While students all over the nation are spending sleepless nights and breaking th eir backs over

CLAT preparation, they all must be aware of the necessity and imp ortance of the degree they will be obtaining soon. The necessity of maintaining order in the society we live in is something we all are aware of and laws have b een creating to ensure that the purpose of mainlining order is served. It is a k nown fact that certain limits must be set, the failure to do which will result i n a chaotic and anarchic society. The basic purpose of laws is to ensure that ev erybody stays within the confined limits. Laws define such limits and everybody is equivalent in the eyes of law as the pr imary law of laws is the absence of discrimination or bias. The creation and pre servation of laws will be futile if people are not aware of their exact purpose and this is where degree holders of law step in. Students preparing to dive in t o the field of studying law must be prepared to act as lawmakers as well as upho lders of law, serving the legal needs of the society as they act in a dual role. Below are the few very important reasons why a law degree is a necessity, today and always. For all those who wish to obtain a degree of law, it must be a part of their kno wledge that it is necessary to have adequate knowledge of existing laws in order to make new ones. Laws created a long time ago might not be suitable for todayâ s so ciety and need to be upgraded to be in accordance with todayâ s perspectives. Moreove r, it is also necessary to make new laws so that the society and its citizens to day can be clearly told about the limits by which they ought to abide. Students preparing by law today have been brought up in the current social environment an d are well versed with the laws requiring a revamp as well as what news laws oug ht to be introduced. Getting a law degree is important if you wish to work your way up to a position from which you can change and create laws resulting in soci al benefits. Law and lawbreakers have co-existed (peacefully and not so peacefully) since the inception of laws. One of the major reasons why law should be studied is to ens ure that lawbreakers are apprehended for their activities. A law becomes valid o nly when it is executed and people breaking it are convicted and punished for th eir actions. The game of law has also seen wrong people being accused of crimes they havenâ t committed. In order to prosecute and defend people accused of fiddling and not abiding by law, it is necessary to have a proper understanding of law an d the obtained degree can be used for good purposes. It has often been said that indiscrimination and being unbiased are two major fe atures of laws and everyone falls under these categories. While we are aware of these facts, what makes them fictional is how a number of powerful people often get away with breaking and fiddling with law. The most important reason to study law and obtain a legal degree is perhaps to ensure that no one gets away with b reaking laws, not even the ones who make them. People in power must be kept in c heck and reminded of their accountability, their limits and their responsibility to the people in general. Knowledge of law is important in order to sense wheth er law is being violated or not, especially by lawmakers themselves. A law degree serves a variety of purposes and the above mentioned three points b ring forward the most basic reasons why lawyers with acute knowledge of law are important in every sphere of the society and the people governing as well as liv ing in it.