Dear Participant, Welcome to “Naranpur Express”, a simulation on decision making set in a rural context.

Though in the first instance, it will appear to you to be very far away from your life and its concerns, please remember that decision making in any situation involves the same set of parameters:  resource allocation  risk taking  dealing with macro factors  working together as a team  taking care of everybody’s needs and concerns  being ethical  taking responsibility for consequences In any situation where a decision needs to be taken, the aim is to take the best course of action in order to achieve the optimal solution using the scarce resources available. At the same time, ethics need to be guarded. It is no different in the rural scenario for a farmer. The next eight hours will take you through some of the cares and concerns of a farmer, the decisions he constantly takes and the consequences of the same. We hope you enjoy the day and what you learn from Naranpur Express stays with you through the exciting and eventful corporate journey that awaits you. Warm Regards, Knowledgepros


BIMTECH/ September 2012

2 BIMTECH/ September 2012 . details and associated symbols are reserved with IRMA. Anand (IRMA). Use of the concept. It was developed by the faculty of the institute during field work in Sabarkantha district of Gujarat. It is being used here with the express permission of the institute.NOTE “Naranpur Express” is the property of Institute of Rural Management.

The structure of your household and the assets your family owns will be given to you on the day of the simulation.NARANPUR EXPRESS DATA TABLES The main data you will need in order to play Naranpur Express and take your decisions is presented in Table I to VI provided in this document. but no pest attack B A B A Drought and pest attack D C B A no irrigation. Please read and understand this document so that you can participate in the simulation. no pesticide irrigation only pesticide only irrigation and pesticide Table II Crop yield (kg/acre) corresponding to different crop states and production technologies Maize grain Maize straw Crop production states D Ordinary seed no fert with fert 430 480 820 984 750 1300 1560 HYV seed no fert with fert 140 500 600 350 1000 1200 160 600 720 480 1800 2160 Ordinary seed no fert with fert 1700 1800 2160 2100 2200 2640 2000 2100 2520 2400 2600 3120 HYV seed no fert with fert 2700 3100 3720 3700 3900 4680 3000 3300 3960 4100 4500 5400 C 650 C+ 780 B A A+ 600 900 1080 3 BIMTECH/ September 2012 . Table ICrop production states No drought. but pest attack C C+ A A+ Drought. no pest attack A A+ A A+ No drought. Any doubts or queries will also be answered before the simulation begins.

Table – IIIInputs requirements (per acre) for maize crop Input requirements Essential seeds (kg) labour (FLU/season) bulls (BPU/season) Optional irrigation power (hours) fertilizer (kg) pesticide (kg) Notes: 1. on attaining the age of 16. Any surplus of fertilizer. These seeds are genetically modified in order to give a crop yield higher than the ordinary seeds. FLU (Family Labour Unit) is the labour put in for one year by one male or female in the age group of 16 – 60 years. 9. It cannot be used as seed for the next year. 2. You can buy this from the trader if you have the money. BPUs and irrigation hours will have to be consumed or traded in the same year. In order to irrigate your land. You will also have to buy power for running your pump from the trader. the input requirement (fertilizer. Only crop from ordinary seed can be used for both consumption and as seed for future. you should have a well and a pump set. One well and pumpset can generate a maximum of 600 irrigation hours per year. Other inputs i. 10. It cannot be stored for future use. 7. tilling and other farming operations. at a price mutually agreed upon. BPU (Bull Power Units) is the bull power needed for land preparation. You can store your excess maize production for consumption for next year. An adult (male or female) crossing the age of 60 cannot be used as farm labour. starts providing 1 FLU. then you can also use it as seed for next year’s crop. fertilizer and pesticide can be bought from the trader at prices announced by him/her from time to time. The rainfall and pest situation will be announced by the Game Manager from time to time. 11. If your maize is from ordinary seed.000. HYV refers to High Yield Variety seeds for maize. You cannot take any decisions for fractions of one acre. Maize (ord seed) 30 1 2 40 50 5 30 1. pesticide and irrigation) of these seeds is higher than ordinary seeds. Each family member in the specified age group provides labour equivalent of 1FLU per year. 3. The maize crop from HYV seed can only be used for consumption.5 4 60 100 10 Maize (HYV seed) 4 BIMTECH/ September 2012 . You could also buy irrigation hours from some other farmer who may have made the investment. Any surplus of maize straw. Alternately. FLUs. Land can only be used in units of 1 acre. 13. A child. Whatever is not used in the current year will be wasted. However.e. 8. 6. The trader will also buy your output (maize) from you at prices decided by him annually. Maize straw is used as fodder for animals. 12. Labour can be used or hired in terms of FLUs. The rainfall situation will be common for all families but the pest attack may vary for HYV and normal seeds. These prices will be displayed in a chart next to the trader. you can sell maize grain to the trader at the prices announced and receive cash for it. seed. 4. Digging a well and mounting a pump costs Rs. A single bull provides 20 BPUs per year. 5. 10. seed or pesticide not used this year can be stored for future use.

If you are not able to arrange for total requirements for the survival of your family. Milk is not available with the trader. 3. If you are not able to produce enough maize and milk for your family. starvation deaths will occur with the youngest members of the family dying first. The food requirements for your family are to be computed on the basis of the per head requirement given in the above table. The Game Manager has to certify this. You cannot enter the next year of the game without balancing the feed requirements of your family and animals or declaring them dead to balance the same. You can also pay cash and buy maize from the trader for consumption. then you can buy or trade with other families for it. Any surplus of maize or milk generated can be sold or stored only after subsistence maize and milk requirements for the entire family have been met. 5 BIMTECH/ September 2012 . 2. 4.Table – IVFood requirements for subsistence Family members adult >= 16 yrs child < 16 yrs Maize (kg/year/person) 300 150 Milk(kg/yr/person) 25 75 Notes: 1. 5.

During this period it is referred to as a Cow in Milk. If you are unable to provide enough fodder for your animals. From then on it gives birth to a calfevery alternate year i. 4. 7th. 8. The milk output of your cow will correspond to the feeding rate chosen by you. sold to other households in need of it or converted to ghee for sale to Trader. A young cow gives birth to a calf for the first time and begins to produce milk at the beginning of the third year of her age. Ghee (kg) 1 6 BIMTECH/ September 2012 . 5. In the remaining years. 6. Milk is perishable and cannot be carried forward or stored for future.e.cannot be drafted for farming operations i. In case of a cow in milk. either in milk or dry. it is referred to as a Dry Cow. The normal life of any animal is limited to 12 years. 2. A cow. it cannot be used for farming operations. a cow gives birth to a calf and produces milk in the 3rd. you can choose amongst the three feeding rates given above. 3.e. The price at which the trader will buy ghee will be announced every year. 9th and 11th year of its life. A young bull becomes available for draft purposes from the third year of his life. 5th.Table – V Feed input – milk output relation for cows in-milk Feeding rates (kg/year/animal) Feed combinations I II III Maize straw 2000 1700 1500 Maize 0 200 400 Milk output (kg/year/animal) 150 340 585 Table VI Cattle Bull cow (dry) Calf Feed requirements for other cattle Maize (kg/year/animal) 300 Maize straw (kg/year/animal) 2400 1200 1200 Table – VIIConversion of milk into ghee Milk (kg) 20 Notes: 1. 7. your animals will die starting with the youngest animal. Milk can be used for family consumption. The conversion rate between milk and ghee is given in Appendix VI.

7 BIMTECH/ September 2012 . 1. 5.Table VIII. Asset Value S. 2.) 5. 3. Notes: 1. 4.000 1.200 1. 7. No.000 1.000 300 pegged to market price Prices will stay constant for the period of the game. Assets land bullocks in-milk cows dry cows calf (male or female) Pumpset Unit price (Rs. There will be no appreciation or depreciation in asset value over time.