Suwon Science College ESL4 with Professor Amy

Talking About Tomorrow

Are Is

you/they going to he/she/(name)

do laundry? go swimming? go shopping? play soccer?


I am. he/she/(name) is. we/they are. No, I he/she/(name) we/they am not. is not. are not.


are is

you/they going to do he/she/(name)

tonight? tomorrow? on Sunday? next week

I’m They’re He’s She’s We’re (name)’s I They He She (name)

going to

study. play tennis. go to the park. go fishing.



I’ll they’ll he’ll she’ll they’ll

watch TV. play golf. go to the zoo. go bowling. see a movie.


are is

you/they he/she/(name) going to go?

I He/she/ (name) They/we

am is are

going to go

on Friday. to Cheonan. by car.