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The charts present information regarding the changes of the consumption of energy based on different resources between 2000 and 2006 in UK and UK. It is clearly evident that in 6 years, US consumed the most energy from oil, whereas UK shows a dramatic change of energy resources from coal to gas.

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37%. which is nearly half less. around 37% energy used in US came from oil and it is closely followed by coal. September 19.com Note Please make sure to go over the detailed comments we marked for you in balloons on the right side of your task text. If you can't see the balloons. nuclear power and other sources had a slight decrease at 5% and 3% respectively. the task response needs further improvements. Paragraphing of the report is fine.download a free trial here Sample essays.0 1. in turn. 3. American consumers slightly increased it used in oil. it contains many mistakes related to grammar and sentence structures. compared from six years ago. only showed a small change.to order a correction click here IELTS preparation e-books . accounted for 14% and about less than half of it came from nuclear power.Ticket Id: 33777 Wednesday.com/doc/244244/Check-yourVocabulary-for-IELTS Estimated Band Score Suggestions Helpful links www. in contrast. however. Oil and nuclear power. coal significantly drop to 25%. Read sample reports from our website. please change your © IELTS-Blog.click here Learn vocabulary from this link http://www.com . Gas. Evaluation Report Word count Comments 202 The candidate has analyzed the bar chart well. Other renewable resources used by British stayed at 10% throughout the period. Overall. However. Opposite of this. Keep practicing to improve your performance.com . Most of the UK's energy consumption in 2006 came from gas. 6. as another source. Revise grammar and improve sentence structures. Writing Correction Service .ielts-blog. letters and reports . US use of gas increased by 10% (25%). 2012 In 2000. An effort to compare and contrast the main features is visible. In 2006. 2. coal had declines its share from 30% to 13%.ielts-blog.All Rights Reserved ● Web: http://www. 28% to 30% and 15% to 13%. After six years. Only 5% was from other renewable sources.scribd.

You should now see comments appearing in balloons on the right side: © IELTS-Blog.All Rights Reserved ● Web: http://www. Click View->Markup in the main menu. 2012 Word settings as follows: 1. Click View -> Print Layout in the main menu 2.ielts-blog.com .com . September 19.Ticket Id: 33777 Wednesday.