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Remedies (1) Take honey the first thing in the morning.

(2) Eating sweets and offering sweets to another person will increase the wealth of the native. (2) Serving cows and mother like women. Get an earthen pot filled with honey and bury it in the cremation ground or deserted area. (2) Place milk or rain water in a container on the roof of the house. (1) (2) (3) (4) Offer milk in Bhairo Mandir and donate milk to others liberally. Ensure that the grandmother does not see her grandson. Heat up a piece of gold in fire and put it in a glass of milk before drinking it. Throw 125 pieces of sweet (Peda) in a river.

Remedial Measures: (1) Lessen the amount of salt intake. (2) Start any work after taking a little sweet with water. (3) Offer a little piece of your chapati to the fire of the kitchen before taking your meals. (4) Serving and rearing up a black cow or a cow without horns, but make sure that the cow is not white.

(1) Donate milk and sugar. (2) The remedies of Jupiter would be useful.

Saturn in 9th House

Native will have three houses. He will be a successful tour operator or civil engineer. He will enjoy a long and happy life and parents also will have a happy life. Maintaining three generations will protect from the bad effects of Saturn. if the native is helpful to others Saturn will always give good results. The native will have a son, though he will be born late. Remedies (1) Offering rice or almonds in running water. (2) Work associated with Jupiter (gold, kesar) and Moon (silver, cloth) will give good results.

Vinod, Because you find it hard to stay with same job for too long a time, you should find a career in such areas as salesmanship, where you are constantly meeting new people. Your job should provide many transfers and relocations so you will constantly be in new environments with different people and different job responsibilities.

Vinod, Being methodical and careful about details, you are well-fitted for such work as is afforded by the Civil Service. You would do well in a bank and, in many respects, you have the painstaking qualities required for the scholastic profession. In businesses, where success depends on rigid routine, you ought to be happy, and all the posts which fall to people who can plod their way through examinations should be within your grasp. You can be an excellent film director. But, you should not go for actor because it does not fit to your temperament.

Vinod, You will have many ups and downs in money matters, but chiefly owing to your own rashness and in attempting enterprises beyond your power of execution. You would make a successful company promoter, preacher, orator or organiser. You will always have the ability to make money but at the same time you are likely to make bitter enemies in the course of your business. You will be under good conditions for making money in business, industry or enterprise, and you will have many opportunities of amassing wealth if you keep control over your strong-willed disposition, which at times will be inclined to wreck your good fortune by causing expensive litigation and powerful enemies to rise in your path. So, you should try to develop tact in the handling of individuals and avoiding disputes.

What Is Gemstone?
The primary use for gems throughout history has been for healing and spiritual rituals. Although gems were rare and exhibited great beauty, the reason they were so precious was due to the power they imparted to their wearers. They are storehouses of empowerment, transmitted through contact with ones body. Gems exhibit their power in a beneficial or detrimental way depending on how they are used. All stones or gems have magnetic powers in varying degrees, and many of them are beneficial to us for their therapeutic cures. They emit vibrations and frequencies which have strong potential influence on our whole being. Here's what your Gemstone prediction looks like.

Life Stone
A life stone is a gem for the Lagna lord. One can wear it all though his life to experience it's mystic powers. Wearing a life stone can remove obstacles and bless an individual with happiness, success and prosperity. It is generally worn to bring about an overall well being of an individual. It's cosmic rays are influence his entire existence.

Recommend Gemstone Topaz Qualities of the Gemstone 2 Carats Wearing instructions Gold, in index finger

Recommend Mantra Om gram grim graum sah gurave namah

Lucky Stone
Life is a perfect blend of efforts and destiny. Get destiny to work for you by wearing you're lucky stone. An individual's lucky stone is one that keeps luck ticking bringing in pleasant surprises in life. The Lucky stone we recommend for you is:

Recommend Gemstone Pearl Qualities of the Gemstone 2 Carats Wearing instructions Silver, in ring finger Recommend Mantra Om shram shrim shraum sah chandraya namah

Bhagya Stone
Recommendations of Bhagya stone also known as fortune stone is done on the basis of the Lord goverining the ninth house.This stone is known to make fortune work for you when you actually need it.Good fortune comes your way in personal and professional life .It helps you combat any obstacle that stands in your way of prosperity.

Recommend Gemstone Coral Qualities of the Gemstone 3 Carats (pref. 18 Carats) Wearing instructions Gold or Silver, in ring finger Recommend Mantra Om kram krim kraum sah bhaumaya namah

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