnala Which state lead in these crop: Tendu leaves. Brian O'Doherty. Carbon di oxide Who is the Governor of newly constituted state Uttaranchal? Ans.Ans. Trezza Azzopardi. Michael Collins. Tendu leaves – M. Matthew Kneale. M. 16. 14. Y. Bank employees In which event did K. 1999 : J. C. Which state has an extremely efficient sugar co-operative system? Ans. Coetzee. Weightlifting Which organisation did World Bank Chief James Wolfensohn visit on his recent trip to India? Ans. Maharashtra Which gas affect the Ozone layer the most? Ans.. 18. 17. Coffee etc. Nanda 15. P. Nagaland and Meghalaya Who won the Booker prize for the year 1999 . Anita Desai. Malaria The Central Government has allowed VRS for which of the following group of workers? (1) All Central Government employees (2) Bank employees Ans. Ahdaf Soueif. 22. Mr. Colm Tóibín. Who is the chairman of NABARD? Ans. Malleswari win an Olympic medal in Sydney Olympics? Ans. 20.2000? Ans.

6. Ans. An infertile seed developed by monsonto and US department of Agriculture that requires farmers to by new seed year after year after year. 4.. 100 million Rural population of India is what percentage of total population? Ans. 7. (1) 100 million (2) 130 million (3) 110 million (4) 190 million Ans. 5.. Page (25) of (44) IRMA Analysis . 70% Chandrababu Naidu has launched a scheme for social awareness : Ans... Possibly West Bengal 2.. 9. Expected population of India by the end of 2000 . 11th July Which cash crop failure was the reason for farmers committing suicide ? Ans. 10. (2) (4) Rural Development program None of these 5. GAIL & IOL 1998 GDP growth rate is . Surplus food growth World population day ……………. MONSANTO Which two companies are allowed to be disinvested by GOI ? Ans... Lok Jumbish Kalahandi is famous for : (1) Flood (3) Surplus food growth Ans. Which MNC is involved in this conspiracy ? Ans. 12. 3. CALORIE Which state in India has allowed 1/3 reservation of women in Civil Services ? Ans. COTTON What is Terminator Seed ? Ans. 11. Ans.. 8.IRMA 2002 1.4% Important criteria for classifying people below poverty time: Ans.

Tennis Duration of "Eight five year plan" Ans. 18. Japan ‘Dirham’ to the currency of which country ? Ans.K. Ans. 15. Slaughter of healthy animal 14. Page (26) of (44) IRMA Analysis . (1) Hockey (2) Chess (3) Badminton (4) Tennis Ans. 19. 17. 20. Small Industries Development Bank of India Who has written "Policing Democracy" Ans. Raghavan "Narendra Nath" who died recently was related to ……. 1992-1997 Which of these is not a fundamental right ? (1) Slaughter of healthy animal (2) National Heritage (3) Security Ans. Author is R. KUWAIT Full form of "SIDBI" Ans. KUWAIT After a prolonged legal battle.13.. 16. women of which country have been allowed to vote ? Ans. Largest importer of food grain in the world is ………….

What is the scheme not related to Poverty Alleviation ? (1) JRY (2) EGS (3) FWP (4) None of these Ans. 8. Amartya Sen has been awarded Nobel Prize in Economics for which field? Ans. Enable indentified rural poor families to augment their incomes and cross the poverty line through acquisition of credit based productive assests. 73rd Constitutional amendment is related to : Ans. 6. Blue Revolution Untouchability is eradicated through : (1) Constitutional amendments. Caste only What does "RYOTAWRI" system mean? Ans. 3.. Constitutional amendments Reservation in constitution is given on the basis of : (1) Religion and language (2) Religion only (3) Language only (4) Caste only.. (2) By forgetting (3) Direction principle (4) None of these Ans. Ans. 7. 5. Page (27) of (44) IRMA Analysis .. 4. A system of revenue collection for farmers. Ans. Panchayatas Prof. None of these 2. Main objective of IRDP was :. Third world countries and illiteracy Name given to Revolution in Fishing Ans..IRMA 2001 1.

11. Italy 14. A cultivator with a land holding of 1 hectare or less (2. 507. What was the total area of Land Holding in 1990 in India? Ans. 12. 13. Where is the headquarter of FAO? Ans. Rome. 000 hectare Why did few farmers recently commit suicide? Ans. November – April 10. 105. Orissa Page (28) of (44) IRMA Analysis . Because they were unable to pay loan defaults.9. Which state has completely privatised electricity? Ans.5 acres) Timing of Rabi crop : Ans. Who is a "Marginal Farmer"? Ans.

(2) availability of ample storages and warehouses in a community. safe. was established in 1978 by (1) Amit Awasthi (2) Jagjit Singh (3) Rippan Kapur (4) Rohan Singh The state to have recorded the most dramatic decadal growth in literacy since 1991 is (1) Orissa (2) Rajasthan (3) Madhya Pradesh (4) Chhattisgarh Which state has the dubious distinction of recording the lowest sex ratio of 861 in census 2001. (4) as development takes places in a community. 5.Sample Questions for your reference 1. The name of the prison where gross human rights violations were reported in Iraq by US soldiers was (1) Baghdad Central prision (2) Abu Gharib (3) Abu Sahara (4) Al Hasania The term ‘food security’ as used in development and humanitarian aid implies (1) a situation in which people in a community at all times. (3) availability of cultivable land to grow food crops. ‘cry’ (child relief and you). so that the food is secure. personally acceptable and culturally appropriate foods. (1) Haryana (2) Bihar (3) Orissa (4) Rajasthan 2. 3. have access to nutritious. The NGO. produced in ways that are environmentally sound and socially just. Page (29) of (44) IRMA Analysis . the food habits evolve and acquire a global character. 4.

Mizoram. Page (30) of (44) IRMA Analysis . (4) None of the above The term ‘Green GDP’ implies (1) net value of GDP. 10. Tamilnadu. yoga. which have trickled down. Tamilnadu (4) Kerala.6% (4) 88% The top 3 states. 8. which is green in colour. Bengal. Accord to census 2001 it hovered around (1) 99% (2) 90. policies should focus on the marginalized sections. Lakhyadweep (3) Kerala. (2) the GDP of Islamic countries. thus what is left is the currency. in India are (1) Kerala. (3) the adjustment of traditional GDP. and reached the bottom rungs of society.6. (2) address the needs of aged people (3) supervise education of prodigal brains in the field of medicine and utilize their services in R&D. Homeopathy. (4) None of the above 7. 9. What is meant by ‘trickle-down’ theory of development? (1) Income generated in industrial sector at top will integrate the agriculture (subsistence) sector at the bottom by flow of income. symbolically represented by colour green.92% (3) 95. in terms of literacy rates. Mezoram. deducting resource and environmental costs in economic activities. which causes envy to other nations. Kerala has the highest literacy rate in India. Sidha etc. Andra Pradesh (2) Kerala. (2) For development to become a reality. Tamilnadu Department of ‘Ayush’ (Ministry of health and family welfare) is to (1) upgrade and strengthen Indian system of medicine like Ayurveda. deducting the amounts not realized. (3) Development should imply trickle down of power from center to grass root levels of panchayats. (4) the GDP of fastest growing economies.

These does NOT include.11. Grand Development Index Gross Development Initiative Gender related Development Index Goals of Development in India Page (31) of (44) IRMA Analysis . 13.6% (2) 30% and 26% (3) 23% and 22% (4) 30% and 35% The long-term target of ‘National Population Policy 2000’ is to achieve a stable population by the year (1) 2025 (2) 2010 (3) 2020 (4) 2045 ‘Operation Flood’ is a (1) cooperative based movement pioneered by Dr. for the production of milk. is (1) 26% and 23. which amounts to (1) 2400 cal for rural and 2100 cal urban areas (2) 2100 cal for rural and 2400 cal urban areas (3) 2300 cal for rural and 2000 cal urban areas (4) 2000 cal for rural and 2300 cal urban areas According to the planning commission statistics. the percentage of people below poverty line in India. (3) strategy to flood foreign markets with cheaper goods. 15. (1) Longevity and Health (2) IT in governance (3) Education and Knowledge (4) Decent standard of living GDI is (1) (2) (3) (4) 12. in rural & urban areas respectively. The human development Index (HDI) of UNDP measures three basic dimensions of human development. Kurien. estimation of incidence of poverty is on the basis of per capita calorie consumption. 14. (2) the rescue mission army undertakes to protect civilians from the wrath of floods. 16. In India. (4) programme to evacuate submerged villagers in catchment areas. when flooded by river after construction of a dam.

4% (2) 8% (3) 5% (4) 3. is the successful citizen participation initiative of govt. as a percentage of GDP.9% The expenditure on health. in India is (1) 9% (2) 5% (3) 4% (4) 3% 20. NEERI – National Environment Engineering Institute. 22.718 (2) Rs 27. Page (32) of (44) IRMA Analysis . on education. in India is (1) 2.131 (4) Rs 39. Which automobile company was in news recently for its new marketing initiative titled ‘Ghar Ghar Ki Pehchaan’ for tapping rural markets for its popular model? 1) Maruti-Suzuki 2) Hyundai 3) Tata Motors 4) Mahindra & Mahindra 19. How much was India’s production of sugarcane in 2007-08? 1) 194 million tonnes 2) 299 million tonnes 3) 344 million tonnes 4) 417 million tonnes 18. is situated at (1) Dehradun (2) Shimla (3) Nagpur (4) Trivendrum How much was India’s per capita income in 2007-08 according to the Central Statistical Organisation? (1) Rs 19. of: (1) Maharashtra (2) Delhi (3) Gujarat (4) Uttar Pradesh The expenditure.17. as a percentage of GDP.745 (3) Rs 33.361 “Bhagidari’. 21. 23.

150 kg (3) 23 million bales.1 billion Survey of India comes under the purview of_____ (1) Defence Ministry (2) Environment and Forest Ministry (3) Home Ministry (4) Science and Technology Ministry 25. Ironically.4 billion (3) $ 80.746 crores (2) 40.3 billion (4) $ 97. the food subsidy bill of India has climbed to all time high of (1) 27. 26.7 billion (2) $ 72. 170 kg (4) million bales. 28. 130 kg (2) 19 million bales. according to the Ministry of Commerce & Industry? (1) $ 56. center for science and Environment (CSE) is (1) Sunita Narayan (2) Aruna Roy (3) Amrita Patel (4) Maneka Gandhi How much was India’s production of cotton in 2007-08 and how much is each bale worth? (1) 15 million bales. 27.000 crores (3) 1000 crores (4) 54. 29.880 crores As per the International Labour Organisation (ILO).24. 190 kg How much was India’s trade deficit (imports minus exports) in 2007-08. amidst the reports of starvation deaths. Page (33) of (44) IRMA Analysis . what percentage of children (age group 10-14 years) are employed as child labour? (1) 10% (2) 12% (3) 14% (4) 20% The chairperson of the NGO.

Page (34) of (44) IRMA Analysis . China 35. Rajasthan and Uttaranchal. International Day against Drug abuse is observed on (1) June 26 (2) October 10 (3) April 5 (4) January 2 34. Myanmar. includes the countries of (1) Myanmar Thailand and Laos (2) India. The limit on Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the sector of print media in India is (1) 74% (2) 15% (3) 51% (4) 26% The ‘Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan’ (SSA) is a centrally sponsored scheme to universalize the (1) higher education (2) secondary education (3) elementary education (4) Vocational education How much was the share of agriculture in India’s GDP in 2007-08.1% (4) 27. (1) Pradhan Mantri Chirayu Yojna (2) Pradhan Mantri Sanjeevani Yojna (3) Pradhan Mantri Swasthya Sangathan Yojna (4) Pradhan Mantri Swasthya Suraksha Yojna Demographic transition’ is the transition form a stable population with high mortality and high fertility to a stable population with (1) low mortality and low fertility (2) high mortality and low fertility (3) low mortality and high fertility (4) None of the above The ‘Greenhouse Gases’ does NOT include (1) CO2 (2) (3) Methane (4) 31. Chloroflourocarbons Sulphur dioxide 33. 37.30. Name the scheme designed to provide AIIMS like institutions in 6 backward states of Bihar Chhattisgarh.8% (3) 23. The ‘Golden Triangle’ of world’s primary opium and heroin producing areas. Laos. Cambodia (4) India. according to the Central Statistical Organisation (CSO)? (1) 12. MP.4% 36. Orissa.1% (2) 17. 32. Myanmar and Thailand (3) Myanmar.

7% (2) 54. PURA stands for (1) Pollution Under Control in Rural Areas (2) Providing Urban Amenities in Rural Areas (3) People in Urban areas to be settled in rural Areas. 43. 2008). 41. 40. (4) Providing Useful amenities to rural Areas. which is transforming the landscape of Rajasthan.2% (3) 61. How much was India’s production of crude oil and natural gas in 2007-08.274 million cubic metres How much was the share of services in India’s GDP in 2007-08.274 million cubic metres (2) 39 million tonnes & 31.1% (4) 73. in the field watershed mgmt.4% How much was India’s foodgrain production in 2007-08? (1) 190 million tonnes (2) 219 million tonnes (3) 244 million tonnes (4) 69 million tonnes Rajendra Singh is the founder of an origination. How much was India’s external debt at the end of financial year 2007-08 (on March 31. according to the Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas? (1) 34 million tonnes & 32. By what name was the 1992 ‘United Nations Conference on Environment and Development’ better known? (1) Earth Summit (2) Terra Firma Summit (3) Kyoto Summit (4) Globus Summit The union cabinet approved implementation of PURA in 4130 rural clusters in next 5 years.274 million cubic metres (4) 47 million tonnes & 29. 44. Indian Subcontinent USA and Canada 45. 42.274 million cubic metres (3) 43 million tonnes & 34. according to the RBI? (1) $ 119 billion (2) $ 169 billion (3) $ 187 billion (4) $ 221 billion Page (35) of (44) IRMA Analysis .38. according to the CSO? (1) 45. Name the origination. (1) Yuva Bharat (2) Mazdoor Kissan Sangarsh Sangh (3) Tarun Bharat Sangh (4) None of the above 70% of the global total of HIV infected live in the (1) Sub Saharan Africa (2) (3) Northern Africa (4) 39.

How much was India’s rice production in 2007-08? (1) 87 million tonnes (2) (3) 105 million tonnes (4) 94 million tonnes 112 million tonnes Page (36) of (44) IRMA Analysis . 52. (3) Mid day Meals scheme would bolster food for work Programme. (4) None of the above. is (2) (4) unemployment index weak index 47.46. 53. (2) (4) Agriculture tax Public property tax 50. used to measure the economy and consumer confidence. 51. (4) Number of females per 100 families Who among the following is the managing director of the home appliance major Whirlpool India? (1) Rajeev Kanwal (2) Pushpinder Singh (3) Raj Jain (4) Rajat Kapoor Which company claims to be "India's first global corporation"? (1) Reliance group (2) Ranbaxy (3) Tata sons (4) AB Birla group and inflation rate. An index combining the unemployment rate political significance of the condition of the known as (1) misery index (3) discomfort index What is Tobin Tax related to? (1) Stock market transaction (3) Property tax What is sex ratio ? (1) Number of females per thousand males (2) Number of males per thousand females (3) Number of females per sq. How much was India’s steel production in 2007-08. according to the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion? (1) 54 million tonnes (2) 59 million tonnes (3) 64 million tonnes (4) 77 million tonnes The rationale behind ‘Mid-day Meal’ Scheme is (1) to address the problem of absenteeism of teachers in rural areas. (2) to reduce the drop outs in primary school as midday meal serves as an incentive to attend school regularly. 48. km. 49. How much is the annual installed capacity of the India’s nuclear power programme run by the Nuclear Power Corporation of India (NPCIL)? (1) 2198 MW (2) 3153 MW (3) 4124 MW (4) 5393 MW 54.

The Budget 2004-05 has scrapped this tax Choose the answer from the following choices: (1) Only A (2) (3) A and B (4) 56. cars and utility vehicles and commercial vehicles) were exported from India in 2007-08? (1) 0. In India first agriculture insurance scheme. 59.2% According to the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM) how many vehicles (two-wheelers.67 million (3) 1.7% (4) 11. three-wheelers.5% of their book profits B. Monsoon winds Anti-cyclonic winds 61. Comprehensive Crop Insurance Scheme (CCIS) had been launched in which year? (1) 1999-00 (2) 2000-01 (3) 1985-86 (4) 1995-96 Which among the following statements is/are true about the Minimum Alternative Tax (MAT)? A. Mat is levied on companies whose tax liability in a particular year is less tha 7. Only B B and C 57.3% (2) 8.21 million (2) 0.23 million (4) 1. The name of Ishwarbhai Patel is closely associated with which of the following? (1) Herbal Medicine Plantation (2) Rural Sanitation (3) Power generation through garbage (4) Promotion of non-convention means of enemy Page (37) of (44) IRMA Analysis . P Chidambaram had introduced this tax in his earlier stint in finance ministry C. Mr. 60.94 million Which type of winds generally bring rains in India? (1) Planetary winds (2) (3) Cyclonic winds (4) 58.55. Which of the following has the highest share (2000 MW) of annual installed capacity in India’s nuclear power production? (1) Kakrapar (2) Kaiga (3) Kudankulum (4) Tarapur According to the Central Statistical Organisation what was the growth rate in India’s industrial production in 2007-08? (1) 7.1% (3) 9.

Y. N. C. 64. (2) (4) More than 700 kms 100 kms 67. Bimal Jalan (2) Dr. Which of the following has/have been included in these charges A.62. Reddy (3) Dr. of the following is a famous international market for floricultural products of Iraq Netherlands China Page (38) of (44) IRMA Analysis . Gassing of the Kurds (1) A and B (2) B and C (3) A only (4) A. Rangrajan On 1st July. Which of the following statements is true about Venu Srinivasan? (1) He is the Chairman of the Chennai-based TVS Motor Company (2) He is the first Indian to be honoured by Warwick University (UK) with doctorate degree (Honorary) (3) He excels in manufacturing technology and research (4) All of the above Who amongst the following is the author of the book. 69. 65. 66. Scientific and Cultural Oraganisation (UNESCO) has declared two temples in India as "World heritage monuments". Saddam Hussein faced an Iraqi judicial hearing. Recently United Nations Educational. where he was read seven preliminary charges. These two temples are landmark examples of (1) Chola culture (2) Gupta architecture (3) Kushana architecture (4) Chandela culture India is abundant in the reserves of which radioactive element? (1) Uranium (2) Thorium (3) Radium (4) Plutonium Which India? (A) (B) (C) 68. B and C Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) is a standard criterion for (1) Measuring oxygen levels in animals (2) Computing oxygen levels in forest ecosystems (3) Estimating pollution levels in aquatic systems (4) Measuring oxygen levels in blood Agni-I missile has a range of: (1) More than 300 kms (3) 400 kms 63. Suppressing the Shiite uprising C.Nagrajan (4) Dr.N. Monetary and Financial Sector Reforms in India : A Central Banker’s Perspective’ which was published recently? (1) Dr. . Invasion of Kuwait B.

Only A Only A & B (2) (4) Only B Only C What is common to Mangala. 76. M. Aishwariya and Bhagyam? (1) Oil fields developed by Cairn (2) Drilling rigs of ONGC (3) Matchstick brands of ITC (4) Brands of fireworks from Sivakasi A 533-Metre tall building is being constructed at the site of World Trade Tower that was destroyed on 11th November. V. J. Kurian (2) Dr. The country is (1) Ukraine (2) Uganda (3) Uruguay (4) Morocco 73. Except Pakistan. A Brilliant Sun. 2002. Tata (2) Laxmi Niwas Mittal (3) M. Amrita Patel The first Amendment to the constitution was passed in the year (1) 1953 (2) 1952 (3) 1951 (4) 1950 Before the WTO came into being which agency/organisation deals with International trade issues? (1) FAO (2) ITC (3) GATT (4) UPOV The documentary film. 75. directed by Zafar Hai.S. USA has offered non-NATO ally status to another country recently. Narikar (4) Dr.R. Who is considered the pioneer of Green Revolution in India? (1) Dr.D. Oberoi (4) Aditya Vikram Birla Thymine deficiency causes: (1) Parkinson's disease (3) Scurvy 74. Total fatty matter (TFM) is a parameter used to judge the quality of which product? (1) Hair dye (2) Skin cream (3) Soap (4) Shampoo Page (39) of (44) IRMA Analysis . Swaminathan (3) Dr.V. The name given to the building under construction is (1) Phoenix Tower (2) Dragon Tower (3) Hope Tower (4) Freedom Tower 71 72.S. chronicles the life of which business magnate? (1) J. 77 (2) (4) Beri-Beri Pellagra 78.(1) (3) 70.

79. 2 and 3 (2) 1 only (3) 2 and 3 (4) 1 and 3 84. 82. Garden Reach Shipbuilders and Engineers Limited C. Consider the following A. 81. Page (40) of (44) IRMA Analysis . Which one among the following is the highest peak? (1) Kamet (2) Kin Lun (3) Nanga Parbat (4) Nanda Devi "Point 5353" which was at the center of controversy in recent past was related to (1) Kargil War (2) Indo-China Border Dispute (3) Indo-Nepal Border (4) Oil Exploration in Indian Ocean "Powering India's Growth" tagline is associated with one Navratna PSU (public sector undertaking). Which of the following is that state? (Success rate is also report as 99%) (1) Delhi (2) Karnataka (3) Kerala (4) Tamil Nadu Panchayati Raj Institutions help in attaining . (1) Forest Development (2) (3) Decentralised Development (4) 80. Goa Shipyard Limited Which of these is/are functioning under the Department of Defence Production and Supplies? (1) 1.. Why did the Indian government ban the import of ‘Terminator seeds”? (1) They contain a virus which can destroy local crops (2) These seeds are injurious to human and animal health (3) These seeds contain genetically engineered properties to prevent further multiplication (4) These seeds multiply at very slow rates Instrument used to measure the force and velocity of the wind as (1) Ammeter (2) Anemometer (3) Altimeter (4) Audiometer Recently the provision for ‘Rain Water Harvesting’ on all the building was made mandatory in a state.. Agricultural Development None of these 83... . The PSU in the question is (1) Power Trading Corporation (2) Indian Oil (3) NTPC (4) SAIL 85. 86. Bharat Electronics Limited B.

. The businessman in the question is (1) Kumar Mangalam Birla (2) Ratan Tata (3) Vijay Mallya (4) Sunil Bharti Mittal Which variety of coal contains the highest percentage of carbon? (1) Anthracite (2) Peat (3) Bituminous (4) Lignite The currently under going Janmabhoomi programme relates to ... (1) Coconut (3) Apple 88. Applause-Entertainment. 91.. (2) (4) Pineapple Sugarcane 92.. The branch of agriculture which deals with the health and breeding of the domestic animals is called: (1) Dairy science (2) Veterinary Science (3) Poultry (4) Animal Husbandry Which of the following is the second largest agro based industry in India? (1) Sugar (2) Oil (3) Paper (4) None of these 95. . (1) the movement for temple construction (2) rural development in general (3) distribution of land to the poor (4) archaeological excavations for locating medieval structures The Agricultural census is conducted to seek information on which of the following? (A) Number of ratio in each family (B) The number of tractors available in the country (C) Distribution of holding landlord (D) Land use the cropping pattern (1) Only A and B (2) Only B (3) Only C and D (4) Only C India is the largest producer of . is financially backed by a well-known businessman..87. 90. which recently produced Amitabh Bachchan-starrer film 'Dev'.. . Page (41) of (44) IRMA Analysis . 89. Which of the following has been made a fundamental right in 2001? (1) Food (2) Employment (3) Housing (4) Education Who invented the World Wide Web in 1989? (1) Tim Berners-Lee (2) (3) Bill Gates (4) 93.. Ken Thompson Doug Englebart 94.

(3) Children Relief and Inhabitants Securities of India Ltd.96. What is ‘Sagar Samriddhi’? (1) ONGC’s multi-billion dollar deep–sea oil and gas hunt. (3) The operation launched to increase the export of sea products. Largest Sugarcane Producing State in India is: (1) Uttar Pradesh (2) (3) Orissa (4) Haryana Bihar 102. Constitution amending bill passed by the parliament also requires to be ratified by the legislatures of not less than half of the states in regard to the (1) Fundamental Rights (2) Fundamental Duties (3) Representation of states in the parliament (4) Constitutional Emergency One of the essential conditions of perfect competition is (1) Different prices for identical products (2) Large number of buyer and sellers (3) Large number of buyers and less numbers of sellers (4) Only one seller in the market. (2) A new oil exploration ship. 98. 100. Page (42) of (44) IRMA Analysis . Tenth Five–Year Plan covered the period: (1) 2001–2006 (3) 2003–2008 (2) (4) 2002–2007 2000–2005 101. (4) Credit Rating Investigation Service of India Ltd. (4) A new nuclear submarine. Under whose advice the President of India declares Emergency under Article 352? (1) Council of Ministers (2) Chief Ministers of all states (3) Cabinet (4) Prime Minister 97. Which of the following offices has not been provided in the constitution? (1) Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha (2) Deputy speaker of Lok Sabha (3) Deputy Prime Minister (4) Deputy Speaker of Legislative Assembly 103. (2) Child Rehabilitation Service of India Ltd. 99. "CRISIL" is an abbreviation for (1) Credit Rating Information Services of India Ltd.

Which of the following is not included in the National Income? (1) Imputed rent of owner occupied houses. River Ganga does not pass through the state of: (1) UP (2) (3) Haryana (4) Bihar West Bengal 108. Who is the successor to the authority that was functioning as the privy council before the coming into being of the Constitution of India? (1) The president of India (2) The council of Ministers of the central Government (3) Supreme court (4) The Rajya Sabha 105. (3) Winning a lottery (4) Commission paid to an agent for sale of a house. The Indian Government has approved in the end of 2001 the cultivation of genetically modified cotton called 'BT Cotton'. (2) Government expenditure on making new bridge. Which PC component was invented by Douglas Englebart? (1) Hard disc (2) Processor (3) Monitor (4) Mouse 110.104. 106. What is dry ice? (1) Liquid nitrogen (3) Solid carbon dioxide (2) (4) Water ice Frozen ethanol Page (43) of (44) IRMA Analysis . ‘Ceteris Paribus’ means (1) Ignoring everything (3) All other things unchanged (2) (4) Including each component Everything variable 107. Which multinational company is the major beneficiary of this decision? (1) Cargill (2) BASF (3) Monsanto (4) Syngenta 109.

(1) 43.(1) 41.(3) 9.(1) 15.(4) 23.(1) 21.(1) 106.(4) 42.(2) 83.(3) 35.(4) 101.(1) 4.(2) 51.(1) 93.(4) 100.(2) 17.(1) 95.(3) 19.(2) 14.(3) Page (44) of (44) IRMA Analysis .(1) 22.(2) 71.(4) 55.(1) 98.(1) 18.(2) 68.(2) 52.(1) 60.(3) 67.(3) 63.(1) 50.(3) 30.(3) 3.(2) 25.(4) 62.(4) 32.(2) 78.(3) 6.(3) 84.(1) 80.(3) 8.(2) 49.(3) 109.(1) 97.(1) 24.(1) 77.(2) 57.(4) 7.(3) 66.(2) 73.(2) 108.(1) 56.(2) 90.(3) 27.(3) 96.(1) 2.(4) 102.(2) 76.(1) 54.(2) 110.(1) 91.(4) 92.(3) 61.(3) 75.(3) 26.(4) 74.(2) 28.(2 ) 16.(3) 53.(1) 33.(3) 5.(4) 104.(4) 82.(3) 13.(4) 105.(1) 10.(1) 36.(2) 70.(3) 85.(3) 107.(3) 89.(2) 31.(3) 65.(3) 29.(4) 72.(1) 34.(2) 79.(1) 44.(2) 47.(4) 40.(1) 38.(2) 48.(1) 103.(1) 11.(3) 94.(3) 88.(4) 45.(3) 39.(2) 64.(2) 87.(1) 86.(1) 20.(3) 46.(1) 59.(3) 69.Answers Key 1.(3) 99.(3) 37.(1) 58.(1) 12.(4) 81.