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Swati Nakshatra Characteristics and Astrology Profile

Physical features: He has a lean body. He can be recognized or identified even room a crowd of hundreds of people through his magnificent dealings and expressions. Character: He is very intelligent and peace loving. He will not hesitate to go to any extreme for the sake of selfish benefits. There is a hidden inherent Godly gift for this Nakshatra born i.e., the ideas or opinions or advice expressed by him would initially appear to be a sheer nonsense but later on the same idea or opinion or advice will only prevail upon. There is also an inherent gift of intuition. Hence he is the type of person who is very much fit for the Astrological profession where intuition is very much needed. In some cases, it is also noticed that the native quite often see a lot of dreams which are actually becoming true. This would indirectly indicate that a divine power is automatically installed in the brain of Citra born. He is not the type of person who is not bothered about the sentiments of others nor is he selfish to others. But in spite of this adamant attitude his dealings with the poorer section of the society will be very cordial and full of kindness. Quite often he is mistaken by others that he is very rude and stingy. He has a tendency of giving reply on any matter without forethought and he wakes up at the eleventh hour and try to rectify his utterances when it is too late. He has to confront his enemies at every step but he is capable of escaping any conspiracy. He has soft corner for the down trodden people and he devotes his time and energy for the uplift of this section of the society. But one of the hidden factors is that initially his approach to the down trodden will be without any selfish motive, which later on culminates into selfish motive. Education, of earnings / profession: Obstacles in the life is not a hurdle for the advancement for him. He can overtake all these hurdles with his courage and hard work. He will not be leading a comfortable life up to the age of 32 years. Period between 33 years and 54 years of age will be his golden period. One of the redeeming features of Citra born is that he gets help and reward from unexpected quarters without putting many efforts. From several horoscopes examined by me, it is seen that the age of 22, 27, 30, 36, 39, 43 and 48 years of age will be very bad in all respect. The native may earn as a sculptor or mechanic or as a factory employee or the native will be in the political arena or the native may be an engineer or a textile technologist. Family life: While on the one hand he sincerely loves his co-borns, and parents, on the other hand he suspects the activities of the co-borns and parents. Citra born cannot, in most of the cases enjoy the benefit, love and affection from his father. It is also noticed that the father of the native leads a separated life. In any case, he has a life away from his father. One of the points noticed is that his father in spite of separation from the native have some distinct identity of his own i.e., will be famous or known in a particular field. He is more attached to his mother and enjoys benefits from the maternal side. There is a saying that the Citra born cannot stay in the house where he is born. Either the native will leave the house and settle down somewhere else or the house he is born it will be sold or destroyed. In other words, he will be settling down in an unknown and distant place away from his native house. Normally he cannot enjoy a happy married life. When we say a happy married life, while the marriage will be stable the relationship between the couples will not be cordial leading to

frequent friction on small matters. He has to shoulder lot of responsibilities and face lot of criticisms throughout his life. Health: Inflammation of kidney and bladder, brain fever, diseases connected with worms. Abdominal tumors or appendicitis also have been noticed.