EDInet Communicator Comprehensive B2B integration services

audit-proof storage EDInet SAP Adapter: integration with SAP environment EDInet Reports: aggregating. converters EDInet Marketplace: online shopping. has strongly marked its presence in European market of management systems for customers by developing the Integrated IT Systems. Web based EDInet): B2B Integration. regardless of their size and technical resources. Web based portal solutions. EDInet Solutions: EDInet Communicator (EDInet Connector. GDSN standardization Mobiz: Sales Force Automation system . Our premier activity is providing of business integration solutions designed to optimize transactions throughout the extended enterprise by automating trading relationships with all partners. analyzing. Infinite Sp. and reporting on business data EDInet Data Pool: global master data synchronization. z o. electronic invoicing. o. EDI. fully tailored to the individual needs and preferences of the customers.INFINITE Sp. Our solutions are aimed at supporting strategic areas of business. e-commerce EDInet PKI Adapter: comprehensive PKI invoicing solution EDInet Archive: electronic document archiving. communication. storing. e-procurement. z o.o.

TXT. SMTP. File transfer configuration: VAN (x400). Web based EDI portal (scalable service that can be used with any of your customers or suppliers). Disaster recovery planning. DTA. To be the full-time administrator of Your e-commerce integration solution. delivery notes. Web based EDI implementations. Tr a i n i n g S e r v i c e s • • • • • EDI trainings and courses. technical annex). Track message delivery and acknowledgment. Integration Services . synchronization. directories. AS2. filenames. message format and communication channel they are using. regardless of the EDI system. EDInet Communicator is available in two versions: EDInet Connector Web EDInet EDInet Connector (integrated EDI) complies with traditional EDI technologies and offers cost-effective EDI connectivity via the Internet. Monitoring (monitoring transmission and validation reports). specification. CSV. invoices). etc. FTP/S. IN-HOUSE (IDOC. Error monitoring and response. ELME. EDI workshop. Message encryption. Hosted Services • • • • • • • Overseeing Your company’s daily e-commerce activities (e-COMERCE Outsourcing Centre of Your company with dedicated and exclusive Project Manager). VDA. Data conversion („any to any” data type).Implementation Services • • • • • • On-site installation.. Electronic signature. Signature verification. collaboration and electronic document exchange (purchase orders. ANSI X12. and HTTPS. System migration (step-by-step migration scenarios). Ongoing support and maintenance. empowering you to conduct business with trading partners. EDI pilots. EDI mapping: UN/EDIFACT. Follow up the changes in message standards and technical solutions within EDI community. EDI consulting. Managed Services • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Data routing and delivery. Data translation (translation maps and templates). DBF. XML. Set up of error detection and notification procedure. Platform supports all global EDI and Internet standards. Help Desk services for Your customers. FTP. System upgrades (application development). EDInet Communicator business platform is comprehensive B2B solution based on EDI technology supporting integration. Solution resides on a shared or dedicated server. interchange IDies. HTTP. EDI partner relationship management. SSH FTP. EDI documentation (project documentation.). Workflow (managing processes and the circulation of documents). transaction type). Integrate with other EDI systems (any backend system or database). Coordinating communications with Your trading partners. Working on Your behalf to provide a creative and efficient solution. Communication protocol conversion („any to any” protocol). OFTP. decryption and validation. Communications routing (by header. SEDAS. Automation (managing automated processes and reporting within EDI application). SLA (many levels of Service Level Agreements).

Workflow (managing processes and the circulation of documents). Monitoring AS2 AS3 ebMS JMS SMTP/POP3 ODBC/JDBC SOAP JCA MQ Fax PDF invoice view enables visual and user-friendly display of invoice HTML invoice view enables fast collective invoice print-outs Invoice in original format is stored Any Location Internal Depts. Communication protocol conversion („any to any” protocol). filenames.g. XML) Export of invoice list to Excel Qualified time stamp from Certification Authority guarantees long-term archiving Checking authenticity of origin and integrity of Invoice information and content Periodical (e. Transformation: Transport HTTP (S) FTP (S) FTP/PGP OFTP AS2 AS3 ebMS JMS SMTP/POP3 ODBC/JDBC SOAP JCA MQ Fax Business Transport HTTP (S) FTP (S) FTP/PGP OFTP Business Rules. Any Business Application ERP CRM Automation (managing automated processes and reporting within the EDI application). directories. Mapping. monthly) invoice summaries Temporary access for Tax Auditors Log operation list Any File Format Flat Files XML RDBMS EDIFACT Excel ebXML . Customers Regulatory Bodies Triggers Invoice export available in various formats (e.g. Communications routing (by headers. Transform Intelligence SCM We b b a s e d Secure online access to your invoices 24/7 EDInet main functionalities Administration: Logging.EDInet Connector main functionalities Data routing and delivery. Data translation (translation maps and templates). interchange IDies. transaction type). Tracking. Data conversion („any to any” data type).

M e s s a g e tacking t h r o u g h E D I n e t We b P o r t a l M e s s a g e processing t h r o u g h E D I n e t We b P o r t a l .

00 Software 100. • • • • • • Reduced business transaction costs.5 1 Software 0.760.00 10.00 $730.00 257.08 $797.000.00 0.00 $0. Reduced error rates associated with manual data entry.00 0.00 18.5 1 Automotive DIY Estimated Costs Receiving a PO Preparing an Invoice Correcting Errors Manual 1.00 500.000.00 200.00 $1.000. Improve shipping and receiving accuracy.000.00 1.00 0.00 36.5 0.000.5 0.00 0. No lost documents. Eliminate duplicate data entry.00 50.5 0.00 50.00 100.00 380.00 $0.08 Heavy industry Logistics Misc Document Processing & Map Modifications EDI Transaction Fees Software Maintenance & Upgrade Fees EDInet Communicator benefits • • • • • • Reduced labour costs.00 $10.5 0.00 0.965.035.00 200.00 100.00 $17.00 34. Instant document retrieval.240.FMCG EDInet Communicator cost&benefits calculation – case study Electrical industry Assumptions Staff costs per hour: Documents per month: Trading Partners: Maps per Partner: 15 400 10 2 Amount of Time Spent (in minutes) Receiving a PO Preparing an Invoice Correcting Errors Misc Document Processing Manual 10 10 5 5 Hosted 0. Faster document processing.00 40. Reduced document storage costs. Compliance with customer and vendor EDI mandates.00 0. Providing timely order processing and reconciliation.00 0.00 .00 500.00 Hosted 50. No reliance on the postal service. Monthly Costs Mapping Costs Software License Training & Consulting Fees Upfront Costs: Total First Year Costs: Total First Year Savings: $23.000.00 0.500.00 $3.

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