Letter of Transmittal 5th February, 2012 Supervisor Mr.Md.

Mahathy Hassan Jewel Lecturer Department of Mar eting Jagannath University, Bangladesh. Subject: Submission of the internship wor ing report. Dear Sir, With great pleasure I have prepared this Internship Report on United Commercial Ban Ltd. Hopefully this report will provide you a good insight about the mar et ing practice in ban ’s activities. It was a wonderful experience wor ing on this report. I would, therefore, than you for giving me the opportunity to underta e the preparation of this report. I am grateful for your ind co-operation and immense support. To prepare this report I have tried my best to accumulate relevant information f rom all available sources. Than ing you once again. Md. Yousuf Siddique Arafath ID No: 06631879 Session: 2006-2007(1st batch) BBA, Department of Mar eting Jagannath University ACKNOWLEDGEMENT The successful accomplishment of this wor ing report of Internship is the outcom e of the contribution and involvement of a number of people, especially those wh o too the time to share their thoughtful guidance and suggestions to improve th e paper. At the beginning I would li e to pray my gratitude to the Almighty for giving me the ability to wor hard under pressure & in a very comfortable manner. My grat itude and than s goes to my respected supervisor Mr.Md.Mahathy Hassan Jewel, lec turer, Department of Mar eting, who co-operated me all through the times for com pleting my internship report. In the preparation of this report, I got inspirati on from my supervisor. He frequently sat with me and helped me selecting the rep ort topic, conceptualizing the ideas, preparing the report design, designing ins truments of data collection, Processing and analyzing. I have conducted my repor t on “Commercial Ban ’s mar eting in Bangladesh: Case study of UCBL”. I express my hea rtiest gratitude to Mr. Alamgir Kabir, Vice President and Manager of the UCBL, N ayabazar Branch and all of the employees who were very co-operative with me duri ng internship report. I indebted to Md.Farug Miah, Executive Officer, Head of Transfer of the UCBL, Na yabazar Branch for his whole heart co-operation. He has helped me by giving vari ous information to ma e this report. I would li e to pay my deep gratitude to Mr.Helal sir and Mr. obir sir, Executiv e Officer and Head of Foreign exchange of the UCBL for his guidance with untirin g patience.























I extend my deep gratitude to Mr.Masud and Jalal sir, Senior Officer, Dept. of R etail Ban ing, UCBL, for his hospitality and valuable advice during my internshi p. I also would li e to deliver my heartfelt than s to Mr.Tanim, Officer of UCBL wh o has given me valuable instructions, constructive criticism and advice regardin g preparation of this dissertation. I would li e to than all of the officials o f UCBL, of my branch who have given me supportive information and valuable time in my report writing process.

UCB/NBZ/HRD/2012/44 5th February, 2012 To Whom It May Concern This is to certify that Md. Yousuf Siddique Arafath, BBA major in mar eting, a s tudent of Jagannath University, Dha a. He has successfully accomplished an inter nship program scheduled from November 27th, 2011 to February 26th, 2012 in our B ranch. He was assigned in “Foreign Exchange and General ban ing”. As per our observation he possesses a pleasant personality and is capable to wor efficiently even under pressure. We wish his all the success.

Than ing You Yours Faithfully, (Alamgir Kabir) Vice President & Head of Branch

Certificate of Supervisor This is certified that” Md.yousuf Siddique Arafath” BBA 1st Batch, Department of Mar eting, and holding ID No: 06631879 has completed the internship report on “Commer cial Ban ’s mar eting in Bangladesh: A Case study of UCBL”’ under my supervision. I ha ve fully supervised him effort in the process of completing the report. The repo rt is submitted for the part of fulfillment of the degree of Bachelor of Busines s Administration in the concentration of Mar eting at the Department of Mar etin g, Faculty of Business Studies and Jagannath University. I hereby ac nowledge him wor and wish him all the prosperity and success. ………………………. Mr.Md.Mahathy Hasan Jewel Lecturer Department of Mar eting Jagannath University, Bangladesh

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This report is on United Commercial Ban Ltd.-UCB, one of the largest private ba n s of Bangladesh. UCB has started their operation on June 26, 1983 when the Gov ernment allowed some commercial ban s to operate in the private sector. It has e mployees around 1878 comprising of 55 executives, 1125 officers and 698 staff. T he name of the ban is listed on the Dha a Stoc Exchange and it has a paid up c apital of T . 230.2 million. United Commercial Ban Limited playing a vital role in improving living of stand ard of the people by mar eting. Without Ban s co-operation, it is not possible to run any business or production activity in this age. Social mar eting, one to one mar eting, customer satisfaction process, customer relationship management etc. are the important issues for the ban in order to survive in the mar et wit h a huge competition of oligopoly mar et of ban ing sector. So, united commercia l ban was ta ing some significant stapes, mentioned above, which helps them to empowering the employee as well as bringing satisfaction to the customer. There is lot of ris s involved in ban ing business. So, the United Commercial Ban Lim ited (UCBL) has to clearly justify the customers from a neutral point and gather the current information about the mar et. The ban should launch new products s uch as auto teller machine, tale ban etc for betterment of customer service. Strict supervision must be adopted in case of high-ris borrowers. Time to time visit to the project should be done by the ban officials. UCB must understand that the eys of becoming one of the most successful ban s d on’t only depend on the growth and profitability of the ban . It also depends on t he relationship with its present and prospective clients. If UCB can incorporat e the latest ban ing systems and maintain a good customer relationship then obvi ously they will emerge as one of the most successful ban s in the country. Moder n Commercial Ban ing is exacting business. The reward are modest, the penalties for bad loo ing are enormous. And Commercial ban s are great monetary institutio ns, important to the general welfare of the economy more than any other financia l institution. It has a vastly sobering and exacting responsibility. As an organ ization the United Commercial Ban Limited has earned the reputation of top listed ban s operating in Bangladesh. The organization is much more structured c ompared to any other listed ban operating in Bangladesh. It is relentless in pu rsuit of business innovation and improvement. It has a reputation as a leader in financing manufacturing sector. With a bul of qualified and experienced human resource, United Commercial Ban Limited can exploit any opportunity in the ban ing sector. It is pioneer in intr oducing many new products and services in the ban ing sector of the country. Mor eover, in the retail-ban ing sector, it is unmatched with any other listed ban s because of its wide spread branch networ ing thought the country. The success o f a ban depends on improved service delivery to its customers. Now so many ban s in the country have emerged to cater to the needs of the customers. But till n ow most of the ban in Bangladesh is using conventional ban ing system. UCB is n ot exception to this trend. So, there are many areas to improve. In this regard, I would li e to recommend the followings: The Chec passing system of UCB is very time consuming. When a client submits a chec , its handled in three places. Firstly, it is registered on the supplementa ry sheet, then it comes for computer posting (as well for first cancellation) an d lastly it comes to the section in-charge for verification of the signature and for cancellation. After that it goes to the cash payment officer for final paym ent. For this system, the client has to frequently enquire that whether his/her chec has been passed for payment or not. Also, it ta es their valuable time. So , UCB needs to change this system and move on to a better chec passing system. Table of Content Page No Chapter One






















































10 Integrated Mar eting communication strategy 62-63 3.12 Mar eting in the digital age 66 3.15 Board of Director of UCB 34-35 2.8 Goals 28 2. Service and branding strategy 53-55 3.3. Sales promotion and public Relat ion.10 Current Position 29 2. Event 64-65 3.4 Data Analysis 13 1.5 Historical Bac ground 26 2.1 Introduction 17-18 2.0 Introduction 11 1.3The mar eting environment 48-50 3.2 Objectives of the Study 11-12 1.14 Objectives 33 2.19 Overview of the Branch 41 2.2UCB and Mar eting strategy: Partnering to build Customer relationship 46-47 3.3.13 The global mar etplace 67 3.2 Data sources 12 1. Vision and Core value of the organization 32 2.14 Mar eting ethics and social Responsibility 68-70 3.11 Why you choose the ucb 30 2.9 Business objectives 28 2.20 Functional Hierarchy of Nayabazar Branch 41 Chapter Three 3.4 Segmentation.3 Data collection 13 1. Targeting and positioning: Building the right relationships wi th the right customer 51-52 3.6 Structure and management 27 2.12 Operations 31 2.1 Research Design 15 1.4 Limitations of the Study 15 Chapter Two 2.11 Managing Mass Communications: Advertising.3.13Mission.17 Management Hierarchy 37-38 2.1 Bac ground of the Study 11 1.1Defining Mar eting and the Mar eting process in UCB 43-45 3.15 SWOT Analysis 71-73 Chapter Four Major Finding 74 Recommendation 75 Conclusion 76 References 77-78                             .6 New product Development strategy 56-57 3.1.4 Role of private commercial ban in economic development of Bangladesh 22-25 2.7 Pricing product: pricing considerations and approaches 58-59 3.9 Retail Ban ing 61 3.3.5 Product.7 Strategies 28 2.18 Product and Services of UCB 39 2.3 List of ban s operating in Bangladesh 20-21 2.2 Overview of financial institutions of Bangladesh 19 2.8 Mar eting Channels and supply chain management 60 3.16 Board of Directors hierarchy 36 2.3 Methodology of the Study 13-14 1.

2 Objectives of the Study My objective is to learn about the ban ’s mar eting wor ing process and procedures . Events To show the technological uses in Mar eting in the digital age To identify the strategy of entering global mar etplace To show the practices of Mar eting ethics and social Responsibility of UCB                                         .Md. During the thr ee month long internship period in United Commercial Ban the writer of this rep ort gained practical nowledge about the different aspects of modern ban ing sys tem. After that. This is a partial requirement for the Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA) Degr ee and it is a six credit course. To measure the activities of Retail Ban ing Chapter One To identify the positive impact of Mass Communications in sales: Advertising. Jagannath University. Targeting and positioning strategy of UCB: Building the right relationships with the right customer To measure the different types of Product. Department of M ar eting.building str ong brand To define New product /Service Development strategy Pricing product: pricing considerations and approaches To define the relationship with UCB Mar eting Channels and supply chain member. 1. I will try to analyze the information. As a part of this program each intern has to p repare a report on his / her wor during this internship program. as part of internship program.1 Bac ground of the study: This report is submitted to Mr. S ales promotion and public Relation. Service strategy To identify the effect of Branding strategy of UCB in ban ing field.Chapter One Introduction 1. The main objectives that I wor for report: To define Mar eting and the Mar eting process in UCB To match Mar eting strategy with UCB To determine the mar eting environment of UCB To define the Segmentation. Bangladesh. Lecturer.Mahathy Hasan Jewel.

Methodology will include direct observation. Browsing of different web sites in the internet. what types of technology they are using in the mar eting digital age. collection data and interviewed with some of them. It will aim to show the present situation of mar eting strengths of UCB and mar eting status of it. cir culars & overall practical experience of the internship period. I also collect different circulars and studies mar eting tools that how it develop s pricing of different services.1 Research Design: This study on mar eting implication in commercial ban of UCB is exploratory in nature.                                   . study of files. 1. gulshun branch and Head office. what types of strategies it applies to the customer as a retail ban ing. The variables will be identified through a practical survey and from primary and secondary.3. articles etc.3 Methodology for data collection: This report prepares on the basis of information gathered during internship peri od as well as devoting myself as a mar eter of UCB in different branches of it s uch as Principal.3. face to face discussion with employees of the different departments of the UCB. its mass communication strategies.Chapter One 1. 1. Relevant file study as provided by the officers concerned. regarding mar eting tools uses in UCB. clients. how it ma es a relation with its bac ward and f orward lin age parties. retainsion and management strat egies. Mar eting ethics and social Responsibility.2 Data sources: The primary sources of data: the primary data are collected originally by field operation. What types of strategies uses for brand expansion and new service developm ent strategies as well as customer satisfaction. For preparing this report. Face to face conversation with the respective officer of the branch. I h ave ma e group discussion. Observations. Chapter One The secondary sources of data: The secondary type of data is procured from publi shed documents rather than underta ing first-hand field investigation. annual report of UCBL periodicals published by the Bangladesh ban Different boo s. Face to face conversation with the clients.

there is some information. quality of service provided by ban er and current situation and differe nt mar eting tools using in different ban ing site with describe accurate descri ption. observation and high official s of the organization under study.4 Limitations of the Report There are some limitations of the study. All of the fields of ban are not describes with mar eting theory. Lac of adequate information: there was lac of sufficient primary and secondary data. The time duration of internship program is insufficient to now all activities o f mar eting practice.3. Another limitation is nondisclosing of all information for client and ban secur ity. or they may have try to help us by giving pleasing ans wer. Chapter One 1. It was too difficult to collect the information from various personnel for their job constrain. Overview of UCB Introduction                                         . But great portion of information collects fro m secondary source. Unwillingness to cooperate: some of the secondary sources i. which would have been very much useful for the report.3 Data collection: The primary data are based on practical nowledge. The limitations are given below: The main limitation is that few scope of mar eting implication. which is not very up-to-date. .4 Data Analysis: Descriptive research: I will try to identify real problems of ban ing service.e.3. Limitation of time was a great constrain in ma ing a complete study. Then. the company perso nnel were uncooperative. respondents may have answered the question without nowing correct answ er in order appear smart. Improper communication: sometimes respondents are not capable of answering quest ion because they cannot recollect or have never given attention to what they do and why. Lac of comprehension of the respondents The ban eeps too busy that allocation of time for an internee is very much tou gh for the officers of the ban . It is because of the availability of that information. the main limitation of th is report is ban ’s policy of not disclosing some data and information for obvious reasons.1. First of all. level of customer satis faction. 1.

G1vI and NNI is shown in the following table Table 1: Per Capita GDP Fiscal Year GDP US $ Ta a 2009 362 20673 2010 374 21685 and NNI GNI US $ 375 365 NNI Ta a 21448 23412   US $ 347 349 Ta a 19805 20899                   ¡     . The agric ulture system is primitive and frequently affected by natural disaster.Overview of financial institutions of Bangladesh List of ban s operating in Bangladesh Role of private commercial ban in economic development of Bangladesh Historical Bac ground Structure and management Strategies Goals Business objectives Current Position Why you choose the ucb Mission. About 47. Chapter Two According to Bangladesh economic analysis (2003) of ministry of finance. also prepares the curre nt fiscal year s budget to decrease the foreign aid dependency. emphasis on rem ittance through proper ban ing channel. Th is global recession has severely affected export system and Bangladesh economy l i e ready mate garments industry. 2001 and Afghan war. 2002 by vari ous positive steps ta en by the Government money laundering law. Govt. Due to global recession foreign financial assistance also severely affected. Manpower export hotel and tourism sector etc. Blows the hard core poverty line (with less than 1800 calories per head per day) After the devastating flood 1998-1999. frozen food. 2001. income is increased by 1.6% of its population is living be low the poverty line whoever as about 18% of the population is living. Bangladesh economy has faced severe set bac again after the terror ist attac on world trade center of USA on September 11.1 Introduction Bangladesh is a less development country.73% and population is increased 1. Vision and Core value of the organization Operations Board of Director of UCBL: Board of Directors hierarchy Management Hierarchy Product and Services of UCB Overview of the Branch Chapter Two Overview of UCB 2.71% per capita GDP. Although global recession has caused the ever lowest foreign currency reserve of US$1057n millio n in October. To overcome the situation government has ta en various sector based reform plan (closer of Adamjee jute mill is an example of it). whose economy is agro based. which is increased to US$1478 million in April. the economic activities of the country re sumed by program and bumper production on the agriculture sector helps to recove r that blow. Poverty is the main problems of this country.

There are 51 schedule ban s (January 2002) operate in Bangladesh.2 Overview of financial institutions of Bangladesh Financial institutions play an important role for the economic development of an y country. To increase the economi c activities Bangladesh ban reduces the ban rate to 6% from 7%. Money gram. To increase cu stomer services ban s are using various modern techniques li e on line ban ing.                                                                                   .3 List of ban s operating in Bangladesh Nationalized commercial ban s Sonali ban Janata ban Agrani ban Rupali ban Ban of small industries & commercial Bangladesh ltd.8% of total) are in rural a reas.2% of total) are in urban areas and rest 3731 (59. Private commercial ban (PCBS) Pubali Ban ltd Uttara Ban ltd Stander Charted Ban ltd Arab Bangladesh Ban limited National Ban limited The City Ban limited International Finance Investment and Commerce Ban United Commercial Ban ltd Bangladesh Development Ban ltd Eastern Ban ltd Ban Asia ltd Prime Ban ltd Chapter Two Primer Ban ltd South East Ban ltd Dha a Ban ltd Dutch Bangla Ban ltd ltd   Chapter Two 2. The number of branches of those ban s is 6242.Chapter Two 2. total deposit loan of all ban s is ta a 85259. respectively. Of which 2511 ( 40. ATM. Up to February 2003.6 Cr. Bangladesh ban introduces "probl em Ban monitoring Division" in addition to CAME RATING. 30 private commercial ban s and 12 foreign ban s. Of them 4 nati onalized commercial ban s. For proper monitoring the operations of ban s. Credit Card etc. The objective of these institutions is to accumulate the scattered de posit and invest it in a productive manner for economic emancipation. of fiscal 2003-2003. 5 specialized ban s.8 and ta a 69392.

countries margin operational ban ing units. Today however the functions of a ban have increased so much that it is considered a very vital of development in country li e ours. Because of their positive involv ement in trade.Mercantile Ban ltd Standard Ban ltd One Ban ltd Mutual Trust Ban ltd First Security Ban ltd The Trust Ban ltd Islami Ban ltd Shajalal Islmi Ban ltd All. T he gloomy picture of nationalized ban s is mainly due to¬ lac of quality of services Minimum of commitment toward institutions Management inefficiency Excessive intervention of collective barging agent(CBA) Lac of security. business finance and a host of allied service. ban s t oday form a very important part of an economy. Chapter Two The nationalized ban s.4 Role of private commercial ban in economic development of Bangladesh A ban is usually defined as a financial institution which deals in money. industry. could not de monstrates and achieve optimistic results in terms of overall economic growth. Documentation of loans and advances debarring legal action in case of default slot rate of recovery of loan Lac of supervision and monitoring of loans and advances Directive loans political instability transitional inconsistency while formulating policy issue s on ban ing Due to inefficient and continuous loosing concern of public sector.Arafa Islami Ban ltd Chapter Two 2. the main obj ective of privatization policy was¬-     ¡                                       .

cr edit card to attract customer/ entrepreneurs. deployment of advances. PCBs have shown some efficiency in terms of branches expansion. the PCBs are rest rictions to the range of 25% to 44% of these funds only. employment gener ation. industry . Have been playing and indispensable role in the economy mar et for the growth ¡                                                             . The launching of PCBs has finally created a significant impact in quantity of Chapter Two Services in ban ing. The ey to success of private sector ban s is identified as a professional effic iency in choosing various ris assets. marriage and educational scheme. It is revealed form the loan operations of ban s. Such dual practice is n ot desirable when we are hoping the theory of free mar et economy. to meet continuous loss of public enterprises To improve operative efficient of enterprises To introduce competitiveness in all spheres of economic activities except few ar eas where Govt. expansion of ban branches. The PCBs provide operation mai nly for trading (internal trading export and import trade) and construction whil e the NCBs are providing financing for priority areas li e agriculture. the quality of entrepre neurs is not being ensured and developed. autonomous and semi-au tonomous bodies. sector. and export/ import tas s. involvement in foreign trade and gener ating if employment. The PCBs are participating and financing in various types of medium and long ter ms industries either wholly or partly through consortium arrangement among the m ember ban s. result oriented business strategy and achievement against stipulated target_ But by rap idly issuing licenses to the promoters of private ban s. It was increasingly felt that a number of PCBs night have improved their positio n patting nationalized ban s into competition. Chapter Two PCBs have already explored new financial products by introducing master card. Now a day. mobiliza tion of deposits. it is not easy to quantit y to performance of this sector li e manufacturing. and mobilization of deposits and development of advances but their activi ties remained concentrate in city areas. The nationalized ban s are ta ing advantages of restrictions imposed on non nati onalized ban s while mobilizing deposits from government. PCB . As a result too many ban s are chasing same customers/ entrepreneurs within limited deposit base. control of economic activities was unavoidable. Neutrally 65% of export earning of Bangladesh is generated by this sector. In this respect PCBs are een for development of human r esources to train and equip their manpower with new ideas and products to enable them to contribute to the greater innovation. which will extend loans to the bro ers and general investors. The performance of the ban i ng sector in terms of generating of profit. personalized quality of services. micro credit scheme and small loan scheme etc. the ban ing business exclusively depends on quantity of services in t erms of new innovative strategies for boozing ban ing operations and innovation li e computerized money country machine automatic teller machine (ATM) etc are b eing utilized to a great extent for survival and face to competition.To reduce deficit of the Govt. Ban ing being a service industry. The PCBs are ta ing part in stimu lating foreign exchange reserve by financing 100% export oriented RMG industries . They could not provide financ3e for pri ority sector li e agriculture. Out of total available funds of Govt. The PCBs are also general investor and recently a pac ing program h as been devolved to stabilize the country capital mar ets by launching merchant s ban s.Above all. Many PCBs have implemented various attractive schemes acceptable to the existing and prospective customers such a customer credit scheme.

5 Historical Bac ground Sponsored by some dynamic and reputed entrepreneurs and eminent industrialists o f the country and also participated by the Govt. A taruzzaman is a renowned politician besides bein g an eminent personality of the country. Dha a-1000. The ban . The base of financial services in Bangladesh is quite marrow. innovative practices.e.1000. the ban ha s already made a distinct mar in the realm of private sector ban ing through pe rsonalized services. With its firm commitment to the economic development of the country. We foresee a good future for the PCBs. and professionals of the country having business in and out of Bangladesh.f 13th November 1983 and 20th November 1995 respectively. managing Director of the ban . The better performance of PCBs will finally be recognized still when they offer better quality of service based on new ideas /products. and industry thr ough a creative credit pricy. The chairman of the board Mr. United commercial ban limited started its operation as on the 26th June of 1983 under companies Act 1913 and c ommenced its operation immediately after incorporation with due permission from Bangladesh ban w. Chapter Two 2.6 Structure and management The ban has an authorized capital of TK. The head office of the ban is situat ed at 60. Motijheel commercial area. Pr esently the ban in functioning with its country wide large networ of 112 (one Hundred Twelve) Branch covering all seven Division of country. Chapter Two 2.D ( Authorized dealer) Branch all over the Bangladesh. Chapter Two 2. commerce. dynamic approach and efficient manage ment. The sponsor s directors of the ban are well established businessman. UCBL has 26 A. aiming to play a leading role in the economy activities of the c ountry. industrial ist. The importance of variant economic refers to t he due attention to a sound financial system.230.7 Strategies                                 ¡     .00 million and paid up capital of TK. The management team of the ban is successfully led by Mr.and development for the economy along with all nationalized specialized and fore ign ban s. M. is firmly engage in the development of trade.16 million contributed by sponsors. Shahjahan Bhuiyan. they are expected to develop their lending role in the near future in financial mar et.

policies and procedures Utilize a team of professional s employees. During this long journey.440.9346 million in 2009.10 Current Position Capital: During the year 2009 authorized capital of the ban remained unchanged at TK. system. total number of share holders of the ban stood 72793 as against number of share holders 10337 in the year 2010. 2.9 Business objectives Build up a low cost fund base Ma e sound loan and investment Meet capital adequacy recruitment at all the time Ensure 100% recovery of all advances ensure a satisfied wor force focus on fee based income adopt a appropriate management technology install a scientific MIC to monitor ban s activities Chapter Two 2.10 00. For the purpose of full automation step. Chapter Two 2. On the other han d the reserve fund of the ban increased by TK. Investment: At the close of 2010. policies and procedure s in each of the objective and goal areas.15048 million as against TK.42 million in the previous year. Search for a total customized of IT. The numbe rs of authorized dealer branches are 26.3451 million a s against TK. However.1194 million. training and orientation plan. Develop a plan for offering better customer service Develop appropriate mgt structure. Number of branches: UCBL always placed utmost important on the client service. Implement plans.Synchronized and steady growth of the ban utilize all available resources to develop various plans. Presently the number of branches stands at 114 covering almost all the important places of the country. With that end in view the ban continued its personalized services. total investment of the ban stood at TK.00 million and the paid up capital stood at TK. we are marching ahead with f lying colors. procedure and approaches Develop scientific MIS to monitor ban s activities 2.8 Goals Develop a realistic deposit mobilization plan Develop approach leading ris assessment system develop capital plan Develop a system to ma e good advances Develop a recruitment. which started operation more th an a quarter century ago. dividend amounting to TK. compensation.11 Why choose the ucb We ta e the opportunity to introduce ourselves as one of the leading and most co mplied Commercial Ban s in private sector of Bangladesh. Number of share holders: During the year 2011.2818 million to TK. We have been able to set our Ban as a stable and most reliable In stitution offering a full range of modern services which will be evident from th         ¡    ¡  ¡                   . UCBL is amongst the ear ly first generation ban s in the private sector.4 million has been received from different companies institutions against investment in sh ares during the year 2004.1.

manage and increase our clients’s wealth while improving the quality of life in the communities we serve. Presently. (Authorized Dealer) Branches. financing and of export &import business and also handing of foreign remitt ance business by giving top most priority. the Ban has arrangement with a n umber of Exchange Houses to facilitate remittances from expatriate Bangladeshis. considering the importance of foreign trade in our national l ife. We consider savings and deposits life blood of the ban .9500. the Ban is functio ning with its country wide large networ of 114(One hundred Fourteen) Branches c overing all Seven Divisions of the Country.11500. Chapter Two 2.D. More the deposit. always considers client service the most vital facto r and made concerted efforts to provide quality services to face ever increasing competition and challenge in the ban ing sector. Core Value: We put our customer first We emphasize on professional ethics We maintain quality at all levels We believe in being a responsible corporate citizen We say what we believe in We foster participative management                                     . UCBL has 26 A. All the Branches are ONLINE.13 Mission. Chapter Two 2.e fact that UCBL registered higher growth in every area of operations during las t year.00 core while loans and advances stands around T . Moreover. Besides. RMG etc. The ban int ends to launch various new saving schemes with prospective of higher return duly supported by a well orchestrated system of customer services. The ban is catering to the credit needs of individuals as well as corporate cli ents. International Trade. United Commercial Ban Ltd.12 Operations The importance of the mobilization of savings for the economic development of ou r country hardly is over emphasized. greater is due strength of he ban . the Ban currently wor s with 3 50 correspondents covering 100 important countries in all the continents of the world which is continuously expanding to meet the growing cross-border ban ing n eeds and expectations of the customers enabling the Ban to maintain its superio r position in International Ban ing. wor ing capital. trade finance. share holders a nd employees and contributing to the national economy with social commitments Vision: To offer financial solutions that create. The deposit now stands around T .00 Core covering different sectors li e industrial project s. Vision and Core value of the organization Mission: To be the first choice through maximizing value for our clients. it is emphasizing on trade finance which would be short-term and self-liqu idating in nature.

Setara Begum (Director) Mr. Chapter Two 2. Hashem (Director) Hajee Yunus Ahmed (Director) Hajee M. M. A. Executive Committee Mr. Kalam (Director) Mr. Riyadh Zafar Chowdhury (Director) Mr. Saifuzzaman Chowdhury (Director) Mr. Jahangir Alam Khan Members Mr. Sabur Director & Chairman. So the united commercial ban limited shall also develop a youthful and exuberan t management team-technologically sound and rich in experience.14 Objectives United commercial ban limited aims at excellence and is committed to explore a new horizon of ban ing and provide a wide range of quality products and service.15 Board of Director of UCB The following are members of the UCB Board of Directors: Chairman Mr. It i ntends to serve with quality at a price competitive to anyone in the financial m ar et.Chapter Two 2. M. Show at Aziz Russell Director & Chairman. Nurul Islam Chowdhury (Director) Managing Director Mr. Audit Committee Mr. Shahjahan Bhuiyan DMD & Company Secretary                     . Tanvir Khan (Director) Mr. Bazal Ahmed (Director) Mrs. A. Kazi Enamul Hoque (Director) Mr. M. A htaruzzaman Chowdhury. Nur Uddin Javed (Director) Mrs. Sultana Rezia Begum (Director) Mr. It is a ban for the common people including businessman and professionals. Emran Ahmed (Director) Mr. Ahmed Arif Billah (Director) Mr. they would wor hand in hand with zeal and enthusiasm to achieve the objectives of the ban in t he new millennium. MP Vice Chairman Mr. Md. A. Nasim Kalam (Director) Mr. Shabbir Ahmed (Director) Chapter Two Mr. Sharif Zahir (Director) Mr. It would constantly eep on exploring the needs of the clients.

It is legislative body of the b an board can delegate its power and authority to professionals. Chapter Two 2. but can not del egate. the ba n will be manned and managed by a galaxy of talented professionals proficient i n the individual fields and dedicated to the cause of the ban . The power of general superv ision and control of me affairs of the ban is exercise by the president and man aging director of the ban who is the chief executive officer.16 Board of Directors hierarchy Figure: Hierarchy of Board of Directors Chapter Two 2. MANAGING DIRECTOR ‾ Deputy Managing Director ‾ Senior Executive Vice President ‾ Executive Vice President ‾ Senior Vice President ‾ Vice President ‾ Chapter Two Senior Assistant Vice President Assistant Vice President ‾ Senior Principal Officer ‾ Principal Officer ‾ Senior Executive Officer ‾                 . The board of directors of the ban consists of 18 members who are reputed business personalities and leading industrialists of the country. Above all. the board of directors has been conceived as the sources of all power headed by its chairman. for overall superv ision and directions on policy matters by the board.Mr. relinquish or avoid their responsibilities.17 Management Hierarchy The management of the ban is vastly on a Board of Directors. Mirza Mahmud Rafiqur Rahman In United Commercial Ban Limited.

Bashabari Lane (1st floor). E-Mail: nbz@ucbl.19 Overview of the Branch Name of the Branch: Nayabazar Location: 9. 2. Telephone Number: 7393123-105.18 Product and Services of UCB UCB Money Maximizer UCB Earning Plus UCB DPS Plus Western Union Money Transfer SMS Ban ing Service Online Service Credit Card One Stop Service Time Deposit Scheme Monthly Saving Scheme Deposit Insurance Scheme Inward and Outward Remittances Travelers Cheque Import Finance Export Finance Wor ing Capital Finance Loan Syndicate Underwriting and Bridge Financing Trade Finance Industrial Finance Foreign Currency Deposit A/C NFCD(Non-Resident Foreign Currency Deposit A/C) RFCD (Resident Foreign Currency Deposit A/C) Consumer Credit Scheme Loc er Service SWIFT Service Chapter Two Chapter Two 2.20 Functional Hierarchy of Nayabazar Branch         . Dha a –1100. Vice-President.com Branch In-Charge: Alamgir Kabir. 7396082.Senior Officer ‾ Officer ‾ Junior Officer ‾ Assistant Officer (Cash/ General) Chapter Two 2.

merchant customer.1 Defining Mar eting and the Mar eting process in UCB 3. Sales promotion and public Relation. Niche Ban ing.1. UCB is one ind of service organization in B angladesh so it creates and launches different types of value added service (SMS ban ing.1 Definition of Mar eting in UCB The process by which companies create value for customers and build strong custo mer relationships in order to capture value from customers in return .UCB provides online facilities for distance customer. service holder. It pr ofitably target affluent businessmen. A company’s value proposition is the set of benefits or values it promises to deliver to consumer to satisfy their n eeds. offshore ban ing.) for introducing and attracting new and high value customer as well as bui ld strong profitable customer relationship. corpora te customer and household.UCB tries to facilitate the target customer through segmenting the whole customer mar et in different needs and wants. Company wor s to understand consumer.In the mar eting process. It does this by dividing the ma r et into segments of customer (mar et segmentation) and selecting which segment s it will go after target mar eting. Green b an ing. Choosing a value proposition: The company must also decide how it will serve target customer-how it will diffe rent and position itself in the mar et place.Defining Mar eting and the Mar eting process in UCB UCB and Mar eting strategy: Partnering to build Customer relationship The mar eting environment Segmentation.2 Designing a customer driven Mar eting Strategy in UCB Selecting customers to serve: The company must first decide who it will serve. online ban ing. Service and branding strategy New product Development strategy Pricing product: pricing considerations and approaches Mar eting Channels and supply chain management Retail Ban ing Integrated Mar eting communication strategy Managing Mass Communications: Advertising. Core ban ing. create customer value and build strong customer relationship. 3. ATM service and different inds of deposit system and advance facilities etc.1. Event Mar eting in the digital age The global mar etplace Mar eting ethics and social Responsibility SWOT Analysis Chapter Three 3. offshore ban ing for                                                             . Targeting and positioning: Building the right relationships with t he right customer Product.

In turn. not even all loyal customer.adverse and nonresident customer. Building customer loyalty: The ultimate aim of customer relationship management is to produce high customer Equity. Now-a-days. The maintenance cost of loyal customer is lower than th e fresher. The aim of customer relationship management is to create not just customer satisfaction but customer delight. Every employee of different department and manager also do h ard wor for customer satisfaction in our Nayabazar branch. Online and Mobile ban ing. UCB facilitate customer solving des in order to ma e the general customer into loyal and rete ntion. It also ma es a relationship through Niches mar eting li e Agro based loan. are good investment.TL etc) to current customer. UCB leverage customer relationship b y offering greater (CD. ATM service for time saving and conscious customer. PAD. To increase deposing share of customer. Mobile ban ing for expan ding the space and scope of Ban ing area.UCB ma ing a partnership business other ban s which have competitive advantage in different service li e it conne cts with all DBBL ATM booth for flourishing demand. Many branches open a customer relationship and problem solving des for reducing the client’s harassment. Students loan. and SOD etc with comfortable interest.Each type of group are communicating in distinctive process. Chapter Three 3.4 Capturing value from Customer in UCB Creating customer loyalty and retention: Good customer relationship management creates customer delight. The extent to which products perceived performances ma tches a buyer expectation. Changing nature of customer relationship: Dramatic changes are occurring in the ways in which companies are relating to th eir customers.3 Building customer Relationship in UCB Customer relationship management (CRM): The overall process of building and maintaining profitable customer relationship s by delivering superior customer value and satisfaction .UCB classify customer according to their potential profitability and manage its relationship                                                 .UCB earning Plus. Marriage loan etc.HBL. But not all customers. Conventional companies focused on mass mar eting but today’s firms are building more direct and lasting relationship with more carefully selected c ustomers. Our branch also ma es a good relationship with its same other branches as well as other ban in order to red ucing the liquidity crisis of fund.CC.DPS.MSS. Partner relationship management: Wor ing closely with partners in other company’s departments and outside the compa ny to jointly bring greater value to customer . Growing share of customer: The portion of the customer’s purchasing that a company gets in its product catego ry. LTR. Different period of fixed de posit as well as different loan facilities li e LTR. Relationship building bloc s: Customer perceived value is the difference between total customer value and total customer cost. Today.1. Chapter Three 3. OD.LIM. Because it profitable to ma e a customer loyal towards a service rather t o motivate new customer.1.SOD. UCB provides ban ing updates to their superior customer through SMS. Green ban ing for environment conscious custom er.SB. delight ed customers remain loyal and tal favorably to others about the company and its products and services.ML.SL.UCB tries to maintain good relationship with their val uable customer by providing high interest of deposit loan as well as different l oans li e Cash credit.UCB view customers as assets that need to be managed and maximized.

within each business unit (core ban ing. finance . Chapter Three 3.2. place and promo tion –that the firm blends to produce the response it wants in the target mar et.2. operation. Place: UCB also consider convenient of the business customer as well as available targe t customer for establishing their branches. controlled by principal branch and other branches acts as a service centre as well. The new mar eting Landscape in UCB: The recent technology boom has had a major impact on the ways mar eters connect with and bring value to their customer. SMS ban ing etc) more detail planning ta es place. distinctive and desirable place relative to competing services and fi rms in the minds of target customer. price. There are too many different inds of consu mers with too many different inds of needs. ATM ban ing. 3.2.3 Developing the mar eting mix The set of controllable tactical mar eting tools-product.United Commercial Ban Limited (UCB). inform ation system . Then.2 Mar eting strategy and the mar eting mix The mar eting logic by which the business unit hopes to achieves its mar eting o bjectives. It sponsored in tourism sector.wor together to accomplish strategic o bjectives of this ban .2.accounting. In future. Customer centered mar eting strategy: UCB nows that it cannot profitably serve all consumers in a given mar et –at leas t not all consumers in the same way.2 UCB and Mar eting strategy: Partnering to build Customer relationship 3.1 Planning Mar eting UCB’s strategic plan establishes what inds of businesses it will be in and its ob jectives for each. It creat es a positive ban ing positing through arranging for different services to occup y a clear. It ch anges its Logo recently. G reen ban ing.UCB divide up the total mar et. And UCB is in a positively to serve some segments better than others.                                                                           .human resource and others. Promotion: UCB provides advertisement in different electronic.with them accordingly. The major funct ional departments in each unit-mar eting. Chapter Three 3. Product: UCB launches different types of services in order to growing mar et needs and al so compete with competitors.4 Measuring and managing return on mar eting Focus on technology: UCB ta ing a lead on BEFTN . sports sectors etc 3. print and cable media. a leading comm ercial ban ta ing advantage of their superior technology and expertise has rece ntly signed a contract with Chittagong stoc exchange (CSE) to provide services under the Bangladesh Electronic Fund Transfer Networ (BEFTN) held at Bangladesh ban premises. choose the bes t segment and designs strategies for profitably serving chosen segment. UCB going to operate core ban ing system. Price: UCB also consider the customer ability as well as consider the operating cost o f those services due to set up the pricing of deposit and loan.

location. UCB ta es other ban groups into account-such group as top management. international mar et (It goi ng to enter international ban ing service in order to capture profitable foreign customer and also acting as a corresponding ban as a negotiation ban ) Competitor: UCB tries to provide greater customer value and satisfaction in different specia lized sector than competitor. gender. M obile company is the supplier of SMS ban ing and DBBL ATM booth are the supporte r of ATM service Mar eting intermediaries: Firms that help the UCB to promote sell and distribute its goods to final buyers .It consider the demographic factors whenever                                                         . nati onal ban . managers. mar e ting service agency(mar eting research firm. physical distribution firm(authorized C&F firm).UCB’s foreign exchange sector holds a competitive adv antage in LC pening & losement rate than other competitor Ban (Basic ban . Government mar et (provides loan to the government in short or long term duration).2 UCB’s Macro environment Demographic environment: The study of human population in terms of size. 3. purchasing. finance. advertising agency. Consumer mar et (ulti mate mar et). media firms. age. They include reseller. radio.3. operation and accounting Supplier: Suppliers form an important lin in the company’s overall value delivery system. ma r eting consultants) and financial intermediaries(central ban . Dutch Bangla ban etc.Chapter Three 3. insurance company)etc.3. product safety organization) Internal public of UCB (wor ers.1 UCB’s Microenvironment The actors close to the company that’s affects its ability to serve its customer. bord of directors) Local public (general customer) Chapter Three 3. race. credit company. magazines. Media public of UCB (newspaper. occupation and other status . Firm: In designing mar eting plan.) Publics: Financial public of UCB (Ban . television) Government publics of UCB (lawer. Business mar et (Niches clients). research and development. Insurance).3 The mar eting environment The actors and forces outside mar eting that affect mar eting management’s ability to build and maintain successful relationships with target customers. Chapter Three Customer: UCB needs to study three types of customer mar et closely. density.

) Psychographic Variables ( Social class.green ban ing.4. loan system as well as other ban ing service: Demographic variables (Age. target specific segment s and then pinpoint the differencing benefits to be stressed in mar eting.benefit. Ban ing sector is going to more competitive today so Ban s have to incorpor ate all types of new technology in order to cope up with growing new customer de mand. Natural environment: Natural resources that are needed as inputs by mar eters or that are affected by mar eting activities Technological environment: Forces that create new technologies. perception. Local ban ing for domestic customer.4 Segmentation. religion et c. lifestyle) Behavioral Variables ( occasion . occupation.1 Mar et Segmentation The process of evaluating each mar ets segment’s attractiveness and selecting one or more segments to enter. and p reference and behaviors . Major segmentation variables that UCB consider for customer mar et in order to l aunch different deposit. Economic environment: Factors that affect consumer buyer power and spending patterns . family size. segments structural attr activeness. a segment might less attractive if it contains powerful supplier who can control prices or reduces the quality or quantity of ordered goods and s ervices. user status. Chapter Three                                                               .they wants to demographic attributes based ban ing service li e Offshore . income.It consider those factors in order to introducing new s ervices to the different cultural customer. online ban ing etc. Basically. creating new product and mar et opportuniti es .2 Target Mar eting A set of customers sharing common needs or characteristic that the company decid es to serve . Changing consumer spending patterns a lso need to consider in mar eting strategy.UCB consider the segments size and growth. Gender. Chapter Three 3. government agencies. It is the first step in the STP process that precedes any mar eting strategy. It also follow differentiated (se gments) mar eting strategy to target several mar et segments with separate offer for each.4. company objectives and resources. UCB follows undifferentiated (mass) mar eting in order to pr ovide one or single offer to the whole mar et. The purpose of STP is to identify and describe distinctive mar et segment. user rate. They consider the segments less at tractiveness if service already contains strong and aggressive competitors. Our ban also follows the diffe rent types of ban ing law due to respect central ban decision as well as eepin g the economy strong Cultural environment: Institution and other forces that affect society’s basic values. and pressure groups that influence and limit various organization and individual in a given society . Targeting and positioning: Building the right relationships wi th the right customer Mar et segmentation is an important part of any mar eting plan. loyalty status etc) 3.It also consider the consumer Changing income in their pricing strategy. In i ts view point. individual mar eting for customize or one to one fac ilities. 3. It also applies concentrated mar eting for niche customer. Political environment: Laws.

Service and branding strategy 3. Preemptive: All types of services that might not copy with the competitors li e competitive advantage in lower dollar rate in the crisis mar et. Some criteria that UCB consider due to positioning the targeting segments: Chapter Three 3. Distinctive: It wants to offer services in a more distinctive way.5 Product.5.3 Positioning for competitive advantage Not all brands differences are meaningful or worthwhile. Therefore. Communicable: The differentiation is communicable and visible to customer. . Each difference has the potential to create company c ost as well as customer benefits.3.4. not every difference ma es a good differentiator. the company must carefully select t he ways in which it will distinguish itself from competitors.1 Product and services Currently United Commercial Ban is offering a lot of products and services. Affordable: Customer is affording to pay different rates of loan in individual customer. Tho se are as follows: One Stop Service Time Deposit Scheme Monthly Savings Scheme Deposit Insurance Scheme Inward & Outward Remittances Travelers Chaque Import Finance Export Finance Wor ing capital Finance Loan Syndication Underwriting & Bridge Financing Trade Finance Industrial Finance Foreign Currency Deposit A/C NFCD (Non Resident Foreign Currency Deposit Account) Consumer Credit Scheme Loc er Service RFCD (Resident Foreign Currency Deposit Account) ERQ (Export Retention Quota Account)             Important: UCB delivers a highly valued benefit to target customer. Profitable: It launches many services with a profitable matter. Superior: Its differentiation is superior to other ways that customers might obtain the s ame Benefit.

Brand extension: Using a successful brand name to launch a new or modified service in a new categ ory . Brand sponsorship: A ban has four sponsorship options. elements in order to meeting changing customer preference. The major brand strategy de cisions involve brand positioning. online ban ing.forms. ATM service etc.All types of product or services are launched by the UCB with its pa rent’s name. Managing Brands UCB manage its brands carefully. So. The real value of a strong brand UCB is its powe r to capture consumer preference and loyalty. the target mar et and proposed mar eting strategies. it changes its brand’s tool logo.Chapter Three 3. Finding the best brand name i s a difficult tas . It tries to increase its brand’s image t                                       . The brand position of UCB consciously communica ted to customer. They try to establish the ban as a brand which represents consume r perceptions and feeling about a product and its performance. The ey strategy that it follows : Brand equity: The positive differential effect that nowing the brand name has on customer res ponse to the product or service. It begins with a careful review of the product and its benef its.sometime. Attributes are the least desirable level for brand positioning.It has extended its enduring offshore ban ing. Building strong brand: Branding poses challenging decision to the mar eter.2 Branding strategy: building strong brand As a commercial ban . It wants to launch some servic es and attributes which is needed for the customer and also the current needs an d demand.into new categories under a strong brand UCB. Line extension: Using a successful brand name to introduce additional items in a given product c ategory under the same brand name such as new service. Today. SMS ban ing. They often spend huge amount on advertising to create brand awa reness and to build preference and loyalty. brand name selection. UCB realizes the major enduring asset of a ban is Brand. Brand positioning: UCB try to position their brands clearly in target customer’s mind. outlasting the ban ’s specific product and facilities. bran d development.5. Such as different types of Loan and deposit types are under U CB.colors’added ingredien ce or pac age size. Chapter Three Brand name selection: A good name can add greatly to a products success. brand sponsorship. All types of strategies are applying by the UCB to establish it a s a strong brand towards the customer mind in ban ing sectors. it carefully develop an d manage its brand as a powerful asset of ban . UCB ban e xists in the minds of consumer. It may not sell to reseller who gives it as private brand or license brand or co-branding. It periodically audits its brands st rength and wea ness .UCB realizes that brands are more than just name and symbols. All types of product or services are introduced under the sa me brand name UCB. The product or services may launch as a par ents brand .

Chapter Three 3.online ban ing. Then develop the concept and testing (socital mar eting concept is for g reen ban ing. It also reviews the sales. it generates the idea from internal source (employees of the ba n ) & external sources (customer and competitors). For that reason.It tests those services wit h a group of target customer to find out the strong consumer appeals. After developing the above process.then screening new product ide as (those services) in order to spot good ideas and drop poor ones as soon as po ssible. cost and profit projection as a business analysis. controlled test mar et. Effective pricing strategies must consider cos                                       . product concept for ATM services etc.SMS and m obile ban ing. Then desig n the effective mar eting strategy development. offshore ban ing.6 New product Development strategy UCB follows a new product development strategy in order to introducing new servi ces li e Core ban ing.).7 Pricing product: pricing considerations and approaches Pricing is a critical element in any company’s mar eting plan because it directly affects revenue and profit goals. green ban ing . Simulated test m ar et. Idea generation Idea screening Concept development and Testing Mar eting strategy development Business Analysis Product Development Test mar eting Commercialization Figure: New product development strategy Chapter Three 3. If the service brings the profit t hen they develop the service through locating infrastructure and training the em ployee etc.hrough promotional activities as well as re-educating the customers. ATM ban ing etc. it tests the mar et through diff erent system li e standard test mar et.

especially in hig hly competitive mar et.Price is only one of the mar eting mix tools that a ban uses to achieve its objectives.UCB wants to charge a price that both covers all its different typ es of loan(LTR. Pricing is typi cally handled by divisional or service line manager.LC losem ent rate etc. mar et ing mix strategy. Cost set the floor for the price that the compa ny can charge.) cost for introducing. co mmission.2 General pricing strategy Cost base pricing: UCB adds a standard mar up to the cost of the service.ts as well as customer preconceptions and competitor’s reaction.ATM charge. It provides empower ment to the branch manager to negotiate with customers within certain price rang e.1 Factor to consider when setting price Internal factor: Internal factors affecting pricing include the Ban ’s mar eting objectives.CC.Mana gement must decide who within the organization should set price. SMS ban ing. distribution and promotion decision to form a consistent and effective mar etin g program in its price decision. cost and organizational consideration.SOD. retail officer Mr. Now-a -days.UCB develops this price for less price sensitive customer and high value cu stomer li e offshore ban ing. cost of service is too high th at ban is bound to increase its charge in Foreign exchange function (margin. Brac ban in loan sector but UCB specializes in LC opening and loseme nt price as well as provide lucrative deposit interest (Fixed deposit rate 14%) to its superior customer.UCB try to follow competitor price policy eit her its cost of those service is higher than the competitors.UCB follows oligopoly co mpetition pricing strategy consist of a few sellers who are highly sensitive to other pricing. In UCB.It also analyzes the pr ice-demand relationship in DPS.7. 3.ML. 3. whenever.TL etc. Chapter Three External factor: External factor that affect pricing decisions include the nature of the mar et a nd demand. Miscellaneous and Stamp charge etc). Now-a-days. distributing.7.UCB develop its Credit c ard price to compare with other ban performance in the higher income segments. Vat.LIM. price and offers in order to deve lop its price and profit design. Competition based pricing: Consumers will base their judgments of a products value on the prices that compe titors charge for similar products. he wants to tal with manager for faciliting a comfo rtable price for customer.UCB also consider pr ice elasticity of demand and competitor’s costs. ban ing sectors is going to be a competitiv e field for the ban . competition and other environmental elements. offshore ban ing etc. DBBL getting competitive advantage in setting AT M charge.8 Mar eting Channels and supply chain management                                                           . ATM service and other loan facilities. It considers consumer perception of price and value in many servi ces (SMS ban ing.UCB coordinates with service design. It also considers Brea -e ven analysis to ma e a target profit. Value based pricing: Setting price based on customer’s perceptions of value rather than on the selling cost.Each ban are specialized to set strategic pricing through achieve competitive advantage. it requires charging a higher price. online ban ing.HL.). Chapter Three 3. All attempts are ta en for customer satisfaction. Fixed deposit etc.Masud Ahmed deal with a customer f or deposit or loan purpose. In our branch. sel ling the service and delivers a fair rate of return for its effort and ris . online ban ing. swift cost. MSS. STD.

9. 3. Central ban acting as a forward lin age channel memb er that solves the Chaque clearance facilities . register boo .cheque boo etc. Li e a manufacturing firm.9. electronic firms etc) for getting quic service li e voucher b oo .9 Retail Ban ing Retailers play a critical role in mar eting strategy because of their relationsh ip with the final customer. 3. it implements and manages the chosen channel. ATM ban ing etc. Channel management cal ls for selecting. It also ma es a good relation with bac ward lin age industries (many press cente rs.2 The future of retail ban ing: UCB tries to emphasis on retail concept especially growth of non store ban ing ( online ban ing. They attract customers with unique products.1 Retail ban ing decisions: The groups of retailer in our branch are always searching for new ban ing strate gies to attract and hold customers.). Management need to manage their connections with the se channel intermediaries. offset papers. more or better service than the other ban . evaluation and modification of their mar eting channel. A set of interdependent organizations involved in the process of ma ing a prod uct or service available for use or consumption by the consumer or business user . product assortment and service decision. Chapter Three 3.8.Masud Ahmed is the head of retail ban ing in our branch. management.1 Channel managing decision: Once the ban has reviewed its channel alternatives and decided on the best chan nel design. SMS ban ing. growing importan ce of retail technology and it also conduct retail ban ing as a communities etc. promot ion decision with their business scope as well as place decision. UCB ma es different agreement with other ban ( DBBL) as a channel member in order to getting ATM booth facilities where UCB’s ATM service is not available. price decision. ban ing se ctor also conducting retail ban ing facilities to the customer for more capturin g mar et as well as providing faster service to the customer than competitors. Head office provides the prompts information if any problems occur in any branch. All activities involved in selling goods and services directly to final consumer s for their personal and non business use. By planning the design. mobile ban ing. The question is not to whether to communicate but rather                                                                                   .10 Integrated Mar eting communication strategy Every mar eting plan must include a section showing how the company will use mar eting communications.Company need to pay close attention to their mar eting channel. Many other c ompetitors Ban is acting as same for facilitating liquid money in the crisis si tuation. managing and motivating individual channel members and evaluat ing their performance over time. 3. Many C&F firms is the another f orward lin age industries acting with foreign exchange departments. Comp any can ensure their products are available when and where customer wants to buy . The head office and principal branch of UCB are strongly monitoring the all ot her branches situated in all over the country due to calculate the service quali ty of every branch performance. Chapter Three 3. they are consider target mar et pos itioning policy. They provide the deta ils information of every deposit system as well as loan term to the customer as their requirements. It also provides the training to their employe e in order to ma e them more s illed and appropriate and comfortable to the cust omer. retail store. M r.

consumer’s long-run interests and society’s interest United Commercial Ban Ltd. 3. customer relationship departm ent solve customers’ problem. it is moving toward viewing communica tion as managing the customer relationship over time. objectives and tas method(determine the c ost of performing this tas ).0 0 lac to the Chief of Army Staff for the Election Commission’s Voter I. then choosing media.10. 25. UCB conduct the target audience and set ting a well-coordinated promotional program to obtain the desired audience respo nse.telephone. But especially. Determining the communication objective s.4 Socially responsible Mar eting Communication: UCBL Donates 50 Laptop Computers at October 04. designing a message with content. UCB follow some common method li e Affor dable method.).00 lac to the Chief Adviser’s Relief & W elfare Fund in a bid to help the people in distress due to devastating flood in the country. per sonal communication channels.print etc) as well as personal (employee)and nonpersonal(Media) communication channel.10.UCB identifies the target customer based on its scope of service then it determine the communication objectives by which way (SMS. how often and which promotional tools to us e. then it design a message for distincti ve service with a informative content and well structure & format then choosing the appropriate media (Electronic .2 Steps in developing effecting communication: The steps in developing an effective integrated communications and promotion pro gram is Identifying the target audience.competitive parity method. 3. 44.10. how to say it. to whom. 2007 A principle of enlightened mar eting that holds that a company should ma e go od mar eting decisions by considering consumer wants. percentage of sales method(a certain percentage of current or fore cast sale). ATM customer etc. But today. the company’s requirements. Depos itor.1 A view of the communication process: As an Integrated ban ing communication. Program me Recently UCBL donated an amount of T .If either it is negative. Its communication programs develop for specific segment (offshore ban ing). image or preferen ces goals in the target mar et. 2007                                   . it follows the percentage of sale method and objective tas meth od etc 3. it colle cts the feedbac from different client (export import client. D.what to say. loan client. has donated 50 Laptop Computers worth about T . structure. nich es (religious ban ing) and even for individuals.10.mail etc.3 Setting the total promotional budget and Mix: For setting the total promotion budget. After delivering the message. selecting the m essage source as well as collecting feedbac . nonpersonal communication channel. It integrated communication focus on immediate awareness. Chapter Three 3. Training Programme on Anti-Money Laundering at May 19.) they will provide update information to the customer and for promoting the customer. format.

Bangladesh Cric et Team glorified UC B Credit Card. UCB sponsors in Sports(UCB golf Tounament-2011 at Bhatiary. sponsor Tigers for ICC World T20. goods and serv ices by an identify sponsors. stories and events. interest rate. Chapter Three Personal selling: Personal presentation by the firm’s sales force for the purpose of ma ing sales an d building customer relationship . internet. As a tools of p ublic relation. Advertising: Any paid form of nonpersonal presentation and promotion of ideas. calendar etc. discount. Chapter Three 3.11 Managing Mass Communications: Advertising. pricing and distribution strategies.1 Digitalization and connectivity:               . Sales promotion and public Relat ion. As a sales promotion. 2011. magazine. Our branch applies direct mar eting tools to inform th e new law system.Chapter Three 3.12. fax. specialty advertising etc. Public Relation: Building good relation with the ban ’s various public by building up a good ‘corpora te image’ and handling off unfavorable rumors. the internet and other tools to communicate directly with specific customer . doller rate and other update information to the loyal and more profitable customer. sales promotion and public relations are among the most visible out comes of any mar eting plan. premium. UCB uses electronic media . mail. Direct Mar eting: Direct communications with carefully targeted individual consumers-the use of te lephone. e-mail. product. As tools of advertising. billboard. These mass communication tools provide support for branding. Sales promotions: Short -term incentives to encourage the purchase or sale of a product or service .12 Mar eting in the digital age 3. Chit tagong. UCB apply point of purchase display.The sales people of UCB and all other employee s are responsible to fulfill their target through selling different deposit and loan system to the customer. Annual Business conference at January 09. print media. Events Advertising.

gains R & D. As a consideration of inter national environment.UCB tries to launch and offer diffe rent types of deposit term (DPS. pro mote.14.In the Ara of digitalization. All branches are connected with internet. Chapter Three 3. it asses economic environment (subsistence. mar eting and financial advantages in its cost and re putation that are not available to purely domestic competitors . extranet.1 Consumerism: An organized movement of citizens and government agencies to improve the rights and power of customer in relation to seller’s . ministry of finance) are connected with extranet ( a networ s that connects a company within its supplier and distributors) 3. All depa rtments of each branch are interconnected with intranet (a networ s that connect s employee within a company to each other and to the company networ ).commerce: Electronic commerce that buying and selling processes supported by electronic me ans. production.14. E. It also enters in new mar et because of complex competition in domestic mar et as well as narrow business scope.2 Mar eting strategy in digital Age: E.mar eting in new age: The mar eting sides of electronic commerce-UCB efforts to communicate about. UCB wants to enter in international mar et due to high profitable ban ing demand in foreign mar et.1 Business Action toward socially responsible 3.UC B wants to regulate itself as a corresponding and negotiable ban for export and import business worldwide. in tranet to conduct the ban ing service E.business: Electronic business that UCB uses of electronic platforms-internet. raw material. Lin with global corresponding ban for foreign exchange department: Standard chartered ban HSBC ban Mashreq ban Wachovia Ban ABBL Mumbai Citi Ban NA etc. MSS.All branch es as well as including head office and principal branch of UCB and any other au thorized firms (central ban . A firm that by operating in more than one country . STD. and sell products and services over the internet Chapter Three 3.                                                     .1. different period of fixed deposit) an d loan sectors due to one to one customer income ability and current demand.14 Mar eting ethics and social Responsibility 3. industrialization etc). cultural environment etc.12. political-legal environment. primarily the internet.13 The global mar etplace Global mar eting offers a way for companies to grow by expanding the customer ba se beyond the domestic mar et.

Managed Rac based Structured Networ has been implemented at Data Center. lessening around 25% electric ity consumption. Central UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) installed at each floor which reduces t otal bac up power requirement. In-house MIS software installed for capturing operational data. Chittagong and other Bran ches will be equipped with the same system phase by phase. Besides.1.2 Environmentalism: An organized movement of concerned citizens and government agencies to protect a nd improve people’s living environment . UCB is the pioneer in introduction of Bangladesh Electronic Fund Transfer Networ (BEFTN) transaction system which reduces dependency on paper-based transaction . UCB offers green ban ing policy in their ban ing service. aligned with Credit Ris Managemen t Policy. As per the guideline of Bangladesh Ban . the following activities and programs have been underta en in c ompliance with Green Ban ing Guidelines of Bangladesh Ban : Chapter Three Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) system Air Cooler. Different divisions of the Ban are disseminating operational guidelines. As su ch required space and dissipated heat is much less compared to traditional Data Centre. CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) Monitor has been replaced by LCD (Liquid Cristal Display) Monitor in all wor stations in Head Office which reduces dissipated heat and p ower requirement for the computer system. Since the inception of 2011.14. The Board of Directors also approved the ERM Policy. In the meantime. Separate Networ Switch room at each floor reduces unnecessary cable lying in th e Data Center. has been installed at Ban ’s Corporate Head Office.1.3 Green Ban ing at UCBL The Green Ban ing Policy of United Commercial Ban Limited has already been form ulated by the ‘Green ban ing Cell’ and the Board of Directors approved it. centralized proc essing and KPI which has reduced use of paper and saving time and wor hour. Formulat ion of a draft ‘Green Office Guide’ for the purpose of development of In-house Envir onment Management is at the final stage.14. HR Management software has been installed for generation of salary advice which is reducing manual paperwor . a separate policy has been formulated a s Environmental Ris Management (ERM) Policy. As an initial initiative of establishing environment friendly Branches. circul ars and Management decisions as well as collecting statements through email redu cing use of paper.3. The Ban has been giving emphasis on financing eco-friendly business activities                                                           . 3. adequate funds will be allocated in the next budget of the Ban for related activities. the Ban has introduced solar energy system at Noapara Branch. Sixty numbers of ATM Booths have been installed which reduce operation time and consumption of Chaque boo . In line w ith the Policy. the Ban has started installing energy efficient bu lbs in the newly established Branches. The Data Center built inside the Corporate Head Office at Gulshan uses In-Row Pr ecision Air-Cooling System which ensures minimum power consumption to maintain n ecessary temperature for the Data Centre Equipments. Chapter Three In-house CIB software has been installed which is allowing Branches to input dat a as and when required hence complimenting paperless wor flow. Ban ’s all printers are with double sided printing facility and enabled with ‘Eco-fo nt’.

Increased competitors Downward pressure on pricing Economic instability                                         .15.15 SWOT Analysis UCB has several powerful strengths on which to build.15.16. Core ban ing is still absent Lac of brand awareness Absence of niche ban ing 3. With the implementation of CBS.15. UCB will be equipped to offer more paperless and eco friendly ban ing services. UCB is on the verge of selecting a robust Core Ban ing Software (CBS) covering a ll ban ing operations including delivery channels as well as Offshore Ban ing an d Islamic Ban ing.and energy efficient industries li e Effluent Treatment Plant. The Ban has rece ntly financed Term Loan of T . The major opportunity is growing demand for multi service of UCB that delivers communication specific benefit. It also faces the t hreat of ever-higher competition and economic instability etc. Scope of expansion Going to enter core ban ing system Increasing demand for multiple service communication method Chapter Three 3. but its wea ness is lac of brand awareness and image. Innovative service Compatibility Pricing All branches are in on line 1st generation ban 3.85 Core to establish two bric fields using Hyb rid Hoffman Kiln (HHK) technology.15.1 Strengths: It is a internal capabilities that can help the company reach its objectives. Our valued clients are also using SMS Ban ing services offered by t he Ban .4 Threads: It’s a challenge posed by an unfavorable trend or development that could lead to l ower sales and profit. UCB is already providing online ban ing services to its valued clients through 1 15 branches.2 Wea ness: It is an internal element that may interfere with the company’s ability to achieve its objectives.3 Opportunities: It is areas of buyer need or potential interest in which the company might perfo rm profitably. Chapter Three 3. 3.

Segmentation. Service and branding strategy is better than other ban             . UCB and Mar eting strategy is appropriate with its different service Partnering to build Customer relationship process The mar eting environment of UCB is helpful and comfortable to employee and clie nt. Ban provides the facility and gives opportunity to transaction a certain sum of money in credit time.Major Findings Recommendation Conclusion Chapter Four 4. Targeting and positioning for building the right relationships wit h the right customer It Product.1Major Findings From the experience of concluding the project a number of findings may be given which may be useful or the newly entrance to offering these services of Mar etin g such as:A special customer appointed to the Ban for guiding the users and recording the ir complains and reporting to the management.

Now so many ban s in the country have emerged to cater t o the needs of the customers.3 CONCLUSION Modern Commercial Ban ing is exacting business.UCB must understand that the eys of becoming one of the most su ccessful ban s don’t only depend on the growth and profitability of the ban . Pricing considerations and approaches are useful for the customer and ban Mar eting Channels and supply chain management are well wellorganised Retail Ban ing is attracting to the client. Sales promotion and public Relation. there ar e many areas to improve. And Commercial ban s are great monetary insti tutions. It has a vastly sobering and exacting responsibility. So. The reward are modest. It a lso depends on the relationship with its present and prospective clients. Without Ban s co-operation. Time to time visit to the project should be done by the ban officials. Chapter Four 4. Chapter Four 4. it is not possible to run any business or production activity in this age. then it comes for computer posting (as well for first cancellation) and lastly it comes to the section in-charge for verification of the signature and for cancellation. For this system. one to one mar eting. When a client submits a chec . If UC B can incorporate the latest ban ing systems and maintain a good customer relati onship then obviously they will emerge as one of the most successful ban s in th e country. I would li e to recommend the following s: The Chec passing system of UCB is very time consuming. tale ban et c for betterment of customer service. UCB is not exception to this trend. it is unmatched with any other listed ban s because of its wide spread branch netwo r ing thought the country. It is pioneer in introducing many new products and services i n the ban ing sector of the country. It has a reputation as a le ader in financing manufacturing sector. customer relationship management etc. its handled in three places. Integrated Mar eting communication strategy Managing Mass Communications Advertising. in the retail-ban ing sector.Branding strategy ta en for building strong brand New service Development strategy is going on a proper process. Moreover. So. It is relentles s in pursuit of business innovation and improvement. The ban should launch new products such as auto teller machine. Social mar eting. UCB needs to change this system and move on to a better chec passing syste m. the client has to frequently enquire that whether his/h er chec has been passed for payment or not. The organization is much more struc tured compared to any other listed ban operating in Bangladesh. are the important issues for the ban in order to survive in the mar et wit h a huge competition of oligopoly mar et of ban ing sector. important to the general welfare of the economy more than any other fin ancial institution. customer satisfaction process. Also. E vents It accumulates new and modern technology in the digital age It tries to enter global mar etplace It tries to follow Mar eting ethics and social Responsibility.2 Recommendation As an organization the United Commercial Ban Limited has earned the reputation of top listed ban s operating in Bangladesh. So. Firstly. After that it goes to the cash payment officer for final p ayment. United Commercial Ban Limited playing a vital role in improving living of stand ard of the people by mar eting. In this regard. But till now most of the ban in Bangladesh is usi ng conventional ban ing system. it ta es their valuable time. it is registered on the suppleme ntary sheet. the penal ties for bad loo ing are enormous. The success of a ban depends on improved service del ivery to its customers. With a bul of qualified and experienced human resource. Strict supervision must be adopted in case of high-ris borrowers. united commercia                                   ¡                                                              . United Commercial Ban Limited can exploit any opportunity in t he ban ing sector.

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