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Make a Bar Graph Graph is geometry related mathematical concept that deals with the various data to represent them in visualizes form. In various science related field like computer science, experimental labs, mathematics also deals with the concept of graphs. Graphs simply used for representing a large and complex category of data in the form of picture format. Suppose, there is a school which want to represent the progress report of any class in visual format then they can easily deals with the concept of graph that can easily represent progress report of any class in quick and better understandable format. To enhance the feature of graph mathematician develop various category of graph that helps in implementing the different kind of for different category of data. There are such kinds of graphs that are categorized in different category like Line graph, Pictograph, Bar Graph, pie chart and so on. Know More About :- Fibonacci Numbers in Nature

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These all graphs are used for different purpose for representing a data. In this section discussion held on the topic of bar graphs. Generally, in common language bar graph is also known as bar chart that shows the data values in the form rectangular bars. In the bar chart, the length rectangular bars depend on the values for which they are used. In simple language we can say that as data value get higher then length of the bar also get higher. The concept of bar chart deals with different category of data like discrete data which represent data in age wise, time wise, class wise, gender wise and so on. n this graph, the above kinds of category are display on horizontal axis of a graph with the space of 10mm. On other side, the value of particular category are display on vertical - axis. When we are going to implement any data in the form of bar graph then we need to follow some instruction for successful implementation of bar graph that is given below: A) Make sure that the available data is suitable for implementing in bar graph. It means only one side contain a numerical value. B) By following the above instruction, make sure that width of each bar should 10 mm and spaces between two bars should also be a 10mm. C) At last if there are multiple categories are available then fill each bar with different color. D) On the vertical side scale of value should be accurate and should be labeled with the space of 10mm. Learn More :- Fractions on a Number Line

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After study the concept of bar graph some time a question arise that bar graph and histogram having a same structure then what is the basic difference between them? Then we can say that bar graph contains a space between the bars but histogram doesn’t have any space. The concept of bar graph not limited with single bar with single data value. It can also deal with multiple bars of same category for representing a complex data in a visualize form. Suppose a teacher want to represent marks of three students in each and every subject. So, there is no mean to create three different bar graphs. This can also be possible on single bar graph very easily. Simply shows the bars of three students of any particular subject together, after that make a space then show another bar for other subject.

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